7 FUN WAYS TO RECYCLE OLD TOYS || Make Old Toys Great Again!

123 GO!

123 GO!

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    Why would you want to repurpose toys?
    Because you have unused, broken toys that you can’t really give away.
    Because you want to make a memorable and special gift for your friends - something to treasure from their childhood that won’t look childish.
    Because you’re feeling nostalgic and want to find a way to still keep your old toys nearby.
    Because the toys are cute and you want them.
    Whatever the reason, it’s time to dig out your box of toys and get crafty!
    #123GO! #DIY #recycle
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    1. That Broadway Girl


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      1;02 where did her snack go was at that the point of making a holder for the phone 😒

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      A cow is not a dinosaur

    4. Brittanie Arredondo

      So damn cringey


      1:21 WOAH Toy dinosaurs *pulls out a cow *

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      Fakking lozers

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    10. Hasham Qaisar

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      Mia Crazy Like You 😕😕😕

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      Can u do more earing hacks

    13. Tiffany Nimmons

      0:53 or get a pop socket...

    14. Its Ava

      Like-5 min craft Comment-123 GO! witch would you pick? Know one knows!!!

      1. Joamily Flores

        123 go!

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      5minutecraft is so awesome😘😍😝😆💖💗💞💋

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      0:47 I got a better idea get a popsocet

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      Tv video 😜

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      A °0+*+*

    20. jazmine gonzalez

      My favorite one was the giraffe

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    22. Lujart ·

      Is nobody going to talk about how she could straighten the books and then balance her phone at 0:28

    23. Karen Carney

      Oh, come on. This wouldn't have gotten any views, if the main image, wasnt a hot girl w bright red lipstick and bright blue toy on her tongue. Boo. Lame.

    24. MJR booger

      Ale jestescie spierdolone

    25. Jessica Ash

      Who looks at a dinosaur and thinks, “I could cut it in half to hold my phone?” I don’t want to know what goes on in your mind.

    26. love is my name

      Kan you did a video whit makeup

    27. Wolfie Playz wolf

      Idiot im not dumb on the thumbnail is from wish

    28. Shaye Vear

      Omg those earring

    29. blah blah

      7:02 Read the captions XD

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      This is European tell from the grills/ 🦷

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      Why is this video all about dinosours

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      Cool I love your videos

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      Imagine walking around with a blue dinosaur hanging from your ear. The thumbnail girl can literally relate

    37. RobloxAndMinecraftAndASMR KidNamedWilly

      In the 1st blooper Sophia is like "What am i doing nowwww"

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      Your shure is smart

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      In the all video you say wait a minute😂😂

    40. Larry the Cucumber

      Ok, let’s be honest, some of these are disgusting and dumb, don’t do these “hacks”.

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      Troom troom's offspring.

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      Shark earrings

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      The title should be Funny ways using 6 dinosaur toys and 1 barbie🤣

    49. xoxo_Tori lovesKPOP_

      for 0:18 , just put the chips on the table and get an orange or something to hold the phone

      1. samantha Keller

        Or u can just get a water bottel or just get a binder

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      Those earrings look so ugly

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      So handy I love these videos

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      I like your amazing stuffs you made! 👍🏼😄

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      She impales the dinosaur 🦖 😢

    58. Lux Aeterna

      The title of this video should be: HOW TO RECYCLE 5 OLD DINOSAURS ONE GIRAFFE AND A BARBIE DOLL

      1. Mint Chocolate Chip

        Clam down ;-;

      2. Charlize’sVlog’s

        Lux Aeterna you copies my comment

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      I love your guises videos

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      These videos are so funny

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      repeat of troom troom

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      123 Go!

    66. Miaow

      no dinosaurs were harmed in this video....they were just diyed.😂

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      Gummy pencil that you can write with

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      You can see the agonizing pain in the dinosaur toothbrush holders face.. Or it is just me?

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        Køza p

      2. Zai Byun

        Lux Aeterna morning was that good morning

      3. Lux Aeterna

        I think many of us thought the same. Also, the title of this video should be: HOW TO RECYCLE 5 OLD DINOSAURS ONE GIRAFFE AND A BARBIE DOLL

    69. I am annoying XDXD


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      Why did you delete your other video about toy hacks that was my favorite video😭😢