Artist Vs. Cartoonist Draw Comic Strip Characters From Memory



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    The gang tries drawing Snoopy, Garfield, and Archie from memory. How well would -you- do?
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    1. Priyanka

      Kevin and Jackie chats are everything in every episode.

    2. Adrian metzler-holden

      That Garfield killed me

    3. Star and Sky

      very funny episode... more please

    4. Geg Art

      You are so ridiculous🤣

    5. isprikitik tokitik

      Jason's art was on point on this one.

    6. Beowulf Cadmus

      I've binged a bunch of these videos now and two things are consistent. 1. The whacky and fun relationship of Kevin and Jackie 2. Kyra is a harvester of souls. Absolutely 100% knocks it out of the park every. single. time.

    7. sweetmisslaura

      Kyra is so awesome!!!

    8. Besje G

      Jackie's Garfield's feet are killing me

    9. bird of the abyss

      Jason is legitimately terrible. I’m sorry but every episode he misses the mark

    10. Therese Rm

      Jackie: I LOVE LASAGNA

    11. Courtney Young

      @buzzfeedcomics Kyra: leonardo di vinci bought corpses to learn muscular function, which led to him being the first artist to correctly draw hands. Or at least that's what I think I remember from history class 15 years ago. Lol

    12. Christoffer

      Thanks Jackie, I didn't need sleep anyway.

    13. ricshmitzUK

      Jackie is everything I love in a woman. 😍😘

    14. TrunksGav

      7:51 Fun Fact: Hello Kitty isn't actually a cat or kitty!

    15. Nana Kwame Dankwa Fianko

      "hands are definitely one of the hardest things to draw" *proceeds drawing a pair of perfectly fine hands*

    16. Kenia Vazquez

      Agh, I hate Brent 😕

    17. nervous Rocko

      I wish condorito was here....

    18. AtrolinK

      Jackie's Garfield has human hands and feet lol

    19. Marie Bisgaard

      Jason's laugh is lovely. :)

    20. Dont mind me

      4:11 thought she was giving garfield a shotgun for a minute hnggg

    21. Turtle-Shell

      My dad has a bunch of Archie comics from when he was younger and I would read them a lot when I was little.

      1. Turtle-Shell

        Ooo Hello Kitty! I used to get episodes from the library!

    22. Zac Carpenter

      For the next comics they should draw: Snake Tales Fred Basset and Hagar the Horrible

    23. Raynan Tudillo

      Jackie: im soo exited Guy: your gonna draw garfield Jackie: im always dark now

    24. Arie O

      hello kitty isn't a cat

    25. Boaz Mckoy

      kevin and jackie are the best matchup

    26. DerpyDurp

      Who else thought that Calvin and Hobbes was going to be in here?

    27. Matthew Simmonds

      Sorry Jackie but Hello Kitty is not a cat.

    28. midnightshadow

      Only Kevin forgot to draw a tail on Garfield lmao

    29. Red Egg

      Hello Kitty is not a cat.

    30. Sharing Lungs

      I’ve been doing a marathon of these Kyras are always good. I usually like Jackie’s cute-tified versions but she looked lost on this one.

    31. TheBlurbs D.

      Jackie’s Garfield should’ve been in that live action Cats movie.

    32. Antonio Lucci


    33. monichan1000

      6:55 hey you didn't post comic book archie >:c

    34. Wayward Sister

      Jackie's Garfield looks like it could be found in pyramids among those egyptian drawings and hieroglyphics

    35. Chris J C

      Do beagles have sad eyes? No thats a Bassett Hound. Also snoopy lools zero percent like a beagle anyway. 😂

    36. ekko808

      Jackie is Garfield. She is just deep in denial and is trying to deflect acknowledging her true self.

    37. Jl Sayas

      why is jackies garfield looks like kevin?! lmao 😂

    38. gridokun

      Garfield is a Tabby Cat

    39. H̥ͦe̥ͦy̥ͦ G̥ͦu̥ͦy̥ͦs̥ͦ

      I love it how Jackie and Kevin talk to each other. They behave like they are friends since birth


      Jason made so happy when he included Woodstock with snoopy

    41. J Z

      Suggestion: add a timer for the 20 min so we see the progress throughout the challenge? (:

    42. Lani Kai

      5:07 my mum when she gave birth to me

    43. Twins at Heart

      Can I just say..... I LOVE KYRA!!! SHE IS SO TALENTED AND SOOOO UNDER REATED!!!! I want everyone to shower her with love. Thank you that is all

    44. Kebun Manggis

      snoopy does has spot on the back

    45. Hello -w-

      They should’ve done Popeye •

    46. Eric Vincent Padillo

      Jackie is so Cute 😍😍

    47. i see peniel got naked in costco

      Jackie literally draw human feet.

    48. Demaree Barragan

      Looking at Garfield with human feet is bothering my feet 😂😭 I can't explain it. Make it stop!

    49. Ceara Morris

      I thought Jason’s snoopy was really good

    50. ThatRandomJ

      Jackie's Garfield looked more like Doreamon the anime cat with the pocket. Nick's Archie looked like Ron Stoppable

    51. Marian Lawas

      Jackie's Garfield is very disturbing!

    52. RWS12234

      My favorite part is how Jackie drew human feet and hands, LOL!

    53. Tia Cool

      She put people feet on Garfield... o_o

    54. Sleepy Gold

      I’m having a mental breakdown over Jackie’s Garfield. Just looking at those people feet is putting me in tears😂

    55. miggy Cabrera

      Watching this because of Jackie

    56. Sanae Dekomori


    57. Azn Mayne

      Jackie is perfect

    58. Ashley Boren

      i wish they said what they’re known for at the beginning of each video

    59. Dan Alo

      kyra so on point

    60. Caileff Wadsworth

      Sweet Christ, the human feet and hands on Garfield 😂 7:47 Also Hello Kitty isn’t a cat, she’s a little girl in a cat suit. Hello Kitty has a pet kitty.

      1. Aishah Jamaludin

        Caileff Wadsworth shut the front door

    61. Vin Lop

      "Hello Kitty would like something to say"😂😂😂 Jackie is amazing! 😂😂😂

    62. gilang putra

      I'm laughing at 4 am looking at Jackie's drawing.. 🤣🤣🤣

    63. abner nerba

      Kevin Nailed it!! Hehehe

    64. Paste Eater

      My therapist: Human-hands Garfield isn’t real. He can’t hurt you Me: *Jackie’s drawing*

    65. Cassie. M

      Hello Kitty isn’t a cat tho!! And also I couldn’t stop staring at Garfield’s feet that Jackie drew 🤣🤣🤣

    66. Abdiwak Yohannes

      Jackie is hilarious XD

    67. Chloe Almario

      Now it's Jackie's drawing that looked like Kevin. Lol.

    68. CityofLos

      Hello Kitty, is not a cat, technically

    69. K-Pop Trash

      Um....hate to break it to you...but hello kitty is actually a human girl.

    70. Flore van der Baan

      I watch these videos for Jackie alone😂😂