Best Hardcore Gym Workout Music Mix



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    Best Hardcore Gym Workout Music Mix
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    ✖ Tracklist:
    1. WORK HUSTLE KILL [Lost Soul Mix] - Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
    2. Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard -- AMBULANCES (Devon Craig Johnson Remix) -- LYRICS
    3. THE BEAST REMIX by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
    4. HUNGRY By Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard
    5. I AM NOT DONE by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
    6. I AM NOT DONE REMIX by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard feat. Moxiie
    7. NEVER SETTLE By Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard
    8. JEALOUS by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
    9. BEAST by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
    10.AMBULANCES by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard feat. Drew Boogie
    11. Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard - BUGATTI
    12. RODEO by Nick Miller & The Hustle Standard feat. Rob Bailey & Jay Kill
    13. RUN THIS by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
    14. HOLD STRONG By Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard
    15. TRY 'N HOLD ME BACK By Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard
    16. WHAT I LIVE FOR by Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard
    17. YOU'RE ALL GOING UNDER - Rob Bailey & The Hustle Standard feat. Jay Kill & Dana Linn Bailey
    Best Hardcore Gym Workout Music Mix

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    1. fitleague

      1. Alonzo Diablito

        This is not hardcore

    2. TheBiderman


    3. Jonathan Fisher

      I use this to put me to sleep. 10/10

    4. Roshan Mishra

      I do listing to my dog. now he is lion 🦁

    5. Allan Idelson

      5:21 music or style plz

      1. Str0y

        Allan Idelson rap mate

    6. JAY X

      HEADACHE music, NOT lifting music.

    7. Craig S

      Whoever sings the first song, I'm so tired of hearing that dudes voice on almost every workout mix. How the fuck did that dude make it in the music industry.

    8. Saul Solache

      This mix and channel got me training insane again.

    9. Batalla de Cosas

      That's gay music

    10. Shubham Kanaujiya

      Highly Passionate i play this in my gym

    11. habanerat

      I got bigger just listening to it!!!

    12. just Bill injundelabrue

      Made me sleepy

    13. Mack Tarei

      epic bro hard core shit

    14. FuZe x


    15. Tanner Richardson

      Be cautious this mix makes you want to rip someone’s throat out

      1. Isaac Morh

        Tanner Richardson you poor kiddo, this shit isn’t hard

    16. Ultimate Evil

      Lamest mix ever smh

    17. Big Oof


    18. lukas frazon


    19. Creepy Sheep23

      Would be cool if you put sources from the songs there like names or links

    20. Ham Wind

      Ahu ahu airforce gogo

    21. Close Grip Bench press

      40:00 bugati song

    22. Devin E

      H.A.F. Music

    23. die töte gott ich bin regen

      Dopen ja

    24. Felix Cruz

      This mix if fucking fire...spartan training beast mode

    25. WRATH

      Killer mix

    26. Raul R.O.

      This music is so hard I shit on the floor during a squat

      1. sheeezus

        Hahahahaha made my workout

      2. passionscott SLIMES


      3. my mom


      4. ishraque

        Raul R.O. lmfao

      5. Little bit of everything

        That is some crazy SHIT!

    27. Wesley De Jesus

      IM NEVER GONNA TAKE OUT THIS CROWN!!!!! Cause I’m a fucking KING 😂😂😂😂😂😂 catchy ,huh

    28. Saeed Alghamdi

      اهلن بالمعضلين

    29. Грабим Olymp Trade

      Вы засранцы

    30. DeuGargalo

      30:30 name ?

    31. Elwaver N

      Stop reading and finish that last rep!!!!11

    32. Jordan James

      Some kids listen to this on the way to school think bout that ... Update: im in gym

      1. John Green

        Jordan James I’m fucking dead 😭😭😭😭

    33. Aleksandar Kralj

      Vezbaj pizda ti materina

    34. Mathew Wood

      This is a very hardcore mix... cheers sons crying

    35. K zu dem N

      I feel it... testosterone overflow

    36. syuka

      did you guys sing this?

    37. Bárbara Conceição

      🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘 muito top

    38. Big Smooth

      This mix sucks

    39. amnish khajuria

      Thank you for extra reps

    40. Vircro

      Best mix!

    41. Miguel ÁNGEL Martínez Aguilar

      Un suscriptor mexicano v:

    42. Georg. G.

      Fuck gay dubstep

    43. Never Stop Skateboarding

      Instant headbanger and rage to push that last rep🤘🏼killer job

      1. Aldrin Arma


    44. woo sh

      Just worked out for half an hour, can somebody send me a relaxing afterworkout playlist that I can isten to in the shower? 🚿

      1. Rommel Tj

        woo sh Lian lian lotus dragon hunter

    45. Xyviz Gaming

      Take the fucking bodies out.

    46. yeszirrrrrrr

      The guy screaming constantly is driving me nuts LOL

    47. Elykopterskyflight. Com Ronggah

      Damn! Listen to this at my workplace and start do push up instantly..

    48. Martin Fourie

      shut man this shut pumps my blood so hard

    49. Unknown 711

      What the hell yall doing reading the comments get back to working out

    50. Alex White

      Chronic bouquet beats

    51. Ryan Davis

      I was today years old when i realized It was a double entendra when Rob said “fuck dimes we stack 4-5’s” hes not only talking about having sex with babes but also saying we dont fuck with 10 lbs only 45’s lol

    52. Christopher Har V

      this is cute n all, but if u want HARDCORE, you need the MESHUGGAH

    53. Tomáš Pilný

      wtf is this shit where is the hardcore

    54. Jiri Sebak

      Best mix I ve listen so far.

    55. XxMR.CatxX

      The guy is so FAKE

    56. WhoDat Silk

      Lol gay

    57. Joe Tores

      Busque música para motivar y hacer hacer ejercicio al full y me salió está mierda de mezcla

    58. Earth Don't die now

      Sounds like Tecno for faggits

    59. Earth Don't die now

      This is for faggits for real weak ass bullshit faggit music

    60. Júnior Sousa

      8:04 name ?

      1. Gambheer

        Júnior Sousa it's i'm a motherfucking beast from the movie southpaw

    61. Back Woods Billy Craft Beer Reviews

      Awesomeness! You know I have not used an I-Pod or Beats etc Since a few years ago! Power House Gym has awesome music in Ocean City MD as well as Seafood DE They basically moved the Salisbury MD Gym from a 20,000 Sq Ft Facility that they rented in a Shopping Center to a 60,000+ Sq Ft Building They Own! They basically combined a MmA Boxing Gym & Sports Coaching Gym into their gym by hiring them. So more members they always had baby sitting which I don't like. Now that is bigger they expanded their SWEAT area CrossFit. Catering more to Families... Which I get. But they CHANGED THE MUSIC THEY PLAY TO ELEVATOR MUSIC...!!!??? & THEY INSTALLED A KICK ASS SOUND SYSTEM. STILL HARD CORE FREE WEIGHTS AND PLATE LOADED TONS OF SELECTORIZED MACHINES. THEY Have Bicycle class room a few arobic studios & A Rehabilitation Center in partner with a local hospital and Orthopedic Doctor Group. Pilates Yoga, etc. But why change the tunes...A pool is coming soon. Racket ball basketball etc. Pure Fitness Center. Is Awesome but I need a beat to work out with. Thanks for sharing...🍺 I HAVE SMASHED THE Like Button 👍. 🍺 Cheers 🍻

    62. LEROY 77 RULER

      WHAT A FUCKING NOISE .......

    63. ruBikz627

      I couldn't finish my food so I listened to this and I ended up eating more; past my macro requirements, for muscle gains!💪🏽💥

    64. Dhimitris Sterjo

      This is perfect .😶

    65. BigDaddyCool42

      What a pure shit playlist

    66. Sonia Alhusseini

      Gute Musik 🤟💪🤸🏼‍♂️☠️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Danke sehr😎🖖

    67. Justin Harrison

      Worst workout music mix / not hardcore

    68. Lanaia kahili

      this song tickles my booty hole

      1. Reptar

        I can help if you need.

      2. Raider L

        Lanaia kahili hey that’s my job

    69. jcallesano

      Old as shiiitttt, good as fuuuuk. ^^

    70. Th3OnlyLoneWolf