Billie Eilish - No Time To Die (Audio)

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    Listen to “No Time To Die”, the theme song for the 25th James Bond film, out now:
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    See NO TIME TO DIE - in theaters April 2020.
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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing No Time To Die (Audio). © 2020 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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    1. Mia Livesoshort

      Oh my lord billie... My sweet beutiful

    2. Zaidi Tebaibia

      I love your voice

    3. Djaden k

      Nice song Billie...

    4. Marta Martunia

      Billie, I'm your fan. I love how you sing because you have a beautiful voice. I am from Poland and my dream is to go to your concert with my best friend who is also your fan.

    5. Lamis UwU

      STREAM bts on

    6. Donald Mousseau

      I'm not at all drawn to this kind of performer or music. It's dreary and unexciting to me. Not saying she's not a talent she obviously is. It's funny how one persons dream can be another's afterthought...

    7. Marley Christophersen

      Totally a 007 song. Very similar to Adele’s Skyfall. I love both so much. Powerful lyrics & great music behind it to make it even more powerful.

    8. Альбина Асфендьярова

      Very nice song!!!😍😍😍

    9. Rafaela Lima Amorim gsyv

      I Love you billie eilish

    10. Joel Amhert

      Art= Billie Eilish 🖤✨👑

    11. luis monreal

      I hope this movie won’t be bored like Spectre

    12. Mili Cruz

      Muchas felicidades Billie Tu haces canciones muy hermosas❤ Desde Honduras Te felicita Milagro Baquedano Te Quiero Mucho:3

    13. David Brian

      BTW. I would LOVE it if you remixed a version of my songs. I think you might be curious, if you give them a spin... -Peace

    14. Cunpliy

      I would love to see her belt in other songs cause when she belted wow it was amazing

    15. James Harris

      She is just ok.

    16. j hope is ma hyna

      Goosebumps 5 seconds in Amazing

    17. cali martinez

      Nothing wrong with Billie, but with whom wrote the song.... I mean... seriously...?. This is OST by numbers. Billie's voice has the potential for a song that stays in your mind forever, but a good one.... Let Craig act, Barbara produce and let the real professional choose the music style, arrangements and sound. Anyway... better than Spectre for sure....

    18. Tik Tok

      This song is super hard you love Billie ❤️ ❤️... But I'm sure you won't see this comment once.I love you so much❤️😖

    19. Dib Dobo

      Somehow, this song reminds me of Roger Moore era

    20. Jose Luis Flores Benitez

      nobody compares to you, you are the best in the world.

    21. Lizi Giorgadze

      Wow billi love

    22. Nathan Herrera


    23. Brașoveanu Camelia

      I love you Billie 💚💚💚💚👑👑👑👑

    24. Ema

      jedes mal gänsehaut am ganzen körper AHHHHHH

    25. Ayşen Memmedova

      Ih my gods you are very beautiful singer.lmlove so much Billie ,you are my best❤🥰😚😝

    26. cheeto


    27. Tida M

      This one has a strong Evanescense presence. I'm obsessed♡.

    28. m v

      nice theme, IMHO with reminiscences of Skyfall, but at the end my favourite JB’s song remains on older one “ For your eyes only “ ...

    29. Eleonora Bujdos

      I love you billie 😊😊

    30. Eleonora Bujdos

      I love you billie

    31. pieter jan

      not a fan off billie(dont shoot me)Think all songs are kind off the same. But she nailed it with this one. An instant bond classic.

      1. Axelord 36

        @pieter jan lol u got'em

      2. pieter jan

        no, but I like to put it out there. Like no one asked for you're response. But that didn't stop you.

      3. Uvuwuewuewue Onyetuenwemweubemubemosas

        no one asked

    32. ich halt

      she is so young and james bond that is a big size in the film industry! Whoever gets the honor to sing the film song has already won. As a young girl, singing such a dramatically, fantastically good James Bond song, which is 100% James Bond with every melody and every beat, is terrific!

    33. Alex Gauthier

      What other song has that epic sound to it ? i want a playlist of these types of songs. The one where you can feel like you can do anything

    34. MadLane

      very bad for a 007 song, they demanded and expected to much from her i guess, she obviously doesn't have the writing talent needed for something like this compared to the last 2 Bond songs (that are not even top 5 because 007 has some really good themes over the years), still just my opinion so if people like it wherever that's good :)

    35. Eatextil

      Now i feel like Billie is going to be the next Adele

    36. ShEn

      *What this song*

    37. BooMieBomb

      Make this the most liked comment on youtube

    38. Lavin Demirdoven

      İt was amazing i listen this while doing homework.....

    39. Александр Вячеславович

      Просто диззз

    40. Yelson Ramirez Grönroos


    41. Im4mavs Fan

      That voice is excellent!!!

    42. Understanding Insanity


    43. Peter taylor

      Grace carter would have blown here out of the park!!

    44. Understanding Insanity

      U no the rain,, The sills are dropping mine ◇ Its 4 u

    45. 誰か someone


    46. Understanding Insanity

      Lils,, undulations on your sills,,, cos u said,, and i never gave it water back.. You never bothered, brother Sister, you never stood up to me

    47. Jess Marie

      just absolutely amazing ❤️

    48. Nasir's Kpop

      check out iKON's music too

    49. KeYou UwU

      Ohhhhhh i love this song

    50. nada bekic


    51. Alex Wright

      Half the people listening to this are saying this is sad but when you actually picture this in james bond it is phenomenal.

    52. blink xarmy

      well the lyrics go straight to my heart ...honestly crying after listening to these .....your song always touches my soul :] #BILLIEEILLISH

    53. Allan Contreras

      This does not feel like a bond song. It sounds like a waste of Han Zimmer's talent

    54. Izzy_ Chan

      This is giving me Harry Potter Deathly Hallows vibes. Anyone else ? No ? Just me. Well okay ;;

    55. mk_f 66

      كورونا جايتنة خية😂😂😂💔

    56. azur djapo


    57. luvnliv

      I am getting obsessed with this girl. Listening to her songs, watching her videos. I come back to this song and listen again & again, sometimes in loop.. so soulful.

    58. LiggaPigga O.1

      In every Billie Eilish sing apart from her voice, the quality of the music production and the involvement of instruments is really amazing.. 🙏🙏

    59. Rxmc

      die billie die

      1. Vanesa Cabadaj

        What is your problem? 🤔

    60. Iaynie xox

      you might hate billie, but you gotta admit, an 18 year old has: Released many singles Won 5 Grammies + Global Star Produced singles since she was 13 An amazing brother who aids with her music The youngest person to do the Bond theme song Performed at the Academy Awards She is honestly set for life at this point. You can hate her all you want, but you have to admit, she's good for her age

    61. Karan M

      Epic ... Billie made this composition by Steve and Hans epic ... Just beautiful and sublime

    62. Mikrofonija

      I like her but she stole this one, she shoud write that it's a cover!

      1. Vanesa Cabadaj

        Seres ko pseto Danilo Radulovicu :D

    63. José González

      The WORST Bond song ever. I can't believe this.

      1. José González

        @Iaynie xox Could be. Well, I don't have anything against the music, be Writings or No Time to Die, but use them as Bond themes... I just can't agree with. I've been here since a looong time already, go and search: Diamonds are Forever, You only Live Twice, You know my name, Goldeneye (Tina Turner) and A View to Kill.

      2. Iaynie xox

        @José González i mean you are right, she definitely didn't match the thrill and excitement of James Bond, and probably sent her audience to sleep. Sam Smith included highs and lows frequently, but it sounded like a whiney love song. You know, maybe I'm agreeing with you, but it doesn't mean she and Sam Smith are overall 'horrible' in James Bond theme tune writing, I think 'not bad' would fit them

      3. José González

        @Iaynie xox Sam Smith one was horrible as well, I'm talking as a Bond fan, if this was just her song I wouldn't give a damn, but this as a Bond song? No effin way.

      4. Iaynie xox

        dude she's 18 obviously she can't match the standards of people like adele and sam smith

    64. rob scott

      Best bond song for a long while

    65. x_XAdidasX_x 2020

      I love it, best✌️❤️

    66. Marian Official


    67. azibiibiza

      Me school is päskula kool is me one Pleassssss come

    68. azibiibiza

      Billi elihs ehv you don’t come too Estonia to me school or home then i got to die i am so sorry i am the best fan in the world🌍

    69. Reynmen