Belle Delphine Mailed Us A Shocking Package - H3 Podcast #127

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H3 Podcast

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    1. H3 Podcast

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      1. The Epitome

        How can I get that video?

      2. Christina Luv

        Hila is a genius! Can't wait to see the development of Area 52! 🤣🤣🤣

      3. #PadCrew6 Family Vlog

        Lol 😂 I know this isn’t a family vloggers thing but if the bagel boy wants a boxing match I’m in I 🤔 I would feel bad beating down a little person 😂

      4. IsotropicThunder

        Get your Bagels

      5. Planet Hars2

        H3 could you have Sven or Joergen on the podcast next time?

    2. Kyli Larson

      I have a few of those alien vondkas. Got it in Duluth. Good stuff! I did live in Nevada tho for a while but never actually went into that shop

    3. Kristine Vergith

      Suprized it wasn't her bath water 😂😂

    4. JohnnyLaw0516

      Bagel boy is the leader and hero of all incels 😂😂

    5. Jjacob8600

      1:07:15 Her water got turned off??

    6. Matthew Faulk

      I'm 6'4" and that's not insanely tall. 6'9" is just 5 inches more than a bit too tall if you ask me lol Apparently the average in the NBA is 6'7" and there is a player at 7'7". That's insane. I'm sure there are a good number taller than that guy in the NBA. The guy is also a boulder with legs so it's pretty crazy either way.

    7. Who Ate The Cookies


    8. Phil Ton

      Smell Delphine

    9. GHIjklm

      That girl is mentally deranged. Something clearly went way too wrong in her life. But at least she's making thousands and thousands of Dollars.

    10. eG Corruption

      Aliens just want our drugs because they accidentally used all there's on the flight over

    11. Lucas D

      You should call it *AREA 69*

    12. Jillian Anzaldua

      Unpopular opinion: Did this give anxiety to/stress out anyone else to watch Ethan unbox everything and have such intense opinions on belle Delphine and basically indulge in his obsession with her in front of hila? And hila’s a bad ass bitch that will always hold her own and seems to have confidence that doesn’t really on external happenings so pls don’t get me wrong this comment isn’t bc I think it hurt hila bc like i said I’m sure it didn’t phase her, but regardless of if she was or wasn’t, as a fan in general it was still pretty hard to watch.

    13. Cesar Ordaz

      Was Theo Von one of the pilots that spotted the UFOs?

    14. SleepingPanther

      DRINK IT!

    15. Isaiah Stephenson

      it's spit you ass hat

    16. EGC Forsak3n

      i got hard by the video xd\

    17. MrDannyloco

      the conspiracy is that the aliens made the earth, and we humans are just an after math of all their shit so they come by and visit us to study their experiment. I don't really believe it tho

    18. Ria

      I vomited

    19. CriSpers

      i was eating lunch. was...

    20. Erica Juxtapose Jones

      Am i the only one yelling, "that's not all spit, it'd be more foamy!" She's def using something to make it slimey.

    21. voodotc11

      FULLY chubbed

    22. The Epitome

      H3, she ate the raw egg. It's my favorite thing on the internet. How much do you want for a copy of the spit video though?

    23. Caleb Aubrey


    24. Couchpotatoez

      Ethan I’m telling you right now that’s not drool

    25. Hayden Pike

      Damn Dan watcha smokin back there😂😂

    26. Jeffrey Leingang

      @ethan on the alien and science topic stay in your lane you sound like a shill

    27. vava doks


    28. Nick Letourneau

      That really stressed me out

    29. Sean Mahoney

      Maybe they study us like we study animals

    30. skr 420

      "Research UFOs" You know Fox news don't even know what an UFO is when they spew shit like this, it's funny as shit.

    31. zCREz

      Anyone else felt a bit nauseous from watching Belle's spit video...?

      1. zCREz

        @Neddy Clay Hahah, the whole thing was pretty repulsive imo

      2. Neddy Clay

        @zCREz ew I didn't think it was that gross until she drank it and spat it back out...

      3. zCREz

        @Neddy Clay 1:14:15

      4. Neddy Clay

        Spit video?

    32. Tokeyo

      belle delphine sold nudes as a minor and sold other peoples nudes so not someone really that great

      1. Neddy Clay

        And she hasn't ever sold straight up nudes.

      2. Neddy Clay

        I'm pretty sure she's 19

    33. Micah Morrison


    34. bryan padilla

      People got mad at the her for the pornhub troll. That's why they banned her. A flood of reports from angry people got her taken down.

    35. Nolan Fry’s workshop v.2

      the guys from willow are called pecks

    36. Avser

      fuck, all they need is lil pesci over here to storm Area 51

    37. Vi von Zul lu

      I would love to jerk off with Belle Delphine's spit but I would probably get a yeast infection or herpes

    38. Kuchi Kopi

      That's the thing Ethan, if they have technology so advanced, it would seem impossible and incomprehensible to us. So of course we don't understand the physics of it. Earth might be like a zoo to them, maybe we're interesting to them and they want to study us, or we have something they want, like specific genes they can use for genetic engineering. The point is that we can't really understand their mindset because they are so different and advanced. I think there is a lot out there that we don't know. I'm glad you guys brought this up! :)

    39. Erä Jorma

      Ethan explains that aliens are myth because he dosent understand them. Really smart. He is like turkey one day before the day his head will be snapped.

    40. Dr. Bob

      Mhm, wow, that’s... 𝙎𝙩𝙧𝙖𝙗𝙜𝙚 𝙡𝙞𝙦𝙪𝙞𝙙

    41. Ancillary Sword

      Ethan, hope you get it. Freeze the glass with BD's spit and let Joey Salads drink it in Charity Special 2019.

    42. Human Person

      Sniffing salt is best salt

    43. .

      4:40 might be the world record egg from instagram

    44. Sarah Cellitti

      Ethan, so u questioning the statements made by bob motherfucking lazar? Ok ethan ok da fuck you know about interstellar travel thru the space time continuum and the mysticism that surrounds said topic OK fight me outside the wendys in my town bro

    45. tally 63

      Wanna sep outsoid

    46. Jared Aquino

      She thiccc n all but shes fuking disgusting no disrespect. Her drooling in dat jar made me gag alot ffs

    47. Kolbie Rachar

      k, I'm just hungry for bagel now :/

    48. Brandon Westbrook

      Hila is sexy af. Love the accent. You’re a lucky man, dude!

    49. Mr F3n1x

      1:18:13 u know he want some now

    50. Karynna Hill

      Ok, Belle Delphine is nothing but a meme to me. Ethan is praising this girl like she actually did something great....20fucking19, man....

    51. Corporal Clegg505

      That drinking part made me gag

    52. Corporal Clegg505

      Hell yeah! Congrats!

    53. Ammar Mohammed


    54. damien Flanagan

      Ethan: hey guys meet my new girlfriend: bella: hii

    55. dipset22554

      Who knew belle was a huge poet! She previewed the box contents with a lil dr Seuss type rhyme. Here it is “Hello h3h3, I hope you got my little box, No it’s not my dirty socks. Its a little weird I must admit, But I sent you a bottle of my own... *SPIT* !!! “

    56. Fishylad

      That *is* a shocking package. Ngl

    57. elwoje

      whats going on with ethans hand?

    58. Justin Graves

      53:30 Oh hi, Mark (The Room)

    59. Lil stevie wonders

      I don’t wanna pay for the jar, but I would totally use it if I had it

    60. PC IW

      Holy shit thats chat

    61. Bmak2301

      I literally almost threw up when she drank her spit 🤢🤮🤮🤮

    62. Weeb Life

      Ethan lowkey trying to hide the chub from Hila

    63. EtanDeBoi

      I thought I had a drooling problem

    64. Carol Anne

      Penis does not stretch vagina.. disgusting that you're spreading misinformation

    65. BlueShark Rides

      Love the podcast. Listen to it at work now thinking it would be rough without seeing the videos you show but it's still super entertaining. Wow, Ethan! Great moves, keep it up, proud of you!

    66. greyfox mmu

      Ethan just wait until the final episodes of Neon genesis

    67. Workshop Wednesday, Karaoke Everyday

      russian bots lmfao

    68. gnei gnei

      ethan : makes fun of the guy's height for 10 min straight also ethan : no way they were making fun of him for his height im not defending this jackass' (bagelbossguy) actions, but people haven't been kind with this guy about his height. This kind of frustration doesn't pop out of nowhere.

    69. Hipster07

      would love to see belle on the podcast

    70. DeathClaw13

      Ok whelp...that made me gag.