34 SMART HOUSEHOLD HACKS YOU CAN'T MISS || Brilliant Cleaning Tips And Tricks For Your House

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    Do not spend a lot of money on cleaning products as you can make them at home from inexpensive ingredients you might already have at home. This time we prepared a new collection of helpful ideas that will help you to ease cleaning routine:
    -Glue a two-sided tape to your mop to find small metal items like safety pins or bobby pins on the floor
    -You can easily clean a stove using shaving foam
    -Use olive oil to clean a baking tray. Watch the easy tutorial
    -You will be surprised but you can easily clean a microwave using tangerine peel
    -Lemon works perfectly if you want to clean a faucet
    -Use micellar water to clean sneaker’s sole
    -Do not buy cleaning wipes at the store as you can easily make them at home and you will love the result. You will need to mix lemon juice, water, vinegar, alcohol, baking soda, and Dr. Bronner’s soap
    -Mix vinegar, lemon juice and olive oil to clean your wooden floor from scuffs
    -Air fresheners may contain a lot of chemicals and might be dangerous for your health. We offer you an easy way to make air freshener at home from natural ingredients. Take vodka, add essential oils and leaves of mint. You saved a lot of money and all the ingredients are natural
    -Mix vinegar, water, and thyme. It’s the perfect liquid to disinfect your toilet
    -Don’t know how effectively clean your carpet? Cornstarch makes a safe and effective carpet cleaner. Mix cornstarch, baking soda, whole cloves, bay leaves, and borax together. Sprinkle dry powder on your carpet, leave it for two hours, then vacuum it up. Voila!
    00:16 How to clean a stove
    01:49 Use tangerine peels to clean a microwave
    03:21 Cleaning wipes
    04:25 Homemade air freshener
    05:08 How to clean a carpet

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