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    Check out this video full of brilliant summer life hacks that will teach you how to hide car keys when you want to relax at the beach but don’t have a bag; what to do with a loose ring, how to get rid of mosquitos, how to fix flip flops in 1 minute, what to do if it’s too hot at home. If a ring is too loose, you can easily lose it and we know what to do. Watch our video and you will learn how to solve this problem using a hot glue gun. We know how to make a perfect repellent: melt paraffin or wax and add a few drops of citronella oil, attach a wick and let it cool. The main idea is that citronella oils are the most effective natural insect repellent. There is one more way to get rid of mosquitoes is to make a spray that you can use when you relax in nature. You will need two simple ingredients: basil leaves and eucalyptus oil. Cut the leaves and boil them for 10 minutes, add eucalyptus oil and leave for 10 minutes. This spray will help you to get rid of mosquitoes as basil is the natural repellent.
    We know how to cool down your room if you don’t have an AC. We know an easy trick: fill a bowl with ice cubes and place it in a location where the fan would blow across it. You can place a fan and a bowl on a desk and you will have a misty breeze when you are working.
    One more collection of ideas has a mission to ease the girl's lives. Bra hack we prepared will help you to comfortably wear different kinds of clothes with open back. Watch the video and learn what to do with straps that stick out and how to solve other bra problems. Do you know what to do if you have forgotten the bikini top? You can replace it with a sarong. Isn’t it a brilliant idea? You can easily turn a long skirt into a fancy dress. It’s a cool no-sew project!
    00:09 What to do with a loose ring
    01:11 Mosquito candle
    02:51 How to cool down your room
    03:19 Brilliant bra ideas
    04:10 No-sew summer dress
    08:57 DIY Self-tanner

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      1:03 ok so you put your keys the ONE PLACE YOU WILL NEVER LOOK. 😂

    8. Lion R


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      How do you get rid of commen finger warts

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      *How to do not lost ur ring while swimming* *DO NOT WEAR IT*

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      Biz türküz ama çektiğiniz videolar gerçekten işe yariyo

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      6:30 hon your outfit was cute dOn'T cHaNgE yO sElF fOr nO mAn

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      8:56 ever heard of bug spray?

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      10:21 as if avocados dont have a pip

    23. Chxcostrawberry -_-

      10:57 Girl I feel your pain

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      0:12 you could just take your ring off PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!

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      6:11.... She left her purse.... Is that a blooper??

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      10:23 that avocado is the weirdest avocado ever MÉXICO’ S AVOCADOS ARE MUCH BETTER NO HATE JUST LOOK

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      Why put hot glue on your self to keep a ring a on🤨🤔

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      At1:57 Me:nooo both the ice cream who cares about the shoe .😕

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      6:11 um ma’am u left ur purse

    50. Person means living creature

      For the avocado hack, it’s better to just brush your hair because food is more precious than time since people give up time working for food and some people don’t have any food because they can’t afford it.

    51. avinash varma

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