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    We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of an omelet. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which omelet was the best?
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    4 Levels of Omelets: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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    1. Noob Pro

      And i think im level 0 bcs i just spray some oil on the pan then crack some eggs in it ,add some salt and done

    2. lily

      Lorenzo can easily become a level 3 chef on this show. His recipes hand down always look the best lmao

    3. MemeCore

      Im lvl -20 chef

    4. No Name

      Who is this new food scientist....I like the other lady better.

    5. Joker Ndhds

      So the good scientist isn't better than the lvl 3 cook ? She just explains why the lvl 3 is the best. And what happened to the other good scientist? Return the real scientist to us

    6. Bri A.

      I think I'm in love with Lorenzo. 2:33 consider my eggs whisked lmfao

    7. Stepanenko Viktor

      Lorenso best

    8. u҉n҉k҉0҉.c҉k҉ 8҉0҉8҉

      Level 2 wins

    9. Agathe Brusselmans

      I love Lorenzo's laugh Wait... No....I love Lorenzo in general💗💗

    10. Agathe Brusselmans

      Emily: butter Lvl 3: HOmE mAde BuTteRrrR Lorenzo: buttaaaaaahh

    11. MjrKime

      Every time I watch these videos I can't help but think that amateur cook just doesnt like to cook in the first place 😥

    12. Jimmy Song

      I don't like the new food scientist, I don't think she is as informative as the other professor from Drexel. Nothing personal to her, but the other one knew what they were talking about.

    13. T-Rekt Gaming

      Ameture chef is the best one

    14. Kek Zheyang

      Use Celsius plsss

    15. AK_Clan

      I knew I was gonna get hungry so I made 2 peanut butter jelly sandwiches in advanced

    16. kikine lokige

      PUBG pan

    17. Mind Crush3r

      Nobody: Lvl 4 chef: smaccs with stick

    18. Gloopl Surpl

      Lorenzo's personality is always great, guy is always so excited. I can also appreciate Emily's chaotic neutrality.

    19. Zach Maddocks

      Lorenzo is the best every time

    20. DAVE MISAL

      Why do the foods of chef 1 and 2 always appeal more to me than chef 3?

    21. tambo22003

      level 3 chef overcooked her omelets, it gonna taste like rubber, -50 points.

    22. Mylo Akeano

      Tbh Barb's looks worse than Emily's

    23. F.B.I

      *SPOILER* new level 3 chef is vegan

    24. Walles Vloggar

      Everybody: Lorenzo: aAaAaAnNnD... sWiM.

    25. Kirsty Southam

      Someone get Lorenzo his own show already!

    26. amira abdikarim look cute

      Why level 3 chefs gotta over do everything

    27. Ldee Rumbines

      Eggsiting, Eggselent, Eggsquisite, Scrambled Eggs Eggsist

    28. Jack Fletcher

      not a real scientist

    29. Otosaka Yuu

      I get it that level 2 actually looks better most of the time than level 3 but to be honest level 3 was very good too.

    30. Oofin Mel

      Nobody: Not a soul: Level 3 chef: I GREW THIS EVERYTHING MYSELF Someone: not the p- L.3.C: YES. EVEN THE PAN AND TABLE

    31. Mr.Elihand09

      barbs omelet looks like a hot pocket

    32. Mr.Elihand09

      a gEnOrOuS pInCh!!! puts handfull

    33. ItYeBoiPepeTheFroge2 Use Code Zavvn

      Add Honey in a Omalate trust me it’s sooooo good

    34. Kyle Bushnell

      Level 1 always is made with no care, level 2 seems to be with love and level 3 always seems to be made in a lab or something

    35. Gerippu

      7:27 that voice crack tho lol

    36. Nicster Beast TTV

      I think I like the level the most

    37. RuudJH

      Haha It's funny I used to eat the browned omelets. Was used to nothing else, als they Always said you can't eat eggs that aren't completely cooked through. You could actually take them from the plate and play frisbee with them. Some in my family actually like their fried eggs crisp on the bottom. This French style omelet isn't actually that bad though. It's creamy and that's weird at first, but it can taste pretty good.

    38. Dubz

      Lorenzo quit and make your own yt channel.

    39. lbrosas

      Level 1 cook always makes me ducking cringe

    40. Clash With Trung The Asian

      Where The hell The Chopsticks

    41. Hayashi Shirou

      even level 1 better than mine x.x

    42. Marcos

      that lady has a FAT camel toe

    43. blake ware

      I’m sorry but ain’t no black people putting water in their eggs😂

    44. WelcomeToJ

      *Dear Barb, you did not need a piping bag for your filing.*

    45. Unkamen Ramen

      Lorenzo is the level 3

    46. Unkamen Ramen

      Ok Emily you can actually put ketchup on this

    47. Derek Dotinga

      Level 3 chef: "I like to do an up and down motion when i whisk my eggs cause side to side doesn't work." Level 3 chef: *whisks side to side except front to back*

    48. Renji170

      Did somebody say Omelette Du Fromage?

    49. Toki

      Lorenzo is best man

    50. welp.

      Level 1: It looks crispy so its good Level 2: Lots of toppings and looks crispy so its good Level 3: Hers looks soggy and sick so i wouldn't want to try that

    51. COZmic_Galaxy

      I just put the veggies in the bowl and mix it so all the veggies are inside and cooked

    52. Dereck W.

      Kid expert

    53. Luke Tony Denham

      I feel like lorenzo is the best but whatevs

    54. carry me to victory

      is this the infamous girl who put ketchup on her french toast 😷😷🤧🤧🤧🤧 lmaooo

    55. Jacky-boy Alex

      I’d eat level 2s omelet

    56. Je llie

      Whatever Lorenzo makes. It always looks more good than the professional cook

    57. Mermaid Atlantica

      who is this toddler food scientist? "I salt the eggs" Gordon ramsay is disgusted

    58. Jasmit Kahlon - Thorndale PS (1440)

      But are their three

    59. kateofthecity

      Levels 1 & 2: "This looks delicious!" Level 3: "So, I'm really happy with how this turned out." I love how higher levels are taught humility in the kitchen.

    60. CrystalGachaNightcore 123

      These mushrooms are going to be ROASTED 😎 your going down mushroom 🍄

    61. Rainbow Foxes

      I'm a simple person. If I see Lorenzo I like the video

    62. Peppa Pig

      No one: Not even Shrek: And not even Friend donkey: Lorenzo: **Has a orgasm eating his food**

    63. Peppa Pig

      Lorenzo is kinda aesthetic with he's food and it looks AMAZING

    64. completely inadequate

      Is there any point in a level 4 chef? Just rename them to judge

    65. GG_ Meizi

      Not trying to be rude, but can you please bring back the other food scientist, she felt more genuine and knowledgeable. Thanks

    66. Krivy Pesos

      the levels 3 chefs mushrooms looked like poop

    67. Kim Nilsson

      The ”PRO” chef is trash


      Lorenzooooo won

    69. Hero Suprayetno

      always level 1: looks okay level 2: looks delicious level 3: looks fancy

    70. RingingEagle

      5:40 my food tech teacher is a Muslim and that bacon is not halal

    71. Putthatinur Pipe

      Oooh...A Lorenzo episode. Guess Ill see you next time

    72. Alex Warren

      Why do Americans say herbs without the h they say erbs

    73. nikegaming 3

      Level 1 is kairostime s wife

    74. nikegaming 3

      For real

    75. nikegaming 3

      Lol lv one is kairostime wife

    76. Simulation Operator

      Nobody: Not a soul: Emily: I found these eggs on the street when I was 7, so I guess I'll use them.

    77. - MrMajiicmini

      Level 1: YuMmY! Level 3: wTf YoU dIdNt GrOw YoUr OwN eGgS?

    78. SpArGaToRuL

      I'm level 5

    79. Maya Seybold

      You know, I actually like this food scientist better than the other one. She doesn’t just slam the level 1 chef for like 75% of her food science-ing

    80. skullier13


    81. AquaMarineDolphinTeeth

      level 1 chef: exists Food Scientist: Hahaha, no

    82. Raka Siwi

      Am i the only one seeing Emily not putting salt in the omelet?

    83. Tobias Huber

      There could be only one Chef in this one: FISK!

    84. Danimal Planet

      French style without browning tastes so much better IMO. Also way less room for error.

    85. Subuluf

      Team Emily!

    86. Vishnu Haridas

      Just realized I'm level 0

    87. Devara FT

      I think this is the first time that the level 3 chef's food doesn't really look weird and overly complicated

    88. squink

      I always like the level 2 chef-

    89. Bagus Prihastomo

      Why I'm not discover this show more earlier, whyyy!?!? 😭

    90. Crantrex

      1:20 i swear i saw him in a lifelock commercial

    91. ÅłwåyśMårgø

      When the level 3 put the paste, it sorta looked like poo...

    92. BlowFish

      Level 5 cz-news.net/online/video-s10etP1p2bU.html the classic French is art. I was kinda underwhelmed with the Pro omelette tbh.

    93. anon 2000

      5:05 the filling low-key looks like a turd

    94. Roland sucks at skating

      Where is frank, did she even lay her own eggs and sit on them for months like frank would?

    95. ɥɐǝʎ ɥɐǝʎ ɥo

      *_sees new scientist_* **(X) DOUBT**

      1. Tonja Smole

        I never watch the last part but I like the new one more

    96. chloe said

      Yea I’ve noticed almost always think the level 2 cook is the best the level 3 cook omelet looked horrible, Just to complicated/unnecessary. The level 1 cook bless her she was just trying her best. Idk why she thought it was a good idea to cook your eggs that way.

    97. Kaiya A

      Excuse me???!!! Who are you new expert???? Im personally offended!!

    98. Kookie _taekook

      Lorenzos food always look so appetizing

    99. Sofia M

      Lorenzo's looks the best and sounds the best. He knows what he is doing in this series lol

    100. pxtrova

      Lorenzo is the best. Every. Damm. Time.