Babysitting SIBLINGS as a Mom for 24 Hours! (Parents secretly SPY w/ hidden camera)| Rebecca Zamolo

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    Rebecca Zamolo babysits Familia Diamond in their new house but don't realize the parents are actually spying on her!
    Rebecca Zamolo and Matt spent 24 hours in a tesla that drove them to a mystery location. We aren’t sure who has taken over the tesla but Daniel thinks it’s the Game Master trying to hack in while Rebecca believes it could be the red hood hacker. They realize the house is La Familia Diamond’s new house so Rebecca sends a message on instagram asking if they can stop by. Rebecca says they want to give a housewarming give and can be there in 10 minutes. Matt and Rebecca along with Daniel compete in a 5 minute shopping challenge. When they return Rebecca asks in they want her to babysit the family. Daniel and Matt don't think she is ready so they set up spy cameras. Later when the parents return they watch the hidden footage and were surprised that they were playing so much fortnite. A mysterious man with a briefcase knocks on the door and leaves a card that says same food challenge as the Norris Nuts. Do you think Txunamy's crush Biggie sent it or was it the Game Master? Can Rebecca get it together before the parents confront her? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2019!
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    1. Familia Diamond

      OMG THIS WAS INSANE!!! 😱 But since this was your first time babysitting 4 kids we think you did great 👍🏼 We Loved seeing you guys ❤️

      1. Yin Kiat Chong

        @Rebecca Zamolo hi

      2. Tanvi Singh

        Zamfam girl and doy

      3. Wade Johnson


      4. Layce Dreamz

        7 and up is the age to play Fortnite

      5. Yomary Lopez


    2. ccwatchu

      she wear’s make up at events

    3. ccwatchu

      i wish i can be in there house cause my brother doesn’t like playing with me

    4. Lamia Zardad

      Red sour

    5. sharifah insyirah

      I like super power the rainbow

    6. aimee barclay

      Rebecca should not babysite

    7. aimee barclay

      I think you should get flowers for them Rebecca

    8. Mark Sahrhage

      you did amazing!!!

    9. Adrienne Papp

      always check on the back of matt's neck to make sure it's not his clone

    10. Adrienne Papp

      blue flowers

    11. Gustavo Alejos

      Only txunamy not solage

    12. Maria Pataki


    13. Ava’s iphone11 Ava Logue

      Oh my gosh

    14. king of games


    15. king of games

      No no no no no no

    16. Janna10 toys

      No no no no no

    17. Ghina Awartany


    18. Chin chong Wong

      Why was the camera like that

    19. Fatima World

      Cheetos an takis

    20. Parasram Soogrim


    21. غازي الديحاني


    22. Glenn Garcia

      Favorite candy is sour patch sour spaghetti and mike and Ike’s and Reese’s 😋😋😋😋😋

    23. Tuan Tran


    24. Nevaeh Ahrens

      and they are very much lieing a lot :(

    25. Nevaeh Ahrens

      baby sitt us me and my sister pleles and my one brouther

    26. Ariana Arauz

      There are not allowed to play with make up

    27. Cesar Hernandez

      NO No NO

      1. Cesar Hernandez

        You and me

    28. Patrick Callahan

      Be careful they are coocoo Thumbs up if you agree

    29. Patrick Callahan

      Maybe flowers 🌸 or a candle

    30. Taylor Conner


    31. Isabel Dejesus

      Dove is my favorite

    32. Pearce Then

      It was an agent

    33. rflor5045

      She means the parents are watching you from the security camera that Daniel put up one out outside and are they can watch it from the computer or the Panthers spying on you to see if you can control them because you let them do this and they don't trust you now so Ron Ron Ron follow the quadrant and he might leave you lead you to the game master from one of your subscribers Aylin Hernandez

    34. kennedy hudson

      Cow tales are my favorite

    35. kharina solis alba


    36. Alana Knight


    37. Mayrin Jimenez


    38. Anessa Rose

      I like you baby sitting

    39. Rahaf Ahmed

      They like pink and blue

    40. Aoife Karchewski

      Only one or two

    41. My Tran

      i have a favorite candy but i dont know what name it is but its orange and with red dots and its sweet a bit sour

    42. Master of Dragons


    43. Lexiplays Meila


    44. Brian Moyer

      My favorite candy is Chocolate and Gobstoppers and sweets

    45. Yamilette Michaela

      Candy corn

    46. the angel

      they like pink and no they do not work for the game master

    47. It’s just CHLOE’S WORLD

      The game master is watching you LOL 😒😒😒😒😒😒

    48. selena lewis


    49. selena lewis


    50. Karen Scheall


    51. selena lewis


    52. Ninja. Pop

      Nonononononononono nonononononon

    53. Katie McDonald


    54. Abu Yusuf Abdul Hakim

      I think you should buy them a flower!!!!!!

    55. James Mitchell

      I love babys ok yay

    56. Kitty Crystal kitty

      GMI hacked one of your channels

    57. Tammy Shore

      I no famila dimond

    58. Stephanie Minshew

      IM A FAN

    59. Røse Queen

      That The GMI If you have heard of that?

    60. Layce Dreamz

      This was in insane

    61. Daniel Cathell

      I would NOT let her baby sit me or eneyone

      1. Daniel Cathell

        Just wow

    62. phil sheath

      I live in England and I watch Norris Nuts all the time! Biggy made a song called 'She's so pretty' and I think it's about Txunamy

    63. Jonas lipsevicius


    64. Anthony and Ariana Crazy

      Soo sister is 3

    65. Harley Harris

      My fav candy is CHOCOLATE

    66. Julia Goodie


    67. Shalon Gill

      Rebecca: the the Tesla just drove us to a random neighborhood. Me: they drove that car to the familia diamond house

    68. Abdul Rouf

      My favourite candy is Twix and kit Kat and smarties and coffee crisp

    69. ***Josie**

      Their mom let them put makeup on because I seen them have makeup on on CZ-news videos I watch the readers all the time and Diesel is allowed to watch fortnite

    70. AP - 03RN - Corliss PS (1107)

      My favourite candy 🍬 is Reese’s pieces 😀