22Gz - Suburban Pt. 2 (Official Music Video)



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    22Gz - Suburban Pt. 2 (Official Music Video)
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    1. Alexandria Griffin

      Her bc of tik tok . 😔

    2. Fleniz YT


    3. Rex Czaro

      Thats UKs grime that 🔥

    4. YktvMekhi

      This song makes me want to steal money out my own wallet

    5. Ian Pratt

      Big gdk but this slap

    6. Wavy hurb

      this shii fire

    7. SupremeSam.

      Only real og New Yorkers can like this

    8. Jonas Mclellan

      “He ain’t dead but we paralyzed him”🔥

    9. Kokujin

      This makes me want to shoot a roach instead of stepping on it

    10. FaZe Menace


    11. Goldy-_-

      i'm not a OFB fan but some dumb nigga at my school showed me this and compared it to youngest in charge by sj is he fucking dumb

    12. Goldy-_-

      damn this the first american guy that raps on a uk drill beat and is not bad

    13. Luxr

      a baconeggandcheese and arizona spawned in my hand listening to this

    14. Jazmiere German

      Big folkk

      1. Exclusive


    15. Meme Godx

      My man had beads in his hair and he singing about suburbans

    16. djuan strong

      Shit is fire!

    17. Maxy Boi

      This a uk drill beat

    18. Napoleon Pascal

      Whats the second half of the video? What song

    19. SHMONEY

      Patiently Waiting For Sheff G To Drop *No Suburban Pt 2*

    20. prettyboiJustin

      I’m sorry but he really ain’t that great bro ...like not even hating the beat goes hard asf though but he ain’t that great ..nothing new it’s just a American voice over a UK drill beat and I think that’s why people who don’t know music think this is hot.

    21. Georgia Leigh

      Uk beat

    22. Kam

      Is he makin a song to the second part??🔥‼️

    23. Vexa

      i wanna hear him and king von on a track, chicago and NY vibes

    24. BenTentacionVEVO

      the only good american drill i heard. class tbf

    25. Casper 1512

      in pr bumpin 🤣 on 4nem

    26. Young Smiley

      He still #sg??

    27. Greg Fontenot

      Gang gang gang

    28. Terry Fitzgerald


    29. Pu P

      Ock came here 👑

    30. 吸一个鸡巴

      This song makes me wanna put on my black airforces and act up 🔥🔥🔥

    31. Huey Freeman

      is he beefing gs9??

    32. Huey Freeman

      not from new york but isnt 22gz beefing like everyone

    33. Huey Freeman

      Snipa gang da blicky

    34. 4L Sythe

      It’s glitched on Spotify i cant hear it

    35. J Velazquez


    36. YoutubeCampsFN

      Dude give me young pappy vibez Like if I he does to u

    37. Blackstone Media Collective

      Sheff G somewhere watching this shaking his fist right now

    38. TrapFaz o

      This song is over the top🥵

    39. Kinginwitran_

      Shit fire 🔥

    40. It’sYour#1AnimeGirl

      Na actually shut up everyone coz u Americans copying the OG English grime 🙄 Go listen to some Digga D

    41. swek dinho

      damn the us is getting to know other countries culture ahahah about time.. yall niggas been need to know its not just europe out there hahahaha

    42. TrellBlazer

      People : IM BIG GDK the same ppl: MATTA MATTA song still fire

    43. Jaden bourne

      🇺🇸: Creates drill 🇬🇧: Makes a new version with different flows and better beats 🇺🇸: copies UK

      1. EddEK

        Jaden bourne this still bangs

    44. ZK

      Only cold because it’s produced by ghosty

    45. Young Sw3rv


    46. Tom VWW

      UK Drill beat 🥶🥶🥶

    47. Rugah

      what set does he bang?

    48. James

      Made me order some black forces off amazon with a stolen card

    49. Dirtymob Phil

      The chorus got uk vibe

    50. Bolle Noord

      22gz Ft Pop Smoke Ft Gogetter

    51. Edward Bangura

      I'm from the UK And was so similar to UK drill



    53. Reck 2x

      Keep pushing bro 💤🎯

    54. jessica gole


    55. Sammie Bandzz

      NY niggas thinking they’re smart catting uk drill 🤣🤣🤣 it’s a vibe but it ain’t better

    56. Jovan Krstic


    57. Mr. HellNaw

      I walk in the white suburbs neighborhood with this fire and now they treat me like TRUMP🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤴

    58. JmarDa Chaser

      I feel like a New Yorker in Cali now

    59. melvin menice

      1:17 yawelcome

    60. Darbo94

      U lot think this is hard don't bother coming to British drill 100x better won't lie this is too polite smh mixtape madness is where the heat is


      Americans should not allowed to do drill. The beat is sick but doesn’t have same energy as uk drill or australian drill

      1. Omar S. Deberry

        GABBO KAMAMI stfu lmao

    62. Ryland Bonnar

      Idk know how I got this but the lyrics are🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    63. ml


    64. Froggy Loops 420

      22GZ, nigga you a disciple ? Ya tu sabe papi !!!

    65. Kane Smith

      What’s mata mean

      1. Kane Smith

        Could it mean mother cause the lyrics say It’s spelled motha

      2. Kane Smith

        Cheers bred

      3. 4KT

        Open someones head

    66. Kyle

      showed this song to the rats... now they want me to run the pack

    67. Rex Clark


    68. Alexander Negron


    69. Daniel Hammond


    70. Edwin Pitty

      tiktok gonna ruin this song