Artist Vs. Cartoonist Draw Comic Strip Characters From Memory



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    The gang tries drawing Snoopy, Garfield, and Archie from memory. How well would -you- do?
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    1. Arjay Dulay

      kevin got this one

    2. V e n e t t

      Its me or always put jackie drawings on the miniature video...

    3. J. G. P.

      Kyra always has the best drawings!

    4. Hani Halim

      I can see doraemon 😂

    5. André Lima de Souza

      Kyra is the best, her drawing is wonderful

    6. Tropic Anime

      Jackie WTF 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    7. Elizabeth S

      I could watch Jackie and Kevin on repeat for days. I wish I could subscribe to only this series

    8. VictorMorphHD

      Slowly realizing after watching these videos that Kyra is just the most talented in the group by far. Even when the pictures aren't the most accurate.

    9. Marcos aka PiNBaLL

      Jackie is hilarious!

    10. poppo!

      kevin is really attractive

    11. Jade Samantha Wong

      I don’t get how anyone never talks about Brent’s drawings in the series

    12. Courtney Holdsworth

      I heard Archie Andrews and was like Riverdaleeee

      1. Courtney Holdsworth

        I know that it’s based off of Archie comics yea

    13. Arvin Medina

      Jakie's Garfield is nightmare fuel. Like forcing you to smell his feet

    14. C4

      Jason can’t draw😂😂

    15. CJ ROMAN

      ok I'm in love with jackie

    16. colipupi the doggo

      I'm sorry John

    17. Eujiboo

      Jackie's garfield looks like a mutant with the human feet ohnos

    18. Seany Boi

      7:48 Garfield is the most beloved cat in cartoon history. Jackie: What about Hello Kitty? Tom from Tom and Jerry : Am I a joke to you?!

    19. Jeferson Oliveira

      todo brasileiro sabe que é só escrever "CU" consegue desenhar o Snoopy de boaça.

    20. Kent Lanticse

      It's just a recommendation and now I'm addicted.

    21. Nikos Kukoc

      Kyra has a scanner for brain

    22. Dvs Link

      Hello kitty is actually a lil girl buuuuuttt whatever 🤷🏻‍♂️

    23. Kane Williams

      I like this show and Jason seems like a nice dude but man he draws like he has a vibrator taped to the back of his hand.

    24. McCree Main

      “Is Riverdale like a Supernatural type show?” Every Hunger Watching This: *e X c U s E m E*

    25. KarlaRockangel

      I just found out that this Kyra is the lead animator and voice actor of The Good Advice Cupcake! Love her so much. 😂❤

    26. Joao Vitor

      I want to draw too ..(;O;)

    27. Sir DickAss

      Listen buzzfeed... I hate you and don’t watch your videos.... but I’m a garfield fan.

    28. mamat zarul


    29. Amelia Taylor

      Follow my art page @sorryitsamelia on instagram

    30. PISBEK

      Kevin:"Garfield is the most loved cartoon cat in the history Jackie:"that's not true"."hello kitty would like to say something". Tom:ARE U KIDDING ME??

    31. Zara Rabbani Rashid

      Kevin is hooooot

    32. Mike Pristave

      Kyra is really good

    33. Mei Lee

      I started SCREECHING after seeing Jackie’s Garfield’s feet 💀💀💀

    34. Dnl Mtt

      Now i have a crush on jakie

    35. Gilbert Alvarez

      Nicks original face for Archie was so good why did he change it

    36. Diego Millán

      Jackie's gonna catch this lasagna, smh

    37. Júlio Grossi Azevedo do Valle Salles

      Kyra is so good

    38. Anna Lená

      Brent did a more accurate snoopy but jason did a more accurate woodstock

    39. soniology

      Jackie is funny, kevin also

    40. pookitty1

      Damn, I love Jackie

    41. Amaya Thompson

      Ummmmm did they forget about the cat in the hat...😂😂

    42. George Hayduke

      Jason did an amazing snoopy drawing! I loved it ☺️

    43. Jhio Sipin

      I still like you Jackie!

    44. Brandon 2SS

      Jackie's Garfield looks like a human cat with a shotgun.

    45. Nicholas Christian

      Kyra is always on another lvl

    46. Heidi Arjuna

      I would literally hang Jackie’s Garfield drawing on my wall. HOW MUCH FOR IT?!

    47. Crae BW

      Kyra's extremely talented


      Kyra is an amazing artist

    49. Kim Jong Un

      *is riverdale a supernatural show?* [riverdale stans felt that]

    50. Tati Sai

      I cracking up 🤣at Garfield’s human feet 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣everyone’s work is awesome and I love seeing that everyone has their own unique style

    51. Ghosts on Fire

      can someone tellme how the heck they have such a good memory ????????????????

    52. Brett Nance

      If they were drawing comic strip characters, then why did you use their animated versions for the final comparisons? The character designs changed when they were made for television... especially Garfield and Snoopy.

    53. Seouloved

      No but isn’t Kyra actually really close to the old school Archie?!!

    54. Ye Heain

      I'm not an artist but for some reason, Garfield, Snoopy and Bugs Bunny are the only cartoon characters that I can draw in my entire life lol. I think they are very iconic characters and no matter how you draw them, they are easy to recognize.

    55. Oscar Melendez

      i kinda have a weird crush on jackie

    56. Elizabeth Bentley

      I can not even think of what Archie looks like i can only think of Betty And Veronica. Does he wear a weird hat that looks like a crown??

      1. Kim Jong Un

        Elizabeth Bentley that’s jughead

    57. Bre Nicole Tutorials

      Kevin and Jackie make this show.

    58. Aubsty

      I love thid

    59. pretendanimator

      why they compare them to stills from cartoon instead of the actual comic strips

    60. geniusmodernus

      Someone said Jason is pro?

    61. FrankyMcFrankerton

      Brent isn’t drawing from memory with that laptop open

    62. OA B

      Kyra is a beast. Always on the spot

    63. yiyisidora

      when jackie had just made the mouth and eyes it looked kinda like caturro

    64. purplerains

      But who are the animators and who are the cartoonists, and why does the video say artist vs cartoonist

    65. Nardhya Grero

      Kevin and Jackie need their own series!

    66. Regina Lugo

      nick is adorable

    67. Diane M. Romero

      Kyra is so talented. Jackie’s Garfield is disturbing. I loved this.

    68. MrClown2121

      ok but do this series with garbage idiots who can't draw worth a damn, then we got some good content rolling

    69. Abel Frank

      Jason's Woodstock is so cute. :)

    70. Phone 77

      Jason motherfkin sucks