Arya Stark & Gendry Love Scene | Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2

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    Gendry gives Arya her new weapon and gives her his 'hammer'. Gendry tells Arya he’s Robert Baratheon’s bastard. Arya and Gendry kiss and have sex for the first time.
    #GameofThrones 8x02 "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms"

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    1. Aashay Sanghvi

      Damn they didn't show her tits and ass perfectly

    2. Yi-Shiuan Hwang

      Arya Stark is damn ugly!!!

    3. Rahul Verma

      I remember In that Scene I yelled at her like somebody was killing me.. "NoOoOo Not with This Motherfucker ARYA !!!!" Then She Lost Her Virginity and We Lost Our Heart... "both are broken"

    4. Katrell Thomas

      You have daughter, I have a son. We'll combine our houses.

      1. Katrell Thomas

        Just hit me.

    5. Krittanop Chantarasomboon

      I hate this show!

    6. Enno Kravchenko

      damn how is this legal isnt she 12 or 13?

    7. Pablo Honey

      Geez....Making love to her would be like taking a man's corn muffin in a max security prison...flipping yuck.

    8. Subtle Explosionary

      You (at book signing): Is it pervy to be attracted to 12 year old Arya? Like when she's with the Night's Watch? George R.R. Martin: You realize that she's really ten there? You: So I am pervy. Martin: Oh, no, not at all. You couldn't be much more than 25, no? You: I'm 28. Martin: That's fine too. You could go great places should you ever venture into the Seven Kingdoms.

    9. Subtle Explosionary

      It's because of Arya's face still kinda looks like a 13 year old. *glances at Danny* Of course sometimes that doesn't always bother fans either...;)

    10. Free Bird

      I remember watching this, thinking about how nice it was to see Arya and Gendry so anticipated screen time together and getting a little nervous about Gendry potentially dying in the Long Night. *Then Arya started taking her gloves off and I realised shit was about to go down...*

    11. Anand royal

      Is there any girl in GoT who's not into sex scene ,atleast once ?

    12. Bob Doubter

      Arya (Maise) such a hottie, that voice...that...

    13. Dana Chapin

      Arya decides when then Arya saves all then Arya goes her own way.

    14. Terell Chapman

      Ned is somewhere pissed as hell and like Fuzzy said Robert is laughing his ass off

      1. Dudebro13454 Bro

        Terell Chapman Your own personal feelings doesn’t make it the most disturbing sex scene. There is rape and incest on this show. Just because you’re not attracted to Arya doesn’t make it more disturbing than that

      2. Terell Chapman

        Dudebro13454 Bro it feels like I watching a young relative have sex....yes Arya’s old enough but even then I kind of think of her as a little sister

      3. Dudebro13454 Bro

        Terell Chapman Disturbing how?

      4. Terell Chapman

        Most disturbing sex scene...second most

    15. Agent

      I’ve been crushing on my officemate for a while now. I really really like him but I’m having 2nd thoughts because he is my officemate and we work together. But I swear, if I resign, on my last day, I would ask him to have sex with me.. By the way I’m a guy.. LOL 😂

    16. ahmed ibrahem

      Lady Long Journey

    17. ahmed ibrahem

      Auntie Leggings

    18. Starman Crusader

      She got his pointy end 😂

    19. Black fyre

      Ahh Gendrey you lucky bastard! 😂 👍

    20. gene tree

      Arya wasn't interested on having a lover?

    21. momarist

      Is that a CGI body?

    22. Mr. Insensitive

      Turn on the damn lights,i can't get a good view of them titties!

    23. Notorious1503

      Not gonna lie arya grew up into an ugly little bitch

    24. Arthur de Paula

      Maisie looks so sexy in this scene bro oh my god i think I'm in love

    25. Keth

      camera on the wrong side

    26. Oscar Mike

      A girl wants to become a wolf who wants to ride a stag

    27. ʕ ́• ᴥ•̥`ʔ美しい

      she was a baby haha

    28. König des Nordens

      A female virgin wouldnt behave like that. She seduces him and knows extly what to do?

    29. Simcity Jayplay

      You're supposed to be killing entire houses! NOT THIS

    30. Jams Calos


    31. Hassan Alamoudi

      Worst part in GoT in a whole I broke up with Arya that day

    32. Prince Jackson

      But she died after this. That's the reality of got, have sex and die

    33. Free Bird

      Gendry got more Stark pussy in one night than his dad ever got in his entire life.

    34. Mz mariam

      A Girl is now a Woman

    35. Jawaid Aqbar ali


    36. Enrique Antoc

      pota kawaray klaro ahahahahahahahahahahaha potik

    37. Vamsi Abhishek

      I am not the red woman...take your own bloody pants off... *Sure Arya.. anything for u*

    38. Prabhat Kiran Chaulagain

      Oh My Fucking God. !!!

    39. Harshit Gupta

    40. Decina Christopher

      I love Arya

    41. Kamran Malik


    42. سينما ليك

    43. Nonit Saycon


    44. Her Lina


    45. sai sreenivas p

      True fan of arya wants to be this scene not existed

    46. Milton Flowers D.A.V.

      Well I guess I got a new rub one out video

    47. kush dancehallfindest

      Wish I was fucking her lol

    48. troller droller

      Talk about rushed

    49. Mohamed safiur Rahman

      Mother fucker

    50. The Batman Who Posts

      She has a really cute ass.

    51. Mantega Mr

      Algum BR?

    52. Ysa Sousa

      Apenas chorem kkkkkkk

    53. TreborHG93

      Why do I feel like a pedophile now?

      1. Dudebro13454 Bro

        Did you beat your meat?

    54. dodaa

      *arya murders 2 dudes cuts them up and bakes them in a pie for their father to eat* Fans: oh k cool *arya has consensual sex with a friend she has known for years* Fans: oHmYGoOdNeSs

    55. pillygon13

      That hair flip at 2:53

    56. Eliot Andres Soto Luna

      The look of Gendry's face is like...oh now this shit is going to get nasty...

    57. eintreich101

      Stop this madness in the name of your king!!

    58. micko fernandez

      This is how you get to kill a fuckin NiGht's King! Anyway, who told her how to fuck?

    59. micko fernandez


    60. Ah Javaid

      I know her since she was a kid, and now this disappoints a lot

      1. Dudebro13454 Bro


    61. Leonardo Braynen

      well.... that.... escalated quckly

    62. Scott BikeDawg

      It would be more realistic for Arya to prefer girls instead of boys.

    63. WONDER

      This Conversation Between Jon Snow and the Script Writer Is the reason Behind Ridiculous Game of thrones ending Script Writer: *Lets Make The Show Epic.* Jon: *I don't want it*

    64. C IA

      I LOVE IT WHEN YOU CALL ME señorita

    65. Naomi Cartmell

      I don't get why people freaked out over this scene. This show has rape, assault, incest, sexual harassment, prostitution, and a laundry list of other things, but consensual sex between people with genuine attraction who are both of age is unheard of. And Maisie Williams was actually given the option of how much she was comfortable with showing. She's in her twenties now...she just looks young because she has that kind of face, and we've basically watched her grow up.

    66. Jennifer Alvarez


    67. Akash Mathew

      What worth iron throne.🤣🤣🤣🤣🖕🖕🖕

    68. Nicholas Onumajuru

      Best ever

    69. Dante sparda

      Son of bitch

    70. Omari Bailey

      They grow up so fast 😪