1. riptorn

    Not very good

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  3. Maja 0907

    How much can you sleep? - I can't get enough 😖

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  5. ines sophia



    How sheep did you kill to make this bed ? 🐑

  7. Ola soliman

    My security is that I can repay my debt. Can you help me?

  8. mia f

    this song made me sleepy as hell ... plus the mv helped a bit

  9. Daniel C.

    J balvin, jubilate conchatumare, la kgas cuando tu voz de mierda sale en alguna cancion, ya quedaste atras aceptalo, ni con autotune mejoras rctm. Besitos para Selena Gomez :3

  10. Beatriz Neves


  11. Beatriz Neves

    I love

  12. Dark Scorpion

    Selena Gomez is gold digger

  13. Gene's Family vlogs and stuff

    Selana: comment Ariana: like

  14. Mauricio Lima

  15. MultiArowan

    my present to SELENA cz-news.net/online/video-urRsdhXlQHM.html

  16. MultiArowan

    cz-news.net/online/video-jyIRw5aQt68.html lets work together! im musician!

  17. Saleena Khan

    Crazy I like that, you like that, so let's be crazy The contact, impact, I want that daily Our breath getting deeper, deeper, lately I like that, baby 'Cause I can't get enough Yeah, I can't get enough Yeah, I can't get enough of your love Give me some more, I love it I can't get enough Yeah 'Cause I can't get enough (Leggo') Dice que no le es suficiente (Wuh) 'Tá mal de la mente (Yah) Cuando está solita que entre (Eh) Música para ponerla en ambiente, yeh yeah Ella quiere que lo hagamo' como aquella ve' (Yah) Le busqué otro trago por si tenía sed (Uh) To' lo que se pone bonito se le ve (Bonito se le ve) Empezamo' a pie y ahora andamo' en el jet (Wuh) Vamo' a calentar Baby tú va' a subir y a bajar No se quiere olvidar, lo quiere recordar Baby yo quiero entrar 'Cause I can't get enough (Yah) Yeah, I can't get enough (Yah) (Latino gang) Yeah, I can't get enough of your love Give me some more, I love it I can't get enough (Come on) Yeah 'Cause I can't, can't Crazy I like that, you like that, so let's be crazy The contact, impact, I want that daily Our breath getting deeper, deeper, lately I like that, baby (Yeah) Uhh No one's gotta know, we can keep it lowkey I'll be fine alone, long as you're alone with me (Tell 'em) So incredible, unforgettable on me Keep your body on me (Leggo') (Leggo') (Tainy, come on) 'Cause I can't get enough (Benny, Benny Blanco) Yeah, I can't get enough (J Balvin man) (Selena) Yeah, I can't get enough of your love Give me some more, I love it I can't get enough Yeah 'Cause I can't get enough

  18. Mariluz Maldonado

    me encanta😍😍😍

  19. 100000 subscribe 0 video

    I don’t care about the song, I want that bed! 😍😍💛

  20. Ansar Ahmadi

    Heeey selina why did you married with an old guy ...😡

  21. Xrisa Gana

    Selena is PERFECT GIRL!!!💖👍

  22. Sandy Belle

    0% nudity 40% childish and cute 30% addicting, creative and nice rhythm 30% Selenamazing

  23. Jabed Akhtar

    selena remember justin beiber....

  24. Mimi kh

    *1:16** MY FAVORITE PART 😂❤️*

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  26. Nadin Danisa

    benny is so cuteeeee

  27. Mehr Majeed

    selenas a tiny ant lol

  28. Janel Mevlit

    Selena: I can't get enough Justin: I don't care

  29. PigMine 6

    Ridiculous voice-synth after she said no more voice overs. Lying, sperm-filled trap

  30. Indar Chand

    Nice song

  31. AS world

    Who else saw Selena fall down

  32. PigMine 6

    Stupid! Fucking dumb as dirt, lowest common denominator @0:45 really nice seeing the Latin King capo attack Selena, I'd whip his fuckin ass in one moment, but the dumb bitch comes back for more 35 seconds later

  33. PigMine 6

    Take the pesticide birth control pill! Enjoy your Ortho poison! Pro-abortionist liberal baby-killing Hollywood crap. The tatted-out anti-Trump bangers in this vid need their scumbag asses knocked the fuck out ProudBoys!

  34. Rosanna Allen

    i can't get enough of this song c:

  35. Star Light

    I wanna be like you selena I love music

  36. Star Light


  37. hi

    wow what kind of ikea did u get that from

  38. Pinky Marma

    Yeah love this song most. I'm your big fan from Bangladesh 😍😘😘😘😘❤️💘💕

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    LIKE SI ERES LATINO 🔥🔥🔥 Soy un CZ-newsr y Saludo a los que apoyen, GRACIAS ⭐

  40. Gabriel Gutierrez

    LIKE SI ERES LATINO 🔥🔥🔥 Soy un CZ-newsr y Saludo a los que apoyen, GRACIAS ⭐

  41. StormSlasher123

    That bed is huge

  42. Nicole Clair

    Aw I love Selena💜

  43. Sidra Sidra

    I love this song

  44. David Estrada

    Selena Gomez needs to step up her Spanish game cuz everyone else is showing her out, even Katy Perry with her new song

  45. Funny Tv

    I always like her voice

  46. Andy candy

    Selena Gómez mom: wake up Selena Gómez: I can't hey enough 😭 Selena mom : YOUR NOT Gonna sleep cuase of me your no never gonna sleep cuase of me Selena gomez:Give some more 😭 SELENA MOM : WAKE UPPP ITS SCHOOL TIME

  47. Estela La mamá de Yoselio

    Dios te bendiga mi chiquita hermosa

  48. Emanuel Sosa

    Selena Gómez ✓= Like

  49. Mary

    I love the song and the video, really surprised they both didnt do better!

  50. Elaoussi Salma

    I love selena I hate justin bieber

  51. Aid Redzepi

    cz-news.net/online/video-s0Tjs5pEa4U.html rebel a.k.a unikkatil

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  53. No ThIs Is PaTrIcK -

    Selena no one has that good of *bed hair*

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  55. SeykOne

    TEMAZOOO, no paro de escucharlo

  56. Walter Rodrigo Alfaro Escalante

    So Teddy Blanco was up there till 1:20 min

  57. Rena Nguyen

    (• _ •) ( ❤) / \

  58. Jiggly Puff

    Is Selena is really married with 68 year old man explain that please😓

    1. Fun zone

      No it was a joke

    2. Selena Quéneriae

      Jiggly Puff no.

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  60. Jacqueline Wako

    Nice song #2019#xoxo

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    Ummm umm ummm umm ummm

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    I need this type of bed to 😂

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    I just need this bed

  65. Anand Pardasani

    126 millions View this is the power of our QUEEN SELENA

  66. Rose Live

    The best music ❤️❤️❤️

  67. Syed Fahad

    0:51 she falls, 0:54 she ran away to hide her smile.

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  69. Reya Reya

    Justin : how much big u want the bed Selena: I can't get enough

  70. yuri Muravyov

    0:16 i want that TV

  71. Hazel

    Sooo cute

  72. Pushpitha Batte

    Director:Selena how big do you want the bed to be? Selena:Yes!

    1. Avvdv Dhbdbdb

      U dont just copy someone's comment fucking dissapointing dick sucking asshead

  73. Tania Zaman


  74. Subhajit Roy

    1:12 Lionel Messi singing?


    Carmila = comment Salena = like


    Though she said haily 0:16


    Sub on channel everyonee Serbian songs and much more later

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  79. Chong

    hear it in 1.5

  80. Petrit Salihu

    you can have this bed and your girlfriend would still found her way to put her leg on you

  81. Masakyo Ren Sai

    Bill Murray?

  82. raftaar music

    These types of beds should be for hulk and thanos types avengers N aliens of Ben 10.

  83. busta KHRImeS

    Hi babe 🌹

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    1. kaw tar

      +algerian selenator wch bik tahdhk hhh

    2. algerian selenator

      kaw tar hhhhhhhhhhh

  85. Random Video

    Selena always trying get back with justin. justin dont like you

    1. I Can't Get Enough

      Selena doesn't even give a shit about justin. She's happy without that garbage white boy

    2. Bella Moda

      And one more thing get to know the actual situation before blurting out some crap .

    3. Bella Moda

      Dare you spread another wrong message. By the way who the fuck told you that I'm behind that street fucker

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    I love Selena gomez

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    those who Love this song hit like

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    Here we are again Devanii and I #6months she still enjoys this song well we both do ❤🎤💃😍🎶👩‍👧

  90. discover new

    producer:how big you want bed selena:i can't get enough

  91. Michael Domínguez

    Con la voz de Selena todo se escucha tierno y sexy 😍😘

  92. Suzana-Shabnaz 25

    Deeper deeper, when Selena sings it I live it, who agrees? thumbs up.

  93. Gomez Selena


  94. Sobahn Khan

    Selena Gomez inspired me to start making Music again - I aspire to make a song with her some day. Mark my words!

    1. Arnav Pandit


    2. Shreyan Pradhan

      +Axel Blaze good luck😊👍

    3. Rishi Rusia

      He is commenting at multiple places to get likes.His "inspiration" changes with the singer he is watching.He is just promoting himself.

    4. Lovely Myra

      I swear I saw this on ME! by Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie. You said Taylor Swift was your inspiration

    5. Shashwat Agarwal

      Yes u surely will, dude, if u work hard :)

  95. Ta- Ray

    Faded- Kanye West vibes...!!

  96. PauloTeAmo

    1:50 jajajja

  97. Kahliq Wilkins

    Go crazy