ASMR | 9 Relaxing Tests on You



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    Attn: ASMR survey in this description!!!
    Hello everybody :) I think most of us agree that personal attention tests are some of THE BEST ASMR inducing things on the planet. Just me? Nah nah I know a lot of you feel the same way!! So I compiled some tests -- some you've seen a lot before, some maybe once or twice, and maybe a few you've never encountered in an ASMR video! I'm just about to go live on Twitch (playing piano and singing on !) but when I come back I'll post some timestamps for you all :) Honestly I'm guessing if its 9 tests, it might be 10?????
    Enjoy, and thank you so much for watching. I'm really happy with how this one turned out and I hope you are too. :D
    PS! A scientist at the University of Essex is looking for people to complete a 10 min questionnaire for what he says is ~some serious science on ASMR~ !! If you haven't had enough testing in this video, please check it out and give him some good data! We love ASMR science :D
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      Gibi: All right, just smell this. Me: ah yes oxygen and my room Gibi: yes very good chocolate🙃

    2. Jada H

      The said Alabama I said that’s my state

    3. Some dude on the internet

      "Are you here to be our test subject for today?" "Yeah no im just looking for the bathro-" "Perfect so there are 9 tests that are completely harmless"

    4. Pokémon Master Red

      *GLASSE* or *GLASS* The singular form of glasses

    5. cara

      my WiFi isn’t working, so feel privileged that I’m using my 5GB of monthly data on this video

    6. Princess Katie

      Smell test: 1.Chocolate 2. Mapel syrup 3. Lemon 4. Orange 5. Coffee 6. Banana 7. Coconut 8. Peanut butter This if for everyone, like me, that wants to be able to actually play along with the videos

    7. Matthew Bodony

      Instructions not clear broke my neck

    8. BiteYou EatYou

      How old is gibi

    9. Where the fuck is my old channel, YouTube?

      When she was saying the words that have two different pronunciations, I'm surprised she didn't say 'gif'.

    10. Matthew Bodony

      Gibi tells us to stare at her nose : Me: stares intensely at nose Gibi: you can relax your eyes Me: continues to stare at her nose and slowly slipping away from reality until I don’t exist in the mortal world any more

    11. Adam Walker

      31:20 Boomers

    12. RAZOR WIRE


    13. Bike Performance

      Its so nice like the SSD Memory Card from Samsung in the Bad before the Video Starts.

    14. It‘s Marry

      Gibi: ‘now the accent test‘ Me, being German: sis is not how I like se things to be

    15. FallenImpact

      You say accent when you mean dialect

    16. Davizinho Dó grau


    17. Claytonislit 420

      you were 3 seconds slow on the countdown from 20 bit btw

    18. Chris Sult

      Listen I hate to be that guy in the comments asking about band shirts but seriously, if that’s a Muse shirt, it’s absolutely vital that I know!!

    19. Thomas Müller

      When she did 3/1/4 12:05 I thought she’d do pi 😂

    20. - kayahasnolife -


    21. Huncho Jack

      Her: "What do you call your grandparents?" Me: "On my mom or dads side?"

    22. Ash Spidey-Boi

      “what do you call a group of people?” me, saying this out of habit from my friend; f e l l a s

    23. Elsa Nilsson Fick

      31:51 ”Everyone who watch theodd1sout” I freaking know this

    24. Lord Headass

      "Sup fuckers" should be used as a gender neutral way of greeting a crowd of people

    25. MistyTheCat


    26. Marta

      I need more relaxing tests on me

    27. Angelina Evora

      me at 2 a.m : " clicks on this video to fall asleep " also me ♡ : ends up reading millions of comments and not even falling asleep ,, 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    28. Gimblegamer2.o Izard

      I GOT I 😶😝I’m LUCKY

    29. Riley Williams

      I was literally watching a Russian Sleep Experience and now I’m watching ASMR

    30. 0 Subs with zero videos?

      Sometimes I forget me and gibi aren't actually friends

    31. Uga Buga

      Gibi: Next we have our vision test Me, with a terrible visual impairment: Oh no..

    32. Kartikey Singh Pathania

      WoW you are so gorgeous 😍😍😍

    33. Kingokongo

      You are talking to loud

    34. Olivia Smaragdas

      could you do a "medical tests" video?

    35. Xgamer GreayUndead

      Why do people dislike this?

    36. Jesse LaFountain

      Anyone else feel like they don't want to get caught watching these videos? "What the hell are you watching?" "Oh, just this girl pretending to be a's relaxing" "ok, weirdo"

    37. InkNia 2.0

      Gibi: smell... Me: oil! Gibi: its chocolate! Me: ok then...

    38. hesti duwina putri

      Bold of you to put "relaxing" and "test" together like that 🤣

    39. Jingle Berries

      Bruh okay so I passed the luck test with 100% but then why does my life s u c k?

    40. Finn Drahola

      I have watched this 9 times and a new top comment has appeared.

    41. Elanor Allmann

      At the first test. At first try I could not remember 9 of 50 when I went back to see what i missed and a few minutes later tried to write them down I could not remeber eveything through out the video i remember everything except the bicycle! I even rememebred exactly where the missing item was, i could pin point almost every items location in the end as well. Feeling proud.

    42. Elanor Allmann

      At the smell test I just kept saying orange until the orange came, because I knew at some point it would.

    43. odgtb

      Two eyes, two ears, a chin, a mouth, 10 fingers, two nipples, a butt, two kneecaps, a penis.

    44. LyNx 77

      You know the our quiz at the end how am I supposed to know I don't even live in the US so I don't even know half of the questions and I I was 1 when they're 2008 Olympics happened

    45. Breakin Barriers

      gibi “this is called a flag” i thought it was a pineapple

    46. IV .077

      my english accent POPPED OFF in the accent test christ

    47. - toffee -

      Gibi PLEASE do a “preparing you for the Area 51 raid” role play PLEASE WE ALL BEG OF YOU

    48. Cody

      well this video made me realize how southern my accent really is

      1. jordan is a jellybean

        Cody same, but it made me realize how mid-atlantic my accent is lol

    49. Wills

      I deadass tried to smell the cue tips

    50. Izabel9ooo Vlogs

      Gibi: can you put your thumbs up? Me: no I’ve lost them both! Gibi: wonderful

    51. Capri Strain

      Video 2,300,000 views Me: I’m about to end this hole mans career

    52. Thatonescreamingguy

      She does porn, go look up gibi it awesome

    53. Carter Johnson

      "feel free to make yourself comfortable" *takes off cross

    54. Kål

      Gibi: smell this Me: *puts nose to the screen*

    55. Carson Jewell

      Gibi: moves fingers off the screen Me: I can still see them Gibi: Right there My brain: Incorrect. As you can see, my power is far superior to yours

    56. chelloho

      Thanks for giving me the answers in the comments, guys. I wouldn't be able to beat these tests otherwise

    57. TheStrider92

      Please do a part 2

    58. Salamander The_Libtard

      Gibis teeth looks too perfect to be real

    59. Awkward Gabe

      She just say C R A N ???

    60. Jesal

      9 Relaxing Tests 9 Forever lasting %'s 9 Hours sleep (Hopefully)

    61. StarWandHeart

      2:14 memory 9:28 vision 13:59 smell 18:41 sensation 23:06 movement 27:07 accent 32:31 speed 35:08 luck 39:33 trivia

    62. Sarah Beachy

      She said “ Completly painless testing session “ but my leg hurt. ☹️

    63. Sarah Beachy

      She said “ Completly

      1. Sarah Beachy


    64. Emeraldstar_14

      29:57 you dare defy the merger????¿? I wiL sUe yUo

    65. Jessica Mitchell

      can u pleaseee do more of this kind of roleplay

    66. Roman Shchekin

      Red, green and blue are primary colors, not yellow! Liked it a lot anyway :)

    67. Jackson Landry

      Am I the only one who noticed the invisalign?

    68. ASMR Kyla

      Gibi: what do you say to address a group of people? Me: dudes

    69. thatsdanzatastic

      Jesus Christ this girl is gorgeous and what a voice