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    ​Brilliant crafts for the house
    A lot of places can be called houses, but to each of us, only one place can be called home. Home is where you feel the coziest, surrounded by objects that you are emotionally attached to, mainly these objects are decorations with memories or crafts that you created that made your place feel like home. In this video compilation, we wanted to give you some ideas on how to turn your house into a home by creating your very own useful crafts all around the house. We show you how to re-use old items and turn them into something completely different that you can get different uses out of them.
    If you are a lover of jeans, then you'll love the first video clips we have, because we show you how to re-use olf pairs of jeans and turn them into many different useful items. We show you how to re-purpose multiple jean trousers into a comfy floor chair. In addition, we show you how to make cute craft bags where you can store your knitting supplies. Watch our step-by-step tutorials to discover how you can make your own phone case and oven mittens as well.
    We also show you how to create a beautiful wall decoration using pine cones. This hack is perfect especially during this time of the year with all the snowy weather going on all around us. You simply add some pine cones in a jar filled with bleach and you let them sit there overnight. Then, after you see their color becoming white, you remove them and create a cute wreath with fairy lights on it to give it an extra cozy touch.
    We also show you cool ways to re-purpose cardboard boxes and turn them into some useful items around your house. You can create your own hanging closet organizer just by shaping the boxes exactly the way we show you in the video tutorial. You can add multiple layers of boxes to store your shirts, socks, and underwear. We also show you how to make a cute vanity organizer as well as a jewelry organizer for your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.
    If you are a plant lover, then you'll fall in love with the planting hacks we show you. We demonstrate step-by-step tutorials on how to re-use planting pots and create beautiful decorations for your flowers. We also show you a cool way to make your own planting pots using a milk carton.
    Watch our whole video to discover all of our crafty hacks we have and find inspiration on how to decorate your house or apartment by re-purposing old items.
    0:07 - Cool jean sofa
    0:56 - Cute jean pouches
    2:19 - DIY jean shoulder bag
    4:05 - Cute oven mittens
    6:08 - Amazing wall decoration with pine cones
    6:42 - Coconut bowl
    7:16 - DIY Crystal jewelry
    8:35 - Fruit candle holder
    9:52 - Stunning succulent ideas
    11:32 - Cool broken pod decoration
    12:06 - DIY closet organizer
    14:46 - Jewelry organizer
    15:53 - Brilliant house inside a planting pod
    19:15 - Cute miniature waterfall
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      Hey girls, what idea are you going to try? 😍 Pretty DIY closet organizer 12:06 Best make-up hacks for a perfect weekend > cz-news.net/online/video-2txW2wKrclI.html

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