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    We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of an omelet. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which omelet was the best?
    Check out the professional's recipe here on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/french-omelet-recipe
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    4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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    1. no112358

      Who doesn't like bacon... I can think of a few billion people.

    2. Straight White Nerd

      Why is a 14 year old rating their food

    3. bobby Kyna

      At first I doubts that professional chef are lv. 3. Then I realize, the Asians are at lv. 10.

    4. harbinger200

      Level 2 beats all.

    5. Dewan Hassan

      Simple 1st place: Level 2 2nd: Level 1 Firmly 3rd : Level 3 Whose going to pipe in mushroom in an omelette

    6. fish

      What's with all these pretentious, wannabe chefs who can barely cook and their picky taste in omelets? All of these looked serviceable.

    7. Harley Cargullo

      Did i hear the level 3 chef's name BARB only stranger things fan will understand/know

    8. Atypique

      Eggs are just delish..... no levels necessary

    9. Saman Lama

      Why is this called 4 levels when there’s only 3?

      1. fish

        Food scientist.

    10. Adèle Boyle

      Why can't anyone just make a basic omelet using only eggs?

      1. fish

        Because they have taste.

    11. foodmore

      The best omelette are Thai style minced meat omelette.

    12. FrozenExplosion

      mine are level 5 compared to any of these.......

      1. fish

        We're pretentious, aren't we?

    13. vimal kirti

      but which is healthier ? health matters is unknown to cooks

    14. Abdoul Aziz Mbodj

      nice and funny ^^

    15. 정지훈


    16. Vasily Bakarashvili

      Lorenzo is still the best

    17. MegaVin99

      Really entertaining!

    18. yafet tuwanakotta

      Is this somekind standup comedy?

    19. Mario Jr Candazo

      jacques Pepin omelette is level 5

    20. genie113

      Lorenzo is Charles Boyle

    21. Pavao Pšihistal

      that level 3 chief is overcompicating it...

    22. Adam Hill

      ‘Fresh errbs’. They’re called herbs with an h you fools

      1. fish

        Some accents leave out the h, get over yourself.

    23. Alberto Rastrollo Iznata

      top level is spanish omelets

    24. flor wast

      The level one uses the same hot sauce I do on an omelet: Cholula brand.

    25. Attytj Minecraftgaming

      Never noticed how yolked Lorenzo is

    26. SMUCK

      Im sorry but what the level 3 chef made makes me wanna barf

      1. fish

        Thanks for sharing, everyone was eagerly awaiting your input.

    27. Liz F

      i can't take her seriously with her stick 😂😂

    28. Robert Razowski

      Ne jamais utiliser une maryse dans une poêle chaude...

    29. Ar Or

      I am not English native speaker so I am confused. Is chef number 3 using mushrooms??? Cause I thought mushrooms where what we call in Spain 'champiñones' , but for me, the ones she uses are 'setas'

      1. fish

        Those are both mushrooms, my dude.

    30. Chloe Lauren

      I just be below level 1 cos I just use salt pepper eggs and cheese.....

    31. Master of all trades O

      I feel that lorenzo should be like a level2.5

    32. ee Sophie

      OH, that's my dietetic professor!

    33. ItsNikoHimSelf

      So, Level 3 is basically an economic catastrophe.

    34. Rishi game_ing

      Level 1 : Basic ingredient Level 2 : Basic ingredient +knife skills+presentation Level 3 : Random ingredients worth of 3 meals + Lot of talk

      1. fish

        She just used mushrooms, cheese and herbs, what are you on about?

    35. fem wynn

      omg I love goat cheese.

    36. Omar A

      I hate how i can tell the "food scientist" is reading from a freakin script 😠

    37. Thomas Moeller

      I'm a level 0 by comparison

    38. gamingsfinest1

      Lol the level one chef completely missed with the hot sauce

    39. Cameron Poweleit

      The tier 3 chef doesn't really do anything impressive in these other than using much much more expensive ingredients

    40. Clay Reiss

      All these omelets suck

    41. Ainigma

      I'd be so afraid to cook for this show. These short cuts are used to emphasize some negative or "bad" cooking methods, followed by a pretty detailed explanation why you suck at cooking. Like 7:41 or 8:55. Just don't make people look dumb.

    42. 587 Version purpose


    43. aravind madineedi

      I really don't get it like all the chefs didn't even cook the omelet properly =_=

      1. fish

        It's not raw, is there anything more to cooking omelets?

    44. TexasScout Noneofyourbusiness

      This presentation of the video sucks. I would much rather see each individual do his all by themselves then mix it up like you’ve done it’s so confusing. Personally I think they all sucked. Not a single one of them use the classic French technique.I wouldn’t make an omelette like Any of them. By the way, Gordon Ramsay would smack the lot of them for adding salt before cooking eggs.

      1. fish

        Barb made a French omelet

    45. Nacho CheeZ

      I didn´t see 1 real omelet in this vid....

    46. Yeet King

      Loranzo is more like a professional home cook and the pro is more like a gordon Ramsey

    47. Henrique Barbosa

      Lorenzo MVP

    48. Snapun Sims

      The best omelette in my life included 4 ingridients: eggs, milk, salt, butter as a topping and cooked in the oven. That was everyday omelette in my kindergarden when I was 5 or 6, and that's the way as I cooked omelette since than.

    49. LS BEATS

      Emilys cooking is so cringe

    50. The epic Gameplayer

      150 iq: normal hotdog 99999999 iq: hotdog with cheese

    51. Baz

      Obviously I am on level 5.

    52. FAB

      Level 4, José María: E S P A Ñ O L

    53. Sylvain Nadeau

      come on lorenzo

    54. Ian Browne

      They all did garbage work.

      1. Ian Browne

        @Xavier Lauzac we should have a long argument about it.

      2. Xavier Lauzac

        No they didn’t.

    55. D3bS ACDM

      Seriously? Water in eggs is a thing? Never heard of it....

    56. Ornn

      Stop joking guys. Lorenzo's one was the fuking best hands down

    57. IF

      why wouldn't it specify what temp each of them are using when that is one of the most crucial parts?

    58. Jonathan Pilli

      So I don't see the fourth level...

      1. Xavier Lauzac

        Jonathan Pilli that was the level 4.

      2. Jonathan Pilli

        @Xavier Lauzac The explanation didn't show the next level of food..... just a broader perspective

      3. Xavier Lauzac

        Food scientist was level 4.

    59. Peachpidon

      It's nice to see at least one of them made a vegetarian option, and fresh herbs in the omelette are the best way to go.

    60. Mythili Venugopal

      Missing Antoni Poroski's French omlete

    61. Nico Amaya

      Lorenzo wins

    62. Eleonora Sassi

      I’m level “throw everything in the same bowl, mix, and put it in the pan trying not burn it”....it usually does.

    63. Devil DJ

      well ayeee.i think I am lvl 0 Me: chops onions+chillies then add them with eggs and salt..then.wala 2 mintue recipe ....

    64. Juan Paolo Pabilonia

      emily's omelet look's like an eyeball. why emily,why

    65. Josef Richter

      OK time to show a level 4 cook showing them how to make a proper (french) omelet. because even level 3 was pretty dreadful with poor technique.

    66. Sneaky Weasel

      Wow, what happened to lvl4's face?

    67. Gino Tan

      In the Philippines, we crack egg individually in small bowls (1)to prevent shells from mixing with the ingredients and (2)to make sure that the egg is not rotten. 😉😉

    68. EinTerraner

      Wow, i think i`m al level 5 chef. :S Not one of this use duck eggs.

    69. Hirata Tomiko

      5:27 I laugh so hard here 😂😂

    70. meboez

      they all look bad