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    1. Chalkzta101


    2. Amber Kansa

      You you undelete

    3. Mini Vortex


    4. Mini Vortex

      Yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet

    5. Diego Rodriguez

      I love the combat shotgun

    6. K4T KARSEN

      Did anyone see fresh killed Jynx at 6:17

    7. Savage Boys

      5:54 the autistic kid in the back

    8. XxShrekAPigxX _

      Next up 5 grey pistols is the new meta

    9. Abdullah Cehajic


    10. JoelJoestar

      6:17 Fresh just eliminated Jynx God damn

    11. Ttv GKR William Btw

      Muselks sister: I’m pregnant Lannan: Oi WaNt FiVe Of ThEm

    12. FADESnipezz101

      5:55 it’s Michael Jackson

    13. Jacob

      0:57 butifuful

    14. RYZEGaming

      Season 11 R.I.P

    15. Alex Fielding

      You bot

    16. James Paul

      In the next challenge when you say bitch you have to say lasagna

    17. yater eeyater

      Did anyone notice he killed the Pokemon go kid

    18. gerry harrison

      Only 4 in thumbnail

    19. IndustriousVids

      8:55 Tagged him 49. Fresh got him from behind

    20. Imlity 255

      Lazarbeams next tattoo should be “I want 5 of em” LOL

    21. manleejr

      Fresh killed jynx

    22. Red Samurai

      He literally said L *MAYO*

    23. Kylie Gartner


    24. oh nœ

      *lazarbeam but the thumbnail has f-four combat shotgun*

    25. Allyson Jung

      I thought I would never see that _______ absolutely deleted ________ with a shotgun 50 m

    26. Barrett Berg

      Lazarbeam is better by the fact I use aim assist

    27. Pam Spencer


    28. Pam Spencer


    29. Cathryn Gabert

      Actually there's 6 infinity stones and you only have 5 sooooooooooo you dumb

    30. Christopher Cheng

      Him using so much shoty shells is really disturbing

    31. Jose Licera

      Cord dyfsfffyd dfshdfddfhd tf dog qhxrdzryzdf

    32. Brine Glitchy

      New gun comes out Fresh: let me guess you want 5 of - Lazar beam: YES

    33. farah_alowydhi28

      Who’s mish?

    34. Claire Barker

      Who is watching when epic added the pump back

    35. Max Garcia

      *Who's watching this video because you miss the combat shotguns??*

    36. Carol Curran

      lazerbeam should be making mincraft video

    37. Ttv tryhard 9898 Ttv

      Who else saw fresh kill Jynx 6:18

    38. ninja is better than u

      Season 4: The drum gun is trash Season 11: bring it back!!!!!

    39. c L o V e R :P

      Fresh x Lazar anybody? I-

    40. BUGG Y

      Nice video hahahhahaha

    41. Lars J Markhus

      U shot whit blue whay not gold

    42. Chris Games

      I wonder how many times you got reported for sniping with a shotgun

    43. Jim Gibbs

      When lazerbeam gets a life I wAnT fIvE oF tHeM

    44. HurtfulGrape

      Imagine being lannans gf and constantly hearing We WaNT FivE oF eM

    45. HurtfulGrape


    46. SaGe Dynamo

      6+6=16 nice math Lannan

    47. Landan St Clair

      He does know therw are 6 stones right...

    48. That One Guy

      They are playing duck hunt

    49. Claire Hughes


    50. Jye Prime

      when Ali-A needs a god to click bait his vids 2:56

    51. The silent treatment

      Thanos normally: i am innevitable Thanos mouldy: i am inedibble

    52. Daiton Henry


    53. Kylez Klaw

      8:23 fresh noises

    54. Sarah

      Its duck hunting time

    55. RIOT Lucky

      Anyone else realized that fresh killed his trio and squad teammate

    56. cathythorne

      Hey mr lazar will u be a little more clean

    57. Jacoby_michal Bywater

      Comber shot gun is from John wick

    58. Candi Saphore


    59. Candi Saphore


    60. Candi Saphore


    61. Candi Saphore


    62. Fortnite Chezza87

      When Landon was actually good!

    63. Fortnite NotBagginsTV123

      Ladies and Gentlemen we got him Lazarbeam's vid. Watch for ur self -2:42

    64. Ling long


    65. Sean errian

      HAHA lazerbeam is a bot like me

    66. The Mixer

      To be honest laserbeam is caring fresh because he’s doing more damage Freshes just getting the kills.

    67. Cordel Lastrap

      My man does some dumb shit

    68. MFF Gamer


    69. OG Whinning

      I think we alreddy know lazarbeam is annoying

    70. Carlos Munoz

      Fresh eliminated jynx