73 Questions With Cardi B | Vogue



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    Hip-hop superstar Cardi B invites Vogue into her grandmother's apartment in New York City and answers 73 rapid-fire questions. As Cardi puts baby Kulture to sleep, she talks about her relationship with Offset, her interest in politics, her newest album, and the current state of women's rights.

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    Interviewed and directed by Joe Sabia
    Producer: Marina Cukeric
    DP: Cole Evelev
    PM: Marianne Shanley
    Edit and Color: Ryan Powell
    Post Sound: Nick Cipriano at BANG Audio Post
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    73 Questions With Cardi B | Vogue

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    1. Vogue

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      1. Annessa Amwayi

        Vogue u should do one with one of these people: Billie Eilish Trevor Trodjman Brittany Raymond Alexandra Beaton

      2. Mexicana de corazón.

        Ponganle subtítulos en español por favor🙏

      3. LegitKid 329

        Vogue you should do 73 questions with Dwayne “the rock” Johnson

      4. Josefa Valle

        @Rugiyya Waafira gsjsw

      5. erika allen

        Vogue v

    2. Lovely 111

      Cardi is a very nice down to earth lady.

    3. Shivani Singh

      We need 73 questions with TIMOTHÉE CHALAMET ASAP

    4. Éclair Dolvači

      Love how she made him a cup of tea. So thoughtful and sweet of her. 💕💕💕💕

    5. T L

      Me:Thinking She's rude Real: She's so nice =3

    6. Reilly Chanelle

      73 questions with Roddy Ricch

    7. Ali Hamzali

      Wow i love how shes so calm in this. But like shes always crazy.

    8. Monchichi World

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    9. Tretre38

      I just love her! ❤

    10. kartelo radio

      Bardi Go get on GBE tadoe new song call # one mo we need a remixs

    11. Namrat Jaswal

      who else loves her nose piercing

    12. Shelly Rawlings

      when she stirred the coffee and then put the spoon back in the jar 😩😩😅

    13. aazhaawe ikwe

      her nail was busted and she was trying to hide it lol

    14. Pat Sha

      I cant stand her

    15. messy_hair24

      I am a Libra too!!😋😋😋

    16. The AcGuy

      Cardi B is not a role model. She’s what happens when stupid people are put in positions of power they aren’t qualified for. Vogue is garbage.

    17. sirishajhs

      Am i the only one who noticed that she was missing an nail? No , only me ? Fine. Like always. Only me.

    18. Gunjan Tripathi

      Did she really stirred the coffee and put spoon back to sugar jar?

    19. Funniest Animals

      Hey do 73 with Nicki!

    20. Our Life In The Valley

      Subscribe to My Channel and I’ll subscribe back! Help out small youtubers! 🙏🏻😊🙌🎄🎁 MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!

    21. jiminee pabo

      Is there sindoor in her head😲

    22. Samarah Balli

      Did u guys see a broken nail on her hand

    23. kata lina

      She’s so much more humble than Kim was in her video smh

    24. AJ

      I'm shocked how much I'm starting to like this chick... She is ghetto realness and I'm appreciating that. And she's a lot smarter than I ever thought!

    25. Vinny Jackson

      So polite

    26. Gloxinia o primeiro rei das fadas


    27. Kassidy Cabral

      I don't think that she's boring

    28. Diamond 111

      Ariana grande please 💛💛

    29. Pedro Henrique Silva Nunes


    30. Pamela Mccormick

      73 Qs with nikki

    31. Meow CM

      Shes so real!!!!

    32. Jasmine Mejia

      Love her ❤️❤️ my favorite 73 questions

    33. TSEKU’S VLOG

      She is a different person than i thought, Thank you for showed us your human side! you are so down to earth, Adore you!

    34. Janet Tumushime

      Hi cardi

    35. Sherry Jacobis

      Why have your hair like niki

    36. Gary Wilson

      "I love them ALL 😛" lol.

    37. Madisen Gypin

      I love Cardi

    38. dariastho

      i rlly like Cardis chill side

    39. kari driel

      i love Cardi,she was right。American people always like to say something racial,previous was black,now is to asian。pls don't do this

    40. awesome gamer !

      Man cardi b is like i subscribe on her channel

      1. awesome gamer !

        She got the iphone 11 pri

    41. 안정훈

      "Humility" makes her beautiful

    42. Ciara Conejo

      Kulture is such a beautiful little girl!

    43. Mary Agyeman

      {\_/} (. . )

    44. Allen Newton

      #WUZUP @CARDIB !!! !!!

    45. Allen Newton


    46. Chantel Onfroy

      He's asking her questions whispering and Cardi answering questions loudly! I love it! 😂

    47. Kavita Tiwari

      I am still thinking of the wet spoon she kept back.

    48. She is Bella

      when he said "thats very romantic" when she was flicking her tongue. Omg so dead.

    49. Isabella Ruiz

      She looks beautiful! I like how down to earth she is! Cardi is inspiring & a good mama to Kulture.

    50. Shakiyla M.

      It's cute that she did it at her grandma's house but it didn't really give her a lot of room to do anything lol. I think the magic of this series is that the videos usually have so much action/movement in them, it makes it seem like the questions are really being asked on the spot. With Cardi's personality, I just knew it was gonna be great, seems like a missed opportunity :(

    51. Haryadi Soni


    52. Anna Whiteley

      this video made me love her so much omg

    53. Lia Veronica

      She’s honestly so much smarter and more down to earth than everyone thinks

    54. Ashly0096

      Gah I just love Cardi B so much


      Amazing video, I enjoy it to much !!!! Greatest part is 0:56. *I up 1 video, Plsss check and tell am I good* 💚 💖 ❤

      1. lanj mcsanho

        💓 imposing ❣ 💓

      2. felicia eishi

        divine 💘

      3. maile kleidon

        💜 bonzer 💞

    56. Hello Goodbye

      Smelling her what? What did she say?

    57. Maria Jasper

      I fricken love that she is always coming back to her humble beginnings need more celebrities like that honestly

    58. Calum Durnall

      Them nails tho

    59. kristi Mcnulty

      I swear she's looking more and more like nicki Minaj! I gutta go with nicki first then cardi ...sry

      1. kristi Mcnulty

        Like a mix of nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian haha

    60. sabiha shabnam zaman

      Please do 73 questions with the weeknd

    61. Aieyan Chaudhry

      how come she is not hurting the sleeping baby with such nails

      1. Oyindamola Lewu

        Aieyan Chaudhry they’re plastic. Plastic nails don’t hurt like real nails do. 😊

      2. puAL PPJ

        Because it's Cardi B

    62. sagarika behera

      She is my favorite😍💕...

    63. Megan Pryor

      Motherhood is looking good on her 💜💜

    64. Kamora Collier


    65. Fiza Altaf

      73 questions with cameraboy Likes can do it

    66. parvana mammad-zada

      I love her so much

    67. Funnyonixt

      Wow being that rich and she’s so down to earth 🥺🥺🥰🥰😍😍😍 I love her

    68. emptyroom

      i love how soft she is talkin here, she is a lovely mother....

      1. jeff inator

        emptyroom her kid is sleeping she is doing the bare minimum

    69. Sukhmun Sandhu

      Do 73 questions with kylie jenner

    70. Liam

      Interviewer: "Pretty diplomatic answer" 2:59 Cardi: *....what does diplomatic mean....*