BHARAT | Official Trailer | Salman Khan | Katrina Kaif | Movie Releasing On 5 June 2019



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    Presenting to you A Journey of a Man and a Nation together! #BharatTrailer .‘Bharat’ starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif releases this Eid, on 5th of June, 2019.
    Gulshan Kumar and T-Series Presents, Salman Khan Films and Reel Life Production Pvt. Ltd. Film - 'BHARAT' directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. The movie is produced by Atul Agnihotri, Alvira Khan Agnihotri, Bhushan Kumar & Krishan Kumar. Co-produced by Nikhil Namit.
    The film also stars Tabu, Jackie Shroff, Sunil Grover, Aasif Sheikh, Sonali Kulkarni, Disha Patani and Nora Fatehi in supporting roles.
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    čas přidán Před 4 měsíci


    1. saimon rahman

      Zaid hamid, khalistan, Gazwa e hind, indian defeat

    2. Jihan Ahmed

      Salman khan= like Hrithik Roushan= comments So lets strat.......

    3. Liil Baliil Fans ***

      Love You Salman Khan From Somalia ❤

    4. Vaibhav Jatt


    5. sroo 22

      هل يوجد عرب

    6. Sikandar Ch

      india waly bs movies my hi powerfull bn skty hein😂real army PAK ARMY ky agy chozay hein😎PAKISTAN ZINDABAD


        @Arjun Kharadiya Haan bhai

      2. Arjun Kharadiya

        @PROFESSIONAL GAMERZ shi batt he bhai


        @Sikandar Ch Mai mazhab ki beech Mai Nahi la Raha aur agar Pakistan India se takathwar hai tou phir vo India se piche kyu hai vaise Mera maana hai Hindu Muslim Sikh esai Bhai Bhai

      4. Sikandar Ch

        @PROFESSIONAL GAMERZ oye tmaez sy bt kro jo sch hai wahi kaha or yeh mazhab ko bech my mt lao 🙄mind ur tongue


        Pakistan murdabaad Mai bhi Muslim hoon par mein sab dharmo ko barabar manta hoon aur Mai Indian hoon tum Jaise logo ki vajha se hi hamesha India aur Pakistan ki larai Hoti hai aur ismal aur Hinduism par ugli uthti hai abhi bhi samajh Nahi Aya tou Nikal l**de paheli fursat Mai nikal

    7. Movie Mania

      mein ne apne channel pe upload ki thi bharat full movie. inn ghattiya aur laanti logon ne uspe copyright claim laga diya. bhala khud inn kameenon ne daali nahi full movie to hum pe to na lagaaen copyright claim. manhoos log.

    8. ImmyTV

      The quality of this trailer and movie video 📼 is really shit to say we live in 2019

    9. Babita Guha

      bharat bharat

    10. Rajesh Singh

      Very nice movie salam Khan (comment)

    11. Ferdous Jahan Miti

      Remake of Korean movie Ode to my father

      1. Tio moon Lofty

        I think so

    12. blah blah

      This stupid shit must be stop

    13. Mehmet Salih Özsoy

      I believe if there would be an English subtitle which is very simple to put it here, that would be many millions more views than it is now. Because in my country and middle east area, not every international people can speak Hindi. While there are many products which we like to watch, so many people can't watch because there is not a good translation or language studio for all of them. The stories are mostly competing with Hollywood and country cinema. But only a general part of the my country can watch. I hope that language problem will be solved soon. Because our country women like Hindi cinema a lot and they watch 5th class series instead of 1st class movies like that one. And they also can't even reach to these movies.

      1. Mehmet Salih Özsoy

        @ghafoor87 not only for my own entertainment. Turkish people does not even know that these movies exist. I wish Indian production companies put these in Turkish Cinema Saloons and advertise these films in this country. Because, as Ek tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda Hai, Dhoom 3, Thugs of Hindustan movies there are so many high budget movies and this country people can't watch and miss such an excistement. Even I have spend 24 years watching Hollywood cinema and I did not know of these movies until some of my friends suggest me one of Aamir Khan movies and then I revealed Indian world. There are many tallented actors in India and watch scale is about one per 1000. As I specified on the first comment, Turkish women would've like to watch these movies on cinema. But they watch 5th class Indian series for the moment. And by the way, when we watch a movie online, artists and other people which struggling to create something new and unique does not gain any profit from it. I think for a good job, that is not fair. But we can not reach to these on cinema.

      2. ghafoor87

        You can watch it online at Amazon Prime, with English subtitles.

    14. Agnel Fernandes

      Liked the movie specially the sister separation and the re union part! Great movie!

    15. rampage ram

      sub topewdiepie bc ts is asssssss

    16. Rohan Turale

      Uneducated fan base of Salman khan

    17. Sister SQUAD


    18. Divakar Kumar

      😂😂 bakwass movie hai ... Bus ime Zinda hu Mai tushme song acha tha ...

      1. Babita Guha

        you are mental

    19. VillageAnimals planet

    20. محمد محمد

      سلمان خان ❤❤❤

    21. Ravikant kadu

      most bakwas movie of salman 2019 again pls stop making such kind of movies

    22. Amar Singh

      this song "ZINDA"give me goosebumps😎😎😎

    23. Sanjay Yadav

      Salman khan like Akshay kumar comments

      1. Jai bholenath Ki


      2. Mohd Owaish

        Sallu 😘😘

      3. Akshay Kumar movies


    24. Hammer Shah

      Nahait bakwas film hai. Salman ji paisonki khatir itna bhi kya insan gir jay k apna eman tak beach de aap ne do number film main kaam kiya hai kuynke pakistan ki azadi ke waqat muslmanon ne nahi balke hindo or sikhon ne sirf pakistan k muslmanon ko shaheed kiya tha . Yaqeen nahi to kholain 1947 or 1965 ki history or karein mutalia hum ko zaror bataye ga thank you very much.

    25. Nagah Rajan


    26. jojo AlHasan

      بيجننننن الفيلم اازا ابطالو كاتررينااااا كيف وسلمان خان♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    27. saira shaikh


    28. Nilam Sharma

      zinda ho ma tujhme tujhme rahunga zinda 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳Bharat mata ki jai like for India and comment

    29. Tayyaba Ramzan

      Nihaiat bakwas movie

    30. Ijaz Khan

      Worst movie i have ever seen

    31. Piyus Bharavad

      Best movie in Salman Jay Bharat

    32. Pritam Kumar

      Pritam Yadav ji

    33. Harrison Ford

      After watching this.....I thought main kyon jinda hu....😁😁😁😁😁😁

    34. Dani Mughal

      Moula jutt or bahart movie ka muqabla ho gaeye ga is bar pata chal jaeye ga inshallah vine moula jutt

    35. Asheesh Bhardwaj

      ye kya bakchodi hai

    36. gamers choice

      Kya bakwaas movie h,, just watched it on prime,, tried to make over emotional movies,, what a boring shit,, melodrama,,

    37. Yogi Firdaus

      Love salman❤katrina

    38. Arsh Chahal

      There biggest mistakes during the showing of generations and their gaps. Like one is that they haven't use the old (previous) one logo of zee tv. And there many more. I have mentioned that I have remembered and guess.

    39. wulandari putri

      Tapi saya tuh udah jatuh hati sama srk

    40. Umair Khanzada

      Bekaar movie No story this movie I that this movie

    41. Black Nigger


    42. Korban Ali

      Just watched it.. Great movie. Awesome acting by Sallu bhai!

    43. Santo Islam

      Naec 👍👍👍

    44. Goan Beauty

      I must say only watch the film for Sunil Grover, great acting better than main character. Salman Khan didn't look like he was in his 70's, Director has just added fight scene in movie so that his fan don't get disappointed actually it is not possible to this extend. Katrina did her role very well she actually looked like she was in her 50's. Movie is ok not up to the mark,just a masala movie.

    45. mg ananda

      old man old man not to be young

    46. Maulin flour mills like video

    47. Sarah Kruger


    48. shubham choudhury

      Better watch Captain Philips, then this shitt

    49. notabluff1

      Who is better????????isnt is annoying???? I mean you come to read comment about the movie and you get some joke asking who is better, salman o ranvir... amir or sharukh and than another nutta comes and goes who’s better Pakistan or India...

    50. notabluff1

      Who is better????? (1) boyfriend (like) (2) girl friend (comment)

    51. notabluff1

      Who is better???? (1) uncle (like) (2) auntie (comment)

      1. Neha Gupta

        😂😂😂ye sb kya krte rahte hain sb... like karo comment karo 😁

    52. notabluff1

      Who is better???? (1) brother (like) (2) sister (comment)

    53. notabluff1

      Who is better???? (1) mum (like) (2) dad (comment)

      1. Akash Sharma


      2. vishwant patil

        Screw you

    54. gautam rajawat

      Mene aaj ye film dekhi , what a story of film ,saluting Salman sir, Iam ur biggest fan .🙂🙂😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😌😌aap log bhi is film ko jroor dekhein plzzzzz

    55. Shanu Shanu

      Best hai

    56. kusai K

      How many are the fans of, Salman khan = like Shahrukh khan = comment

      1. RAJ KHAN


      2. Sandeep Roy


      3. mg ananda

        old man old man not to be young

    57. kusai K

      My bestest movie ♥️♥️♥️💗💗💗

    58. Anoop Agrawal

      Loot gaya mai to

    59. Burairhaider Zaidi

      bulshit this movie ye sab pakistan aane walo ke sath hua tha

    60. ghassan abd

    61. Salman Ahmad

      Bekaar movie hai 😓

    62. Apurva Kumar

      Jis jis film Ko Muslim directors direct karte hai usme pakistan Prem dikhta hai

    63. Apurva Kumar

      Maha bakwaas film

    64. katki sahb

      bakwas film h ...salman ko chahye k chor de ap filmn banana .... har movi mn pariwar bs koi or stori nhi hoti

      1. Apurva Kumar

        Sahi bola , Abhi Abhi film dekhke comments me inki gaand marne aaya chutiya director and chutiya actor ki

    65. Technical Babu


      1. Khalil Afridi


    66. faim khan

      Supar bhaijan Jabse film dekhna Shuru Kiya tab se aap ke Fan Hai

    67. Vivek Maru

      100% generic Saloo khan movie. It had a few good moments. Good to see my real hero Jackie dada of Gardish fame. But that's all. The movie is bundle-bakwas. Waste of 2hrs34mins22secs of my life :( Even worse movie than the Tiger franchise and Sultan. Yaaron this Saloo needs to do serious action movies like Veergati where he dies.

    68. Abrahamlongnyie Thanglong

      Bharat-0 Ode to my father- 100

    69. Harman Bajwa

      Nihayati fudu kism di movie ... Had it been made with Punjabi Actors and in Punjabi , it would have been magnificent... After 40 mins and when KAT shows up with ridiculous HINDI , scrolled to end .. Such a waste of money

    70. harmeet singh

      Worst movie ever...