All 7 Sins and Their Power Levels Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)



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    All 7 Sins and Their Power Levels Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)
    In this video, I look at each member of the seven deadly sins and all of their recorded power levels. I also look at how strong they are currently in the manga.

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    1. AnimeUproar

      Follow us on IG: Been working hard to post extra content for you guys there daily, so it would mean a lot to me if you'd check it out!

      1. Rayalboon

        bruh, i wish the thumbnail was no spoiler, i didnt even want to watch the video but got spoiled anyway (if the numbers are accurate), for the future, please keep that in mind...

      2. Natsu Dragneel


      3. James Bergy

        i was enjoying the video until you pronounced Galand, Gland

      4. Dady Otola

        What is power of supreme deity please answer me quickly😙😙😙

      5. ANGEL LAZFA

        Can u watch this online website if yes can u please tell me an website to watch please and is this manga still going on

    2. SkitKn0ck Lil

      IT'S OVER 9000

    3. That One Guy

      This list has changed so much now, like I would now say In the current chapters rn, Escanor is number 1 strongest

    4. Phantom4045 Gaming

      Where can I read the manga?

    5. Zahid Al Nahid

      this is becoming more like dragon ball, get killed return stronger, nakama power bull

    6. Therease Anne

      This making Meliodas sound weak in season 2

    7. RetailWorker

      I want to hear Escanor in his 'The One' form say, "It's high noon."

    8. Syed Murtaza

      And how come anyone be stronger than escanor when he was said to be the one incarnation of power I just don't get it Even the writer say I will not accept that anyone can be more powerful or even all sins and commandments angels and demon Lord God all combine can be powerful than Escanor sama. Then what's the point of the power of sun it should be always beat the demon who live and hide in darkness and he is the human and Human in all games and anime are strong because of their will power. Who decides that.

      1. Syed Murtaza

        @Cxlors aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Noooooooooooo I didn't read your message. Tell the fucking writers Who decides that. And I mean his power is from pride the prider he be the strongest he will be In all anime pride is always strongest of all and pride can fight all good bad combine and still win. If I was in Japan I really fucked that writer group.

      2. Cxlors

        Just read the manga, Escanor wasn't really the incarnation of power, its just he was so high in power that it seemed like that, now hes like top 4 sins

    9. Syed Murtaza

      Escanor sama not the strongest Who decides that !!!!!!!

      1. Cxlors

        The writers and the manga.

    10. The Prophisized

      Admit it, if u watched the anime u knew the thumbnail was cap But u still clicked the video

      1. Cxlors

        escanor is one of the weakest sins now lmao in the recent manga hes kinda a pushover (The One)

    11. Islande Philemont

      That dude that has a power level of 15 is like all might because they both have a time limit in there form and they also get really buffed then really weak

    12. Giddy B

      Estarossa:I love you elizabeth Meliodas:WHO DECIDED THAT

    13. Karl Nurme

      i just finished watching the anime, can anyone tell me where can i watch the manga as well ?


      you forgot hawks mom

    15. Enrique De los santos

      It’s over 9000

    16. Chills

      Just so we’re clear Goethe’s is not a sin

      1. Afif Lawas

        Who is?

    17. Walle

      Looool Ban's power level 500.000+???? Impossible, that would mean he could take the mael with sunshine solo

      1. Guilherme Brito

        Of couse he can while mael dont match demon king mel Ban could damage tio without even using Hunter fest and courechouse

    18. Boi UnderControl

      Erm escanor can't reach 300k even with the one u can say he just overpower original demon ,and for meliodas ::ten comandment are half of the demon king power + his assault mode = meli powerlevel AND THERE IS NO CHANCE DAT HE HAS THE FULL POWER OF THE DEMON KING CUZ HE'S STILL ALIVE Even all the combined sins' attacks couldn't drop demon king defences Now to king , Dude there is no way in the world dat king reachs 300k Due to his full devloped wings he gained more magical power but won't reach 300k just because he was easily able to counter orginal demon his fighting is using his sacred bla bla to send blows (King's power lvl was around 40k with baby wings and yet he was able to send blows to chandle so the different won't be dat big '-' Now to my fav, ban after the purgatory is like a obsedian block in minecraft all the attacks dat demon king(after absorbing the comandments) sent to ban wasn't enough to knock him away and adding hunting festival he was taking the demon king power to weakling his control over meli body so: ban + assault mode meliodaa (orginaly made from purgatory's enviroment) + part of demon king power = ~242k~ idk how much he absorbed from the demon king but 100k is enough :3

      1. Dinesh Baskaran

        Boi UnderControl *Spirit Spear Chastiefol

    19. pastrana21

      that is a huge speculation considering that everyone has stated that Escanor is the most powerful sin.

    20. Fritz -0

      Hawk has a power level of 380,000 stronger than everyone THATS MY FACT

    21. Parallel Quweb

      Who tf disliked dis

    22. Temryu

      We all know hawk is the strongest

    23. superninja458 roblox

      Escanor the one for. Is 700k

      1. Dinesh Baskaran

        superninja458 roblox how the hell can you say that?

    24. Sky Nightkilla

      Finally some unbiased PowerLevels

    25. Thanos Joyner

      Meliodis is the strongest sin no cap he is the GOAT🐐

    26. tHaT FbI dEpArtMeNt

      0:13 .....👀

    27. Arialwalker

      These are some serious spoilers, for anime fans. Add it to your title.

    28. Veynnn

      Rimuru and Hawk share the same skill. So basically Hawk is stronger than Meliodas

    29. lia araz

      sooooo king and ban are stronger than escanor now???

    30. Hey Im Watchin You

      meliodas and ban together makes it 1.1 million but they still cant overpower the demon king and supreme diety is stated (is it stated or nah?) stronger than demon king

      1. deep wet

        How can ban be so powerfull when he getting ass wipe when fighting with 10 co.

    31. SupaDupaNate 9000

      Return of the King PRAISE THE SUN ☀️☀️☀️

    32. •Shadøw•

      This seems a lot different than the series on Netflix. I'm seeing scenes I haven't seen on Netflix before and I've seen the whole thing. Is there another place I can watch The Seven Deadly Sins?

      1. Test Account

        The "Internet" can help you

    33. Vision Brown

      The sins have nothing on the dragon ball universe if this is true

    34. Escanor

      Escanor beat Zeldris by poking him

    35. Last Masanori

      Power levels are stupid

    36. Abood MM

      Guys escanor's the one form is immeasurable and marlin said for 1 minute he becomes the invincible reancarnation of power so his power might be infinite

      1. Shlomo Shekelstein

        @Hi There We know that the "The Sun" works differently for Escanor than for Mael. The Graces aren't just power level buffers they're unique abilities, therefore, it's reasonable to assume one can use the grace to surpass even the one who created it. Escanor is able to tank multiple attacks from the prime-deamon king in the latest chapters and is able to inflict the most punishment out of the three (more than ban and more than king) and this isn't even "The One". It's not a stretch to assume that "The One" is literally near invulnerability + infinite physical strength.

      2. dead zone312

        If you read in the manga escanor was more badly damaged than meliodas after that fight . And he had to use up all the power that he stored up just to win

      3. Hi There

        Sunshine is 1 of 4 graces that make up half of the supreme diety total power. The supreme diety is as strong as the demon king. Meliodas becomes more powerful than the demon king making him also more powerful that the supreme diety. This makes him many times stronger than escanor

      4. John Smith

        Supreme Deity is factually far superior to Escanor and her power isn't infinite

      5. boku no

        Right, this vid is just pure speculation and not official. No way, king or ban overpowers escanor. In escanor's voice: "Who decided that"

    37. Leomar Taguinod

      Escanor vs King, who you got?

      1. Thorn58 Productions

        Leomar Taguinod The one easy

    38. Nathan James Tarroza

      AnimeUproar : escanor is the weakest Escanor : Who Decided that?

    39. NASSER nouri

      you forgot gowther dude how????????

    40. Aboodi Obd

      The mosquito in one punch man can beat all the seven deadly sins and the ten commandments

      1. Aboodi Obd

        @harry harry Yea that also

      2. harry harry

        And the demon king

    41. King

      Damn, Escanor should atleast be stronger than Ban considering his power isn't even permanent

    42. Neykooo

      Galand : Hey guys, I'm strong ! Hawk : WOW ! He got a power level of 26k ! Meliodas : Hold my beer

      1. Cxlors

        *Hold my vanya ale

    43. hisexcellency916

      A lot of Escanor haters on here. He’s still the man. Because he decided that.

    44. Papa jay

      Meliodas : power up to 600k+ Saitama : ---____--- ! *One punch* & win

    45. An Nguyen

      What would happen if Melodies in his strongest demon form and Sataiman being serious go against each other? It would definitely be one of the best battle ever!!!

      1. harry harry

        Saitama? If so that would fight would end fast with meliodas dying

    46. lZeph Sasaki

      Anyone remember this? Gilthunder: im stronger than any of the seven deadly sins 😂

      1. Curious Shot

        Jabs the mage is vivian btw

      2. Jabs

        lZeph Sasaki it was a curse given by the mage forgot her name and he says it so meliodas realises Gilthunder was being watched and so was his love

    47. Codeco C

      Waiwaiwaiwaiwait, mael is THAT strong?!?!? He got the biggest nerf in history when he became a commandment, if he stayed with the goddesses and mel was still with the commandments I still don't see how the demons would win against them

      1. Codeco C

        Well cept if meliodas used "The Destroyer"

    48. StickFighterZ Must change his name

      0:12 *FBI OPEN UP!*

    49. joao vitor simionato steffen

      I speak inglish

    50. joao vitor simionato steffen

      I from brazil

    51. Pepe Zaharenkovs

      What if meliodas covered the sun with his wrathescanor will dai

    52. Ritvik Ellendula

      If Chandler has a power level of 173,000 how come he can’t win a stinking challenge

    53. αѕѕαѕιη Gαмεr

      lol tf gowther?

    54. Géza Boczán

      Escanor PL is only 300k + ? Who decided that ?

    55. rose dicang

      Hhhhhmmmmmm if they all the 7 deadly sins fight the ten commandments they would win eh is just my opinion

    56. Jihad Pilot

      So meliodas is strongerr than them

    57. Fxnesse

      how do u explain a power level💀💀😹

    58. Nameless otaku

      Best thing about ban is that if he still had his immortality plus now his sacred treasure I bet there would almost no one who could beat him with his endurance gained from purgatory and his immense strength

    59. SáM RaHaTEkar

      What if Ultra instinct goku accidentally goes to seven deadly sins universe😂😂

    60. Joel Tardieff

      So Pride doesn’t even stick out anymore?

    61. John no divorce

      Subtitles:Eskin Or and Smelly Otis xDD

    62. Hero Hunter

      Trust me its true

    63. Bukage

      Escanor actually only used 50% of his power in the manga No fr he took out estarossa all by himself and when escanor is the form of “The one” he is basically not even using a present age of his power

    64. Descriptor RBYT

      Season 1 episode 3 or 4 Gilthunger:remamber that i am stronger than every sin Gil power 2250 Gowther 35000 Merlin 200000 Ban 500000 Escanor 300000 Meliodas 600000 King 400000 Diana 50000 Gil:oh im sorry i didn't mean that 😂😂😂😂

    65. Bruce Wayne

      Escanor as the ONE " 1000000000000000000000000000000000000"

    66. Bruce Wayne

      Meanwhile Eascanor watching this: who decided that!

    67. Elija

      Escanor the one power is infinity

    68. Ninja Bro

      Conclusion sr.twiggo is the strongest



    70. Benjamin Hartman

      Does anyone know what spirit power level is. Is it like the amount of mana they possess