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    There are a lot of occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and gifts are always needed. Most of the people think that it’s a hard job to perfectly wrap a gift. In real life wrapping a gift is easy and we share step by step tutorials that will help you. All you need is wrapping paper, sticky tape, and scissors. You will learn how to wrap sweets, boxes, bottles, flowers, sweets and more. All these tutorials are very easy and you don’t need to have special crafting skills. Find out how to turn a boring cash gift into something incredible!
    The cheapest way to wrap a gift is to reuse a potato-chip bag. You need to clean the inner foil part and wrap your gifts. Check out the step by step tutorial! If your friend doesn’t like real flowers, you can make a bouquet out of face towels. We know a crazy idea that all the Game of Thrones fans will adore! If your girlfriend is a fan of Game of Thrones, you can easily make a ring box in the shape of a Dragon Egg. I bet the proposal will be unforgettable! Another cool idea is to decorate greeting cards with bubble print. The drawing technique we love is bubble drawing. The supplies you will need dishwashing soap, water, paint, and straw. Mix all the ingredients in a glass and blow bubbles. Then cover paper with bubbles to make a cute greeting card for your friends. If your friend loves sweets, we will show you how to make a beautiful bouquet from sweets. Check out a cool way to wrap gift cards!

    00:09 Cash gift idea
    02:56 DIY Teddy bear
    06:06 Creative ways to wrap gifts
    11:18 How to wrap a cash gift
    13:14 Gift wrap idea for men

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