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    Time to fish, Dude Perfect style.
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    Comment: Those fish are HUGE!!!
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    1. Peter Kistler

      this makes me want to buy some thin blue line merch from bass pro shop

      1. Peter Kistler

        do you guys like cops as much as I like cops?

    2. S B

      “Usually they don’t do that?” -TY

    3. Creigh Rudert

      What was the largest fish?

    4. Creigh Rudert

      How many battles has Coby won?

    5. Name

      What lures are they using

    6. Meryem Brooking

      Do a fly fishing video

    7. Connor Sumowski

      Which twin got 4th?

    8. Mainul Ehsan Pantho

      Davie 504- Did you say bass? Epic

    9. Budi Utomo

      A bass battle without davie504? Are you joking?

    10. Gaming with Carter

      Garrett: I messed up my reel Oh My Gosh I Have A Fish

    11. natalie sherman

      I love that the fish can pound it noggan

    12. Luke Hayes


    13. Sloan Van Riper

      I do fishing alot and I catch up to 130 pound fish

    14. Hizra Azliansyah

      You should.... Slap the bASS

    15. Filthy Mongoose

      This video in a nutshell: “Fishing gun game”

    16. Brian Perez

      Hes like look mom im a snake

    17. The Daily Outdoorsmen

      There are 16k comments, if you find mine you will be rich one day.

    18. Gio D

      they should do ice fishing like so they read this

    19. 甄兽君王


    20. 100,000subs with no video

      I think dude perfect is the 2nd best yt channel in the world 1st: pewd

    21. Estevan Sugiyama

      How could you do a fishing video if you don't know how to fish

    22. Bryce McMorrow

      Poor Cody!!!!

    23. Owen Brown

      i have the song already

    24. Logan Forrester

      Fishing gun game

    25. Ramesh Ramesh

      Tiler lovers hit here 👇👇

    26. Giada Senesi


    27. Dfourth Generations

      Cody is like:NOOOOO!!

    28. gaming 4 life

      i know this is late but this was filmed on my birthday

    29. Carter Stahl

      I love fishing!!

    30. Cara Gallagher

      I had a fishing contest and got a guppie

    31. Spidey Poops

      6:58 click the time That’s a... very not fishy.. like.. Are you okay, do you need some mental help sir? Nahhhhh, *Wiggle* I mean yeahhhhh!

    32. Velvette roks top hats

      What’s the name of Intro song?

    33. Santiago Solano

      Ir remind me a little bit yo far cry 5

    34. Westan MTB

      Do they only use spinnerbaits

    35. Ricardo Gonçalves


    36. Samuel Sapelnikov

      i like yore vidios

    37. Jay Caldwell

      It’s a beautiful day for fishing boys.

    38. Ashtra Infotainment

      They really deserve to be no 1 individual creator....not pewdiepie🤔

    39. Gob DRVCZAS

      Yes I got 3.2

    40. Liv Warren

      Wow, this is my favorite video you guys have ever done, it’s funny and I love fishing please do more videos including fishing 😀 🐟

    41. Emiliano Briones

      6:59 XD

    42. Jacob Young

      you should do another one!!!!

    43. Go To

      Animals are Not a play

    44. Hey squad

      I like your videos dude perfect I just want to shout out to

    45. Garry Sucks

      Searched up "Bass Battle" (As in a battle between who can play the bass guitar better) and ended up here. Not disappointed.

    46. Tommy Faber

      Anyone else cringe with the way ty holds the bait caster

    47. Racer 1789

      Can I join your next rc boat challenge

    48. Chuân Nguyễn

      Ai là người Việt Nam

    49. SlimySnail098

      Sorry my favourite is Cory

    50. C R

      lol "fish off"

    51. Blue largemouth ,

      The Actual Bass fisherman are cringing soooo harddddd

    52. Tyler Ryan

      I see you ty usin that bait caster

    53. RuLe djoovens

      I always thought it was called do it perfect

      1. EepiTheNewbie


    54. Cosmos

      So cool 😎

    55. benjamin huerta

      Tienen camiseta de chile o es mi idea 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

    56. Kim Hagon

      Make a bow fishing battle

    57. Rene Cairo

      Can I get a shout out I'm a member : > )

    58. Rene Cairo

      Form 2019 Nov 19

    59. James Ellis


    60. World Fish Cutting

      Tyler-18 Cody-8 Cory-8 Garrett -6 COPY-2 Panda-1 Like to see others 1

      1. pinhead larry

        When you copy my comment word for word.

    61. Virid

      Has ty won every fishing related challenge

    62. Creeker Squad

      There should be a penalty for the fish touching the floor of the boat

    63. The Trei

      They should have a rainbow trout fishing battle

    64. LD Powell

      Try doing a catfish or carp challenge. Baits for catfish: Hallabert pellets ,goritso sausage and dead bait. Carp baits: mainly Korda ,impact and goo

    65. Kerem Civelek

      Türkler ses verin

    66. Joeseph Southern


    67. Delvin Sunil

      6:13 Codys face.... ... ... 6:14 Codys face

    68. Flint

      Fish just dont know whether its bait or not they're just so hungry not caring about their lives. Not even knowing that he or she wonders where its friends are going the next day...

    69. van modol

      💯💯💯👍👍☕ don't forget to stop by my channel, i subscribe back , thank you from the angler Indonesia. greetings one hobby