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Billie Eilish - bury a friend

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    Listen to "bury a friend" from the debut album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?”, out now:
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    1. Kyle Isn’t A Guy

      Hi Billie! You are my favourite singer

    2. bruna amanda

      Dude , I love your music , you're so beautiful . I'm brazilian and I like you songs a lot. I want to have the opportunity to someday go to your show, your music ,my inspiration min , raise my head and do not give up my dream of being a singer and someday I'II meet you , I love you biblie eilish .. ass: bruna soares..

    3. Lili S

      no i am not scared of you billie

    4. Randomcraptv2

      Footage of Billie eilish getting possessed

    5. dana !-/

      who’s the black guy lmao

    6. Manola bamm ARMY

      Me when people ship my husband jungkook with another idol

    7. im a cat

      I don't know why I keep listening to this song

    8. Kaley ASMR ASMR

      Your so pretty C;

    9. Maria Linares


    10. Dhruti K

      Hey Billie! People been saying your really sad and stuff is going, if that's true you have a army of us. We'll always be with you, well I always be with you! Even if everyone in the world would leave you I'd always be your biggest #1 fan!! We love you and your songs Billie!!!

    11. Emily Morgan

      Im hiding in the comments cause of the god dam needles 😂🤢🙃

    12. Samuil Atanasov

      I bet she wants to go to Puerto Rico

    13. Jules

      just shows how talented she is, cause her personality is actually so goofy.

    14. Lucky Luciano

      She’s by far the weirdest lil girl I’ve ever seen ...she dresses like a boy ..and has a awkward interviews and her laugh is mad annoying like during the hot wings show she would just burst out laughing for nothing and dude was even looking at her like wtf is wrong wit this Bitch lmao 😂

    15. Jamie Allen

      I love you Billie your so amazing plz read this I love you so much because you treat your fans like friends just so you know I’m your friend :)

    16. sidxey x

      American Horror Story: Billie

    17. Migos

      Billie come here listen carefull

    18. Taylor Eaves

      Director: How many syringes should be in your back? Billie: Yes.

    19. Danica Charnetzky

      She is who I imagine for Serenity from the book “The Queen of All That Dies”.

    20. xAwe_some


    21. Doretha Proctor

      One thing that really stands out to me about her is that she has her own personality and never cares what anybody else thinks she's her own person and all of her fans are very proud

    22. Harleigh Prater


    23. Kawaii Neko

      If you like this video you should check out Melanie martinez

    24. Ava Joriel

      it's safe to say Billie is involved with paranormal activity, she likes ghosts, she wants to commit suicide and she's a freaking witch but I still love her

    25. Bianca Reyes

      bille mack me danc so much because she is so amazing i love so much i wish i can see you in real life

    26. AveryhamLincoln

      Billies Eyelashes

    27. Angela Hartman

      Nvbfnyhy 9

    28. Singularity Tae

      ¿Cuántos años dicen que tiene?

    29. Bianca Reyes

      i love you so much bille elilish your the best i stated criying because your tickets were sold out i love you so. much im a big fan

    30. Joaquin Castiglione-Dominguez

      James Charles : ooh can I do your makeup? Billie:no. James Charles has left the chat

    31. 1M subscribers?

      new video portrait color palette: #FFFFFF #FFFFFF #FFFFFF aaaah but the whole video: #000000 #000000 #000000 #000000 #000000

    32. Dragan Razvan

      1:14 don’t ....

    33. Dragan Razvan

      1:24-1:25 ??! Why... great song lovin the album

    34. 0bn0xi0us

      I don't know what Billie's on, but I'll take three of it.

    35. Agustina Servian

      Ayy me aparecio el Anuncio de Mal de la cabeza de Katie Angel!! 😂🎀❤

    36. Ed Duran

      Hey Billie. I bet u would run from me if I didn’t wear my fav glasses, but if you like a good strong wiff, you would love my fav Colon. 💩

    37. 쿠키

      director: how much creepy do u want this video? billie: yes (LOVE FROM BRAZIL🇧🇷🇧🇷)

    38. dennis the asmr king

      I watched this at night my mom came in and my lights where off DAMN NEAR HAD A CARDIAC ARREST

    39. Erinequine x

      Does anyone else’s back feel weird

    40. Funny Gecko

      Director: How Much AutoTune Billie Eilesh: YEE

    41. Osvaldo López Conde

      Alguien que hable español y le guste estas canciones? :(

    42. Iva Denkovic

      Am I the only person who thought the guy who says Billie and other words is xxxtentacion?(rest in peace💔)

    43. Tae Tae


    44. Madison Mitchell

      Director: there nothin to be afraid of so let m- Billie: why do u care for me!! Id care for u Director: what da hel- is that a knife wat u doin Billie Billie: What do u want for me why dont u run from me wat are u WONDERING!!

    45. •Gaxha Bear•

      Whoever disliked is Donald Trump Fans...

    46. Gracie's Corner

      Why can't Billie just joined TikTok already

    47. Madi Bires

      Me: were is Billie Dad: under the bed Me: oh my god

    48. Arkaia

      It seems to me like a modernized (and womanized) Marilyn Manson! (In this song i mean) Cool.

    49. UnicornLife54

      i love Billie's bridge so good and different. I would love to meet Billie shes my favorite singer.😇

    50. Mickey Jefferson

      I love it !!

    51. Sam Mullett

      1:26 when u getting a nasty blow job

    52. Annjammer Drabczyk

      I would like to see Billie under my bed lllllooooolllll

    53. Cameron Picón

      This video made me so scared oof

    54. Sushi Face007

      I was gonna sleep...

    55. P1lzn224otst5op135 Fuck you

      the bounce at 2:11 very nice.

    56. Jimbo #2


    57. Morty Smith

      Directir:how many man do you want to molest you? Billie:Yes

    58. The Kookie Cafe

      horror movies have nothing on this video

    59. Markan

      when we all fall asleep puerto rico

    60. Daisy Womp womp

      Am I the only one who didn’t think this video was scary-

    61. XFatal FortniteX

      who said im not scare of you 2017 : 😁 2019:😐🔫🔪

    62. Sairam And Karsten


    63. Brandan system tests

      Possessed women at the devil's hour in the 0 stars TripAdvisor hotel

    64. Ed Duran

      song Is better than video but would like to experience something that stands out beyond the rest.

    65. Jack Ketley

      Why is billie Ellish so creepy

    66. Drake Y

      :director so what do y- :Billie hold my avacado

    67. Jossmell Baem


    68. Nature boy

      I dont get it dis is rel shit dogga

    69. Liusila

      This is a cool tune with a nice video but this girl is genuinely depressed.

    70. Lance Hondrade

      Billie Ellish is Samara Morgan in real life. Prove me wrong.

    71. Levan Koiava

      Why aren’t you scared of me?: Me:bro know one said you were scary and why would I .i love horror movies so yeahhh! 👌🙃🙃😹😹

    72. Its A Prank!

      Cuantos putos perros anuncios para escuchar a billie ptm >:v

    73. DenVosReinaert

      2:22 is my favorite part, it's that dual-tone that gets to me.... I also quiet like the fact that whenever she says the words "Bury a friend" you can hear someone shovel sand in the background...

    74. Nick Dunki Jacobs

      Whats this crap ????

    75. Роман Альмекаев

      такая хуета

    76. Slim Slimes

      Whø łøves słimē??

    77. Delila Dill

      That boob jiggle at 2:11 😂

    78. Flooo

      generation z, your nihilism is showing

    79. RobbidyRob

      1:13 aw thats hot that is hot

    80. Slim Slimes

      Łïkė før bíłłïë ånd rëpłÿ før Årïånä më:Bïłłïė

    81. matthew daniel Siskin

      surprised nobody has found the link between "black skinhead" by kanye - super creative production inspiration move

    82. Naomi .Vibes

      She really has problems

    83. 《MidnightEditz》

      Who came for *bury a friend and when we all fall asleep, where do we go* bit? Only meh? Okwie

    84. Beautybyallii7

      i’m on the weird side of youtube again

    85. Dennis Delav

      Some people here haven't seen some Rammstein videos haha

    86. Aryele Natasha


    87. 0bn0xi0us

      If you showed me this video without audio, I would legit think it was a horror movie.

    88. AccessAccurate


    89. Kyle Isn’t A Guy

      Billie:What do you want from me? Me:Erm... Nothing? Billie:Why Don’t you run from me? Me:Because I Don’t Want To Billie:What are you wondering? Me:Nothing really Billie:What do you know? Me:Well I know that you sing of course Billie:Why aren’t you scared of me? Well you don’t look scary so that’s why Billie:Why do you care for me Me:Because your Billie eilish of course Billie:When we all fall asleep where do we go? Me:In bed?

    90. CLÆY

      B00! Billie here....

    91. NEIPY

      crap music

    92. Angie Wilde Diaz

      She scares me ._.

    93. Faby de Pineda

      _"Why aren't you scared for my"_ because you are so beautiful Billie :3

      1. Faby de Pineda

        +NEIPY No is ugly she is so beautiful :3

      2. NEIPY


      3. NEIPY

        +Faby de Pineda See how ugly she is

      4. Faby de Pineda

        +NEIPY And i see your videos and they sucks :)

      5. Faby de Pineda

        +NEIPY not more than you :) gee thanks :3

    94. Louis Cortez

      *_b i l l i e_*

    95. SAPHIRA

      This is the fuckin scariest thing ever !!!

    96. noah robinson

      Wtf is this nonsense

    97. Waiora Shayna

      OMG I'm a huge fan of Billie Ellish if you are guys don't forget to subscribe to her and certainly to see her on tour

    98. avocado fan

      I LOVE YOU MY AVOCADO!!!!! Shes da best!

    99. Eric King

      Did those needles hurt ? 😆

    100. Винцент

      soooo creepy...