Avicii - Heaven (David Guetta & MORTEN Tribute Remix)

David Guetta

David Guetta

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    #Avicii #DavidGuetta #Morten #Heaven
    Written by Chris Martin
    Written by Tim Bergling
    Published By: Sony/ATV Music Publishing Scandinavia AB
    Produced by Tim Bergling
    Vocals: Chris Martin
    Vocal Producer: Tim Bergling
    Programming: Tim Bergling
    Keyboards: Tim Bergling
    Keyboards: Chris Martin
    Engineered by Marcus Thunberg Wessel
    A & R: Per Sundin
    A & R: Neil Jacobson
    A & R: Nick Groff
    A & R: Johnny Tennander
    Management: Christopher Thordson
    Mixed by Tim Bergling
    Assistant Mixer: Marcus Thunberg Wessel
    Mastering Engineer: Kevin Grainger
    Assistant Mastering Engineer: Julio Rodriguez Sangrador

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    1. travel with wife

      Miss you avicii😥😥😥

    2. Mourath Das

      He became a Dj in heaven

    3. Cueio MateiFormiga


    4. Jose Cabrera

      Hola amigos!!, de quien es la voz que canta este tema?

    5. Royal Flash

      I think i just died and went to heaven

    6. Ladyhawk Von Altenburg


    7. Kevin Tapia

      The emotive is music avicii, for you x100pre. 🙏🏻🎧

    8. Cristy EDMND

      Avicii he made this more good

    9. jj 32


    10. Privado513

      R.I.P Tim Berling 1989 - 2018 Avicii 2008 - infinite

    11. Charlesbelgique 7891


    12. Josh Harvey

      Brilliant tribute music David. we will remember Avicii forever and may you rest in peace

    13. Marco W

      Davicii Guetta

    14. Plus 1 Ehre

    15. elfie oba

      It gives me butterflies to think that one day i will die too

    16. Henry Windsor Rurikovich

      💓 thought and prayers 💓

    17. Davis Emerson

      Thats very nice of u Mr David

    18. Gelo Csvja19

      Gracias Avicii Gracias D.Guetta Merci!!! Merci!!! Les deux sont très, très grands

    19. Patrizia Casartelli

      David: a true friend of Tim💞I love this special Tribute. Thanks David for being a good and real Tim’s friend.

    20. Valerio


    21. Yew Shan Ooi

      Waiting for Kygo to make an Avicii Remix or maybe even feat with David Guetta

    22. Dr leny

      God was throwing a party and called up Tim.. Cuz he was the only one who could cut it.😟😟😟😟

    23. TroleX

      avicii would love this song

    24. PrOGi986

      Make some noise for Avicii please!

    25. Michael rousseau

      I think I just Died and went to HEAVEN!!!!!😇😇😇


      Só amo ❤❤


      BR🇧🇷SIL T O G E T H E R ❤️

    28. Santiago Rengifo D'uarte


    29. ❯❯❯❯ lu malik

      Música linda ❤❤

    30. Sabrina silva

      Que remix maravilhosa.

    31. Guillaume Muscat

      Ta bousier sa musique plus qu autre chose

    32. Guillaume Muscat


    33. ico pirona

      He is love He is life But... He is our music RIP Tim❤

    34. ROXX

      😢Avicii lives forever in our hearts... the Electronic Dance Music industry lost such a legend

    35. KyoSxi

      Rip Avicii Thank you for your inspiration.

    36. Mourath Das

      He is there with other sooul

    37. Rick Uknome

      Avicii see u in Paradise darling .. dam thiz. Hurts on bass level .. great job.

    38. Ángeles Sáez


    39. Aurélia Frazier

      I'm french so I understand a little but I like 😅❤️

    40. Gio Vava 1907

      All my favourite musicians in one song! David, Avicii e Testo, congratulations from Italy

    41. Gio Vava 1907

      Love for Avicii From Italy Al the world is with you💙

    42. Angel Conde

      Avicii siempre te voy a recodar x todos mi vida gracias x tu música muchas gracias

    43. Harry Reyes

      Avicii Forever , sonara raro esto pero un día me puse a pensar que sería en día en que un dj famoso muera y vaya quién iva a pensar que Avicii iva a morir 😭😭😭, al menos te conocí por tus canciones y sobre todo como olvidar levels con esa canción te conocí y además agradezco de todo corazón que antes de que partes de este mundo al menos visitastes mi país hermoso llamado Perú en la parte de la selva estabas tú , genial , Avicii Forever.

    44. Adriel oliver

      CADE OS BR ??

    45. fiereke

      I still see that book on top of that stage in the pouring rain.

    46. Mikael Souza


    47. Peter Evatt

      I CAN wait till I get to Heaven....but when I get there....GOD I want to party with Avicii....!!! love this guy...!


      😢 AVICII

    49. mr venom

      Legend never die was a fake word 😢

    50. Igor Pimenta

      SOU GAY!

    51. Dasani

      back in the days me friend shared artiest, i shared Avicii and my friend shared xxxtentation in early april, before they were both alive and a month later both died

    52. Liglo


    53. Bálint Délhegyi

      Avicii R.I.P.😥😥😥

    54. FTK DJ


    55. Valerio


    56. Emilio .G

      What are you doing morten here? it should be david alone

    57. OctoSky

      When god called upon a DJ, there was only one that would satisfy is needs... that man would be Tim Berling, otherwise known as Avicii! ❤️🎵🎶🎵 Forever in our hearts! Rest easy Tim! ◢ ◤

    58. Abdul Hi

      GREAT music

    59. Husain Ahmed

      life is one shot

    60. Andres Shamis

      This is the original on steroids.

    61. 4444nelispice

      Not any expressions needed. Guetta is always perfect.

    62. Syramid

      ◢◤ *AVICII* ◢◤

    63. gladJonas

      This remix is not avicii current or past, it's something else. But it's great and perfect. Thank you

    64. Jesper Pedersen

      RIP Avicii

    65. Lost Islands

      Perfect remix

    66. Sandra Mandra

      You ruined the song

      1. gladJonas


    67. yadira gaytan


    68. Tim my

      I wish I would go to Avicii's celestial concert

    69. Valeria Assuncao

      R.I.P. AVICII :,(

    70. minh son nguyen

      Rest in paradise avici :(