Arya Stark & Gendry Love Scene | Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2

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    Gendry gives Arya her new weapon and gives her his 'hammer'. Gendry tells Arya he’s Robert Baratheon’s bastard. Arya and Gendry kiss and have sex for the first time.
    #GameofThrones 8x02 "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms"

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    1. Vamsi Abhishek

      I am not the red woman...take your own bloody pants off... *Sure Arya.. anything for u*

    2. Prabhat Kiran Chaulagain

      Oh My Fucking God. !!!

    3. Bad Cops

    4. Decina Christopher

      I love Arya

    5. Kamran Malik


    6. سينما ليك

    7. Nonit Saycon


    8. Her Lina


    9. sai sreenivas p

      True fan of arya wants to be this scene not existed

    10. Milton Flowers D.A.V.

      Well I guess I got a new rub one out video

    11. kush dancehallfindest

      Wish I was fucking her lol

    12. troller droller

      Talk about rushed

    13. Mohamed safiur Rahman

      Mother fucker

    14. The Batman Who Posts

      She has a really cute ass.

    15. Renan Santos

      Algum BR?

    16. Ysa Sousa

      Apenas chorem kkkkkkk

    17. TreborHG93

      Why do I feel like a pedophile now?

      1. Dudebro13454 Bro

        Did you beat your meat?

    18. dodaa

      *arya murders 2 dudes cuts them up and bakes them in a pie for their father to eat* Fans: oh k cool *arya has consensual sex with a friend she has known for years* Fans: oHmYGoOdNeSs

    19. pillygon13

      That hair flip at 2:53

    20. Eliot Andres Soto Luna

      The look of Gendry's face is like...oh now this shit is going to get nasty...

    21. eintreich101

      Stop this madness in the name of your king!!

    22. micko fernandez

      This is how you get to kill a fuckin NiGht's King! Anyway, who told her how to fuck?

    23. micko fernandez


    24. Hurra Jawaid

      I know her since she was a kid, and now this disappoints a lot

      1. Dudebro13454 Bro


    25. Leonardo Braynen

      well.... that.... escalated quckly

    26. Scott BikeDawg

      It would be more realistic for Arya to prefer girls instead of boys.

    27. World's Best 10

      This Conversation Between Jon Snow and the Script Writer Is the reason Behind Ridiculous Game of thrones ending Script Writer: *Lets Make The Show Epic.* Jon: *I don't want it*

    28. C IA

      I LOVE IT WHEN YOU CALL ME señorita

    29. Naomi Cartmell

      I don't get why people freaked out over this scene. This show has rape, assault, incest, sexual harassment, prostitution, and a laundry list of other things, but consensual sex between people with genuine attraction who are both of age is unheard of. And Maisie Williams was actually given the option of how much she was comfortable with showing. She's in her twenties now...she just looks young because she has that kind of face, and we've basically watched her grow up.

    30. Jennifer Alvarez


    31. Akash Mathew

      What worth iron throne.🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕

    32. Nicholas Onumajuru

      Best ever

    33. Dante sparda

      Son of bitch

    34. Omari Bailey

      They grow up so fast 😪

    35. seif Ahmed


    36. Sonu Paswan

      Half porn scene and half above my head. Everyone here for sex scene Bravo

    37. Brett 00

      She’s 22 Not technically under age

    38. H C

      Ohhh wonderfull

    39. Sam Fisher

      When winter came but she didn't;)

    40. It'sPaPa

      At least, it's not clickbait.

    41. Bay Artur

      fucking end of my life


      I'm sorry your grace. We blew the CGI budget on the dragons so there will be no elephants.

    43. Jed Lester Acosta

      What site can i download this season8?

    44. vgg ty


    45. leon K2711

      One of my favorite scene in got

    46. D Loui

      he was raped ...!

    47. DanciZg1


    48. Shaher Yaar

      Allah made you very beautiful and how beautiful are you looking us, but arya you did not even care abot your pudendum

    49. karen castro

      Well she look like she know what she’s doing 😏

    50. Hunting Myslivost

      How She was old?

    51. Free Bird

      *Joker's monologue from the Dark Knight works so well here:* Have her kill dozens of Frey men at once with poison, cut the throats of countless people, gouge out someone's eyes and carve up two people and bake them into a pie, nobody panics, because it's all "part of the plan." But when she has consensual sex with someone she has feelings for, is at the right age, and is clearly leading the session... well then EVERYONE LOSES THEIR MINDS!

    52. Noah Stewart

      I don’t watch Game of Thrones I just came here for _Reasons_

    53. sonu

      Why girls always try to explore before sex

    54. Melody Abrogar

      I went high on this

    55. prospecops

      How old was Arya during this scene

      1. Stacy Eden

        prospecops 18.

    56. She's A Player

      Arya nailed a hottie lol

    57. Onur Alver

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    58. Mehmet Ergul

      Kendimi suclu gibi hissettim amk

    59. Hvgh Bvgh

      تفو تفو تفو على هيك منظر

    60. TheHive

      HBO (ramsey bolton): You watch Viewer (reek): cries both inside and outside

      1. Dudebro13454 Bro

        She’s an adult and judging by your account, you’re probably in the same age range as her if not younger. Get over it

    61. DAVID A

      This scene goes against the #3 rule in horror movies

    62. specUVdust

      Bruh. The side boob is looking tasty AF

    63. Mark Espenoza

      Rated spg for children. Haha

    64. William McCormick

      I'm still conflicted on this. On one hand, I love Arya losing her virginity like it's not a big deal. We spent 5 seasons with Sansa using hers like a bargaining chip. On the other hand, this really doesn't fit Arya's character that she just decides she wants to have sex before she dies despite never showing the slightest interest in it. She's gone out of her way to say that she's different than other girls and women. Turns out she isn't. Like I said, I'm conflicted.

      1. Dudebro13454 Bro

        She's been with the hound or training with the faceless men for almost as long as she's been old enough to be interested in men. It's not like she had any options to fuck or be attracted to anyone in that time period so I don't understand this complaint. Arya obviously had a crush on Gendry and season 2 and 3. How is she not different from other girls and women? She's still a human being, humans like sex regardless of their personality

    65. Ricaplaza Pellaio


    66. thunderpantz

      Refer to him as Genry now, because Arya took the D.

      1. Stacy Eden

        thunderpantz This deserves more likes.

    67. Katrina K

      Bran : You were looking beautiful that long night

    68. Metal Head

      Do they have the longer version or No censored version .? I've been looking at pornhub nothing there.

    69. fairytop1

      I think its not that Arya is a child ...she is not a child anymore but probably its Coz Gendry has known her since she was a kid ....its just psychology thing I guess...........with Margery and toman it was a bit different in the sense...Margery didn't see Toman grow up as a kid

    70. ADowneyBear9

      Imagine having to strip off like 4 layers of clothes. It's like having sex with an eskimo at the start.