6 White People vs 1 Secret Black Person



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    1. Azzi

      idk guys.. i think its cody.

    2. Mykala Earley

      I cried when she didnt know who Red Hot Chili Peppers

    3. G Rim

      When he says his name is Cody you can eliminate him

    4. MajinVenix

      6:31 "I could feel the wind of a millie rock to my left"

    5. Tray Ty

      Racist ass show getting paid off blacks once more.if racist didnt exist this show wouldn't

    6. Tiffy

      she's the mole but she got to vote to break the tie breaker? 😂

    7. #LLJ

      Why is everyone voting people off because they weren’t talking?

    8. Eric P

      White Americans have like literally no culture, so they had to rely on stereotypes 😂😂😂

    9. Lorenz Weber

      Why are you picking the whites black girl you could find for this

    10. Camila

      We need a MTV show about this 😂

    11. Devils Advocate

      I snagged a job in Yellowstone as a security guard via the phone. When I arrived the first thing the manager said was "I had no idea were weren't white."

    12. Kiara Henry

      10:30 when Elizabeth starting throwing gang signs 😭😭😭

    13. Keida Candy

      Brandon reminds me of Chris Pratt

    14. That Kid

      They got a black girl that sounds white Racism abolished

    15. Jordan Sinclair

      “Pinto like the car!” White people: wut

    16. drippy

      I got scared when she started milly rockin dem whites might be smell rhythm 👀

    17. Marie Chuatoco

      This is a good game because it shows how racist people can be.

    18. Ravennn C

      The pull over by cop question was like a wtf. I don’t like that question at all

    19. Devesh Gupta

      I am colour blind, who is black ?

    20. _ supe4 _

      Yo what is that baseline at like 7:50 Im tryna learn it

    21. juju ju


    22. sedra janbai

      4:02 she laughs like billie eilish 😅💕

    23. viogusthairshx

      i tot this was like searching for werewolf lol ykwim

    24. Katie Lynn

      My answer to Mariah for when she said how she gets ticked off if someone gets pulled over for example, speeding. It just depends on how fast the person is going, if they go 70 at a 55 speed limit spot they get a ticket, if they go 58 at a 50 spot they typically do just get a warning because they aren't going like 15 over the speed limit

    25. John Potter

      Please make 6 black guys vs 1 white person

    26. Tais’s Tea

      Lets be honest, they probably tried the reverse and had the episode end in round 1 so they scrapped it. Could literally eliminate someone in ten seconds.

    27. Vlogs By Paige

      the cop question👎🏾😂

    28. It’s Lancepxrez-bloxburg

      I would say everybody say the n-word

    29. Brazen Brunette

      God bless

    30. Judy D

      How awkward is it that my middle name is Elizabeth and my name is Leyce short for Ahundraleyce!!!!!!😒

    31. Yolanda Clarke

      she played this game so good man

    32. Lena Carson

      is Michael ok

    33. A Paw

      "My race is human" YESSS PREACH!!!

    34. Unique Daniels

      Whoa vickey should’ve been on here

    35. That dolls Channel


    36. BIG Boobs

      Cody or kody he can like get it🥰😍😍

      1. BIG Boobs

        Nvm I like him better with the blindfold

    37. NL Gaming

      I’m black and I like Kpop 🙂

    38. Sophia Cierley

      I hope this doesn't come across as ignorant or rude but was anyone else a little bit skeptical about Mariah being white? I thought she may have been half hispanic or middle eastern or something... Could have been italian with a deep tan, but who knows.

    39. MrShostoper

      Anna thicker than a bowl of oatmeal

    40. yojojo jojo

      black women said DUDE

    41. Triv

      When Elizabeth said, “yea” I would’ve knew she was black

    42. fearlessoraine12

      If they asked to touch people hair it would of been over then and there 😂

    43. Bailey Otoo

      elizabeth’s shape tho 😩😍😍

    44. chan

      "a cop pulls you over..." immediately knew where this was going lmao

    45. Abby C

      0:15 thats not vegan

    46. Nadiri Myers

      My mother’s middle name is Elizabeth sooo

    47. Stay Tuned In

      Game starts: Me: “wassup my niggas”

    48. agdreamstudioz

      this may seem weird but I would be able to tell whos white and whos black just by their voice lol

    49. Vallerie Joy Hernandez

      I didn't saw that they we're wearing blindfolds in the thumbnail so I was like "are y'all blind? That girl is definitely not white."

    50. Kristen Reid

      Elizabeth at 8:28 has me DEAD 😂😂😭😭

    51. Peyten Battaglia

      Nest video: Are We Racist?

    52. メVHVメ

      I loved how Elizabeth was already dancing at the end

    53. Chaos Tade

      this was the stupidest test. there was no way for them to find her. She even lied to them.

    54. Alex Mendoza

      That girl mariah doesn’t even look white. She looks latina or Native American.

    55. Laura Cortez

      The black girl likes it when they tell her she is white

    56. lee huimang

      me watching youtube videos cody in every video : SURPRISE

    57. 0tterpops

      3:56 this has nothing to do with the point of the video but I genuinely happy that he also thought of the band fun. When she sang that lmaooo

    58. awcutebby

      to be honest she did sound really white

    59. Simistarfish

      🤣 The girl that said Elizabeth was only saying stereotypical white things... Lmfao no honey, she was being genuine for the most part.

    60. Azaria Jade

      damn i could not be in this video 😂😂

    61. Nabil Derakhshani

      I love Mariah and Elizibeth

    62. quana Mckinney

      A video of people trying to stereotype but also proof of breaking a stereotype when it comes to being black

    63. Andreas Rese Kirkesæther

      Wait wtf i suggested this as a joke lol

    64. GGGiseleGaming

      *why mariah look like noah cyrus*

    65. mirra

      mariah is a goat

    66. Scu1661

      Man I tought Brandon was the black one I was surprised when it wasn’t him

    67. Maribel Sanchez

      Brandon in the beging sating that Elizabeth didnt talk much but she talked more than him

    68. Reina Melancholia

      3:52 I literally heaved this chick said red hot chili peppers sing "tonight(2x)" bruh

    69. anaka

      cosy was rude

    70. Fireshadow YT

      Just seeing this right now and I don’t know who it is