24 Hours Trapped inside New Tesla! Game Master Age Challenge?! | Matt and Rebecca

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    Matt tricks his wife Rebecca Zamolo into spending 24 hours inside a brand new Tesla.
    After Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours overnight in a bounce on their new pool they noticed something strange was going on. Matt decided to pack quickly and and get into the Tesla Model X. Rebecca had no clue what was going on. She said she was hungry so they stopped and ate whatever the person in front of them ordered. Then they did a dance battle montage. They went back home and Rebecca left the car to train for the challenger games. Matt sees something strange happen on the monitor and it tries to reroute them to a mystery location in orange county. They spend the night but Rebecca pranks Matt and dresses up in a disguise. She then sneaks out of the car when her husband Matt falls asleep. They later play the age challenge. What do you think is in Orange County? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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    24 Hours
    24 Hours overnight challenge

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    1. Matt and Rebecca

      Will Rebecca be able to last 24 hours in our new Tesla?

      1. K'dynce Hand

        Matt and Rebecca.

      2. AquaSlasher

        Matt and Rebecca no 👎

      3. Chloe&kiki Simpson

        @Collison McDonald that nice

      4. Collison McDonald

        Matt and Rebecca You are

      5. Chloe&kiki Simpson


    2. Dallas Tucker

      Matt looks way better

    3. Ross Duckworth

      I have

    4. XxMirror_ InitiativexX35

      From the gm I think it said:I am trapped in orange:I don't know?

    5. Gloria Cedillo

      I know it's a little bit too late but 2019???????????

      1. Sarah Jeffery

        That makes know sense.

    6. x.Cookie.x ••••

      Matt looked like 70 years old and rebecca like 66 years old

    7. Mariah Brown

      If you didn’t see the dog peed on hey

      1. Mariah Brown


    8. Kokoli Jamboli

      Rebecca I will KISS 💋 you

    9. Jewelz5579

      Yes i heard something

    10. Krystal Halstead

      I have Heard from the Gm

    11. elita Maruyama

      I love you rebecca and matt

    12. Dodo Dodo

      Matt and you

    13. Melissa Nuñez

      I did heard some thing

    14. johnnamae gibson

      I heard the red hood

    15. Madison Jackson

      matt looks bad and rebecca looks better

    16. Chloe Blumke

      matt you should prank rebecca by pretending to be hypnotized

    17. Tamara Jean Louis


    18. Ereny Ehab

      Am I the only person whose wanted to comment on an add but then realized that your watching a yt video 😂🤣


      it's say orange county

    20. Daniel Crim

      I love you guys but guess what I saw the game master and the so be in the Tesla so be careful because he could turn off lights how to say see you later. Love you Peace Love ❤️❤️😘

    21. Tortas y tacos La chiquita


    22. Plug Watch

      I’m not bruised it before but my mom did and my sister told me that I can download it whenever I want to so I said that I don’t want to download because I’m going to go and go to my friends house so

    23. Plug Watch

      Rebecca it was the red hood she said that she was going to hack into the Tesla

    24. Malak Tamer

      Matt and Rebecca I saw the camera is slippery you can see the match of colours please and colours you can see this man and Matt and Rebecca you'll have to find a Lionel I saw the camera red pouring I don't know why

    25. Brooke Sowels

      Rebecca can do it

    26. Lucas Goncalves

      orange county that is what it said

    27. Dayah Salabie

      I like sweets 🍫🎂I like you guys💗

    28. lovetheunicorn

      I think both

    29. Jade Kerby

      A is right.

    30. Ashley Bedwell

      pretend like the red hood took you then and then about after a while say it was a prank then say you joined the gmi

    31. Catiana B.


    32. Catiana B.


    33. Denis Tisaj

      Rebeca i heard what it says o dont rember but its like a mumble like dice...gm...i heard that. Btw i have a game named Animal Jam-Play Wild pls make a sponccor for the game pls PLS.

    34. NO MORE


    35. Alizee Padilla


    36. Angela Brown

      You guys the video is gliching is it the game Master

    37. Ewa Wicek


    38. Alisa Sanchez


    39. Audrianna Schulden

      Rz twin hacked the tessla

    40. Jenniffer Maritsa

      I like sweats

    41. Alecia New

      do wot rebecca ses for 24 hours with rz twin


      Nope 👎

    43. Madison miller


    44. Gloria Colemen


    45. Leah Hunter

      In the gal

    46. ruby29oct

      Your camera is glitching is the red hood hack in

    47. Lindsay Siegrist

      He MIT be trapet

    48. Lindsay Siegrist


    49. Nicole Hunter

      Someone is hacking your video

    50. Danai Hlekisana

      When you realise you slept longer than 24 hours

    51. Patsy Giron

      She will know it

    52. Michael Dezura

      Hi zam fam I have been loving U since I been 4 years old now lm 7 years old can l have a Shoot out Love zam fam from Adrienne 💗💗

    53. GG GAMER

      It's sad GMI

    54. Thor king

      Rebecca I love you

    55. Legederat Playz

      The car said GMI

    56. Senorina Mend

      Rebecca looks alot more better than matt

    57. Keisha Francis


    58. Keisha Francis


    59. Angelica Mora

      I wish I did that challenge

    60. Queen Hatch

      You can prank Matt

    61. Lilly Evans

      The red hood is spying on you and it glitches


      Matt looks better


      Yes of course ☺️!

    64. Gabriel Conner

      Rebecca look better

    65. Aylin Sepulveda


    66. Aylin Sepulveda


    67. Bentli Marshall

      GMI prison

    68. Laila Davies

      the game master said "im stuck in orange countey


      in prison