Bernie WINS At Fox News Town Hall

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    Bernie crushed it at Fox News’ Town Hall. Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT:
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    "Bernie Sanders’s Fox News town hall, which aired Monday night, showed that contrary to the belief of many of his detractors (and some of his supporters), the Vermont senator really does have more than one rhetorical mode.
    There was the mode he used for the town hall part, and the mode he used for the Fox News part - represented by anchors Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, who liberally interspersed questions from the audience with questions of their own.
    When speaking directly to audience members or to the TV audience watching at home, Sanders was sincere and open. When asked about President Donald Trump, he spoke with emotion about how he hoped everyone could agree a “pathological liar” should not be president; in his closing statement, he practically begged for more comity in the country, without backing off his insistence that the rich need to do more to provide for working families."
    Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola
    Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola
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    1. thatboy

      You guys shouldnt blindly read news articles. The majority of the audience was NOT Bernie Sanders supporters, yet they all loved his ideas and clapped and screamed for him. That's how well he did.

    2. Michael Hood

      We know after 2020 Presidential election We Will Be Waving Goodbye to trump 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👹👹👹

    3. Alresu

      The book you want to write is a dictionary, John.^^

    4. Kit Richardson

      Isn’t it amazing how open minded conservatives are and tolerant of liberal speakers? I’ve never heard of conservatives rioting and trying to get liberals banned from a college campus. It’s just a totally different mindset. The western mindset.

    5. MrLeooreo

      I believe you’re right I thought the same thing when he said Bernie is done he’s afraid of Bernie he will feel very comfortable with those young inexperienced politicians and very happy to debate Warren or Biden safe for him to beat them up

    6. Mistynne D Strong

      It’s a fascist network..of course they’re going to demonize socialism..

    7. Reclaimer 343

      @12:29 "I want to write a book called what words mean" You mean like the dictionary? LMAO Fair point about people not knowing English and definitions.

    8. tupachussain

      The world loves Bernie Sanders, the only sane candidate and will help 90% of Americans yet the dumb Americans will probably get tricked by the billionaires and their media organisations.

    9. Paul Rice

      Young Turks, could you please tell us more about hate organizations? And fear-mongering tactics? All those times you try to condemn stupidity, yet without it, you wouldn't even have a job.

    10. evilSWA - beyond pandora films

      "shows how much I watch Fox News" um no...shows how little you prepare for your news segments. Thousands of professional journalists everyday talking about stuff they don't watch. It's part of the job or at least it used to be. Also the Armenian Genocide totally happened.

      1. rebelL sprouT

        The Armenian genocide thing has been something they addressed plenty of times btw.

    11. Vidar Bonsak

      WTF! The president of the USA is 81 to 85 years old? How sick is that, GET REAL!

    12. 76marcsmith

      How does one win a town hall?

      1. David Kolsky

        He received a standing ovation I would say that is winning.

    13. Tiffany Kibria

      Waaw OMG I just want to hug my dear beloved sir Bernie sanders he is unbelievably so so amazingly beautiful wonderful humble human being who truly cares for the nation he want to lead and wants the best for them. Sir Bernie sanders truly cares for humanity and he is straight forward to the point and want the best for the world and specially my American brothers and sisters, he is unbelievably so amazing and truly stands for humanity and truly cares for the better for Americans and the world at large and will bring that America back we all love and respect and make changes in the world is waiting for all them years. I love him so much he truly stands for humanity and cares for the betterment of Americans and the world more then money fame and power. He truly stands for humanity and he is an example for all the leaders of every corner of the globe. Anyone who is against him is against me this beautiful humble elderly man is worth taking bullets I love him with all my heart.

    14. Andrew Carl Elliott

      Fox has been commandeered by the fake news people. They are not pro conservative anymore. When you see people with headwrap having their own show on it, you know Fox is dead to us.

    15. bookwormgirl

      the old jerks!!!

      1. David Schlessinger

        you jerk

    16. João Tava

      What? Win what? You Turkeys 🦃 are imbeciles hahaha

      1. Abraham Garcia

        He got applause on a network that is against that’s a win you turkey 🦃

      2. David Schlessinger

        you turkey?

    17. SagesseNoir

      I doubt that Fox News will host Bernie Sanders again. LOL!

    18. LiveOkie

      lol WOW. Old crazy-ass coot spouting crazy socialist codger caca.

      1. Anwar Hassan

        LiveOkie What are you even saying???

      2. David Schlessinger

        you caca?

    19. Xeranx

      If Ana thinks it correct to state Turning Point is a hate organization, I have no problem identifying The Young Turks as a hate organization. After the number of years I watched TYT, I think I can produce evidence (namely their videos) to bolster my point of view.

      1. David Schlessinger

        you hate

      2. legend

        1st day of entrepreneurship we're told to introduce ourselves, this guy is the first to go and he gets up and says his name then proceeds to spend the next 5 minutes of class time talking about how much socialism sucks and how great trump and capitalism is. I later find out he hates Muslims and Mexicans (don't matter if they're legal or not, he thinks they're "unsanitary") lmao. if you don't call an organization targeted at harvesting kids brainwashed into identity politics and hatred of anything that is not them a hate organization, I don't know how you'd define one lol

      3. mr.potato head

        No one cares because you are not a American citizen

    20. Silas Bishop

      Why didn't sanders donate more money from his book sales to support the very programs he touts?

      1. Abraham Garcia

        Silas Bishop we don’t need a wall it wouldn’t work

      2. David Schlessinger

        that dumb

      3. Marcellino Sananto


      4. Silas Bishop

        @Miss Katz Life He really should. We really need a wall. It isn't his wall. It is OUR wall. I honestly think the Executive Branch should call for donations. You would see the money come through without issue. Congress has abandoned their duty to protect our borders.

    21. ObeymyLogic Bruh

      Dudes gonna write a dictionary

    22. jkninja

      anna whatever, admits to not watching fox news >> tells us fox loves to fearmonger about medicare. be willfully ignorant of the other side if you like but why try to put them down when you choose to not understand them? big ol' dummy

      1. King Nath III

        You just look at the headlines, read some of their articles, watch some of their news report and its honestly not hard to understand

    23. greenspiraldragon

      It is also clear that many news organizations who are supposed to be progressive are hostile to Bernie.

      1. David Schlessinger


      2. mr.potato head

        True colors come out

    24. greenspiraldragon

      Bernie Sanders doesn't mind the tough questions. He excels at answering them. He knows what he is talking about, because he has been fighting for us for years. Your not going to phase him at all by asking him a loaded question. He has the knowledge and experience and knows how to use it.

      1. Sh1164

        @. He might, if the people's reaction to him are anything to go by.

      2. •

        @Audra-Kelly Garvin You speak as if he has a chance

      3. Audra-Kelly Garvin

        That's because he's a REAL man! He is passionate about everything he says and actually really cares about the issues! I think he's going to make a great president

    25. Rebekah Fehlberg

      Hmmmm I'm in Australia, and watching this these are my thoughts. Fox want Bernie to be the nominee. Trump wants Bernie to be the nominee. I suspect they did stack the audience for him. And when the others go for their town halls, bammo. I think Bernie is fantastic, wants to lift Americans positions from second rate citizens to be able to access the normal rights that all other western country's citizens already expect, health care for all, free education. I hope he wins, or Elizabeth Warren. But I fear fox are pushing for Bernie because they believe trump will beat him vs Kamala or cory booker

      1. Rebekah Fehlberg

        @uriel condado bahahahahaha! I hope you are right!!!!

      2. uriel condado

        Neither Trump or Fox are that smart man besides Bernie Sanders is going to mop the floor with them on the upcoming election

      3. greenspiraldragon

        He is the clear front runner of the Democratic candidates. So why does Bernie have to go to Fox news for coverage? Why aren't the more liberal news agencies giving him a huge amount of free press like Trump got in 2016? Bernie is clearly ahead in the polls and the fundraising. Kamala and Cory are not even blips on the polls. None of the other candidates except Biden have near the support and Biden's support is slipping because of some of his positions and some of his actions. I hope they do push for Bernie as the nominee because they will be shocked when he beats trump soundly in the general election.

      4. LaCroixBoi

        @Rebekah Fehlberg Most Americans see it the other way around. They want Bernie because they know he can beat Trump. Not Harris or Booker. Both terrible candidates who the Democratic establishment will try to shove down the electorates throats again. Fox News believes that line. Hence the questioning and buzzwords intended to alienate the audience. But he definitely turned the tables on them with the town hall.

    26. Sly Quasar

      Andrew Yang 2020!

    27. MrShelbyGTman

      He put "audience" in quotation to imply they are actors. He's a lunatic.

    28. Mike Siler

      Yes. And then last night he said that serial killers, rapists and terrorists should be allowed to vote from prison. He's done.

      1. randomnobody playthrough

        The republicunts and the NRA want to give give guns to serial killers, rapists and terrorists . They're done too, amirite? LOL trumptards have no logic.

      2. Mike Siler

        @UCEraYAVE6_PfbaCgVbIcRIA Sure. And let's let prisoners have a well armed militia too. lol Maybe the right to assemble? Hell, let's break out american flags and let them burn them while in prison. Oh and no more searching their cells for shanks and drugs. That's a no no. I suppose you'd like it if Bernie suggested that we added prison abolition to the democratic platform. That would be a winning issue too.

      3. Mike Siler

        @LaCroixBoi You seem to be suggesting that felons in prison have all the rights that you and I have. I thinks you need to consider the ramifications.

      4. Mike Siler

        @greenspiraldragon Agreed.

      5. Mike Siler

        @ArcDragoon I haven't seen anyone on this thread who has thought this through. So rather than making my defense, I'll ask a question; should convicted felons enjoy all the rights guaranteed by the constitution. Start with the 2nd amendment and you will figure this out quickly.

    29. michael knowlden

      TYT are stupid reporters. Oh wait opinionated fools

      1. michael knowlden

        @afterkwiss I never threw an insult towards a person. If I did please show me so I can correct myself and apologies to you.. the only person I can correct is the jerk in the mirror.

      2. mr.potato head

        Ana Kasparian= Jornalism degree from Cal state Northridge Rush Limbaugh = FLUNKED Souther Missouri State after TWO semesters According to his mother "he flunked everything" 😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️🤣😂

      3. afterkwiss

        @michael knowlden "If you want to have a respectable conversation about my opinion great but if you want to just throw insults" Yet ... "TYT are stupid reporters. Oh wait opinionated fools" You're the "do-as-I-say-not-as-i-do" kinda guy, right? If you want to engage in a "respectable conversation" with anyone, feel free to expose a "respectable" point to begin with.

      4. michael knowlden

        @MrShelbyGTman dude all media personal are bias opinionated fools. We can attack them. That's why they get paid so well . But when we attack each other they win we loose. War is over. If you want to have a respectable conversation about my opinion great but if you want to just throw insults well then, enjoy they win we loose. It's our America not theirs.

      5. MrShelbyGTman

        Right... lol, but you're just a genius... Oh wait, nope, just another opinionated fool.

    30. Gail Beterbide

      I will buy that really boring book.

      1. ObeymyLogic Bruh

        U can get a dictionary now

    31. macpony2571780

      Fox's Bernie Sanders town hall got more views than the other stations town halls put together and the stupid DNC don't want to use FOX for their democratic debates. Meanwhile CNN rigged the Clinton Sanders debate.

      1. MWhaleK

        I wouldn't call the DNC Stupid on this, it freaking FAUX NOISE after all. It's a shitty propaganda network intent on shoving the far rights shitty agenda down peoples throats, so they will almost certainly try to twist things against the Dems.

    32. אדוארד בר


    33. אדוארד בר


      1. Rebekah Fehlberg

        Pffft I'd love to be half as smart as AOC! Might need to work on your insults, and spelling 😚

    34. justgivemethetruth

      And about Nancy Pelosi ... I am a staunch Progressive, and I don't know what Pelosi is, but I agree with her criticism of the Freshman Progressive Congresspeople. At first I was impressed as AOC did a few tweets that went national that explained progressive taxes and point out the lying and hypocrisy of Paul Ryan ... I think it was. But then they both started talking over their level of expertise and made mistakes when they should have been watching what they said. This is not a game, and these folks need to be careful to impress and inspire, not make Democrats look bad. Eventually I think most of us here want the Progressive wing to take back the whole Democratic Party, and that is not going to happen with some of the stuff these Progressives are saying.

      1. Afi James

        and the dems are gonna lose a lot of seats in 2020, if they continues with their b.s.

    35. justgivemethetruth

      That black and white simplicity that Ana and John are talking about is why Republicans need to kill the public schools ... the 60 rebellion was all about the 50's public schools working great.

      1. mr.potato head

        😂 spoken like a true person who's never gone to a country that doesnt have public schools Illiterate, ignorant, and poor. Just like the Republicans would love to have their voters

      2. MrShelbyGTman

        What? Lol! The Jim Crowe era? Yeah, we'll just cut out the majority of people who can't afford tuition at a private charter school. That way crime rates can increase.

    36. justgivemethetruth

      The right needs to understand their own rhetoric .... There is a big difference between entrepreneurship, free enterprise, and capitialism. Capitalism is where people with capital buy us the stuff from poorer people to get rich ... it is always exactly the same, big inequality. Socialism puts people before dollars - period. Socialism balances capitalism ... socialism can coexist with entrepreneurship and free enterprise ... but in the late stages nothing can coexist with capitalism because it turns into elitism and fascism.

    37. justgivemethetruth

      I think it was a great idea for the Democrats to call out FOX News ... and maybe FOX let Bernie supporters into that audience to validate that so they can mess with later debates on FOX. It is very easy to turn on Bernie and start throwing communist rhetoric and insults at him ... they can do that any time. He was lucky but he was also really well prepared and thinking very clearly on his feet in that Town Hall. Bernie kicked-ass on FOX.

    38. justgivemethetruth

      Bernie answered the Ilhan Omar question perfectly ... but it still does not make me like or support Omar. She does not appear to know what she is doing that everything she says is some big controversial deal. She is not elected to push Islam in everyone's faces, or to attack Israel, she is there to represent her constituents. I would have voted for her as the Progressive candidate, but I would not be happy about all this stuff she is sidelining and how she is making Democrats have to stick their necks out to support her which makes them look bad to many people.

      1. Sh1164

        @ozarkprepper1 Someone outing themself as a sexist? Points for honesty I guess.

      2. MrShelbyGTman

        @ozarkprepper1 That's idiotic.

      3. ozarkprepper1

        I dont vote for any women ever. The only liberal idea I agree with is strong worker unions. Thats it.

    39. Leonel Cardenas

      Ok, so I've been reading the comments. Used to think the whole idea of internet trolls was exaggerated, but not so much anymore. Realistically you trolls need to get a life.

    40. Cenz Gullo

      Anna is so believable, especially with her mouth closed......

    41. PlainJane

      How does Ana still have a damn job? She did nothing to investigate numbers. She is so disengenuous about EVERYTHING.

    42. J smo

      Wait, does TYT seriously not realize this audience was somehow full of Bernie supporters??? It's one thing for a random audience to cheer Medicare for all, but there is NO WAY ON EARTH a random audience is cheering for Ilhan Omar LMAO. In fact, I'd argue most Americans don't even know who that is. That this crowd's reaction was indicative of anything other than the ability of Sanders' supporters to infiltrate audiences is absurd.

      1. MrShelbyGTman

        LMFAO! Yeah, they're all crisis actors... it's just easier to call you stupid.

      2. J smo

        @Roger There's virtually no chance "the common folks" know or feel strongly enough to shout out their agreement of her opinions at a town hall. TYT watching progressives, yes. Average Americans, NFW

      3. J smo

        @Lord V You missed my point. Medicare for all is an idea and it's absolutely popular. Ilhan Omar is a person and she is not popular. If you think the average group of Americans (a) knows who this female, Muslim, junior senator even is, (b) knows why Fox asked Sanders the question in the first place, and (c) supports her POV strongly enough to shout about it on TV, I can't help you.

      4. Lord V

        J smo The ideas are as popular as he is, check polling on progressive ideas such as Medicare for all, a $15 minimum wage, making public colleges tuition free etc.

      5. Roger

        yeas obviosly right? Like there is no chance that the common folks could have that opinion? No, deny deny deny!!!!! Great attitute there buddy

    43. Jacobb Watkins

      Look TYT I am a socialist and have been for most of my adult life, and I can say this you are right in that most people in the USA do not know what socialism-communism-captalism mean but hate to be the one to tell you, but nether do you. Bernie is not socialist why he calls himself one i do not know but what he supports is called social democracy. So you guys should read up as well.

      1. MrShelbyGTman

        @Robert Ebersold That's communism.

      2. MrShelbyGTman

        @Trey M. That's communism...

      3. Nick Jensen

        @Trey M. poop

      4. Robert Ebersold

        Capitalism: all property is private, all pruduction is owned by individuals, as little goverment regulation as possible. Access to opportunity and programs based on ability to pay for it.

      5. Robert Ebersold

        Democratic Socialism: still have private property, property and production is still owned by individuals, but regulated by the government (representative republic). The people or their elected representatives vote to determine the best use of public funds (taxes).

    44. christian davis

      And once again Faux news proves that crackkkers are dumber than shit.

    45. Rob Wright

      At the minimum we all agree ilhan omar is a lose talker.

      1. iquanyin

        Rob Wright we do? speak for yourself. not for me or people i know whom you don’t.

    46. Justin Tada

      Positive coverage about Bernie somehow manage to have trump in it... so sick of hearing about trump on tyt.

      1. Jeffrey Warren

        @Justin Tada You sure?

      2. Justin Tada

        Jeffrey Warren exactly what I did. Great advice

      3. Jeffrey Warren

        Than turn your phone off.

    47. Jose Sanchez

      I've been on here trying to see if anyone else was cringing at the endless sniffling while attempting to stay focused on the real issues. Someone please bring this man a tissue....

    48. MrThetrizzle

      Trump wins at any town hall

      1. Jeffrey Warren

        @MrThetrizzle Trump from most polls was considered the winner of the GOP debate he skipped. Also Bernie said we should stop focusing on Trump and then in the next sentence starts complaining about Trump.

      2. MrThetrizzle

        @iquanyin was Trump there? 🤡🤡🤡

      3. iquanyin

        MrThetrizzle haha. not this one.

    49. Eric Harper

      Did anyone else hear a fast at 3:35 ??

      1. Jose Sanchez

        No just the guy saying "Hmm..." Sounded like a fart though lol

    50. Ay Bee

      Please, John, write that book! And include Miranda Rights, civic duty, and Brown’s Law!

    51. Leo Kresch

      This news source is savage af just saying the american people are too stupid to understand what the words we use mean. i dont disagree. but i'd like to see these anchors give a definition for neoliberalism haha

      1. MrShelbyGTman

        Yeah, because the average American doesn't know what they mean.

    52. zappy008

      how did he win he didnt answer any questions.just banged on about trumps tax returns when asked why he is taking advantage of trumps tax cuts but is advocating for everyone else to pay more.

      1. mr.potato head

        -pro Palestine -pro universal healthcare -pro black reparations -anti tax loopholes -anti war for profit (yes even oil) -anti establishment You obviously didnt watch the townhall

      2. MrShelbyGTman

        @zappy008 Trump hasn't donated one red penny... that was all bullshit. First of all, think about the fact also claimed he wasn't taking his checks... so you can't donate something you haven't received. Additionally, he also claimed to had donated to veterans and that was also another lie.

      3. iquanyin

        zappy008 he directly answered ALL the questions. apparently you didn’t listen. and because you don’t seem to get what they mean by “win” they mean the audience supports him rather than supporting lies.

    53. Kenneth Hoffman

      No form of tyranny ever gained power by telling you what they were going to take away from you. They did it with promises of 'free stuff', and manipulation of your jealousies, resentments and fears. Bernie Bots would do well to consider that as they drool over him.

      1. MrShelbyGTman

        The Nazis did. The Soviet Union did. Do you smoke meth or just eat it?

      2. Kenneth Hoffman

        @K.G.making any progress on that anagram? 😂😂

      3. K.G.

        @Kenneth Hoffman If I come across a convincing argument for any position, yes, I'm gonna "parrot" it until I come across a rebuttal. If I do come across a convincing rebuttal, I am willing to change my point of view and argue the other side. I have no issues with bettering my views when warranted. How about you? Isn't your comment full of "parroted worn out drivel"? Or did you come up with the dumb "Bernie is a tyrant" comment all by yourself? How about you do your best and actually explain how it's a dictatorship when people pay taxes for healthcare but not when people pay taxes for: education, fire brigade, law enforcement, drone strikes on countries that didn't attack the US, to supply foreign countries with weapons etc. It should be easy for you to reply to my "parroted worn out drivel" that you've come across so many times in the past.

      4. Kenneth Hoffman

        @K.G. your little comment is so riven with parroted, worn out drivel that the only comment it warrants is to say it doesn't warrant comment at all.. But hey... progress! You gots you some little attentions.....YAY!

    54. Laurence Byron

      As an Australian - where we have Democratic Socialism and gave you Rupert Murdoch/Fox, I think your TYT female presenter is way off. This Fox Town Hall was one of the most open format I've ever seen. If you think any media is not going to ask some hard questions then they are not doing there job. It surprises me but I would give Fox 9/10.

      1. Kenneth Hoffman

        @MrShelbyGTman "That's not a rebuttal... you're just spewing your emotional vomit everywhere." You poor creature. I have you so firmly in my psychological grasp that you have been reduced to sitting at your little computer, and like a girl who sits by the phone waiting in hope that the boy of her dreams will call, you wait for my next communique. ... Fall to your knees and beg mercy from I, your Master.... Do it NOW! LOL

      2. MrShelbyGTman

        @Kenneth Hoffman That's not a rebuttal... you're just spewing your emotional vomit everywhere.

      3. MrShelbyGTman

        LMFAO! Fox News is literally and proven to be the worse New Station on the planet. Look it up. It's a real study. People who watch Fox News exclusively know less than people who don't watch any form of news at all.

      4. iquanyin

        Laurence Byron fox is a well-known conservative mouthpiece. maybe it looks different from australia.

    55. AmahMasBoy

      I voted for Bernie last Election and I'll vote for him again this Time. But tbh I live in Texas around a few trump supporters and I dont think that town hall played very well to right wing people. I think that it was okay but I dont think he said too much or countered Fox's attacks well enough that actually would do anything to resonate with the Right side of the American people.

      1. Kenneth Hoffman

        How does this 'resonate' with you. Tejas Soy Boi... Democratic Socialism: Converting 'THEFT' into 'GENEROSITY' by 'popular vote of the thieves'.

    56. Kenneth Hoffman

      Democratic Socialism: Converting 'THEFT' into 'GENEROSITY' by 'popular vote of the thieves'.

      1. iquanyin

        Kenneth Hoffman the theft is by individuals forcing folks to lose their homes because the get sick. i’m sorry you are blinded by bs.

      2. Vicky T

        "theft" from billionaires that exploit the poor and work them to death while denying them proper healthcare. Do you work for a billionaire? Do you earn more than 10 million dollars a year? Or do you think your poverty or middling income is just a temporary embarrassment before you realise your billions. Billionaires and millionaires earning more than $10m a year paying more tax means better public services for normal people like you numbnuts.

    57. Kenneth Hoffman

      Socialism..."I am here. I am breathing. Give me stuff."

      1. MrShelbyGTman

        @Kenneth Hoffman LOL! You have no truck for getting hooking into a pissing contest because you are an idiot.

      2. iquanyin

        Kenneth Hoffman the earth has all we all need, to live and thrive. free. the only reason people go hungry and homeless? we allow a few to use up and hoard all the freely given wealth of this earth. you are blinded by the propaganda of those who use far, far more than their share.

      3. Benoît Dumas

        @Kenneth Hoffman Hold on im nt trying to trick you, i just want to know where you fall on the public vs private sector debate. From your response, I see you you are on the libertarian side of the isle. I suggest we narrow our discussion to healthcare. Bernie advocates for single payer healthcare insurance. You might look at venezuela and think that all forms of socialism fail, but look at places like scandinavia, UK (single payer healthcare), France (single payer health inssurance), or Canada (where i live) and youll see that single payer healthcare works for the middle and lower classes. Yes taxes are higher as a result, but like bernie points out, we actually pay less than you guys on average in a year. On top of that, nobody fears surprise medical bills which, from what i understand, can be pretty hefty in the us. What exactly do you dislike in single payer healthcare? P.S. : To answer your question, id probably be fine without single payer healthcare and nearly free tuition (university costs about 2000$ per semester in Quebec). What I can tell you is that my best friend would not be fine without those things. His family is humble middle class and when he was young, his brother got a nasty tumor in his brain, which necessitated many trips to the hospital, operations, intensive care, medication, etc over many years. His mom had to stop working to take care of him and surely without our single payer healthcare, they would have been in financial trouble. Given his circumstance, I dont believe he would have been able to graduate with a software engineering degree without any student debt without our socialist structures to help his family through the rough.

    58. Tony Pajunen

      The fact that you have so many negative comments and yet so many likes makes me think that you pay people to like your videos.

      1. Cornelius Antonius

        Go bl*w yourself

    59. Eric Jefferson

      Bernie Sanders isn’t a liberal or conservative right? Right? Right!

      1. Jeffrey Warren

        @MrShelbyGTman Yes that fuels his programs only for so long. Eventually the rich either just leave or lose so much in taxes so that they become middle class. Not every wealthy person has tens of billions of dollars and it honestly theft. Why should I pay for your healthcare.

      2. MrShelbyGTman

        You do realize their is such a thing as a liberal conservative? Bet your head just exploded.

      3. MrShelbyGTman

        @Jeffrey Warren How's that? Because he wants the already rich people to pay their share?

      4. Jeffrey Warren

        He's worse!

    60. Ma Lea

      I think your wrong about why they used the word "stanch" your reasoning is too conspiracy voodoo bullshit. its much simpler than that, they really do believe that. without knowing it they frame a question because they think its accurate, thats worse than a conspiracy

    61. FrEaMcIiNsItSM is

      I say HILLARY you sayyyyy FIRE

    62. FrEaMcIiNsItSM is

      This doesn't change the fact that TYT is some of the cringiest shit in existence

      1. Ma Lea

        so I guess you've never watched fox. not saying some of things the say sometimes arent stupid, but come on

    63. Harry P. Ness

      The DNC will screw Bernie just like the rnc did to Ron paul

      1. Kenneth Hoffman

        Of course... There is no honor among thieves... Even Bernie.

    64. A.D. Green

      Yes , education has been Highjacked , for a long....long ....time. The way these texted books are ,governed with money , and by power ....

    65. Lee DeCoske

      FYI: Bernie is a Senator in the House of the Senate. Omar is a Representative in the House of Representatives. Furthermore, she's from minnesota and he's from Vermont. Anyway, the House of Reps meet in the same building but not at the same times as the Senate, as they are separate. So speaking with her twice is more than I expected, especially considering she's new.

    66. shyam vijay

      Perhaps fox filled the room with progressives just to fearmonger their TV audience about a socialist takeover. Plus the questions were leading, hateful and ad hominem and

      1. Kenneth Hoffman

        @MrShelbyGTman "If you had all that you wouldn't be wasting your time trolling TYT... give it up. You're a dried up sack of shit. " Oh no, my fecal material is moist and I'm sure you'd find it tasty. Actually I am doing quite well. Quite well indeed. But I am glad you think otherwise, as you might join the legions of horny fools fantasizing and masturbating about Trump's tax returns, by demanding mine... A non-starter that would be. One thing more ... I don't 'troll' TYT... I use it for a substitute wall urinal.

      2. Kenneth Hoffman

        @MrShelbyGTman "You haven't provided anything at all; especially anything of value." hmmm... well... apparently it was just enough to get a rise out of you...You know what they say... It doesn't take much to keep a little kid amused. I bet when you get a toy, you shove the toy aside and play with the box it came in....

      3. MrShelbyGTman

        @Kenneth Hoffman If you had all that you wouldn't be wasting your time trolling TYT... give it up. You're a dried up sack of shit.

      4. MrShelbyGTman

        @Kenneth Hoffman You haven't provided anything at all; especially anything of value.

      5. Kenneth Hoffman

        @pacufka "I'm just letting you know you're not fooling everybody." You poor widdle thing. I provide a spot on definition of the dead end, zero sum game that is Socialism, and that is an act of 'deception'? You proceed from the misbegotten assumption that I am out to put one over on somebody. Not surprised that someone of your ilk would endeavor to construct such a narrative. I pity you... to a point. The 'world' YOU live in, the one contained in a battery powered, thumb operated toy, is dark and dangerous place, filled with evil men who retreat to underground bunkers and form wicked cabals to plot nefarious schemes whose only purpose is to get little ole you. "I spent years reading and studying, and now I should educate stupid American trolls online?" Years reading and studying, and you are still of the persuasion that Socialism is the greatest thing since dry roasted peanuts? With that in mind, I doubt that I'd benefit at all from even any honest, well meaning offers to 'educate' me. I'd fear a lowering of my IQ with each lesson. Besides, I have too many things on plate to piss away time and heartbeats polluting my senses with your ignorance. I am too busy spending all the money my dastardly capitalistic, malodorous Republican lifestyle has afforded me. MY money. All the things that 'socialism' promises and states will be available at no cost and for the mere asking are of no interest to me. I already have them. I earned them. And no form of 'guvmint' coddling, baby sitting and subsidization has contributed so much as one buffalo head nickel to their acquisition. I am thus not only free of concerns about being self sufficient, I am immunized against the threat of enslavement to an idiotic system that has FAILED everywhere it has been tried. And immunized to the yammerings of a fool like you. Perhaps you can take your adolescent knowledge of the topic and peddle it successfully to someone as naive and gullible as yourself.

    67. A.D. Green

      You got to debate ,foes

    68. moon lee

      Hey, It’s NOT about Bret Bere. The POINT is that Bernie had a chance to talk authentically to Fox viewers. IF more dems had the balls to go on FOX NEWS, dems could benefit from that.

      1. Laurence Byron

        That.s how I see it from Australia.

    69. Top 10 entertainment

      Fake people

      1. MrShelbyGTman

        Yes, they're all animatronic. So how hard did you hit your head as a child?

    70. gwheyduke

      Television has brain washed generations of people all over the world to elect puppet politicians. In the US alone there were many such as Reagan, Sony Bono, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Franken, Jerry Springer, and Jesse Ventura to name just a few, see also: the Philippines , India and Poland. Remarkable that we pay $85 per month to bring propaganda into our homes.

      1. MrShelbyGTman

        Arnold Schwarzenegger actually did pretty well. Al Franken did for a while, Jesse Ventura did, Jerry Springer wasn't even that bad of a Senator... they all do have something in common... womanizing.

      2. dildonius

        gwheyduke Just because someone was an actor doesn’t make them an evil scary Illuminati puppet, ffs. But yes, the American people have a really stupid proclivity for electing actors they like