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    1. Dat_one_ Boy

      OMG the girl was crying when she was arrested, it made me feel sad for her 🙁

    2. Hunter Hernandez

      rocket fuel with elephants kurzegat

    3. dungcke gtio

      I am just a gummy worm Iam just a gummy worm Iam just a yummy worm

    4. FairySlothUnicornMermaid Blob Fish

      0:39 luckily no one got hurt (in the back round a car runs off a cliff!!!!) 🤣

    5. Mr. Toast-a-cheese

      The forbidden gummy worm

    6. Jasmine Romero

      How come the cutest animals in the world have to be the dangerous ones?

    7. French Fry

      The last one i thought it‘s a wing suit 🤨

    8. Homer Simpson

      *E L E P H A N T*

    9. leticia Aguilar

      Olona Limacodiadae Caterpillar: hello I'm a gummy worm and am poisonous

    10. Elena

      I Wish they were flying fish

    11. x98HighNunsJust

      his voice tho...

    12. IM MEME DOGE

      1:41 OMG POOR BEAR

    13. aasim patel

      Legend has it that DDOI will pin this comment Btw I just subbed and hit the bell!

    14. gachi gloop

      The person on the bed with the gray cat looks like sssniperwolf's sister

    15. Arjun Kudtarkar

      I love ur voice

    16. the clouds

      nice the gummy worm is in my country

    17. Jake Hartman

      ive started muting this channels vids great content minus the voice over. maybe think about doing silent compilation videos. also im unliking these vids until there rectified and non toxic.

    18. harmony justine

      when the caterpillar said 🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟 i felt that

    19. * Weebus *

      Gummy worms already exist. You could've said living gummy worm

    20. Cookie_playz :P

      That raccoon is as fat as my dog :P

    21. : D

      Is it possible to have a daily overdose of internet *cus I think I just did*

    22. Luis Valero

      Dat raccoon is *FAT*

    23. Rew Man

      Rocket Raccoon after Thor taught him the ways

    24. Kenneth Breedlove

      People are talking about the elephants, but why is nobody talking about the fact that some of them BLEED when they hit the ground?

    25. Noah Lani

      2:38 Danm, she *thiccc*

    26. CardboardBox

      Brain: eat. Me: No, it can kill us. Brain: EAT. Me: No, it’s very deadly.

    27. Haadi _

      1:50 the new John cena

    28. Toxic Fox

      3:03 here comes Mr. still your girl

    29. XxligmaxX YT

      Who else lives in Singapore? xD.

    30. Glitche 's

      Soooooooo... We can eat the-

    31. Anrods

      A very stupid mom.......

    32. Maneplix YT

      I wanna eat it

    33. [TR] RandomBoi

      2:37 that's one thicc raccoon

    34. I ran out of Username ideas

      "I thought the A/C was on!" Nice excuse, dummy.

    35. mustard 4u

      Dam boi hes or shes thic

    36. MacTheGamer 105

      1:48 AND HIS NAME IA JOHN CENA NA NA NA!!!!!!!!!!!

    37. Belzemus

      Do you play baseball or golf? Guy at 0:21: yes

    38. Laila Melody Dunlop

      I m i n s i n g a p o r e

    39. LJ The Youtube Master


    40. Wind Is Just Fast Air

      Normal people: thats gotta be a lot of fuel Me: how many elephants can fit into a rocket and fuel it to get to space?

    41. Noon Sun

      2:25 Aliens are releasing the cows they abducted (they look like cows lmao but they're elephants)

    42. UltimateCatTree

      I found a green colored one of those in Lattimore NC. Didn't know what the frick it was.

    43. SolarSailor62

      this mofo sounds like leafy

    44. Ashley The Creator

      I live in Singapore.. ;-;

    45. wan yan

      Srsly singapore is like 36°C

    46. David Bacalzo

      Cats are the besy

    47. David Bacalzo

      Go cats go so cute cat couple

    48. Trialinyx

      *Rocket taking off* Yeah, that's about uhh..... 1,000 elephants right there

    49. Plunger plebs And stuff

      I watch daily dose of internet daily

    50. Keenan Angevine

      2:20 - one of the happiest cats I have ever seen :). My cats both smile too.


      “I thought the AC was on” Bitch please

    52. SpaciesT

      Now I have a *phobia* 👁👄👁

    53. SavageKittyLover

      FOUND IN SINGAPORE *super on guard*

    54. Grace Cerillo

      nobody: cat:ZA WARDO

    55. Cat123chirs

      when you get 10 million subscribers can you do a face reveal

    56. Perhapzidt

      0:48 when the school bell rings and the kids are out:

    57. Cambs TV

      “I thought the A/C was on.” What do you mean it was on? 😤😤😤😔😔😔

    58. тнιηк

      I wish that one 'o dose lil guys who scream the fuck outta there mouth to get this shit they should get this gummy worm and die lol

    59. Dr Bright

      Lemon flavoured snom.

    60. JustSympleTfair

      3:03 2019 be like

    61. Pixilated

      I need to eat it

    62. Itz Aqil

      I lived in sg and im surprise that this creature exist in singapore. Yes, you made my day👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😁

    63. Potato Cat

      1:48 INCIN-

    64. Daddy Daughter Broadcasting!!!

      What kind of sad lesson is what woman teaching her child? 😢😢😢 Good job to the daughter telling her she took too much!!!

    65. ᗰIᑎᕼᗩᑎ

      I live in Singapore where is this walking lemon I need him or her

      1. Itz Aqil

        I also live at singapore. Im going to Universal Studios

    66. Let’s Draw

      1:41 to 1:51 don’t mess with mrs.kitty or mr.kitty

    67. FrostYee Studios

      When someone says my art sucks what i wanna do: 1:50

    68. Lost_ Bloød_Rose

      Found in Singapore?!?! Did I hear that right?!?!

    69. 陽ʏɪɴ

      Omg, imagine your kid eating that and thought it was a gummy worm..

    70. KT7rocks •_• Jr

      Gummy worm: *Exists* Me:Can I touch?