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    hey dudes,
    I don’t have much of a funny description today; I just wanted to thank you all for this huge milestone. It’s because of you that I get to do this so thank you so much.
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    With love,
    Jack the cripper

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    1. Skye Castner

      I'm one of those people who made a grave mistake😂😂

    2. TaylorII

      this is what a woman who knows the exact amount of standard currency her existence is worth, down to the cent, looks like

    3. Belle Brenneman


    4. Jennicka Roberts

      I have a cold and it hurts to laugh but I’m still binge watching these videos

    5. André Caetano

      I love your videoa

    6. Nicolas P

      Thats no mother goose. She looks like the queen of dragon if she bailed on the wars and just retired to live the simple life in suburbia.

    7. qsf wxc

      So r we all just gonna ignore the fact that she made more than 5000000 cookies so far

    8. Jesus Christ


    9. Ann !

      At 5 million you could just make one gigantic cookie

    10. Emily Chocolate

      I was one

    11. Owen Garzia

      So these are the stages of madness. Huh I only expected that

    12. Buttertoast Cake


    13. Hayden Munaco

      Mr beasts next video The last to stop baking cookies wins 40000$

    14. Megan Meow


    15. Freddie Jo Henley

      0:30 why is the ‘black’ a picture of carpet

    16. Sophie Dear

      I was here at 100 subs (i was your 101) it's been fun, I was late to this video as I was watching older videos that I already watched and refreshed my memory, you've come a long way Joana.

    17. Chilli Vanilli


    18. Please Subscribe ;-;

      I wanted cookies watching this video, so I went TO the store, RIGHT? EVERYTHING IS SUPPOSED TO BE OKAY RIGHT? no I got locked out of home for 20 minutes, with cookies. *shoot me*

    19. gacha farwa


    20. gacha farwa

      It's funny how many millions she bakes that many cookies when she hit's 4 million she will have too opean a bakery🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    21. miki rae


    22. Proud2BeAWeirdo XD

      I'm gaining nothing from this and losing sleep, but I couldn't be enjoying it more.

    23. Ava Arhontoudis

      Does anyone else wanna try the cookie?

    24. Sadjishua

      I got anxiety by just seeing how oily her glasses became. It was hard to look at.

    25. Medha G

      I swear your literally are gaining 1M every week

    26. Jude Barakat

      Do you realize that you could have just bought already baked cookies or cookie dough

    27. Maliha Sikder.


    28. F1Z00O

      hey joana whats ur cookie recipe

    29. YeeYeeU_U 0_0

      Ur mother is the best woman I’ve never met.

    30. Madison Beachum


    31. Warren Cross


    32. Hey Moon

      I G O T A M U G C A K E A D O N T H I S V I D E O

    33. Be Andrah Simms

      I'm new hi

    34. Gacha Thea

      Joana's a vsco girl hahaha

    35. MaDdiE D


    36. Catherine Nicolasora

      I love her mother haha

    37. jasmine williams

      i love your mom

    38. Dearah Roca

      who's been here before 1 mil?

    39. James Louch

      and when she reaches 100 millions subs?????????????

    40. na sa

      Next time just do a big ol cookie one giant enormous goose

    41. jazmin laura

      Hoping I survived high school 🤔

    42. Londyn Hunter

      for 4 million, make 4 million small cookies, mix them all together, and make one huge cookie

    43. Hey It'sme

      Her parents are everything I want to be

    44. Hey It'sme

      Okay so forgive me, I’m an American, but WHY is there a store called “Canadian tire” that is actually a grocery store, like do they even sell tires?

    45. Kiley

      That explains why there is no cookie ingredients at the grocery store

    46. Mahal Tran

      “This isn’t a regular g, this is a BIG G problem” shsdvdjfvufrehgferntrkjhef

    47. Mahal Tran

      ok the physics references make me so happy....

    48. mlm1180

      Next time I will help. I love to bake one bite Sally's

    49. Clorox Bleach

      *the intro killed me omg* 💀

    50. Ria Sharma (943RiaShar)

      That intro tho

    51. Your guilty Conscience

      *did you just convert each one of us into cookie form and eat us this is cannibalism I repeat this is cannibalism*

    52. Mary Alessia

      Holy crap John cena, I haven’t had wifi in like two months and it came back today so I decided to see how my girl John cena was doing, and now you have 3.6 freaking million subscribers!!!! Like wtfffff. I’m soooooo proud of you, I look up to you big time and you are an amazing person in general. I’ve been here since I can remember and I’ve watched your channel grow which flashed before my eyes, you’re amazing and keep doing what you’re doing which is being John cena ✌🏼💛

    53. Riley Elaine

      What if Pewdiepie did this

    54. Trash Can

      Let’s get her to 10 million.

    55. Prayodanger

      You crazy, but i realy love you. I swear for that :)

    56. ozbowsmitty101

      Hilarious and pretty. Lethal combo!

    57. That kid Quin

      i’ve been here since under 1000 aaa

    58. Lyan Oja

      We LOVE you and your FAMILY!

    59. stupit bicth

      *well if she makes 3 million cookies and she's buying 48x the recipe that means that each batch makes 62,500 cookies*

    60. Abbixlina

      Silly john cena, you shouldve just made a giant cookie!

    61. Avas Baby Alives


    62. Jilly Milly

      Shoot I want cookies now.. SCREW THE DIET

    63. XxSoaringEaglesxX


    64. Alexander Stealyomans

      5:07 me in bed

    65. Nale

      thought this was frenworld for a sec

    66. Tyler’s Smol Beans

      6:12 she ate me

    67. Cheese Cake

      why is Canadian tire...not a tire store...

    68. Dak Star

      You filmed some of this in my birthday October 19th to think that you were doing that on my birthday makes me laugh 😂 luv u

    69. Hannah R

      I'm so sorry. 5 thousand people don't get a cookie😥😯😮🤐😫😓😦😭😢