Accent Expert Breaks Down 17 Actors Playing Real People | WIRED



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    Dialect coach Erik Singer once again takes a look at idiolects, better known as the specific way one individual speaks. Did Rami Malek do a good job speaking through prosthetics to become Freddie Mercury? How accurate was Jennifer Lawrence's Long Island accent in Joy? Did Christian Bale nail former Vice President Dick Cheney?

    Check out more from Erik here:
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    Accent Expert Breaks Down 17 Actors Playing Real People | WIRED

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    1. Formula7Driver

      I stopped watching this video at 8:03. After that point, this man lost all my respect. I have a very good reason why.

    2. Shiro

      Dan Hedaya looks more like Lyndon B. Johnson than Nixon, the one who acts as Nixon should be Pierce Brosnan

    3. Sangeeta Kalsi

      I know Freddie Mercury is originally Indian, but I always felt like Rami tried too hard to sound Indian in a way Freddie didn't truly himself

    4. nicholas cicchillitti

      he's so hot

    5. Erikrafter 1092

      This man is so smart and gorgeous

    6. Wilson Moyer

      I just wanna hear a breakdown of all the impressions in Midnight in Paris

    7. Yodele Ladejobi

      it's like y'all have him in a basement and bring him out just to make videos. Eric are you okay????

    8. Like Police

      13:31 Sounds like an actual conversation

    9. Angelo Santiago, Jr.

      Wait wait wait, does not everyone say durable like Jennifer Lawrence said it..??

    10. max

      i swear the way i speak changed after this video

    11. Brown

      I want this guy to analyze how I talk, cause I talk weird

    12. Jhully Amilly Marangoni

      Do I even know how to speak?

    13. Tye Addison

      Why does this guy look like Denis out of its always sunny in Philadelphia

    14. Lydia Krow

      I love these breakdowns - it gives me a new appreciation for the craft actors bring to entertainment. Singer's breakdown is excellent, as well - easy for a layman like myself to understand.

    15. Johnny C

      WOW!! Erik is amazing. I have learnt so much on watching some of his videos. As a guest at the dinner table he would command the attention of every person!

    16. Carly Matthews

      Does anyone know what movie it is where he talks about Jennifer Lawrence??

      1. Carly Matthews

        Morten Aanstad thank you!!

      2. Morten Aanstad


    17. tforceraven

      I love that he doesn't make you feel like an idiot but instead is actually just trying to share information.

    18. Azcena Jordan

      15:15 that chin looks like a Camel. Imma yeet now *whoosh....*

    19. David Mesuli


    20. Lonbunz

      Can this guy please talk about how HORRIBLE Pennsylvania Dutch is on tv?!

    21. Heidi Carter

      🙃 It seems, to me, like Ed Kemper was trying to imitate Cameron Britton’s voice. Lol

    22. Hjønk Hjønk

      I kind of want him to analyze my own speech pattern now. I wonder how he would classify and mimic it.

    23. Cammiboe

      And people look at me like I’m crazy for studying linguistics. This is why!... It’s so fascinating!

    24. Kevin Fry

      Looks like Dennis Reynolds.

    25. Sab Bunnie

      I need more

    26. Ross Taylor

      When did Dennis Reynolds become a voice coach

    27. Corby Dinsburger

      2:00 what do you mean "wow" it wasn't even close to Mercury.

    28. Corby Dinsburger

      IT would have been dope if he was a signing teacher. I'm sure tons of people have already commented that but I didnt them anyway.

    29. S M

      I clicked cause I saw Freddy

    30. RattPoison80

      I wish my idiolect could be described. Might give me self-esteem in my voice

    31. YankessLove13

      Why do I always forget Christian Bale is not American until I hear his native accent, which is like once every 3 years

    32. Simply Ava

      how the teenage girls who speak with a british accents think they are.

    33. Lotus Child

      Am I the only one sitting here playing with vocal posture while watching this?

    34. Executive Director

      You're a dialect coach, and awesome, but why are you saying "prossetics?" Ahhhhhh

    35. vanana

      I have a Request to do an analysis especially on comedians who do celebrity impersonations

    36. Shannon Allen

      Can I just say I love Michelle Yeoh?

    37. friendly pomegranate

      the fact that rami looks nothing like freddie makes me _so_ uncomfy

    38. DabuscusGames

      Any time I hear gary oldman, all i can think about is Reznov

    39. hernal5

      I'd love to see a video on British accents and the differences in "T" Like: A lit-oh boTTle" vs "a little bottle"

    40. A Guy

      Man I'm so happy hè did Kemper

    41. Brid Dodd

      People say the Michigan accent sounds nasally, now I’m self conscious

    42. Ava noodle

      He should use a different accent every time

    43. Ava noodle

      So I say y'all a lot even though I live in the northwest. Would that be an idiolect

    44. Tako Ese

      This guy's great

    45. Crenam

      Knives Out episode when?

    46. Mary M

      Can you critique the accents in the movie Hair Spray and Little Shop of Horrors please?

    47. Gwen Banning

      Aaand now I want to try my hand at voice acting

    48. TurboFromThatDumbSnailMovie

      The guy in black klansman is basically doing the Dave Chappelle white guy voice.

    49. Braxtyn Billey

      Lol I love how spooked he was at the Edmund Kemper accent

    50. Ding Dong

      Britton doing Kemper was outstanding

    51. flalasap

      he is soooooo hot OMG

    52. pink. AR

      What a handsome fella

    53. Sileithel

      That's it. I'm in love. I mean I could literally listen to him doing this all day. He's extremely knowleadgeable in a topic that very much interests me.

    54. Tzipora Maysen

      I have a feeling this guy is reeeaaally good with his tongue. Ok. I'll go now.

    55. MaxChronos

      I did not watch Bohemian Rhapsody, But I know Rami Malek was good.. He was a hacker, what can you expect. :D

    56. VerduGhost

      7:13 Tea kettle is done.

    57. A Series Of Shorts

      I did not know that Dennis Reynolds was this good at accents!

    58. Carly Pomplun

      Cameron Britton one: Ed Kemper, the first time I watched that scene, I was stunned. It was spot on. I was in awe.

    59. Louis Messina

      You shoulda gone over Harrison Ford's Russian accent

    60. Justine Streep

      where is Meryl, the queen of accents ?

    61. Mika Therese

      Anyone gonna say smth abt pharyngeal squeeze

    62. N

      Someone called this guy "Dialect Daddy" under another Wired video, so I immediately searched and...I mean, they weren't wrong.

    63. LIFE SUCKS

      Video idea: video game accents (for example; call of duty (specifically five crew, and premis/ultimis crew), resident evil, god of war)

    64. Heather G

      he looks like the guys that would do introductions on the muppets tv show dvds that i own. i wonder who that was that did those..?

    65. katy

      he is so fine

    66. Noah Skinner

      imagine having to talk about hard rs right as you reach a film about racism

    67. Austin Huber

      This guy seems like the kind of guy who would somehow use his expertise to solve murder mysteries. "Actually, I could tell it was you disguised as the Arabian ambassador by your hypo-sibilant S, whereas the real ambassador pronounces his Ss like a vuvuzela. "

      1. timka

        Austin Huber thank you very much, your comment made my day :)

      2. hunky dory


      3. Melanie Lane

        That is actually interesting! 😄

    68. Ria Tanet

      I’d like to see him critique Orphan Black and Tatiana Maslany and all of the accents and characters she plays

    69. en siang tan

      Rami Malek's "S" sounds like his tongue is not touching the teeth, it actually sounds like he has a short tongue 👅

    70. Taylor Cervantes

      Jennifer Lawrence half-asses accents... the Russian one was so cringey