Billie Eilish - everything i wanted (Audio)

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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing everything i wanted (Audio). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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    1. Seraphin


    2. Nomee Lombardi


    3. arianagrande fan

      This song made me cry💀

    4. Gaëtane Brulant

      Y'a t-il des français ici ? I'm French! ❤️ J'adore billie elish 🤤 I love billie elish!!! ❤️ French comment 🌹 English/American like ✨

    5. Jakub Supryn

      Who is the best artist Like: not Billie Eilish Comment: not Billie Eilish

    6. Cristina Playz

      Mannn this is crazyy i love youu!

    7. general shepard

      You evil satanic puppett...all the drugs youre doing wont erase the fact that ypu sold your soul to push evil propaganda onto children...

    8. Jacob Ramírez

      She is nominated to Grammy Awards 2020

    9. Sadie Sinkkz

      I was in class and my teacher played this song and I broke down in tears bc that same day my dog had drowned and died and I turned to my friend and she was crying cause of the song yet I told her the same but it really bc of my puppy 😪

    10. reyna contretas

      One of my friends said bills comited suicide

    11. YouTube commenter

      I just see a bunch of pastel blue and white clouds. But it's like a bittersweet feeling. Looks pretty on the outside but is sad.

    12. Ise

      alr I don’t like Billie as much as I used to and like this is actually rly good🥺and like damn-

    13. Alessandra Martinez

      If j love this song like and pls give me 101 likes then I will feel better because I'm sick

    14. FroggyRemix

      How does billie create such good songs, gosh

    15. Intan Al - Khair

      Amazing 💕

    16. Aleah Mckay

      OMG Billie eilish I am a fan of you

    17. L4 Sway Everything I wanted Montage check it out

    18. emo weirdchild

      "and it feels like yesterday was a year ago" if only 😔🖤

    19. Oppo F1s

      i love this song

    20. xzaiver rodriguez

      This is probably the only song I like from her 🚫🧢

    21. Valentino Murillo

      Yesssss! Billie 🔥👌👑

    22. Лисин ка

      Почему в Россие нельзя смотреть это видео?😭😭😭😭

    23. Samantha Leanos

      Omg this is so good i cant stop listening to it

    24. Mar’s World

      I’ve payed this song about 24 times in 3 days...

    25. XxBanana CatxX

      ur an off brand version of Melanie Martinez me and my friends all agree with that and all our favorite music artist is Melanie Martinez

    26. Joy chavez

      I have a feeling this song is about herself and her dad

    27. Ibrahim Berro

      Reminds me of rainy days Moody song🔥🔥🔥

    28. vikulya_ tsareva

      Кто русский? Отмечайся тут👇

    29. Me And More!!

      Love it

    30. alguien jeje

      Amigo,escuchar Billi Eilish despues de un día de bajon es paz para mis oidos... Billi I love you

    31. Memes

      bruh this song is good

    32. gina flores


    33. pale msp

      literally billies fart is worth more than my existence wtf...

    34. Monse Hernàndez

      in love with this :)

    35. Lauryn Boyd

      I love Billie I could never go see her though sucks to be me 😊😳

    36. Jiminie Mouse

      I was today years old when I realized the abstract cover art is the Golden Gate Bridge.... I feel so dumb

    37. Backcountry Bobcat

      She really lost right now, but she got some hella good music. When i see billie on interviews, she seems like a real one, but still lost in her youth and the art of "not missing out". Who could blame her with her chance? We all got caught up in that at a young age, but her chance is bigger than any of ours. Shit, i risked my future for snowboarding lol. Anyway, She a real one, you can tell. I know she gunna be a cool adult.

    38. Chloe fireheart


    39. Meninas de Deus do Pici.


    40. Brii Acappella

      31k dislikes wth is wrong with you all

    41. Irina

      Русские отзавитесь

    42. Irina


    43. Mr. Scrub Q

      this song is about her brother

    44. Mary DelCastillo

      Feel this deep in my soul

    45. Drina Watts

      This song speaks to me in way I didn't know songs could

    46. Najwa Umairah

      When i was older -but now i'm underwater Everything i wanted - but my head was underwater

    47. cory wichman

      So my interpretation of this song is that stepping off the Golden (which sounds like a potential suicide metaphor) actually is a metaphor for stepping out of (leaving) California.. obviously the dream is her career/life since fame... and not wanting to lie here likely refers to the random hotels and places she finds herself sleeping. My guess is the chorus is speaking either to her brother or to herself... The one she's with.. probably her brother. And I think she's obviously going through a bit of depression, but keeps on going due to expectations and the desire not to let everyone down ..

    48. eliz c:

      man some people hellaaaa pressed in the comments like leave people be 🥱☠️


      i love is veri biutyfol

    50. Fabian Resendiz

      This song is great I'm crying.... Like if you love this song😍😭

    51. Jennifer Humpres

      Very good

    52. Xamaris

      My husband has cancer. This song really makes me cry. Her music is everything.

    53. Sarah Christensen

      I was trying to figure out why the picture is the golden gate bridge and why, but she litterally says ' i stepped off the golden"

    54. Jessica 324

      De México 🇲🇽 escuchando esta belleza❤️❤️

    55. Алена Коркина

      Это очень классно

    56. ilomilo directioner

      •Hostage •I love you •When the party's over •Listen before I go •Everything I wanted This songs are drugs. Just listen to them one after another you'll feel every emotions together. Actually you'll feel better.

    57. meuttsy

      i have a science test tomorrow 👇🏻help me

    58. Lala Lavender

      this is beautiful 💖 gives me hope

    59. Sophie Markovich

      the 31k people that disliked this are probably deaf cus the is FIRE,period.

    60. Khuslen Mongol


    61. Victoria  Herrera

      Give this comment 100k likes if you love Billie Eilish

    62. Noob Playz

      1:50-2:10 is my fav part.

    63. niyah

      this song makes me feel alive honestly

    64. Windia Nata

      This is honestly my Fav now

    65. Merci gacha plays UwU


    66. andy martin

      Love u so much more then u think I wish i can see u every day and more u don't know how much I love u ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🖤🖤🖤

    67. Nadia Tesar

      I love u and I am asking for a ticket to ur consent u don’t know how much I love and

    68. mer that's suspicious

      This is a mood

    69. Aurora Borealis

      Thank you for your hard work, Billie.

    70. fabrax molina

      escuchar sus canciones me ase sentir algo k nunca e sentido nc comoexplicarlo}