~268~ MSM Lies About Bolivia, Plus Secret Space Plane

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    The indigenous president of Bolivia was forced to resign before the end of his term this week after a US-led coup succeeded. Lee briefly reviews the recent history of US-backed coups taking out left-wing political movements across Latin America. He visits violent actions supported by the US in Honduras, Nicaragua and Venezuela. If given more time this list of leftist governments taken out in the interest of US businessmen could extend right across Latin America. Lee covers Michael Bloomberg's apparent presidential aspirations, the attempted arrest of the founder of Code Pink on the falsified charge of assaulting Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, and more poverty porn from your corporate media.
    Natalie McGill sits down with Lee to look at a new case where HUD is rolling back rules that protect people from discrimination in the housing market. Under these rule changes banks and landlords would be able to avoid legal troubles for discriminating against people by blaming it on an algorithm. Anders Lee finishes off the show with a report on the recent election outcome in Seattle.'s City Council race. Jeff Bezos had put $1.5 million into the race to unseat Kshama Sawant. Sawant is a member of Socialist Alternative and, among many victories, she led the drive to increase Seattle's minimum wage to $15. She also ended up winning the election, proving that grassroots campaigning can still compete with big money politics.
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    1. Wild And Free

      *Lee,* I have a favor to ask. The most "courageous journalists" will not do this, but *you* have *balls of steel.* *Dane Wigington* is the lead researcher for GeoengineeringWatch.org He has a *self paid* podcast called "Global News Alert," and he can be seen on YT... at least for now. His podcast can be seen here weekly. I am asking if you can watch his podcast, check out his website, and perhaps interview him on *Redacted Tonight VIP.* Like you, Dane pulls no punches. Thank you for another great show. Thank you in advance, for considering my request.


      We will win!

    3. Hazza

      how friggin lame is google, under the vid "RT is funded in whole or in part by the Russian government. Wikipedia "

    4. upper cut

      Russia have friends in the Antarctic Treaty & the swimming pool ISS, but to the chattle, they are your enemy right... Wtf up.

    5. Dwayne Tacina

      Has anybody noticed that below the video screen there is possible propaganda saying that redacted tonight is funded by the Russian government?


      Fidel castro a miserable garbage and dictator who stole my family’s money and land and live stock


      Impeach ??? This guy is a lair on what proof does you have he did something wrong but if obama or biden does it its okay ? 🤣🤣


      Morales is a dictator and very poor education he got he dont even know how to speak 🤣🤣🤣

    9. Rebecca Taylor

      This coup is absolutely revolting so hard to take in/watch like any other coups, U. S,. U. K and Europe's fascist blood spilling once again. We are committing genocide worldwide against black, brown, Latino, Muslim and southeast Asian peoples... Revolution now!!!

    10. PorkPie Hat D Mingo

      And America complains that the Russians are Interfering with USA elections.

    11. ka sch

      You could have a lot going for yourself, but you are offensive when you curse God.

    12. Politifeast

      Yes, another shithole country sitting on America’s lithium. Bolivia could become the richest country in the world with that lithium.

    13. Politifeast

      This is the same bullshit story about other countries election. This is about their dumb Tesla lithium battery powered cars which takes over 5 hours to charge. America once again telling lies about sovereign countries so they could steal their resources. Yes, America is the greatest country in the world by thievery.

    14. bill gorrell

      Cool! I know Mark Weisbrot.

    15. egore radowski

      US has a sick regime and American taxpayer who finance the regime change wars and coups are truly st-upid. They pay money and lies, but get sh*t. Their zio-oligarchy masters get richer.

    16. AgainstTheSystem .ATS

      Nicely said.This is the reason for the comunism "collapse".Same people that try to keep South America in a leashe where involved in underminig the socialist countryes of Est Europe.And now,just like South America, those countryes are robbed of all resources.

    17. Jay Oliver

      It is unfortunate that you are so wrong!! Indigenous people are instigated by cocaine dealers. They come from chapare. Please check in internet where It is. The producer area of cocaine. Do you love America flooded with it?

    18. looes74 looes74

      I thought putin will come for rescue. Putin rescued madura but not morales. Why?

    19. John Sailors

      That bit with the scooter was kind of legit brilliant! LOL

    20. Trunk Monkies 2

      the US was given the title of "world overlord", c/o the US Congress back in 47 (I think). Check out what chooseyourside.com has to say about it.

    21. Theresa Sanders

      Just an FYI - Legislative CHECK for the Judicial Branch, which has never been used! Let's use it on CITIZENS UNITED! Either that or declare TREASON & try the "CORPORATE CITIZENS"! constitutioncenter.org/interactive-constitution/interpretation/article-iii/section/203?fbclid=IwAR06BO16Dt4ztQ7p1Gn3Kxf2XF5fGpsAqeXQm05fxGeLemqd8V0iiI7djvY

    22. Jay Oliver

      Once Latin America falls under narco governments, USA will be next

    23. Sergio Silva

      He just wanted to stay in power indefinitely

    24. 385torontoglasgow583

      Well, we could work it like a political prisoner exchange where the US sends down assholes from Washington to Mexico and allow them to send up come immigrants. I Think that would be a good swop.

    25. No Labels

      People take for granted that they can preach or pray over you once your income falls below a certain level. George Orwell

    26. Filthy Philippenis Gay Smells Asocena

      _Leading a coup in order to steal the resources of other countries. UassA calls it democracy_ 🇺🇸💣🔫💥💀

    27. Buggs

      Cripes. I hope Corbyn doesn't get into power here in the UK. The US will be on us like a fly on shit..

    28. Paul Evans

      Why doesn’t CZ-news put that warning on BBC videos?

    29. Donald Wilkerson

      If Venezuela don't want arms brought in for a coup, then they better be checking all the ships and tugs carrying food supplies. This is a favorite and successful way of importing arms to insurgents. Even checking up frozen chicken asses.

    30. Donald Wilkerson

      Shows how easily the State Department controls the media not just in the U.S. but throughout the world.

    31. fernando

      We put crushing sanctions and refuse refugees that arise from those sanctions. ... I don't see a problem there

    32. ninjalemurdude

      This is just as misleading as MSM has been.

    33. Mat AIne

      The USA is pretty much under Zionist control. The majority of Americans are clueless.

    34. Ediberg Peres

      These governments can have being improving the social gap in Latin America, but are very corrupt. There’s another side of this coin!!

    35. Ediberg Peres

      Only thing you forgot to mention in your show is that all these leaders were or are socialists inclined trying to create some kind of Latin America communist Supranational structure. Just get to read about the Forum of São Paulo.

    36. weepingod

      whoever gave him the idea that he was funny did him a disservice

    37. Rogue Music Freak

      They try the same thing with Greece by using Turkey against us.

    38. Rue U

      LOL. I died laughing at that DNC Admitting they rigged the election. I swear God allows people like them to just have the best lives

    39. Pat Hacker

      An audit by whom?

    40. Roberto Navarro

      Benito Juarez was 100% Zapoteco. He was the 1st indigenous prez.

    41. Angelica Michelle

      Every country out there HATES our governments. I am so sick of the working poor having to be judged because of the few.

    42. Malcolm MacLeod

      I haven't watched this show for some time, but it's a highly enjoyable and productive half hour.

      1. Malcolm MacLeod

        Oh, many thanks to RT for providing this opportunity. M

    43. Danielle Everhart

      George Soros!

    44. Thermal Chill

      United Gestapo States of Amewicka will cause World War Three.

    45. pokenei

      Any small country with rich resources should seek Russian protection if they don't want to be overthrown by CIA agents.

    46. Loud Harley

      LOL secret air force space plane.....The Orangeman declares he is starting a space force. It was obviously in the works before him, but he needs credit, so he does a leak disguised as an original idea.

    47. Avneesh Singh Tomar

      4:45 BEST PART 😂😂

    48. Gwen Vandeveer

      That's the cheesiest wig I have ever seen.

    49. peace peach

      What are your thoughts on Kiwi journalist Suzie Dawson? It would be great if you did an interview with her or reported on her story

    50. d obianuli

      The USA is rollo tomassi

    51. Divergent Evolution

      Trump hailed this coup as Democratic. Proving that he literally doesnt know what that word means, yet leads a so called Democracy (yes you ameritards, a republic is a form of a democracy).

    52. Douglas Vasey

      Yo Bolivia, I have your back my friends

    53. Spliff Sensei Roe Jogan

      Wow lithium that’s crazy

    54. Basim Daoud

      NED should stand for National Endowment of a bunch of big DICKS

    55. Spliff Sensei Roe Jogan

      All these things are jus tactics to undermine development and facilitate a necessity on US !!!

    56. lee jay Funk

      Sad thing is, RT could be trying to push propaganda... but THIS story is💯

    57. Jamal Kosh

      I thought I heard Joker in the beginning laughing...

    58. fusion353

      oh and one more thing you say don't believe what the government tells you and you are going to believe Morales who was government please you contradict your self there.

    59. fusion353

      look man what you are saying here it isn't true the only poverty Morales abolished was his own i am here in Bolivia and that is the truth, how can you explain that he was in power for 14 years who that is not a dictator has been in power for that long can you tell me, he never created any jobs for the people only 20 percent of the people has a steady job and most of them work for the government so yeah you could say there was growth but was thanks to high oil prices which this murderer of morales fail to take advantage of, and he wasn't the first indigenous president actually morales don't even speak a native language that is true he only reads what he is given ok, and we the people took him out of power because he committed electoral fraud and we new it before the auditory of the ASO we did not even trusted that auditory because we thought they were going to side with morales but if you rally want to know the truth i invite you to come here to see with your own eyes what is really happening but i don't think you will, Morales even left us with terrorist groups in la paz that are blocking the entering of food to that city trying to starved millions while the asshole of morales is eating at expensive restaurants in Mexico guarded by bodyguards morales likes to live in luxury is that the life of a peoples person i don;t thinks so and why did't he go to Maduro better since he says maduro is doing great for Venezuela please do as i say but don't do as i do that is just hypocritical if this guy morales had the option of going to the US he would he is just a wolf under sheep cloth

    60. Jim Garrison

      Gr8 show!!!!

    61. The Uberman

      Does the Nicaragua thing include Sanders?

    62. MajorEasley

      This is by far the best Redacted I have seen LoL. 👍👍👍

    63. Comrade McSalty

      So... Foreign backed military coups in socialist democracies = democracy Fair trials against military officers trying to organise a coup with the help of foreign backing in the USSR = dictature ... yeah the media in capitalist countries has been full of shit for a very long time now.

    64. MajorEasley

      In the beginning there that laughter. 🤣🤣🤣. I didn't know Joker was there too

    65. Redrooster

      The American people's Jewish rulers do not see them as people but animals and slaves, that's why there is no public transport to speak of, that's why roads are potholed and bridges are crumbling. That's why medications cost an arm and a leg, that's why they are so poor they have to join the military and fight Jewish wars for them. America has been infiltrated by Mossad and Dual Israeli agents called Zionists. There are now 89 Zionists in the US Congress and Trump's administration has nothing but Zionists in it! Trump himself has converted to Judaism 2 years ago and his son in law Jarad Kushner, his right-hand man in the Whitehouse is also Benjamin Netanyahu's Nephew for fuck sakes!!!

    66. OwlNation Legal

      I would've subscribed but just like mainstream, far-right & progressive media alike, halfway thru campaign 2020 not one single show has interviewed the first and currently only climate focused presidential candidate...you know...as shown at GretaThunberg (0rg) - the only teen with half a clue about where we are all heading. Something about "Burn in a hell of your own making" comes to mind.

    67. anni hilateyutube

      That's precisely what United Satanic AmeriKKKa has been TRYING DAY & NIGHT DOING TO CHINA & Xi Jinping BUT UNABLE to so... IT DRIVES UR MURIKKKA into LOSING SLEEP n NOW LOSING MIND 24/7 IN EVERY AVENUE TO DEMONISE CHINA & CHINESE PEOPLE... EVEN SO LOW TO STUPIFY & BABOONIZE BRUCE LEE in the recent movie by the always-has-been-c-grade-n-now-a-has-been-director Quentin Taran🕸tula -tino-

    68. Joe Cizin


    69. You Have A Good Point

      My battery died and now I can’t be controlled and spied on.

    70. Tom Keithley

      But Lee they need all that lithium to continue making all that crystal meth.