A Real Life Gummy Worm

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    1. TheOneThird

      Woman: I thought the A/C was on! Cop: The car isn’t even running.

      1. Squid frick

        WolfieIsTheOne hope you don’t google how many accidents happens in Montgomery Alabama...

      2. WolfieIsTheOne

        That happend in Oklahoma. I remember the news report I'm seeing alot of clips of people from Oklahoma doing crime and stupid things. And I live here so it's upsetting to be seeing my state in this light :(

      3. Death of a Universe

        She knew nothing was one she just trying to get out of it. She's playing the "I'm not a bad person" card

      4. Squid frick

        She think her gas money more valuable than the baby.

      5. Duck Tales

        And that's why you should have a baby carrier with you at all times.

    2. ckit67

      How can someone dislike your videos. I’m always so excited to see your new videos that post

    3. Ten Eleven

      What language are they speaking in the raccoon segment?

    4. soos dud

      0:44 his car got hurt

    5. sleepy potato

      The cat: FINISH HIM

    6. Jungkookismy BAE


    7. Peanut Butter - Roblox - Minecraft

      That caterpillar is edible

    8. Anynomous_ Wolf

      "it was found in Singapore" aye my home

    9. MichaelGamer AndAnimatorZ

      it looks cute btw

    10. Lane Williams

      Fools I already have a real life gummy bear

    11. Triple to single

      You no dam well that truck has no parking break

      1. NooBeeNaut

        Just about every vehicle does regardless of transmission type

    12. Skiilan

      Why do I want to touch that caterpillar...

    13. Yoshi Gozilla Dinosaure

      0:43 It looks like there's someone in the tree.XD

    14. coral

      I dont know what "in terms of elephants" means for fuel, but it was a cool graphic

      1. NooBeeNaut

        Or volume

      2. Skuamato

        just the weight I guess

    15. XxDeltaFirexX

      0:44 take care of Andy for me!

    16. PlantZombiekiller3 !

      1:40 "get away u stinki bere"

    17. New Era

      That cat 🐈 got anger issues with stuffed animals 😂😂😅. He bodyslammed it!...lol.

    18. Gacha Universe

      The thing I love about ur vids is u never use clickbait

    19. Nicolas


    20. OwO everything wolfie is a proud furry

      I love your videos! Always great content 👏👏👏

    21. Jyoti poojary

      1:48 AND A SUPLEX!!!!

    22. A

      0:53 me and the bois heading to area 51

    23. 1000 subs with no videos Challenge

      Not lying I might of eat one of those

    24. Lauti nub

      It looks cute tho

    25. Mush Man10

      1:49 Holy crap it’s John Cena.

    26. ItsSlapJack

      I feel bad for the mom with the kid, I know it was hot but she shouldn’t have to be arrested

    27. Xammee DG

      Imagine disliking this video and then he doesn't ask for likes,subscribers and a short intro. srsly...

    28. GabbyPVPGamer

      1:44 *Thats One Aggresive Cat*

    29. Kawaii_Potato YT

      Yooo that stuffed animal is prolly possessed

    30. Dogski28

      “I thought the A/C was on!” Lady, the A/C was probably the least of your problems.

    31. Dshstroyer House

      1:31 lady: i thought the ac was was on cop: the car isn't even running *phionex wright music starts*

    32. RedJive213

      Teddy bear: exists Cat: “are you challenging me”

    33. K S

      1st video=yes there are aliens

    34. BLANK 131

      Im eating a gummy bear right now and i feel NOTHING :)

    35. Akshay Joshi

      I guess this is how they came up with the term horsepower.

    36. Yu Cindy


    37. Meow

      Title: Real life gummy worm Me: *wait i thought gummy worms were a real thing*

    38. Edan Lian

      But gummy worms are already in real life! Their made by candy companies!

    39. Wolf69 Bera

      When you said no one got hurt well his wallets did

    40. MEOW

      I think the gummy worm will be the best prank ever. If u know what i mean.

    41. Lomo Laal

      0:33 DDOI: thankfully none got injured Me :except for the guys car insurance

    42. Ed The Person

      2:37 If Thor and Rocket were combined

    43. Logan Maldonado


    44. sT_Splitz 865

      Seeing this makes me scared of eating gummy worms

    45. CookieCluster

      Video: "It's actually VERY dangerous, and can deliver a nasty sting." Me: *I still wanna touch it.*

    46. NoobAssist: KJ

      Supermarket in singapore:i sell gummy spikey caterpillars! Me:Ah ShIt HeRe We Go AgAiN

    47. peacemaker

      your accent is so relaxing.. it like daily dose of coffee every morning

    48. Sonu MsVr

      So panic in just 32°C hahaha.....come to India, in summer temperatures soar up to 38-40°C on average and kids play all day in sunlight .....

    49. Jonathon Higgins

      U own a fucking raccoon

    50. Paper Knight

      “Baby trapped in car for over 20 min” NoW THAts aN aVenGErs leVel THrEATH

    51. Fuzzball Gaming

      Who else watched the cat flipping over the beat in slow mo

    52. Wubba Wubba

      That “mom” made no sense. How can you “think the ac was on” when the car wasn’t even running?? She cared more about getting her booze than the welfare of her child. What is wrong with people? She should have to take extensive parenting classes before getting her child back. This happens way too often and it’s disgusting.

    53. Terry Hogan

      Cat. I want my money Teddy bear. Nothing Cat. Thats the wayyou want to play lets play Me. wow

    54. TRoL Riot

      The cat is on a leash 😐

    55. Zapzey


    56. GrafMKristo

      You know what! Your videos have stopped to bring me only admiration . Different sensations now.

      1. Wubba Wubba

        GrafMKristo TMI

    57. AliGamer vids

      1:50 JOHNCENA!

    58. Liya 268

      Well uh. Im scared of my own country because of that worm although singapore is super safe..

    59. Jell0 Mell0

      I just realized that I wasn’t subscribed to him and have been watching for 2 years. Da fuq

      1. Jell0 Mell0

        Wubba Wubba I just scrolled down 481 replies thinking that your replied on that comment rip

      2. Jell0 Mell0

        Wubba Wubba maybe

      3. Wubba Wubba

        Jell0 Mell0 Or, CZ-news could’ve unsubscribed you. They do it to me all the time for some reason.

    60. Jenni tolentino

      Omggg ur channel is da best it always make my day I’m dead serious 😂😫💀❤️

    61. ice 9

      Rare caterpillar, more like Legendary caterpillar

    62. Cr3tex

      Jet pack?

    63. SheepGang22

      The forbidden gummy

    64. Dat chug jug You drank

      3:03 /gamemode creative

    65. Sneqker

      Put ads on your videos

    66. naruto uzimaki

      What to do when you see the most Dangerouse worm. Step 1:Go right into it's face Step 2: take a picture

    67. Luis Franco

      That officer deserves a golden medal

    68. Julie Rezaninova

      2:38 thats a heavy fat boi guys!

    69. Ben Soares

      Btw is 32 degrees Celsius hot for Americans because it's normal in India

      1. Wubba Wubba

        Ben Soares We got ourselves a badass over here

    70. Mehta Seer メータ