24 Hours Overnight inside a BOUNCE HOUSE in my BACKYARD POOL! | Rebecca Zamolo

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    Rebecca Zamolo did a 24 hour challenge overnight inside a bounce house that floated on her new backyard pool!
    Rebecca Zamolo has spent 24 hours in a pool and has done a 24 hour challenge in a bounce house, but in today’s video she combines the two challenges into one! After her husband Matt surprised her with a backyard pool Rebecca let you decide her first challenge in it. Luckily the inflatable bounce house actually floats and she begins to pack for overnight. While Matt and Rebecca are up at their cabin, Daniel is spying on the Quadrant network to find where the missing red hood hacker is after she disappeared at Vidcon. Throughout the 24 hours Rebecca feels someone spying on her. Could this spy be the Game Master or Red Hood hacker? Rebecca and Matt play a fun floor is lava challenge with friends and best time wins $100. Kaden wins the game and asks Matt to show him his new Tesla before he leaves. After ordering Dominos pizza they get ready to sleep. Matt and Rebecca wake up at 3am when they hear a noise and see a mysterious light coming from the woods. Matt decides to explore and sees something. He tries to chase the mystery man but they disappear. Do you think the Game Master is keeping them safe or will the quadrant reveal a bigger plan?
    Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!
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    24 Hours
    24 Hours overnight challenge

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