Babysitting SIBLINGS as a Mom for 24 Hours! (Parents secretly SPY w/ hidden camera)| Rebecca Zamolo

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    Rebecca Zamolo babysits Familia Diamond in their new house but don't realize the parents are actually spying on her!
    Rebecca Zamolo and Matt spent 24 hours in a tesla that drove them to a mystery location. We aren’t sure who has taken over the tesla but Daniel thinks it’s the Game Master trying to hack in while Rebecca believes it could be the red hood hacker. They realize the house is La Familia Diamond’s new house so Rebecca sends a message on instagram asking if they can stop by. Rebecca says they want to give a housewarming give and can be there in 10 minutes. Matt and Rebecca along with Daniel compete in a 5 minute shopping challenge. When they return Rebecca asks in they want her to babysit the family. Daniel and Matt don't think she is ready so they set up spy cameras. Later when the parents return they watch the hidden footage and were surprised that they were playing so much fortnite. A mysterious man with a briefcase knocks on the door and leaves a card that says same food challenge as the Norris Nuts. Do you think Txunamy's crush Biggie sent it or was it the Game Master? Can Rebecca get it together before the parents confront her? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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    1. Familia Diamond

      OMG THIS WAS INSANE!!! 😱 But since this was your first time babysitting 4 kids we think you did great 👍🏼 We Loved seeing you guys ❤️

      1. Lisa Pittick

        Your kids ar bad

      2. Johnson Pham

        Familia Diamond hghghhhjjgjhjhjgmhjjjhghgh🤑

      3. Bryan Aguilar

        @Jessica Lopes hi

      4. Z and J squad And T

        I love your yt channel

      5. Ashton J

        Hi Familia Diamonds I’m a huge fan

    2. Nirthanjali Ranasinghe


    3. Cynthia Garcia


    4. Nancy Anderson

      I would let her do this

    5. Shannon Budden


    6. Ariah Shaw

      My favorite candy si gum

      1. Ariah Shaw

        Yes she can wear make up

    7. Vis 2903

      LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE💕💙💘😊💟💜🧡😁🖤💖❣💓💌💗💝💚💞❤💛💛❤💞💚💝💗💌💜🧡😁🖤💖❣💓💟😊💘💙💕🦄💘💘💟💟💟💟💟💟💟💙💙💙💙💙💙💘💘💘💘💚💚💚💚💚❤❤❤💛💛💛💛

    8. Kayla Wilson

      There fibing

    9. Gamer Ella

      who wants to be my CZ-news friends?

    10. Ranya Ghaith

      That was in my tenth birthday

    11. Lacey Millett

      Don't let Rebecca babysitt them again

    12. Mori Alexandria


    13. Felicity Wilson

      You should get a picture

    14. Sierra Lecchino

      Yes I would let Rebecca take care of kids

    15. rachel maltz

      I want ALL THAT FRUIT

    16. Lesaunicorn Pie

      I would only let her babysit 1 kid

    17. Audrey Osmun

      guyguygrfrrtgfigryugfuygwrygfiwuygefyauwgefyoawfyagwyiafugeyfyurywuegyuwgfygfwyft7tr8ogwygyrguygryugiyugfouygweuoygfryugweyuFWEUYGYUGUYGFYWGUYgfygfuywegytghcu hiuhrtu3gieygwugyugewuygeruygeuyeg.jhgkyffkgdydkfdf

    18. Denis Mozhnyi

      Just lol

    19. B & A Sisters

      What is she wearing

    20. B & A Sisters

      She should know better not to make her little sister not drink ice-cream and orange juice

    21. B & A Sisters

      Does the older sister have sense

    22. B & A Sisters

      Was on youtube i hate the oldest sister

    23. B & A Sisters

      The oldest sister shows off to much when ever she is wearing clothes she has to change again because she

    24. David Martz


    25. liya's fun channel yay!

      Uh she could babysit me!

    26. Bibi Dinath


    27. Evie Kemp

      OMG. this was crazy!

    28. YiHui playz

      Oooo i would let rebecca babysit me my little sister and little brother!

    29. Kerry Ryan

      I don’t think she’s allowed to wear make up

    30. Kerry Ryan

      I think you should get them in some pink flowers not read because that stand for red hood we do not like red hood she is rude and naughty

    31. Lavanya Puri

      I WANT REBECCA TO BABYSIT ME lol like if u want her to babysit you⬇️⬇️

    32. distrack man

      The person was working with the GMI game master incorporated

    33. Chloe & Lucas

      My favorite candy is skittle starburst and Twix

    34. Yuriko Johnstone


    35. Tati Santana

      Rebecca why OMGGGGGG

    36. Zahra Yong

      I love Rebecca zomolo😍😍😍

    37. Bryan Aguilar


    38. portia brome

      Sour candy is my fav

    39. Gail Jesse


    40. Ram Raider


    41. Lorna Rosario

      Yes you'll have to deal with one kid the others stay in there room mostly

    42. Darcey Dog girl

      You were driving

    43. allison sullivan

      he is not alowed

    44. Lawrence Clayton


    45. Lawrence Clayton


    46. Kennedi Bell

      How come nobody is saying there fav candy mine is Milky Way

    47. Indescribable Me

      Licorice toffee

    48. Treehunter77 1


    49. Anne Haddad


    50. Liam Doran


    51. theresebing

      I hate Rebecca she,s annoying and she,s letting the kids eat all the candy I would never let Rebecca baby sit me

    52. Rachel Lobo


    53. REN LAG

      I think the card means the Norris nuts are doing a challenge about eating the same colour food?

    54. 최병락

      It's the GMI

    55. Steve Waters

      The Noris Nurs ate the same coloured food for 24 hours in one of their videos

    56. Jemima Arnott

      is Bigger Norris nuts tsunami’s class

    57. nochu's anae

      Rebecca,norris nuts mom said that she is the game master i dont think is that real i just here it like if you here that to the norris nuts video

    58. Alberto Bravo

      I love your familia dimond

    59. ronnie kyser

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    60. Jonathanreyna 517


    61. crystall ryan

      Yes I wield

    62. corissa snyder


    63. Get the flip out of LEO'S he's playing FORTNITE

      Rebecca make fortnite videos

    64. Jasmyn Hinsley

      Why is danniel always on your videos

    65. Jasmyn Hinsley

      I whatch you rebecca and i whatch familia dimond and the norris nuts

    66. aliyah riegle

      can you babysit me i live 1234 poplar hill Dr oh Lebanon i now it fare away but it will make me rill happy i have have had a rill 2 year pleases i love you guys

    67. Rey Flores


    68. Lily Burwood

      I wish Rebecca could babysit me but I'm in the uk

    69. Andrea Bowden

      rebbeca the Norris nuts made a eating a certain type color of food video the day after you posted your video

    70. Aida Salkic

      Not hate