Awaken (ft. Valerie Broussard) | League of Legends Cinematic - Season 2019

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    A deadly masterpiece unfolds. A lone resistance made whole. A chance to come alive.
    Season 2019 has begun - why will you fight?
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    A New Dawn (Cinematic):
    A Twist of Fate (Cinematic):
    Featured artist: Valerie Broussard
    Featured violinist: Ray Chen
    Written by: Riot Music Team and Alex Seaver of Mako
    Produced by: Riot Music Team and Alex Seaver of Mako
    Mixed and mastered by: Riot Music Team
    Vocals performed by: Valerie Broussard
    Violin performed by: Ray Chen
    Vocal production by: Riot Music Team, Alex Seaver of Mako, and AG
    Digic Pictures
    The night beckons while you dream
    A life never lives in peace
    As you stand upon the edge, woven by a single thread
    And fate may fall down upon you
    While the devil is knocking, right at your door
    So all you restless, each night you hear the drums of war
    Awaken, Awaken
    The voice begins to call you while you hunger
    A taste of destiny you're searching for
    Awaken, Awaken
    The fight is at your door so take up the cause
    Awaken (repeats)
    As you stand upon the edge, hanging in the balance
    And fate may fall down upon you
    While the devil is knocking
    So all you restless, each night you hear the drums of war
    Awaken, Awaken
    The voice begins to call you while you hunger
    A taste of destiny you're searching for
    Awaken, Awaken
    #leagueoflegends #awaken #riotgames

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    1. Airie

      Hype beat on that jhin piano Or violin maybe

    2. 유튜브는인생의 낭비라고

      지니뮤직에 왜 이 곡이 없는 거지

    3. loud squeal

      riven would actually destroy draven, because she's an anime protagonist and everyone knows they have plot armor 4Head

    4. Ian Bae

      me: Jhin is low i can dive this Jhin: *maxes W*

    5. Sir Cloud

      Draven and Riven banged after this.

    6. RinnyGM

      This song suits the movie Alita battle angel so much

    7. cahaya hati


    8. Abdeldjalil BENKEMCHI

      that would be awsome if we get a movie or a serie of league of legends with such quality. gg wp rito

    9. Arcticgale Gamer

      0:54 They warned me the devil might be attractive. . . but they failed to mention this attractive and that she'd have an army. . .

    10. Luis Henrique Andrade

      Jhin goooood

    11. Adrián Espinar Moreno

      Me encanta

    12. Alper Arslan

      Sion çivili al amk

    13. Sander B

      Moral of the story, tank meta is back

    14. Fatih Demir


    15. pierrewer

      the trailer is too want to play it's beautiful but I think the game does not look crazy .. pity

    16. dragon oscuro


    17. Professional Outcast

      1:16 Sion Ult?

    18. Meurdo

      3:12 USELESS TEAM !!!!

    19. Mlody1338


    20. R̸A̸V̸E̵N̴

      Yo estaba buscando batmetal :u

    21. ClawnOnix

      only one question....... where is sion´s team ? .-. report

    22. Dudy

      2:01 this Camille scene tho

    23. Philipp Gröbner

      BIG RESPECT to the graphik-design TEAM from riot!! Their musicvideos are Such a masterpiece when it comes to Artwork, design and graphics

    24. Котя Потя

      на 2:08 мне мелодия понравилась

    25. Tunahan Yeşil


    26. BrainDead


    27. powerbreak

      That kennen used blitz ult

    28. Thebestresh


    29. 김동률

      롤은 진짜 시네마틱은 기가막히게 만든다

    30. mr.comment เย่!


    31. Donovan Orose

      Lol sion one vs all

    32. WONDER TV

      I can't put this cinematic into words. Awesome!!!

    33. Hakeem Sadiq

      at 0:23 what other weapons does draven have on the wall besides rivens blade

    34. ItsYoBoi RinzVen

      *Expectation: This.* *Reality: 0/13/0.*

    35. girish karuvelil

      This is the inferior 'awaken'. This one doesn't build muscle mass like an Aztec god

    36. Mats Jensen pay to see this movie u feel

    37. Murat Temeloğlu

      Müthiş ötesi fevkaladenin fevki harikuladenin harisi 1 milyonuncu kez izlemiş olabilirim .dd

    38. Raymond Chen

      We all know the Jhin is just accepting the shutdown coming from an endgame Camille who's ulting him

    39. Angel Beltran

      que roto esta sion

    40. Spencer Clark

      Why is Karma such a baddie?

    41. Bestest S


    42. Hugo Vargas Madrid

      Saque una pelicula con este tipode animacion , es una chimba

    43. SharuDevil

      3:18 Noticed Kennen? XD

    44. Bruno Bahia

      2:27 the best part

    45. Justin Bieber

      Kharma hips look delicious

    46. maria montgomery

      Akali is my main she should have gotten a bigger part

    47. Blood wuu

      focus al tanque , gg no team report

    48. ChillWind.

      malditos anuncios

    49. 800 jun

      wow! this is best song

    50. Çılgın Türkler


    51. MrSanjaba


    52. juan ayala

      yasuo oooooooo

    53. Santiago Garcia

      Sion: Maldito team, me ven 5 vs 1 en top y nadie sube a ayudarme, gg report a todos, me voy afk.

    54. Queen Devil

      Allam efsanevi yav

    55. rafik boudjellal

      3:07 im amazed

    56. Giacomo Varagnolo

      Yasuo is cheating! Creates tornados without hitting Q! Report him

    57. crohero1000

      Rivens headbutt was so strong it made dravens nose bleed even before she hit him

    58. Canfırat Taşkıran


    59. Canfırat Taşkıran


    60. Junior Barboza

      Adoraria um filme do league of legends

    61. janet georgieva

      riven is love riven is life

    62. Connor Walsh

      The way that Camile's eyes switch to orange from the trap going off always gets me so hyped @ 2:04

    63. Ethan SMG

      Sion playing solo-squads

    64. Jonathan-David Pieter Heij

      Make a movie already!!!

    65. Dean D

      If only league was like this in game. Love the game but i wish it was like this. Valerie Broussard voice so good I wish I could marry just for that I will be here slave forever.

    66. Amarieeopteryx, Asmatzaile Definitiboa.

      Jhin vs. Camille literally gave me chills.

    67. Bear Master

      watching at 144p graphic is better, its SMOKYY!

    68. Thiago Farias

      Agora só falta uma serie ou uma trilogia de cada campeao nos cinemas, Rito Gomes.

    69. Dedy Darmawan

      not s3xy enough

    70. Adonai dubiella

      I still shiver with this cinematic

    71. JaneeC

      Can we talk about Akali's walk in for a second? * - *

    72. RhymZ

      This literally made me install the game after a 2-year break

    73. Manos Best


    74. Khazynn

      Draven doesn't know how to kite

    75. Æxron Channel

      şimdi bunu izleyip yasuonun hortumunun o kadar güçlü olduğunu görüp gaza gelip feedleyenler ses verin :d TR TR TR

    76. xikiax

      Man this is cool they should make a video game

    77. 여주봉

      야스오는 저러지 않는데..... e쓰면서 가다가 끔살당하는게 야스오인데...

    78. x0x0x Xxx

      Hands down: The most badass one here was Jhin xD

    79. YouFKD

      Типо камилла фбр?

    80. Fátima -sama

      2:30 AKALIIIIIIII!!

    81. Wallace avakin

      yasuo 19324709237509275209457328457230497348967349867/0/12451352135235

    82. Just Songs

      Am i the only one that DON'T play but just like the music ?

    83. LegenDAIRYcow Milk

      Here are the stats Key for minion kills : Good amount - 5 /cool amount - 10 Sion: 0/1/0 - minion kills : 4 Irelia: 0/0/1 - minion kills : 4 Akali: 1/0/0 - minion kills : 0.1 Karma: 0/0/1 - minion kills : 0 Draven: 0/1/0 - minion kills : 0 Riven: 1/0/0 - minion kills : 2 Jhin: 0/1/0 - minion kills : 2 Camille: 1/0/0 - minion kills : 0 Kennen: 0/0/1 - minion kills : 63163263 ( if you know what I mean :) Yasuo: 0/0/0 - minion kills : 6942069420

    84. Ferchs Decidelia

      Lo necesito en versión anime, serie, película, por dios, esto es magnífico ✨❤️

    85. Maluzete A

      Só acho que deveriam fazer um filme Olha a qualidade dessa poura

    86. 꿀잼TV

      3 min of cringe

    87. Neferu Koț

      The jhin scene got me shivering

    88. Sashadash

      Full AP Irelia out here being stomped by Sion oopsies!

    89. Vlad Kronos

      I don't wanna go to school mom shut up

    90. Kawaii Smile

      Had to change my pants like 4 times watching this

    91. lul dogih

      I love the Jhin scene!

    92. RJTgaming


    93. Vahid Resulov

      Music is veryyyyyyyy fantasticccccccc

    94. Vahid Resulov

      Thanksssssss a lot . Verýyyyyyyyyyy beatifullllllll

    95. IBToeySlap

      4K *breaths* beautiful

    96. BaJleP4uK

      Была бы игра такой же гениальной и проработанной как в этой рекламе, ей не было бы равных в Гейм индустрии! Я бы с радостью удалил доту на которую я потратил 8 лет своей жизни и начал играть онли в этот шедевр!

    97. han htay

      i wanna see more of karma using her spells.

    98. Franco Ezequiel Tamanini

      Focus al tanke

    99. Solivan Ryan

      I think it's about time that Riot games branches out to Riot Movies because this is really good

    100. ADI. YT

      report por montoneros … sion vs 5 jaja