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    🔥Anime Opening Compilation of All Time🔥

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    1. AndreMaar

      0:16 Darling in the FranXX "Kiss Of Death" 4:20 Fairy Tail "Kavka Shishido" 7:43 Durarara "Theatre Brook" 11:15 The Perfect Insider "Talking" 15:46 Boku Dake ga Inai Machi "Re:Re:" 18:57 Boruto "Lonely Go!" 22:52 Overlord "Voracity" 26:41 Steins;Gate "Hacking to the Gate" 30:55 Shokugeki no Soma "Kibou no Uta" 34:58 Haikyuu!! "Imagination" 37:50 Magi "V.I.P" 40:59 Mob Psycho 100 "99" 44:51 Attack on Titan "Sasageyo!" 50:34 Black Clover "Black Rover" 54:01 Gurren Laggan "Sorairo Days" 58:12 Naruto "Blue Bird" 1:01:46 Grimgar "Knew Day" 1:05:36 Bungou Stray Dogs "Screen Mode" 1:09:34 Sword Art Online "ADAMAS" 1:13:14 Kokkoku "Flashback" 1:16:14 Noragami "Goya" 1:19:01 Your Lie in April "Hikaru Nara" 1:23:10 Fate/Apocrypha "Fiyuu Upmei no Uta" 1:27:47 Fullmetal Alchemist "Again" 1:31:58 JoJo "Bloody Stream" 1:36:16 Death Parade "Flyers" 1:39:42 Koi to Uso "Kanashii Ureshii" 1:44:23 Youjo Senki "Jingo Jungle" 1:48:10 Boku no Hero "ODD FUTURE" 1:51:53 Seven Deadly Sins "Ame ga Furu" 1:55:44 No Game No Life "This Game" 2:00:23 Violet Evergarden "Sincerely" 2:04:54 AnoHana "Aoi Shiori" 2:10:27 Log Horizon "Database" 2:14:24 Soul Eater "Resonance"

      1. younes kertali


      2. Blitzy

        AndreMaar um why no Tokyo Ghoul

      3. Fate Lover


      4. charlotte burrows

        Thank u

      5. Z Tee

        We love you for this

    2. !!??

      25 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    3. !!??


    4. KND

      Grimgar really hits so different, especially when you watch the anime and see this art... FEEEEEEEEEL TRIPPPPPPPPPP

    5. Furro

      name of ending?

    6. james thomas

      so how many Copywrite strikes andremaar: yes

    7. Minh Mẫn

      i love the intro of this channel =3

    8. KOOLAIDan

      thanks for adding black rover

    9. Sonny

      I miss darling in the franxx fuck

    10. Daisukiloli


    11. Ernesto Guevara

      estan chidos solo me faltan los subs titulos :v

    12. Ciki Nangka


    13. DimiTok

      Just here to check if Death Parade opening was here, and it was

    14. DonQuxote Doflaemon

      No One Piece-No like

    15. Pokenite

      Im so sad when S;G op plays that i have to skip it

    16. Nadia-kun :3 :v

      Fairy Tail

    17. _stylish. b0y

      fairy taillll we willl misssss uuuuuuuu

    18. Peklo14 MLBB

      25-й лучший опенинг

    19. Peklo14 MLBB

      10-й опенинг полное говно для даунов

    20. Anime Mp3

      Mohon bantuan nya buat pencinta lagu jepang anime... Bantu channel saya... Newbie channel

    21. BioLizard18

      what the fuck happened at the end

    22. Gordox 64


    23. Kpop Lyrics

    24. Friend A

      anyone know songs in the style of overlord it sounds so familiar but ive never seen overlord or heard its op before

    25. BruhItsCrystal

      fuck is that ending lol

    26. Mohamed Sharif

      How many does Sony need to do damn

    27. Majestic Whale

      1:19:00 **Song starts playing** My depression: Ah shit, here we go again

    28. Lulu Jung

      Oshihetooo shiheteooo

    29. ToanTheSavage

      I showed this to my Dog now he’s a ninja and eats kunai’s for a living :(

      1. Kunai

        Nooo! i just want to kill people im not food you fool.

    30. dark and light

      17th song best

    31. malhar udhalikar

      Alright so let's listen to some new songs through this mega compilation. Starts: kiss of death Me: I have heard this too many times. He whatever, one more time wont hurt

    32. fmluta

      How is Knights of Sidonia not on here?!

    33. Bruno Rodrigues

      Darling in the FranXX is the best

    34. Roxane Rin Roussel

      wtfff the end ???

    35. ki som

      Do you know about 00:00 start music?

    36. Gham

      1:31:58 Why does this sound kinda flat?

      1. Gham

        lol I get it

    37. Kyle


    38. Space Marine

      40:59 The most dramatic way to count to one-hundred. Edit: Oh yeah finally someone else that likes Black Clover.

      1. Unknown Antihero

        I like it. Its just the recent fights look like they were made in ms paint 😂

      2. Vanilla 0

        i love it too ^^

    39. Gardelfreitas Menezes


    40. Loga .t

      Overlord fans?

    41. Ashtyn snow

      OMG I LOVE OVERLORD THANK YOU like=i love overlord too

    42. Jean Bob

      I see makise kurisu I click

    43. Anime Movies

      lol 😀

    44. loma a

      1:19:00 is the most cryable moment

    45. loma a

      Opening so good so, you wanna watch anime, or if you watched so cry a lot of

    46. Gaby Rodriguez

      yo: *viendo comentarios toda normal* - Espera soy la unica q habla español por aqui!?

      1. Couddlie

        No, saludos desde Perú :)

      2. Biomédico Jean

        No. Yo tambien. Saludos de Brasil.

      3. Long Live Anime and COOL BEANS!!!

        No yo Tambien no te preocupes!

    47. Gaby Rodriguez

      like por blue bird :"3

    48. Chef vtd

      How is Tokyo ghoul’s unravel not here?????

      1. RE VERB

        But still it's legendary

      2. RE VERB

        It's old now .Taste of music is changing....

    49. Naruto Uzumaki

      tell me what song this is please 2:18:05

    50. Ruby Stone

      i like your intro xD

    51. justdeoof

      1:31:58 kekka dake da

    52. This Joeeel

      my top 5- Fairy Tail "Kavka Shishido" 4-Youjo Senki "Jingo Jungle" 3-Durarara "Theatre Brook" 2-Naruto "Blue Bird" 1-JoJo "Bloody Stream"

    53. Carl Johnson

      Yo who the fuck made this shit...? 🙄

    54. Beubeu

      "A good opening is necessarly from a good anime" *season 2 of SAO has entered the chat*

      1. Azaleas Quinton

        sword art online yikes

      2. João Lucas Novaes

        *laughs in bleach language*

    55. Rangga Putera Samudera

      My best songs -Tragedy:Eternity -Tough & Alone -Panta Rhei -Anger/Anger -How close you are (Ajin) -Yoru wa nemureru kai? -Paradisus Paradoxum -Styx Helix

    56. Material Burst

      AYAYA Clap

    57. MrClutch 0z

      Me when my crush see me practicing fighting: 0:02

    58. Abud Sodexo


    59. 705: ᏢᏞᎪᎽᏃ

      2:18:19 is the top best anime song ever

    60. That One Goose

      Whats the intro song?

    61. Nightcore - RJ

      sorairo days was also in saenai heroine no sodataketa

    62. Hatake Aki

    63. NinjaOfDarkness 2000

      iS tHaT a JoJo rEfeRenCe???????

    64. ErenTheBombJaeger

      You seriously need to add Mafuyu’s song it’s SOOOO GOOD!

    65. Valentin Salas M.

      No me canso de escuchar este excelente compilacion

    66. Karson Mathews


    67. CYkid

      AndreMaar : *Uploads so many copyrighted videos* CZ-news : "Dats okay" Copyright : "Am I a joke to you?"

    68. Edvin Sandmark 7BF

      this sucks

    69. - Sambatic -

      Code Geass, anyone? All hail Lelouch!

      1. SamTheGumMan 117

        "All Men are not created Equal"

    70. ebony b

      I’m not the only one who decides to watch an anime based on how good their theme song is