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    1. Sal Altschul

      Massive confusion between being masculine and being male. There's a difference between identity -- who you are -- and behaviour -- masculinity. You need to get your shit together and actually get some help. Get offline, stop talking this rambling bullshit, and get some proper help. If you truly believe you might be trans or that you're struggling with your gender find yourself a gender therapist, that's what they're for. Otherwise, all of this stuff, the things you said in your video about being trans....Some of it is so problematic. You may not realise why, and that's alright, we don't all know everything about everything, but you need to listen to what people who are in the community are telling you. Some of this is an issue and you need to talk to someone about this. I mean, we're "transgender people," not "transgenders". We're people, multifaceted, complex people, not just our genders. That's really hurtful. You need to get this right if you're going to be a voice for people or try to put your voice out there. And trans men -- or trans masculine people -- were born with vaginas and do/did have breasts. You can choose to bind your chest and pack or to medically and socially transition, but having breasts doesn't mean you're automatically not trans either. It just seems like you need some help across the board and need to think this through.

    2. IAmFrankenstein Forever

      💞💞💞💜💜💜We love you babydoll 💜💜💜💞💞💞

    3. Ashley Bellerose


    4. Miguel Flores

      This is fkn bullshit and all you fucking dummies will forgive here and kiss her ass the next day this is fkn poison apology videos dont mean shit

    5. Xx G.A.CH.A Xx

      Trish, I think you should maybe get a new therapist, I don't much but I do know you're struggling, but I think it's something more serious, maybe an identity crisis? You really should get a new therapist.

    6. light laugh

      and what would shane do? all he'd do is ask her questions that shes already answered and sit quietly as she repeats herself over and over. trisha is such a lost soul but i truly do hope that she's getting help. it'll take time to heal but at least she's doing that. that more than some people can say.

    7. Sergio Sotelo

      I'm with her, fight me

    8. Ari L

      Trish you need to spend a lot of time off the internet, like focus on yourself. This isn't the first time you've made a video with this much backlash GIRL TAKE A BREAK!! get ur head on straight

    9. Grim Reaper1232

      Stop playing the victim. You need some fucking mental help. You are crazy. You offended more than just the fuckin LGBTQ+ community and you made us (ACTUAL trans community) look like a joke. Stop it, get some help. It's not our fault you're so dumb and on too many drugs to count at this point

    10. val phipps

      You aren't the victim here.

    11. Alyssa Buffington

      Y’all this honestly reminds me of Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn. She over compensated by become the most masculine man in the world to prove to everyone she was a man. She knew her life was easier that way. And went back and forth for years, even started transitioning then stopped then came out again 30 years later. Trish can totally have these feelings maybe her wording is off, but, everyone saying she has no idea what she’s talking about, it’s untrue.. she is the only one who knows what goes on in her head/behind closed doors. Let her be confused and figure her shit out.

    12. Creepy G.G.

      I think your just doing this for views. Stay offline until you feel better, hell maybe just leave CZ-news. Your not helping yourself by acting like the victim about this, you fucked up get over it, clearly you don’t understand Dysphoria because if you where “trans” You 100% dressing like a girl would trigger your dysphoria in a damn heartbeat. You can’t wake up and wanted to be trans that’s not how that works you can’t Identify as be 100% female and be Trans male. What I really think is that you’re acting like your trans for views and clout REAL TRANS PEOPLE WOULDN’T BE ACTING LIKE YOU. Because it’s a permanent struggle that has its goods and its bad but the struggle will always be there. Do your damn homework

    13. Stella Dova

      Trisha I'm not sure if you check your comments but I hope you read this. What I'm getting from this video is that you're having an identity crisis thats manifested itself into a gender identity crisis over the years. I think this has to do with your past relationships. And I think this has to do with you trying to please too many people at the same time. You've trolled in the past. One week you broke up with an ex. The next it's "omg am I pregnant?!?!". You’ve even gone back on fourth on your diet. One week you’re vegan the next week you’re not. One day you're crying the next you're in full glam filming a mukbang in your g wagon. Of course you'd receive a lot of mixed criticism. If any other youtuber came out with a raw, unedited video crying they'd gain the audiences sympathy. You're in this video crying but how many times have you done so in the past? I get it. Now that you're actually genuinely trying to speak your truth no one believes you and it's all starting to crash down on you. You feel overwhelmed. You feel like you can't please everyone at once. That's why as you said you constantly have the need to "switch it up" because you're trying to please everyone. You quite literally feel the need to constantly change your appearance to see what will work best for everyone. And thats where the question of gender identity manifested itself. You couldn't make everyone happy in the past. Not even in your past relationships. I think this is something that has been established over years and years. You receive more hate than anyone I know. You've been the subject of blame and criticism. You just want one person who understands. Everyone is throwing accusations at you when all you tried to do was express yourself. And because you couldn't communicate your internal feelings properly you were misunderstood and instantly blamed and labelled as the wrong guy. Just know that you've got a glimmer of support out here. This video may be outnumbered by dislikes but just know that the few likes on this video are from people like myself who believe you're a beautiful person. You're beautiful Trish. And you're loved more than you'd like to think :)

    14. Kionna BeVan

      This video is ridiculous

    15. Brynlee Boyack

      Have y’all noticed every time she says PTSD, she says PDSD😂😂😂

    16. Kassidy Krumm

      So.... monetizing an apology video? Cute.

    17. H grey

      You are not a joke because you look female. You are a joke because you are saying you're transgender when you CLEARLY are not.

    18. H grey

      "Trans people can just be out and open and people just applaud them" She DOES NOT UNDERSTAND the real struggle of what trans people go through. She's so ignorant and doesn't even take the time to educate herself.

    19. H grey

      Trish: "as a child I hated breasts" Also Trish: gets a boob enhancement

    20. H grey

      I HIGHLY doubt she's been going to a gender therapist. No reliable gender therapist would tell her she's transgender.

    21. McCaine Coke

      Be what you want to be

    22. B Walker

      She needs some major help. Like someone call Dr Phil before this girl hurts herself or someone else. I haven’t seen much about her but from what I see is she needs help.

    23. Dree

      Seek DBT treatment for borderline personality disorder

    24. Salmon-ella

      god this is such a pathetic attempt to reclaim your dignity. you can be masculine, thats fine, just dont try to use that to edge your way into communities you have no place in.

    25. Lea ann Schaum

      Don’t act like Pam act like paul

    26. Lea ann Schaum

      Show a man face

    27. Lea ann Schaum

      But yet u go as Pamela Anderson yet u want to be a man call ur rev the shrink isn’t helping

    28. Lea ann Schaum

      Try talking to ur rev

    29. Lea ann Schaum

      Make no sense

    30. Lea ann Schaum

      Male with make up and u show make up hair

    31. Lea ann Schaum

      Ur NOT a MAN

    32. Blessed Balloons

      Trisha, I want to support you but I don’t think I can. You are the only one who knows you so if you do think you might be genderqueer, that’s totally okay. I support you in that but some of the things you said in that video were very misinformed and offensive. I’m a non-binary person myself, and was genuinely offended by what you said. While I cannot go back to supporting you and your channel because I personally was offended, I do want to tell you that you can be both. You can be a woman and a man at the same time. That’s how I identify. I hope things get better for you.

    33. Lea ann Schaum

      What does ur father say???

    34. Lea ann Schaum

      U need to clock in a shrink for a while

    35. Lea ann Schaum

      U look like a woman there nuts u look straight up god didn’t want u to change or he would of made u that way

    36. Lea ann Schaum

      Go hang with straight people

    37. Lea ann Schaum

      U like make up u dress up u like that u love ur hair ur not suppose to be a man

    38. Lea ann Schaum

      Y are u still talking??? If u want to be a male do something do u pray???

    39. Lea ann Schaum

      Y can’t u be ur self????

    40. Lea ann Schaum

      Ok she is a woman so she wants to be bi or a man????

    41. Lea ann Schaum

      Help me understand

    42. Lea ann Schaum

      I’m knew I’d Trisha boy or girl?

    43. top pot

      Stop lying, you got all those surgeries to look more feminine now you are saying you are trans. Well this happens to be another money making video

    44. leda the psychic

      I dont think she's full on lying or anything. Like think about the amount of people who thought they wanted to transition or even just use pronouns to test stuff out and see if it's for them. A lot of those smae people never stuck with that identity and go back to identifying as cis, BUT they might not be able to see that until theyve actually tried to find what they feel comfy with

    45. Jenny Boyle

      You got hate cause ur a absolute prick

    46. Stan The Man

      She's in denial and having a crisis. Being masc doesnt mean you're ftm. If you where really ftm she would have figured that out and done something about that years ago. But no. She glamorizes having big tits, and has never talked about this before. All she wants to do is fetishize gay/effeminate men and in turn fetishize ftm like rcd art. If you are trans, that's well and good, but golly honey.

    47. c. gth

      There's so much hate in the comments, and I understand that ppl feel hurt because the whole discourse affects ppl in a really personal place, but there's no need to be mean and evil to a person who is probably confused and sad and unhappy. We all struggle, finding our identity and some of us understand the complex field of gender and sexuality and everything around that, more easily than others. Still we have to respect the feelings even of someone who is not sharp enough to figure it out on themselves. We have to respect that every human being has a perception of themselves that is different than anyone else's. Of course it's problematic because she, as someone with a wide sharing range can create confusion about the whole discussion, still we can't hurt someone just because they're making themselves vulnerable in an unhealthy context. Please look after eachother, be patient and open and try not to discriminate back just because we've been repressed for so much time. We should work on our society to make sure it goes in a direction where it allows everyone of us to be as they like.

    48. Teresa Benson

      I just want to say every transgender person has a starting point. That starting point is rolling out who you are. This is T’s starting point. With every transgender I’ve met and seen interviews, all say it starts from within. It’s something inside you that no one can understand. Also I’m really sad with what the LGBTQIA community has turned into. This is not who our community is. We out of all people should understand. We get beaten up, loose jobs, not welcomed (religion), and treated unfairly just because of who we are.

    49. rossi milanova

      no one: no one at all: CZ-newsrs every month: *apology*

    50. Tia Edmonds

      the only way she's gonna stop doing this shit is if people stop paying attention to her. it is always something. every week we got a grown ass woman crying on camera over her own actions. its truly tired at this point

    51. Jaimee Lynn

      You made an apology video just to tell everyone that they should feel bad for telling you that this sounds like entire bullshit after everything you’ve done? And how you present yourself now? We don’t feel bad. You made a mockery of trans people, have made a mockery of other LGBT+ people and this just sounds like you wanting US to apologize to YOU for getting rightfully upset about it.

    52. Oliver Blair

      Had to get that ad money on this video tho

    53. Amber Hanson

      Just my feels on this. She might be trans, i dont believe it but im not her so I cant say for sure, but I feel shes more having an entire identity crisis and shes melting down. Im happy shes seeing a therapist for all of this and I'm hoping she is doing some research on this stuff cuz she may be apart of the community but just doesnt know what part yet.

    54. Some Days

      U need dysphoria to be transgender and I don't think u have dysphoria, questioning ur gender is a thing and you dont havd to put ur self in to a group. But ur just not a trans guy sorry

    55. kiele kassidy

      I just want to give you a hug

    56. rachel wilper

      i seriously think she has mental health issues. she can keep doing youtube but she needs to seek help.

    57. Chloe Stall

      Is she crying..AGAIN-

    58. Ashley Panda

      Shoot - I remember when you identified as a chicken nugget . you just keep making that money booboo !

    59. mcr 56567

      how can u say that you struggle with this if u obviously dont experience dysphoria. ive met trans men who would rather DIE than wear clothes that present them as female. theres a difference between wanting to dress masculine and NEEDING to present male in order to calm the dysphoria. it eats at them and youre here invalidating them. its disgusting.

    60. Sarah Saltiel

      Your camera is not your therapist. CZ-news isn’t your therapist. I felt like this entire video was you talking to a therapist...go pay someone, hun. Educate yourself, work through your shit, and come out with a better apology video instead of trying to make this “therapy time”

    61. HuneyBeeXD

      EVERYONE STOP HATING She spills her guts out on the internet and all she gets is hate Let her be! AND LET HER BE HERSELF

    62. LevoGames

      so fake you should leave youtube for a while and learn some things

    63. Snicker Doodle

      Trisha needs a real friend in her life where she can just be herself and stop caring.

    64. Emily Stow

      I think the hatred comes from your standpoint of privlege right now. You know, like there's people like me out there that had to wear female clothing because there were no men's clothing at the shelter I was in, and I tried to kill myself and change when I couldn't take T anymore. There's people born into gangs who can't be out of the closet; so much repressed anger that they have and you don't deserve to be lashed out at. You sound really emotionally distressed, and my heart hurts for you. In the LGBTQ+, and in the trans* community especially you have to earn your stars to not get bothered by questioned by anyone. I was out as bisexual since grade 7 (25 now), and started transitioning in 12th grade. I never got questioned, but had some who told me I was too pretty, or didn't want me to. It's the whole wave of Tumblr gays, and trans* people that are making the community upset, because some of them are previous bullies. I think you need to read some feminist literature regarding gender, and explore what it means to be a woman to you. I don't want you to feel like you have to try to join our community because you feel vulnerable, alone, and dealing with misogynist men. It's so hard to be a strong woman in today's society and I hope you find yourself.

    65. fanny Blackaller

      Sweety i think you have symptoms of borderline personality disorder. Please go see your psychiatrist

    66. Tsubaki

      What a sincere apology video. 🤡🤢💀 Well organized, and clear! cz-news.net/online/video-XoYt_6s5QfE.html

    67. Jade Mercier

      You sound like you are pansexual and gender fluid my love...please research the terms

    68. Mollie Fizzy

      Do yall ever notice she makes controversial videos right before a drop of a music video trish is clever but it honestly gets so tiring seeing her repeat all the same cycles

    69. IDKHow Rat

      Every damn time

    70. hypocritical homosexual

      What you are doing is making the Trans community look bad. If u want to support us watch trans CZ-newsrs. Get educated. Stop doing publicity stunts for attention