7,000 Mile Roadtrip in a Civic and Miata - Episode 3

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    Last year we drove our Evo 9 MR and STI swapped Subaru Forester from Florida to Alaska. Now, we're going to take another road trip! We've bought a supercharged Miata and Type R swapped Honda Civic to drive from the Florida Keys to Nova Scotia. It's a round trip journey of over 7,000 miles.
    We drove our turbo cars from Florida to Alaska. We took our STI drivetrain swapped Subaru Forester and Mitsubishi Evo 9 MR on a journey of over 10,000 miles. This isn't click bait, we actually did it! Or rather, you'll have to watch to find out if we actually made it all the way!
    HUGE thanks to Advance Auto Parts for making this trip happen! They are offering Gears and Gasoline viewers with a 25% off online discount code until June 9th! Use the link: bit.ly/2Vngyqx and the discount code: "ROADTRIP2" in the checkout!
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    1. Charlton Gio Prepeña

      Canada the maple syrup

    2. Dalpizzol74


    3. Noobass Miata

      Getting my first NA 91 Miata tomorrow watching everything I can to keep my stomach from flipping inside out!

    4. Pablo Rodriguez

      It’s not about speed it’s about how the car handles and appearance most speed limits are like 40

    5. Saulius

      you guys are most interesting chanal from USA. thnx and keep doing what are you doing :)

    6. renan correa


    7. Calvin

      Never thought I’d say this but civics are fast for 5k.

    8. Ralph Laurence Lingad

      im happy that I found your roudtrip video.thank you.

    9. Javier Cervantes

      David got a 1:34.6 in the Miata and the time attack champion James got 1:34.8

    10. Leon Zhang

      I almost cried when I saw that new Type R with Ben's Type R parked together

    11. Dakota Valdes

      This is awesome you truly living a blessed life paid to have some amazing time with badass cars youve succeeded the American dream

    12. Elliott Grossman

      Lol I've got a supercharged 88 MR2 and yeah... The "supercharger" helps with torque and hills but tbh only ads like 20 or so HP over the NA 4AGZE at 145 vs around 110-24 ish for the stock 4AGE

    13. Eve

      Man cars used to have unique sounds to them, today all cars sound the same

    14. Dailey Gaming

      when they fixed your exhaust problem did you notice a decent power increase?

    15. Joliaunie Dafeo

      Yoo. I think these honda lovers hating on a supercharged miata. Something aint right

    16. McGuire Reid

      thats the learning curve with a FWD car i guess, you either brake or gas, never lift, or you start sliding

    17. alexander1485

      the civics license plate should have been "fake r"

    18. Dylan Rides

      Exhaust was glowing

    19. Steinyamite

      Unfortunately for the drag part it’s a NA Miata. They’re beautiful and fun and many people’s favorite unfortunately they aren’t that fast.

    20. Samuel Silva

      Can you imagine Dave doing a 1:34.6 and a time-attack pro doing a 1:34.8? Either dude's crazy fast, or the pro didn't have the right amount of laps to get used to the car.

    21. pokedude104

      If I'd have known you guys were taking the 401 up the lakeshore I'd have watched for you! I live just outside toronto

    22. fallenbullseye

      I do love the road trip videos. It's something that I've always wanted to do - take a care that I enjoy and just cross country it. I did, however, take my NB Miata from Northwest Florida to Phoenix, Arizona. Travelling in a small car with a luggage is not everyone. But it was an experience, nontheless.

    23. GTaero

      Just an FYI DO NOT drive your car with a cracked header like that. Not only does it reduce back pressure (in an actually relevant manner) it offsets the resisitance of the exhaust stoke with the other cylinders which puts a LOT of stress on the connecting rod bearings. Run it too long like that, poof motor

    24. Khanyiso Mapuma

      But Honda's don't sound nice though :-(

    25. Nummeros LOL

      snow? poor miata

    26. cat

      19:21 *cries in american*

    27. vtac e

      Vtec the sound of my people 👌

    28. John Theurer

      seeing the veiws from the 401 at the end truly put a smile on my face. im from oshawa and i love this region

    29. Oli S


    30. Pepe Le Pew

      This is basically Roadkill without zip ties.

    31. Splendid

      next time drift an ae86 from japan to canada should be possible

    32. Vortex iOS

      they drove cars with out plate numbers in the front i likey it

    33. DevasionX

      >5w30 in a B series vtec engine >tells it burns alot

    34. Pat Davis 2403

      They both have so much character! The reeeeeEEEEEEE OOOoooohh of the miata and the raw v-tech exhaust sound of the swapped civic is amazing to watch!

    35. Ray Dingo

      Money is on the civic lol

    36. herul fahmi


    37. Alexis Tosta

      Very nice. How did the Civic perform after clearing the catalytic converter? I also want to do a massive road trip with my 1995 mk1 Fiat Punto to show everybody how Fiats are amazing cars with very good and reliable engines. But I am european so I will to a road trip through Europe.

    38. alberto reyes

      7:32 he took the whole S like a straight Fastest S ever

    39. Peter Villarreal

      Please do a trip with the datsun 1200 pick up PLEASE

    40. Ashton Ferrao

      That block in the exhaust caused back pressure and the header failed?

    41. Spring Gipsy

      What is the name of the intro music I love it anyway keep making video I love watching it thank you for making my day

    42. Patrick94GSR

      22:22 what is this sorcery, changing a Honda B-series oil filter from above???? I sure as hell can't do that on my GSR! Only way to get to it is from underneath, which has always sucked.

    43. Patrick94GSR

      so much attention to detail making the Civic into an EK9 CTR clone, but it still has the USDM side mirrors. For shame.

    44. Patrick94GSR

      8:27 *all the weight from the BACK went to the FRONT - lift throttle oversteer.

    45. Victor Melgoza

      *Tall Ben opens Miata hood* *people laugh*

    46. KeepRolling1000

      pls, share how to make Miata wink faster?

    47. Joe Black

      Year, if there is a road trip next year, can you so it with less expensive and less reliable cars? Put your automotive skills to use. Plus you have a support vehicle and sponsered by an auto parts store. No death trap cars but stuff like a 240 wagon, Saab 900 OG, Merc 190e or BMW E21/30.

    48. Final Drive

      Fake CTR ForTheWin! 👍

    49. Chris

      maybe the miata would win if you took off the supercharger, weight reduction and a power increase

    50. Mikey T

      19:50 the plate on that Type R looks familiar, pretty sure the owner lives in my area.

    51. extended range techmetal

      no wonder they burn oil if you put 5 w 30 oil into those engines XD

    52. Danny Benoit

      Welcome to Canada

    53. Mohd Rashid

      they sad when ben leave garage..what the touching frendship..its marvelous to have friend like them.. 🤗

    54. jonathan gibson

      I don't know why but the Miata suspension joke killed me

    55. Tinta Chona Jr

      What was that thing he found in the CIVIC cat???????

    56. Abunai R.

      Love the ending when they left the garage

    57. koolyo2foots

      14:30 did Chris dirty with that background music hahah

    58. Alin Marco

      Where can I buy that TRD jacket ???

    59. sp33der617

      If you want to sell that Honda let me know.

    60. Joe Kennard

      Is anybody besides me just seeing episode 1 again?

    61. Andrew H

      Loving the road trips guys!

    62. Matthew Daniels

      If you are not vtech your not driving. AMEN. honda love

    63. Aiden RDL

      These are so good!!


      sooooooooo MUCH FUN !!! seriously more ROADTRIPS episode

    65. F1XERZ _

      Where can I buy these cars

    66. Elijah Jenkins

      That Honda was SCREAMING 😂

    67. Russian Jarhead

      I really enjoy these road trips!

    68. William Boyle

      I would love for you guys to get a sponsorship/deal with Red, your filmography is already so amazing with the panasonics you guys use

    69. XB Jeffy

      These are soo good!!

    70. Andrew Hardy

      I’ll buy the civic. I’m in Atlanta