7,000 Mile Roadtrip in a Civic and Miata - Episode 3

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    Last year we drove our Evo 9 MR and STI swapped Subaru Forester from Florida to Alaska. Now, we're going to take another road trip! We've bought a supercharged Miata and Type R swapped Honda Civic to drive from the Florida Keys to Nova Scotia. It's a round trip journey of over 7,000 miles.
    We drove our turbo cars from Florida to Alaska. We took our STI drivetrain swapped Subaru Forester and Mitsubishi Evo 9 MR on a journey of over 10,000 miles. This isn't click bait, we actually did it! Or rather, you'll have to watch to find out if we actually made it all the way!
    HUGE thanks to Advance Auto Parts for making this trip happen! They are offering Gears and Gasoline viewers with a 25% off online discount code until June 9th! Use the link: bit.ly/2Vngyqx and the discount code: "ROADTRIP2" in the checkout!
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    1. Splendid

      next time drift an ae86 from japan to canada should be possible

    2. Vortex iOS

      they drove cars with out plate numbers in the front i likey it

    3. DevasionX

      >5w30 in a B series vtec engine >tells it burns alot

    4. Pat Davis 2403

      They both have so much character! The reeeeeEEEEEEE OOOoooohh of the miata and the raw v-tech exhaust sound of the swapped civic is amazing to watch!

    5. Ray Dingo

      Money is on the civic lol

    6. herul fahmi


    7. Alexis Tosta

      Very nice. How did the Civic perform after clearing the catalytic converter? I also want to do a massive road trip with my 1995 mk1 Fiat Punto to show everybody how Fiats are amazing cars with very good and reliable engines. But I am european so I will to a road trip through Europe.

    8. alberto reyes

      7:32 he took the whole S like a straight Fastest S ever

    9. Peter Villarreal

      Please do a trip with the datsun 1200 pick up PLEASE

    10. MadScore

      That block in the exhaust caused back pressure and the header failed?

    11. Spring Gipsy

      What is the name of the intro music I love it anyway keep making video I love watching it thank you for making my day

    12. Patrick94GSR

      22:22 what is this sorcery, changing a Honda B-series oil filter from above???? I sure as hell can't do that on my GSR! Only way to get to it is from underneath, which has always sucked.

    13. Patrick94GSR

      so much attention to detail making the Civic into an EK9 CTR clone, but it still has the USDM side mirrors. For shame.

    14. Patrick94GSR

      8:27 *all the weight from the BACK went to the FRONT - lift throttle oversteer.

    15. Victor Melgoza

      *Tall Ben opens Miata hood* *people laugh*

    16. KeepRolling1000

      pls, share how to make Miata wink faster?

    17. Joe Black

      Year, if there is a road trip next year, can you so it with less expensive and less reliable cars? Put your automotive skills to use. Plus you have a support vehicle and sponsered by an auto parts store. No death trap cars but stuff like a 240 wagon, Saab 900 OG, Merc 190e or BMW E21/30.

    18. Final Drive

      Fake CTR ForTheWin! 👍

    19. Chris

      maybe the miata would win if you took off the supercharger, weight reduction and a power increase

    20. Mikey T

      19:50 the plate on that Type R looks familiar, pretty sure the owner lives in my area.

    21. extended range techmetal

      no wonder they burn oil if you put 5 w 30 oil into those engines XD

    22. Danny Benoit

      Welcome to Canada

    23. Mohd Rashid

      they sad when ben leave garage..what the touching frendship..its marvelous to have friend like them.. 🤗

    24. jonathan gibson

      I don't know why but the Miata suspension joke killed me

    25. Tinta Chona Jr

      What was that thing he found in the CIVIC cat???????

    26. Abunai R.

      Love the ending when they left the garage

    27. koolyo2foots

      14:30 did Chris dirty with that background music hahah

    28. Alin Marco

      Where can I buy that TRD jacket ???

    29. sp33der617

      If you want to sell that Honda let me know.

    30. Joe Kennard

      Is anybody besides me just seeing episode 1 again?

    31. Andrew H

      Loving the road trips guys!

    32. Matthew Daniels

      If you are not vtech your not driving. AMEN. honda love

    33. Aiden RDL

      These are so good!!


      sooooooooo MUCH FUN !!! seriously more ROADTRIPS episode

    35. King Kevin

      Where can I buy these cars

    36. Elijah Jenkins

      That Honda was SCREAMING 😂

    37. Russian Jarhead

      I really enjoy these road trips!

    38. William Boyle

      I would love for you guys to get a sponsorship/deal with Red, your filmography is already so amazing with the panasonics you guys use

    39. XB Jeffy

      These are soo good!!

    40. A B

      I’ll buy the civic. I’m in Atlanta

    41. Ryan Scott

      pickering my home!!! 22.53 - 22.59


      Probably my favorite series on CZ-news is y’all travel series. Plus a collaboration with speed academy makes an awesome video!

    43. Nick Mcmasters

      Nova Scotia 🙏🙏 My hometown

    44. Erik Ulloa

      Where do i buy this Civic after the series is done?

    45. Nick Leipard

      This was like watching a movie....Super eye catching/documentary. Keep up the great videos, it deserves alot more views already.

    46. tlang001

      You guys are crushing it. Interesting videos, great hosting, every-man cars and great trips. Keep doing exactly what you're doing.

    47. loou26

      Honda filter only fellas

    48. Bob Smith

      of course you show timbits and snow in canada

    49. Mike Watson

      8:25 Lol, any track/enthusiast driver will know that what he said makes zero sense :D

      1. Patrick94GSR

        he said it wrong. He was describing lift-throttle oversteer but said that all the weight from the front went to the back, but it's actually the opposite.

    50. Hyundai Accent Fan Club

      Great series so far guys, just having trouble trying to figure out why you wouldn’t have bought an Accent.

    51. Wolfy :3

      Dave pulled a god hand lmao

    52. MsY1080

      These guys are in Toronto?!

    53. Random Youtube Comment

      Nani!!! Sugoi Triptuuuuu!!! Takumi seal of approval 👍

    54. laurg17

      To people who want to learn to do lapping : never ever change your hand position form 9-3, unless you're in the tightest hairpin ever. Did you see the understeer Ben experienced?

      1. Gears and Gasoline

        I understeered because it's a fwd car and that's typical. The steering ratio on this car is almost 4 turns lock to lock, so its nearly impossible to leave it at 9-3 on the track. I'm on the lookout for an Integra rack that has a tighter ratio for this very reason. I agree it's best to keep your hands at 9-3 but sometimes it's not possible

    55. Andy Ackerman

      Nicely done guys. Jump the ferry to Newfoundland, and tour the island/

    56. NIX

      i hear that sound too in my civic i wonder if its my cat too?

    57. Andrew Walker


    58. Richard French

      Miata is always the answer!!!

    59. Kaivid Khumphu

      I really love you all, from Thailand driver _ EG6.

    60. Austin Ruest

      Wish i saw you guys come through Maine! “Sad face”

    61. Jimmy Simons

      Hahahaha 3:27 almost made me choke on my food!

    62. Diegoying123

      This colab is amazing, I love this video

    63. Dave Ridlespriger 2

      I have to pay for a surgery Based on an inferior fuck game. I HATE YOU.

    64. Altimatic

      hahaha PT and DP crying when u left

    65. Dee T

      I want that civic!

    66. The Art of Josh

      Great crossover episode!! Loved it!!

    67. muamoua

      Loved this episode! Shoutout to Speed Academy, with their video tutorial changing out my timing components was a breeze on my Wrx!

    68. Raymond Ferrer

      Awesome Filmmakers + Car Enthusiasts = Amazing Content.

    69. supercarmio

      Another absolutely stunning episode. Loved the track aspect w/ the Speed Academy guys. gahh I think I need a white Civic Type R-esque more and more each episode

    70. Eli Holtman

      I’d buy either one in a heartbeat

    71. Aiden

      Type r swap ek for 5k?? Where can I get one ;-;

    72. styles joel

      These videos are amazing.

    73. ZaRO Frost

      when will you be in nova Scotia

    74. J K

      When the V-Tech kicks in.

    75. Klas Medak

      That cracked header sounds weirdly good

    76. DANIKVAR


    77. Tyler Majka

      *Punches out cat committing federal crime in ultra HD cinematic goodness* lolol

    78. Enrique Alvarez

      Miata needs to be tuned


      That exhaust!! Awesome video can't wait to see next

    80. Austienn_

      i want that miata as my first car let me have it!!!! please LOL

    81. Jake loeppky

      0:42 The New Conair Speed Detector 9000. How did you acquire one of those.

    82. Andy Ly

      i just learned you could fit 3 people in a miata. thanks G&G!

    83. RobiB

      This is like a movie!!!

    84. Howard Ahhon

      Team "VTEC" all the way?!?! ;) lol Speed Acdamey are AWESOME!!!...

    85. Joseph Lui

      pilot 3035FU

    86. Jed Masters

      awesome vids loving these

    87. kipkorir nixon

      Hi there, Nixon here from Kenya. Been following your channels especially the road trips. Not only are they entertaining, nice and cool to watch but also a learning curve to a person like me. Nice work guys. Thanks Gears and Gasoline.

    88. ahmed9707

      Shoulda took off the hood

    89. Adam Smith

      Please do a $1000 budget cars next

    90. Igor Semenets

      This guys going to create car meet Gears And Gasoline, their road trips will be like music concert tours, gathering hundreds car tuners in every state they go!

    91. ricecakeFTW

      "here let me unworry you...." Closes hood* "No more worries!" Spoken like true gear heads 😂

    92. Chris Smith

      Speed academy ftw good job guys these are awesome

    93. Sir Awesome Mcdouglas

      Im get me some of dem Pogo Stik coilovers.

    94. Alpha Wolf FX & Crypto

      Can a g35 make a round trip

    95. PIckeljuice

      where the FUCK did you find a type R swapped civic for 5k, i cant find a stock one with less than 300k on it for 5k

    96. Michael D'Aversa

      What year is the Civic

    97. Jeff Hurckes

      Devin's instructor explained liftoff oversteer completely backwards.

    98. timoxino

      Guys, thank you for a such wonderful journey! Shooting is perfect as well as post production! All the characters are funny fellows. That was those rare case when even occasional product placement doesn’t piss me of. Good luck!

    99. Marco Brown

      I love your content PLEASE keep it coming. You guys are unique and worth the sub

    100. Kpmixez 316

      “short ben”