ASMR | 9 Relaxing Tests on You



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    Attn: ASMR survey in this description!!!
    Hello everybody :) I think most of us agree that personal attention tests are some of THE BEST ASMR inducing things on the planet. Just me? Nah nah I know a lot of you feel the same way!! So I compiled some tests -- some you've seen a lot before, some maybe once or twice, and maybe a few you've never encountered in an ASMR video! I'm just about to go live on Twitch (playing piano and singing on !) but when I come back I'll post some timestamps for you all :) Honestly I'm guessing if its 9 tests, it might be 10?????
    Enjoy, and thank you so much for watching. I'm really happy with how this one turned out and I hope you are too. :D
    PS! A scientist at the University of Essex is looking for people to complete a 10 min questionnaire for what he says is ~some serious science on ASMR~ !! If you haven't had enough testing in this video, please check it out and give him some good data! We love ASMR science :D
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    1. Anthony Montalvo Jr.

      Her: what do you call the kind of spider ... Me: *gtfo's out the window*

    2. Garston Lad

      Your site is awesome......You gotta check this out!!!!!

    3. Elske Looijen

      Well i suck at this in the middle of the night

    4. Tania Taylor

      Is she saying or soft 😄

    5. Tooth Vomit

      As a person with Anterograde amnesia the memory test was the hardest 2 me lol

    6. Naomi Brinton

      Okay wtf I guessed the scents all right except pb, maple syrup and banana 😱😱

    7. danielle

      Gibi: what does this smell like Me: vanilla, no, strawberry Gibi: chocolate Me: the only Neapolitan flavor i missed lool

    8. Aardrobe.Riddhi

      Looking at her it feels like she's making fun of us in her mind and is controlling her laughter

    9. Ryann Howlett


    10. Boo TEW

      You should go on tingles! It's a really cool app with no loud advertising. But like patereon you can still support your ASMRtists by sending donations!

    11. The Hip Hop Viper

      Gibi, we need a "Princess Kitana prepares you for battle in the Mortal Kombat tournament in Netherrealm" video! 😃

    12. 8figures8

      Where’s my manz with the timestamps?

    13. b b

      I have such a shit memory, I was just glaring at my phone during all those questions lol

    14. Ellie Thomas-Dietrich

      9:26 THANK U NEXT

    15. Fairly. Queer.

      “Next we have a vision test” Me, with my -5.0 prescription that I am not wearing: SHIT

    16. Amanda Lee

      me: watching asmr under my covers at 2 in the morning with volume up ad: TRESEMME COMPRESSED MICRO MIST my sis down the hall: AHHHHHHHHH whoops daisy

    17. Jelle Van Huizen

      I passed the safe test

    18. bromance marvel

      *Area 51 Gibi*

    19. Donald Hartman

      Wow, she didn't notice my Duane syndrome in my eyes.

    20. mouldy alien

      Her:smiles and say thank you for giving me your name Me:just looks at her and says nothing

    21. ASMR Classic

      Love your channel! Maybe you can check me out and give advise on how to improve my ASMR channel

    22. Kenzie Starr

      9:26 Did anybody else notice that she said, “ Thank you, next......” 😅

    23. Kenzie Starr

      I was thinking to myself...... Who would take 40+ minutes out of their day to take this test???? Then I realized..... Nobody was in front of her taking that, she was only talking to the camera...... 😂😂😂

    24. FBI Man

      I'm just a class-D so nobody cares

    25. VႩოႲiRპ ႭႮპპႶ

      Gibi: Where were the 2008 Olympic Games held? Me: Girl I don't know I was 6!!

    26. Tiger

      I've never fallen asleep so fast

    27. Lazy Honey Badger

      In the memory test footballer is the wrong shape footballs are round ⚽️ that's a American football🏈

    28. 시은


    29. Heleen Xo

      OMG Can you please make more video’s like this? With tests and questions etc.?❤️

    30. Aaron Pisani

      Love you GIBI but you are to old to be wearing a thot collar

    31. Heather B

      One of my favorite videos! I'd love to see you do another vid like this!

    32. TheFlute Dude

      Am I the only wondering if the q tips actually smell different each time?

    33. Olivia Buchanan

      Gibi: “ what do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket “ My country self: “ a BuGgY

    34. Priscilla Hwang

      Am i the only one who noticed her teeth looking a little weird?

    35. The Beginning Of Knowledge

      Looks like youre wearing invisalign

    36. whitemagmacro

      literally got every luck test wrong. i think it represents my solo q luck.

    37. Chezy Chez

      Hey, random comment scroller, hope ur doing well!!

    38. avelyn

      Fuck you dick sporting goods

    39. Mike MakesRight

      I love this type and medical and salesperson the best

    40. Naomis Life

      Y’all should watch Diamond asmr,she’s so good🥰

    41. Lancani

      Gibi: Now what is this smell? Me: That's Lemon 100% Gibi: Thats maple syrup Me: *Throws phone*

    42. Yoshikage Kira

      8:13 The numbers, Mason! What do they mean?!

    43. Dagan

      A *m u g* Guarantee you thought of someone

    44. MAckroyd

      i fucking guessed lemon on the smell test

    45. Zuzia Kochanowska

      Gibi: Smell it and tell me what is that Me: *smells* It's rose Gibi : chocolate great!

    46. Luke

      40:35 for a split second gibi dissapears

    47. Liah Marquez

      I'll have you know that I watched this at night to sleep and my husband turned it off at around 24 minutes as I was sound asleep!😊😴😴😴

    48. Ignited

      I have that t shirt!

    49. -darkyun

      gibi : luck test did you mean : *_multiple answer exam_*

    50. -darkyun

      gibi : this next test is about your accent me, someone who is fluent in english and already has a native accent : you do note, the peyk isda layar

    51. -darkyun

      i watched this last night and now im rewatching it again because i fell asleep at the vision test

    52. Park Mochi

      Gibi: This is gonna be relaxing! Me: I can't wait! :D Also gibi: So we're gonna have a test today. Me: *...oh no*

    53. Tapping Queen

      You are such an amazing asmrartist!

    54. _erok5 _

      Smell test confuses and infuriates me

    55. the girl Gamer

      The acent test was fun its cuz im a bristolian and we dant pronounce mahority of our words/leters so yh i joined in tryin the words soooo annoyin but fun EDIT: soz gibi i couldnt understand some of the words cux utlr acent

    56. Alana Marg

      I said: Beijing, Idk Gigi: Beijing is correct Me: r u sure about that?

    57. Jumbo Mumbo

      Best poster in the background till now


      She asked for 1.6M names 😬

    59. Armando Nevaez

      Love u gibi i love your voice🔥🔥

    60. Madeline Quill

      Would you do another MHA asmr? Maybe as Bakugo for the irony 😂😂

    61. Loginwithlogan 3

      Did anyone else fail the smell test?

    62. Dallas Cunningham

      Gibi: "What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?" Me, a Yankee living in AL: *Glare* A cart.

    63. Total Full On Awake Patriot


    64. Nathan Coker

      Is it weird to think she has cute teeth

    65. Rocket league channel

      Who are you talking to I'm already asleep?

    66. Nathan Jordan

      Night three of trying to actually watch the whole video without falling asleep

    67. Dylan Quinn

      I'm British right she says football (football) to me is Rugby

      1. Sans and Papyrus

        I'm Scottish so same here.

    68. mizu -

      honestly i think gibi was a hella good student in school bc i feel like she studies what to say before making the asmr, they’re done so well- maybe she just has good improv but wow applause the queen

    69. 슙디버거

      I listen to this every day for sleeping and I'm surprised that gibi is still saying "hello,hello" instead of "ugh, YOU again"

    70. Tedi Lucanova

      Why don’t you whispere?