Aubrey Plaza Channels Jennifer Lopez on the Pole



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    Aubrey Plaza is hosting the upcoming Film Independent Spirit Awards, and Ellen suggested she imitate nominee Jennifer Lopez in “Hustlers” by doing a routine on a stripper pole. Coincidentally, Ellen had a pole so the actress could practice some moves.

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    1. beano tino

      Anyone else worried about her shoes lol

    2. Angel Sky Silver

      Okay but I wanna see Ellen do pole

    3. Abby Leung

      God knows how much those shoes cost and she climbs a pole with it

    4. Adam Marasli-Zaade

      She clearly doesn't want to do that and Ellen is pushing her just for clickbait thumbnails. She even went to grab her legs that's what we usually call harassment people. She avoided all that with a pretty smart way. Props to Aubrey. ! :)

    5. Sharron Dope

      I would watch Aubrey Plaza watching paint dry; I need a movie with her and Tiffany Hadish tout suite

    6. Lone Wolf

      3:02 that's the prettiest makeup Aubrey has ever put, she's getting more beautiful.. god bless her

    7. Noah Henson

      Good thing that was in no way humiliating!!!

    8. TheMasterChief117

      Aubrey is so sexy

    9. Sai Aquarius

      I fricking cried!

    10. Lucy BY

      I feel like they get along well because both can be non stop savage.

    11. TimSchnitzel

      Other guys: OMG JLo is so hot Me: So THIS is my definition of sexy.

    12. Vegas Yo

      best pole routine EVER!!!!

    13. Funk DeMann

      I. Love. Her. How can you not ?

    14. Shaylon Hernandez

      Shes from scott pilgrim vs the world

    15. RaeneyI_1085

      3:28 aubrey plaza is the love of my life

    16. Aiman Kanna

      Ellen : you should do like pole routine Audrey: absolutely NOT The way she said it got me laughing so hard

    17. L7 Weenie

      3:35 Miranda Kerr?

    18. Rob P

      At one point I thought she and Ellen were gonna start scissoring.

    19. Fairest Camila

      She resembles Lady Gaga so much

    20. jeffrey mung

      I'm in love with this woman

    21. galetaf

      "That robert pattinson movie" 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    22. Valeria Talavera


    23. Arlin Aguilar

      She seemed a lil uncomfy

    24. Stone Esoj

      The grunt while she climbs the pole hahaha How Can you not love her.

    25. Tamron

      In some red bottoms. What a woman.

    26. No No

      Woah, hawt

    27. Angie Helton

      I love the way she says "noOOOO"

    28. dominick lucido

      I leaned how to pole dance during the sunrise on mushrooms at a nudist colony - bring me on tv!! Lol

    29. Isabel Anne Falstad

      OKAY! Hold up, hold up! Those are $700.00 CLBs and those pants probably like $1,200. It is a crime to scuff those shoes and rip those pants. Come on people, get it together!

    30. james64ibm

      I really feel like Ellen just acted out some rather intimate dreams here.

    31. Veteran Flare

      Cat Adams! 😆😆😆

    32. asterisk userrocks123

      Bruh I would pay money to see this live.

    33. Bud Wilk

      She's a keeper.

    34. Shemarlos Scott

      Aubrey Plaza is sexy

    35. Aye Co Breeze

      I bet Ellen finger bangs herself at night watching her own episodes when other woman do this stuff on her show.

    36. MrGivearatsass

      Never been so turned on in my life

    37. Stargirl

      this was the most normal interview i’ve ever seen her do lol

    38. Maul Maulana

      It fixes my mood 😆

    39. Chauncey Billups

      She actually seemed afraid to go back down.

    40. Dean William

      she looks like shes wearing a diaper. those were not the right pants.

    41. Kristoffer Björklund

      "Sorry mom!" Hahaha!

    42. Kelly Jellybean

      I swear to god, aubrey Plaza makes every show better

    43. Onnie's Originals

      You can tell she aint use to that pole that is so sexy 😆

    44. vulgarversace

      THE RED BOTTOMS THO!!!!!!!!

    45. borderlands skag gang

      If she can do that on my pole I'm a happy man

    46. Aubrey Nguyen


    47. Anthony  Padilla

      The older Ellen gets the more she looks like a cartoon character

    48. nicola lazzaro

      I like how she just get more attractive as she ages

    49. Daniel John


    50. CaptainChaos88

      Omg look at those long legs

    51. Jonathan Best

      Today was a good day.

    52. Chris Suttle

      The Queen of Awkwardly Sexy!!

    53. Courtmillett94

      She’s literally my favorite person ever 😂

    54. Nik

      She out here trying to act like she doesn't know how.......she definitely does lol

      1. Alice

        Nik I agree. Like you can’t easily climb the pole, like that if you really don’t know how.

    55. skyler mchale

      I want to marry her hahaha

    56. john smith

      Dream woman

    57. Pinecone Gang

      Lenny is that you?

    58. William H. Langeman

      I love her. She's talented funny and I think quite intelligent.

    59. AdraicStarks

      She reminded me of Winnie the Pooh in the honey tree on the pole

    60. Jurasic Games

      New name the fally song

    61. Jason Rivera

      I don’t know exactly what it is but my goodness she is extremely sexy

    62. Rae’Quan Morgan

      I think....... I’m in love 💗

    63. White owk

      I would sell my soul for Aubrey Plaza

    64. Z1026

      youtube: "hey! look!! you wanna see Aubrey "poorman's Thora Birch" Plaza on a pole!?!" Me: "fine"

    65. R.E.D27

      Definition of the perfect women

    66. YaBoi BruceWayne


    67. crabtrap

      its 2020 now....does anyone still believe these scripted "unscripted moments" on TV anymore? its isnt 1974

    68. Currently Dark Link

      Love aubrey, don't like Ellen though.

    69. Damian Starks

      😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 I love Aubrey plaza !

    70. Jerry Hernandez

      She's my wife she just doesn't know it yet.

      1. maria bouamar

        Wow looks like we got a lot of competition here

      2. {Enter name Here }


      3. PaulineMM


      4. 112fail


      5. Ryley Palmer