adam and eve talk to god

Gus Johnson

Gus Johnson

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    this really happened
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    this is a video about when adam and eve talked to god.
    Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to shooting videos with his mom to I don't know why I am writing this. I am Gus. I wrote this.
    Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.

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    1. Gus Johnson

      to hear more actual daily true facts about god and jeesis follow me on twitter @Gusbuckets

      1. Lil Rackey


      2. GtaJIT

        Do u Even believe in god

      3. GtaJIT

        Jesus *

      4. Korrupt

        Dylan Stone I am Christian but it is funny

    2. Dip Shit

      I like to think that Adam only wore sweatpants

    3. Twolfos

      How did you trick CZ-news into not censoring Eve's moist breasts?

    4. Nova

      More of these please

    5. Sophia

      Its adam and eve not adam and steve!!

    6. Khang Nguyen

      beautifil never seen a better thing in my life

    7. Andrei Geist

      Sven has the same body as the default Dark Souls 3 Character

    8. Ypsilow ?

      is this ed sheeran??

    9. BluBirdsPinkClouds

      Gus, your tibbies are out

    10. Rhianon Morris

      severe 2008 baloonshop energy.

    11. Henry The Great

      "Your mom's so old she's older than God"


      This is funny idk why ppl disliked this🤣

    13. Rigel Arndt

      What did i just watch?

    14. Mason Jarr

      Nobody is talking about how fucking attractive thor is

    15. Ava Catherine

      im studying for my theology exam rn

    16. Claire Hall


    17. Raavana Naan

      This is so deep. Is Mom a representative of the devil, or is she the real god and creator (like 'Mom', 'Birth' etc.) and the one on the roof is a false god, teaching us a wrong way of live

      1. ItsYaBoiNachan

        Raavana Naan it’s a dumb comedy skit

    18. Rusty H

      Did anyone else think he was going to say "flag on the play" at 0:36?

    19. LuckyAK

      Good quality bad quality video

      1. The_Biblioklept

        LuckyAK It's supposed to like that

    20. Racoon HelmetMan

      God eves tits get me so fuckin hard

    21. Seán O'Dea

      stop bullying your mom :(((

    22. Emmanuel Tzimis

      Rebel Wilson looks amazing

    23. Katie Rose

      I can’t believe they showed a naked woman on CZ-news 🤯🤯

    24. Victor Rusu

      Good luck explaining this to god

    25. uttam krishnan

      Every comment in here is gold

    26. Price Rowland

      I never imagined Eve with that much chest hair

    27. Lizard Flap

      God kill my mom

    28. Cherrykye Waters

      I don't think Gus and Sven's mum knows the bible. Jesus is johnny-come-lately. I'm not a Christian bit I know this.

    29. just me

      eve let herself go even before she had kids

    30. darsan

      Ah yes the characters in the Bible: God Adam Eve *Mom*

    31. Jocelin Galindez

      I love this dude all the content

    32. Famingo Fan UwU

      They just started abusing his mom

    33. Comedic Center

      "Yo *Eve,* where'd ya get shoes, *man?"*

    34. ffsf739

      This is the best video EVER.

    35. Inland Islander

      We just not gonna talk about Sven's damn near 90° horizontal shoulders? Ight.

    36. Jonathan

      Sin definition is "leads to death", the fruit lead to the death of a lamb, to cloth them. Which would be also the lamb of god.

    37. Dr.Hannibal Lecter

      Why does good look like Ed sheer an?

    38. Michael Zutis

      my mom would beat the shit out of me hahahaha

    39. im blue

      What if god was a doctor ?

    40. Rachel McAwesomness

      *Genesis colorized*

    41. Josh

      God on top of a house! Lol

    42. Skylar Hadley

      “What if I told you it was tasty!”

    43. Paul Daves

      I was never convinced by the arguments for Christianity, but this video is starting to give me second thoughts.

    44. Pepsi

      I’d kill to be your neighbor

    45. Vycious

      C'mon guys don't make fun of God like this

    46. epic gamer

      Damn eve got that dad bod


      Oh my God you told your mom to shut up. You are a grown ass as adults and you’re making CZ-news videos fantastic good for you and I bet you live at home to with your dorky friends. I’m going to torture you by subscribing to your channel and chatting.

      1. PolarBearsRCool

        Lmao please tell me this is sarcasm

    48. Fish

      This video has made me a believer

    49. girls poop too

      This is the best thing ever Thanks

    50. Jay Quek

      God looks stunningly like callmecarson

    51. Andrew The Anarchist.

      I just wish there was a like all videos button so that I could like all your videos at once.

    52. lucas pallan


    53. Vasilobilaros Bilarovasilos

      I love how they are playing characters who are playing characters

    54. the big dogs

      Imagine saying Jesus was always there since Adam and Eve

    55. RedL

      "Oh my god. Gods cool."

    56. Laugh Crack Comedy

    57. Evy Verschaeve

      im watching this to study for my religion exam tomorrow

    58. I ❤️ Modest Pelican Gaming

      I wonder how old that camera man is like 2000 years old

    59. ThaBestAnimations

      God said the name of his son who wasn't even born yet lol

    60. skiorsnowboard

      Look at that pectum excavatum

    61. Asha Williams

      Poor mom

    62. Sunny Edge

      What if I told you it was tasty?!

    63. Keiden HSU [08C01M]


      1. ErikLew

        More like electric shaver! Up top!

    64. Fitness IQ

      What a bunch of shameless losers. Mocking the truth is a sign of sociopaths. Then the sociopath tells his mother to shut up in public.

    65. SirFlapia

      Why does Eve look more masculine than Adam?

    66. Danny Yocco

      Do more bible stories please

    67. Jack Dierkens

      God be looking like Ed Sheeran

    68. Nathan

      Eve has nice bewbs

    69. TheDanielradio

      Oooooh went a lot better than I remembered! Sweet!

    70. I exhibit the big hungry

      “It says it in the Bible” yeah that’s why it’s not true

      1. I exhibit the big hungry

        Máscara Verde I don’t remember asking

      2. Máscara Verde

        Oh You are such an edgy guy congratulations