BEST UNDERCOVER DISGUISE WINS $10,000 (Spying On Mystery Neighbor to Capture Face Reveal)

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    Last vlog you saw Stephen Sharer posted “OME ALONE PRANK ON GRACE SHARER!! (Spying On Sister For 24 Hours)” but today the Sharer Fam is heading back to the mystery boxes to open up another present and get one step closer to mystery Spy face reveal!! In today's video, the Sharer Fam is doing an undercover disguise challenge to spy on their mystery neighbor! The Sharers received a TOP SECRET letter at their new house in Los Angeles telling them to do a $10000 challenge using mystery disguises delivered to the Sharer Fam house. Inside these boxes are undercover costumes such as police officer, cowboy and secret agent film director. As well is Hollywood makeup artist supplies such as fake mustaches and giant noses. Grace Sharer, Steven Sharer and Best Friend John are ready for an EPIC DIY homemade disguise challenge where the BEST DISGUISE WINS $10000 so they all headed inside the NEW Share Fam House and into Stephens Bedroom to start an epic costume reveal. Putting on a fake nose, fake chin, diy makeup from Grace Sharer Makeup collection beauty guru and even fake wig to become completely undercover disguise the final reveal of their costumes were so epic!!! The Sharers are using wigs, costumes, makeup and other spy gadgets to dress up and PRANK the mystery neighbor (Miss Karen twin). So they headed out into the neighborhood to search for the mystery spy and try to get the face reveal to find out who is the mystery neighbor spy!? Who do you think has the best costume and won this epic #10000 family friendly #challenge and should take all the money home? #GraceSharer or Steven or John?! Comment down below who has the best disguise!!
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    Mailing Address: Stephen Sharer CZ-news #633 2961 A Hunter Mill Rd Oakton, VA 22124 --------------------------------------------WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to recreate any of the acts in this video. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. This footage is property of Stephen Sharer and is not allowed to be repurposed without written consent from Stephen Sharer. For any requests from media contact us at

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    1. Stephen Sharer

      Who’s undercover disguise was the best?! -Stephen -Grace -John 😊

      1. Victoria Huntington


      2. John Mcphillips

        # stephon

      3. BLUE EAGLE


      4. Leon Beqa


      5. Kathryn Packer

        Stephen is poo

    2. Noura Bader


    3. VaughanTrapp Family


    4. Rachel Johnston


    5. Callum WATKINS

      I think you won Stephen grace came second and John came last

    6. Rick Matthews

      Is john your brother

    7. Daniel KAPLAN

      Grandma grace

    8. Kim Taehyung

      Stephen and Grace looks like the grandma and grandpa in Courage the Cowardly Dog

    9. jump.girl. laii

      Grandma grace

    10. Tawnya Haverkost


    11. Tawnya Haverkost

      you look funny stephen

    12. KJK VLOG

      # grandma Grace

    13. Andy Persad

      Grace will. Win

    14. Charlotte Boyce

      Graces is the best

    15. Kelly solis


    16. Moheen Uddin

      # steevn

    17. Monica Loewen


    18. Clips_master 360

      There is a door open

    19. Rylee Jennings Guilford

      I love you guys good luck with catuering the mystery nebouir

    20. Hamza Alzouqari

      I would say for sure Grace is winning

    21. James Butron


    22. Bilaal Ali

      Go back to the house and change your disguises

    23. Holly Donovan


    24. Kraig Keating


    25. Subscribe On


    26. itslauraa

      the neighbour is miss karen

    27. Jilly Fox


    28. EVIL GANG

      Grandma Grace

    29. Kym Sartorius

      Grandma Grace

    30. Mary Scales


    31. Brenda Rubel

      # Steven # grandma grace

    32. Ash Beauman

      Fiona is my Mum

    33. Ash Beauman


    34. Jcso Williams

      Grandma Grace

    35. 房金城

      Stephen and Grace and John you have good disguise

      1. 房金城

        Grace because she look like a old lady

    36. 房金城

      What’s up

    37. Crack the egg star Bakhti

      Let them is 3 into your house and then you come and sit and then you and then open face review and can you do for me out from the next video

    38. Karen Shand

      Grandma Grace

    39. nikki seidel

      me and my bother think the mystery boxes are comeing from the mystery neighbor

    40. Gladys Whitney

      And I’m really trying to help out so please like my comment none ever does 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    41. Gladys Whitney

      I saw just a tiny bit of her face when she was walking away you should go watch when John was trying to make her turn around do it in slow motion and like my comment if you agree if you did not see watch that part again where John was talking to the mystery neighbor

    42. Aly Sherbiny


    43. Khalil Isse


    44. Tim Nes

      She's going to know who you are because you have a camera in your hands Be careful!!!

    45. vacuum master the great

      Sorry about my first comment I messed up on it but it won't let me go back to it

    46. vacuum master the great

      I got my first time leaving a comment this is so cool I love your vids they're great

    47. Hydro AKA professor Bloom

      I think that grama grace will win.

    48. brysdagamer Logsdon

      Why don't Steven and Carter do videos together anymore

    49. Abdulaziz Abumaali

      the mystery neighbor was Miss Karen and grace had the best disguise

    50. Jehrry Keyheart


    51. Desmond Ward

      Grandma Graces sorry John and Stephen❤️

    52. Adelle Guy

      Yer John is a good friend

    53. Adelle Guy

      Yer he is a good friend to me miss his work so far so much more than that he is going to be putting all his stuff down on the road 8.30am

    54. cassandra washburn

      You guys look weird

    55. Michelle Meadows

      grace but what happend to carder

    56. Alton Aoic6u


    57. Addison Aldaine

      Grandma grace

    58. Mimi Mouse

      # grandma grace

    59. Luiz Petes

      Stephen sharer

      1. Luiz Petes

        maby it is not miss ceren???

    60. Luiz Petes

      you should push her because she don't anser just take the thone

    61. Kenya Jeanpierre

      Is grace and John a couple

    62. Mark Cox


    63. Mark Cox


    64. Emilitta1246 & TDWins6

      Is this at the Sharer Fam House or did you move or are you just not at the Sharer Fam House? And is the Pond Monster still there? And will you all have the slip and slide party in the summer because I love watching those videos? The house your in looks different to me that's why I'm asking.

    65. Summer Oakman


    66. Kylie Mansfield


    67. Danielle Rhea

      # grandma Grace

    68. Aleighasmom07

      I subscribed and liked can I pls have a shoutout I never had one I’m a kid

    69. Kevin 9807

      Your mother agrees

    70. Family Friends

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