All 7 Sacred Treasures and Their Powers Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)



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    All 7 Sacred Treasures and Their Powers Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)
    In this video, I look at each sacred treasure and what we know about their powers.
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    1. Iman Nelgabaz

      Merlin had Ban's Treasure, she gave it back to him during one of their later battles against the Commandments

    2. Liza Lalu

      7:12 king uses middle finger

    3. zdy3888


    4. Moin

      Thor's hammer needs thor to be worthy of it. The Divine axe rhitta answers to Escanor's will ... Don't even compare them.

    5. Vamsi Hari

      7:09 why is king flipping his opponent off? 😂😂😂😂😂

    6. I am Springtrap

      Sacred treasure powered Ban would m be more powerful then all the other Sins combined at the begging, and could easily beat Diane at his current Purgatory-enhanced level

    7. Armoured Titan

      Who would have known you could do full counter with a spoon

    8. Ezrah Maiquez

      In the manga melioadas magic power was not full counter he learned the full counter from a high class demon

    9. Ezrah Maiquez

      Did u know the stream manga app like manga master

    10. Ezrah Maiquez

      Luv ur vids bro❤


      What is merlin’s sacred treasure???

    12. Cloud and Shadow Dusk Productions

      8:53 GOT EM

    13. Aiden Garner

      Ya know now that infinity war is out and endgame axe rita is basically storm breaker

    14. Ryuuki-Sama

      Hustle castle is literally just a family guy version of Fallout Shelter

    15. gugan bala

      He use his sacred treasure at fight against indura and his mini versions, and also it has a ability that is assault hunt at manga

    16. Frederick Dudang

      King is like Erza cuz like he has swords flying like Erza

    17. MezzY KrazY

      Wait so if meliodas got a super power magic attack like a abilons beam and kept reflecting it between themselves, could it just infinitely get stronger to the point of one shotting say the demon king?

    18. Jay G

      King treasure is the pillow bear thing not the spear

    19. Jay G

      Kings tr

    20. jkjhkjhkjhk

      closed captions huh

    21. Zachary K

      The captions on this video...

    22. Honey Bui

      The caption for the intro tho lol

    23. Naiyar Shaman

      Cut off the captions

    24. mlp uploader for free

      OPM:king vs SDS:king Physical fight no weapons

    25. mlp uploader for free

      Fallout shelter is better then hustle castle

    26. Its Nothing

      I'm sure that ban sacred treasure location would be near but he cannot sense it?

    27. REV OLie

      Put on captions and restart the video XD

    28. Maineiac fishing

      Full counter is overpowered bullshit I love it

    29. lเאא gคςђค

      guyszzz go to 7:08 king is doing 🖕 or idk..

    30. Crusader Memes

      Turn on captions You’ll be glad I told yap

    31. Black Cat

      What are these subtitles

    32. Jessica Colon

      I yust realized hustle castle is exacly like fallout sheltet

    33. Gage Feldman

      Make more seasons netflixxxxxxx are they gonna do it ????

    34. Queen Fish

      Lmao I was watching with subtitles on and-

    35. 【cherry pop】


      1. ChriseFTW

        【cherry pop】 huh

      2. Queen Fish

        I DID LMAO

    36. Sera

      I like ban but I hate him at the same time

    37. Beast Defender

      Tf were the captions

    38. Jefferson Ola

      Too much time for ad talks 👎

    39. Dr. Shark

      old king looks better.

    40. Nathan Mulcock

      To buissy with Elaine resurrection

    41. Rose Aranez

      bans Sacred tresure is that steel chako

    42. Rod Edw

      bro turn the captions on read that shit

    43. Ruuki

      the captions : 0:00

    44. Courtney Wright

      Turn on captions at 1;37 oml

    45. Charles X

      he be so bad @$$ that it would make him more oo then he is now

    46. Pierre De wit


    47. SneezySaturn031

      When they raid Area 51 they will find Bans sacred treasure

    48. Ares Sun

      ban get his sacred trasure in chapter 315 it was in merlin all the time

    49. Jerwin Cabatuan

      you have to update this now, ban got his sacred treasure now.

    50. kay ray

      I thought you would say lot about escanor ~ maybe I was expecting too much

    51. Joselle Heheh

      Escanor has Divine Sword and Divine Spear Escanor.

    52. Menesh TarQuini

      In the new chapter ban gets his sacred treasure - merlyn had it 🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. Fsp Squid Killer

        Menesh TarQuini it’s Merlin fucker jk lol but yah

    53. cobblestone-life crundee

      The reason why ban doesn't use his sacred treasure is because his sacred treasure is power full enough to wipe out anyone and he doesn't want to find it for the sake of his fellow sins

    54. Draconex Gaming

      No ge acsedently ate it

    55. The ShArinGanK1D

      Hey you don’t have a life you work on CZ-newss!!!!!!!

    56. Liko

      i think ban knows were his treasure is

    57. the building gamer

      Its over 9000

    58. Jhayar Amandy

      i wonder,why dont merlin just teleport bans sacred treasure to him just like he did with meliodas sacred treasure???

    59. mikah caps

      merlin gabe back ban's sacred treasure. I think she was the one who stole it. Ban now is really OP

    60. GEKOULTIMA666

      Ban’s. “Senses were dulled”

    61. Escanor

      Spirit Spear Chastiefol sounds better than spirit spear basquias

    62. Rannie Manggas

      Ban's sacred treasure is back. Merlin somehow found it and gave it back to Ban when they were fighting the demon that the demon king released. It somehow complements Ban's speed and gives him more range since the treasure seems like its extending when Ban swings it.

    63. Godlike GG

      lol ban got it back. merlin gave it back to him at chapter 314 I think


      Ban got his secret treasure now

    65. Nolan Riela

      The real sacred tresur of Meliodas is Elizabeth

    66. Logan Nelson

      Meliodas created like six clones in the prisoners of the sky movie

    67. Josh khoy

      Merlin is hiding it from him

    68. Nathaniel Hernandez

      That's not meliodas's true sacred treasure they only show it very few times but it's actually a big ass spear like weapon

    69. Arnel Canar

      As of now, ban got his sacred treassure, it was in possesion of merlin, gave it to him to fight the demon king in zeldris body.

    70. The Raging Riot

      Whos here after ban got is new sacred treasure in the manga and is going APESHIT aganist the indrua?