Ashnikko - STUPID Feat. Yung Baby Tate (Official Video)



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    Listen to STUPID (feat. Yung Baby Tate) here:
    Director - Lucrecia Taormina

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    1. Lil Stacks

      What the hell whos here because geuins

    2. Inachu Ikimasho

      0:33 You wipe your booty with those hands? How?

    3. ⌈worthless⌉

      Tiktok: 00:00

    4. Zycklacon

      no wonder why Kurt cobain killed himself

    5. trash man 101

      0:37 to 0:47 is so cute ngl

    6. valerie Ochoa

      Ur the girl from tik tik u said i think i got my period xD

    7. Nayelie Trujillo

      she said wet 8 times bruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    8. Seemabs Dracos

      This is so shit it’s concerning how tf u listen to this shit

    9. Maria Lia Luz

      👀 👅


      Stoopi stoopi

    11. Nola Danger

      Luck be like 👁 👁 👃🏾 👄 🌭

    12. Clash of Dragon

      Where is the world going too

    13. Jepa


    14. nyk31

      TBH she looks easy to rob.

    15. Daniel Hernandez

      Am i alone with the opinion that youngbabytate, or however her name is, ruin the song ?

    16. Ayesha Mulla

      Is that snake okay?? The way they put the hatchet on it concerns me.

    17. Jojo Felix

      I thought it was what but it’s wet 🤔🥴

    18. GothLoliOVA

      Gives me yandere vibes😍

    19. Cristina Ionascu


    20. Cristina Ionascu


    21. Aleena Rahim

      This the chick from sonny with a chance😂😂💀💀💀

    22. Minti

      I feel bad for the snake

    23. Darya Uni

      Какие милые ноготочки

    24. Alejandra Aniceto

      best music video EVER!!!!

    25. nicky_pop840

      Me on my period

    26. M1ST_COSEFO Ayden

      Ya......this is pretty shit

    27. Sunwardmean516 1


    28. Teilani Marie

      Do the guys like not notice the blood LMAFO

    29. Warren Schembri vlogs

      Who s with me came here from Tiktok

    30. Madelyn Madelyn

      Her nails are longer than a school year

    31. Büşra Çetin


    32. Asian Jordan

      This was my first time listening to the full song..and I already knew the lyrics I-

    33. Ya Boi

      50% of the comments:👁👄👁👁👅👁 40% of the comments: TIKTOK STEALLLLLLLL 10% of the comments: other

    34. Alvie Taylor

      Real life yandere

    35. Listan Ñieva

      👁️ 👁️ 👄


      0:33 how did she kill him so easily with them long ass nails


      0:00 when someone agrues with you and tells you to go away but they follow you and shout in your face

    38. TwitchingwithRage

      So it’s ok for women to promote hate and violence towards men but if men made a song like this it would be an uproar. Fuck this cunt.

    39. Tomas Devoto


    40. Share videos

      You Don't Need because you are rich.

    41. Peter Kropotkin

      Normie crap. Sing about something other than materialism, sex, and relationships. This song: relationship bad, I am good alone. Still about relationships. Just adding corrupt egoism.

    42. Peter Kropotkin

      Normie crap. Sing about something other than materialism, sex, and relationships. This song: relationship bad, I am good alone. Still about relationships. Just adding corrupt egoism.

    43. Hannaya santos

      👁 👁 👄 ❤

    44. Teo Mlejnek

      This is shit

    45. Belle Fnaf Gacha

      That's WET not WHAT

    46. venom stone


    47. Transformice luvnluv

      no body: me: 👁️ 👁️ 👄 🌭

      1. Transformice luvnluv

        hahahah funny gurl

    48. are you feeling it mr.crabs

      stupid boy think that i need him more like you need him ...wait your stupid

    49. Liluziburt69

      Wtf is this

    50. Onix The gem

      So this is hastune miku in real life ○//////○

    51. Flohh Gamer

      👀 👀 👃 👅 :)

    52. LitKid Jari

      i like this song and i'ma dude(nah i ain't gay) her lyrics go hard tho

    53. easyrrider

      TikTok trend.. 😁

    54. Aesthetic Strawberry

      0:34 why isn’t anyone talking about her anime nails 😭!

    55. Your daily facts :v

      Don’t you think people would get suspicious if you saw a girl singing covered in blood

    56. Dawnique Korff

      Omg i love your work so much and your music so much

    57. Ryan Graves

      Older Coraline??

    58. Big Boy Bonnor

      this is what girls who think they're psycho and belong in asylums listen to but they're too scared to ask for extra sour cream at chipotle so they make their moms do it.

    59. Ugh Rafay

      0:45 gives me doja cat vibes idk why like that exact moment where she teleports and then goes back.

    60. Vitória Raquel

      Pensei q essa música era boa quando eu ouvi no tik Tok ,_,

    61. Niki Mauricio

      Finally a song kids can live from

    62. Skeet's Hockey&Skateboarding


    63. _gem_ 69

      0:38 tiktok has entered the chat

    64. tahera begum

      I'm scared.

    65. Kimi no na wa

      Что за хуйня вот РНБ БЛЯ КЛУБ ЛУЧШЕ

    66. Christal Merino


    67. Chrizicz YT

      Tik tok comes in

    68. Mango

      Omg no.....

    69. Brooke Reyes

      This beautiful duo omg

    70. Samah. R

      the purge movie vibes V I B E Y 👀