adam and eve talk to god

Gus Johnson

Gus Johnson

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    this really happened
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    this is a video about when adam and eve talked to god.
    Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
    Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.

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    1. Gus Johnson

      to hear more actual daily true facts about god and jeesis follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets

      1. Collin Creates

        There once was a guy named gus, His blasphemous mouth does cus, He walks on the edge laughing at God, Tempting his creator in heaven. One slip off the edge and he'll fall down to heaven???...

      2. adrian tumminello

        @Soldier of Christ we should definitely be Praying for them all!!! & I subscribed to your channel.. excited to see some of the things you post!

      3. Galactic Tuna

        Ya know... I woulddd, but I kinda it suspended a month ago.

      4. Freakin’ Mint

        Wow, Didn’t even spell Jesus right. Absolute joke. I seriously pray for your help.

      5. father of all of you

        Why it's ok to mock Christians?

    2. Vanessa The Wolf

      Imagine if the Bible said it in this way xD

    3. florasion

      Why does god look like that weird guy from the office

    4. RA Diabolikal

      It's not Adam and Eve! It's Adam and Steve god damnit

    5. Sugar Cookie

      Damn Gus you’re a fuckin comedy genius

    6. sabbs

      You made my day so much better. Thank you.

    7. Sindre Giske

      This is literally elementary school level doodoo and i love it

    8. Amara Joy Allen

      God, CATCH

    9. Jesse Smith

      I always get worried for people that mock Christianity, playing with fire. Of course CZ-news puts this on trending, wake up people.

      1. TiGeR

        Christians are mentally disabled man

    10. Jonathan Fike

      The Hemsworth brothers of CZ-news

    11. Memesbeforepuns

      I’ve watched this literally every day since it came out

    12. Saci626

      my favorite video.

    13. Thomas Collier

      You idiots

    14. Jordan

      my youth pastor would love this!

    15. Penelope Smith

      After this video ended gus’ mom immediately started hucking apples at him

    16. Δανάη Αυγερινού

      Jesus is God's OC

    17. nikbistro2

      @Gus Johnson thanks for making videos that remind me of how old school CZ-news videos looked haha love it

    18. Fragile Creatures

      But wait... Adam and Eve didn't have a Mom, surely? God was their Mom?

    19. Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure

      Eve.... My god... You're BEAUTIFUL.

    20. Lauren Sutton

      Bearded god looks like ed sheeran

    21. Josiah Carfagno

      Woah look at him go! 😂

    22. PlzZxDayDay

      please tell me, what is your religion? i've offiCIALLY CHANGED TO WHAT YOU ARE (caps lock turned on by itself idc to re delete and type out again)

    23. yourenotmy dad

      god is blonde like all perfect people

      1. dumpster

        Your words not ours.

    24. Unoriginal Content Creator

      why eve gotta be so hot 😳😳😳

    25. Col Wars Studio Brickfilm and more!

      i have Malusdomesticaphobia

    26. Some Kid

      I’m not Christian but this is hilarious

    27. GMG 85

      You guys are like Monty Python 😂

    28. 12%

      Yall rude to your mom.

    29. tranche2pain

      this video gives me hope, we're on our way back to the roots of youtube

    30. Nice Guy

      Is Sven a werewolf? Also this video is fucking stupid

    31. bbdeathgrips

      Okay but this is my favorite CZ-news video ever right now

    32. Sir Meursault

      Imagine being lost in a woods somewhere near and what you see when you finally get on the track is two naked guys shouting GOD to the man standing on the house.

    33. jem

      “we’re like 100% of the population right now”

    34. BeardGuy

      "Blessed are the ones who won't put up with their mom's BS anymore"

    35. Maury Globerman

      Why does God look like Ed sheeran

    36. gcatharineg

      “where’d you get shoes?!” “i invented em!”

    37. Christian Theology United

      This is hilarious! I love it.

    38. Will Y

      This reminds me of WKUK

    39. I Love Musicals

      When I was going to a Christian School they had us make videos exactly like this reenacting different storys from the Bible and present them to the class, and they always were exactly like this lol.

    40. Nignog Dog

      Did God just get peer pressured into eating the Fruit of Knowledge? Sick.

    41. Kristian Ryden

      Wow...eve is a really ugly woman...

    42. Gabriel

      Mom, shut up!

    43. Mutah

      I love how his Mom can't help but laugh at everything

    44. Gab Polecina

      No wonder why their place become godforsaken country

    45. Lily

      why am i attracted to this type of shit humor

    46. LIA FLORIO

      dwight shrute is that you?

    47. Meta!Uzer

      Holy shoulders

      1. Cody H


    48. Hiroshimaru

      Mockery of the bible and Christianity fuck you and fuck this channel

      1. TiGeR

        lol you fucking clownn

    49. valouxxx5

      oh boy this is some good content

    50. Hyperactive Tendencies

      Why does this guy look like Timmy Williams from Whitest Kids U Know.

    51. Microwaved Cat

      Flagging this video for nudity because they showed eve’s tits

    52. Lorelei Gwin

      Mom shut up!

    53. Cats go Meow

      “Mom shut up we’re making a film” Psalm 420 : 69

    54. Randy Savage

      Gus you HAVE to tell me the name of the song of your outro. Thats such a calming music.

      1. Bertus van Zyl

        Its his own song. I don't know what the name is though.

    55. Benjamin Giesbrecht

      You sweded a story from the book of Genesis

    56. Maggie Mothe

      Hello Gustav can you investigate this weird trends of Facebook meme pages with generic names like "star wars memes" and "historical pictures" that have been around for years randomly putting wrird like censored Disney porn and stuff like that in their "Facebook Stories" which shows up the second you go to your timeline on the top of your screen with weird obviously bait captions like "wanna see sexual things hiding in Disney movies? Click here!" or other weird typical pornographic in nature or at least promising porn if you click? Ive literally had like 11 of these old random facebook pages I liked back in fucking middleschool and highschool hardcore trying to get me to check out their weird anthropomorphic furry porn of beloved cartoon characters. They literally usethose porn website sidebar advertisement pictures where someone drew like Disney's anthropomorphic animal ROBIN HOOD FUCKING MAID MARRIEN and they blur the actual genital parts with their text. Some company has to have boughten out like a million inactive or dying meme pages on Facebook to do this thing, and I think its worth an investigation. Have a nice day

    57. meatpyramid

      Adam has smul head

    58. Ryan Orion


    59. Squirrels React

      You forgot to capitalize God.

      1. TiGeR

        well he's not real neither important so it doesn't really matter

    60. Hagelslag

      1:20 could have been right out of Its Always Sunny. Quality content

    61. Hare Brahs

      god doesnt exist

    62. Ben

      John 2:4

    63. RB_SPLICE

      This is vlog creations liked vidoes 😂😂

    64. Badri Isiani

      You just posted cringe, you gained a subscriber bro

    65. Brian Grom

      Gus is in his late 20's? somehow has the best 50 year old try-hard-dad-bod in the entire country. Love it lol

    66. Flabbergasted Lolli

      I thought for a minute Ed Sheeran was playing God was because of the hair...fml

    67. Anon the-third

      Thor is playing the wrong God lol

    68. GeneralT1gerZ

      Mom shut up im making a film im dying

    69. Rising Legend

      Haters throwing apples at -ed sheeran- GOD

    70. Sad Face

      Don't be mean to ur mom