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    Song: the score-born for this
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    1. JayB Shooter

      Please share this video)))

      1. JayB Shooter


      2. Togex

        @JayB Shooter is kinemaster only on smartphone?

      3. JayB Shooter

        @Togex kine master pro On my smartphone

      4. Togex

        great job! I'm thinking about using this song too. What editing software did you use?

    2. JayB Shooter

    3. pelegTV


      1. JayB Shooter

        great idea)))

    4. The Gunslinger06

      There was sadly not enough seven deadly sins in this video and I'm disappointed extremely

      1. JayB Shooter

        This is my first experience with several anime at the same time, and it was hard to combine, if you want to see more of the seven deadly sins, you can watch my other videos, .... thanks for the comments, I will take into account your requirement

    5. Albert Gao

      This song is perfect for the Persona Series (My Opinion)

    6. TheDragonWarz

      This should genuinely have more views

    7. JayB Shooter

    8. JayB Shooter

    9. Nova MMD

      Whats the anime at @1:29 ?

      1. Edi Somiu

        Bleach ending 30

      2. JayB Shooter


    10. Gmark5

      This need more views

      1. JayB Shooter

        I agree)))

    11. Max Falck-Hansen

      Sick amv! :3

    12. an4o

      Мне кажется что когда всё видео под одну песню то не очень , если сможешь то постарайся делать моменты подлиннее и под разную музыку каждый

      1. JayB Shooter

        Я же делаю под саму песню клип, а не по приколу

    13. Roman Malyarenko

      One piece, one love