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21 Savage - a lot ft. J. Cole



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    Listen to the official audio of "a lot" by 21 Savage ft. J. Cole
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    Directed by: Aisultan Seitov
    Production Co: Kalakala, LLC (Wear A Hat Productions and Alchemist Productions)
    Producer: Yulia Safonova, Yelzhan “JanniBiss” Bissenbayev
    #21savage #iamiwas #4L
    (C) 2019 Slaughter Gang, LLC under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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    1. Antone Wilks

      Damn 2 many out there bullshitting, my niggs put it on Fam?????? WISHTHABEST

    2. Bianca Crawford


    3. losttribe1993

      Hes a black klan memeber..i see no diversity

    4. The Inklingslaver

      Cop:how much do you like cupcakes. 21:Alot

    5. Dassy Gamer

      109k comments? That is A LOT

    6. #Markosike Green

      How many people u cheated on A LOT How many people liked this vid A LOT

    7. Edgey_1

      How many chicken you got?

    8. Bad Brotha

      look at his mouth at 4:18 and listen to the music

    9. Be Knowledge Allah

      song of the year so far

    10. Got em

      How many years you been in the US with out a visa A lot

    11. yulian akfet

      This video clip is deep thou 🤔 who else is going crazy.

    12. Sunday

      Thanks to both of the artists! I keep coming back to see the views tick up and know this message is spreading 🔥

    13. Boss Killa

      I swear if this doesn't get a grammy i'm literally not gonna listen to anything in 2020

    14. lumprose 77

      My uncle and Aunt went to see them do this and it was packed

    15. sel -

      I wonder why there is no white people are there

    16. Sophia Abdulmalik

      black excellence

    17. donnielle lemons

      How many pounds you got alot 😂😂😂😂

    18. Jeffery Brown

      Yo this video is fire as hell! Why has it taken me so long to watch

    19. No Chill Anna

      this song go so well w a blunt

    20. DJ Coast

      j cole didnt know his own lyrics smh

    21. aint shxt

      This not a doomshop beat right?

    22. oh yeah yeah

      Guy: how much are you willing to pay us for this music video: 21 savage: a lot

    23. VanK

      21’s Manager: How many people do you want in the video? 21: a lot

    24. Hi Hi

      “How many hours you sleep?” “A lot” “How much food did you eat?” “A lot” “How many times did you cry?” “A lot” “How fucked up is your life?” “A lot” “How many people you hurt?” “A lot” “How many tests did you fail?” “A lot”

    25. LengendaryNuub 112


    26. Eldos Bolatov


    27. Lunatic Chucky

      Both went hard check out my music I'm up next.

    28. Michael Kieckhaefer

      Was the music video filmed in the UK?

    29. Gavin Bockholt

      How much times this swear I I I V

    30. Rad&Blue

      This song and the beat is already hard, but listen to on 0.9x speed

    31. grandeur.

      *21 savage: Some niggas make millions, other niggas make memes* Me: oh yea right im the other nigga 😂😂😂

    32. YouDvsh

      i do not understand ppl who dislike this song

    33. Roshea


    34. Jamaine

      how many white people are racist a lot how many white people where born evil and racist a lot

      1. Jamaine

        how many white people I hate a lot

    35. Isaiah Kizirian

      It always is black people and shit getting killed for some stupid reason yet white people talk shit

    36. John Almanza

      One of those songs I can relate to. Great story...nice beat.

    37. Paul Sarmiento


    38. Conan 101

      a wack nigga on a hot track. imagine it in the right hands.

    39. Lt_Jam

      Bruh if J.Cole died, I think I'd die. Roll safe everyone 🙏

    40. Lil Ted

      Ye ye ye ye

    41. Dollars Off Top

      Real niggas like Nipsey gone fake niggas like 21 savage still here , 69 still here smh

    42. AlexisMUSIC TV


    43. Can we hit 100 subs??

      Nobody: 21 Savage: How many hair lines you got, aLoT

    44. Tb Tyler

      my heart so cold i could put it in my cup... i feel that.

    45. Sgt. Salty

      How many people didn’t know you were British? 21 savage: a lot

    46. Aids Anator

      The 21st lord of house Savage has truely shown his skill of poetry in this fine poem 🇬🇧🇬🇧

    47. minedful

      "Some niggas make millions. Other niggas make memes." HEY! thats me :D

    48. JonHunterOwens

      Sorry 21 your life is shit, but you didn't end up dead, still kicking out great beats that what I like to see, life is not always easy, but that is how it goes don't let anything or anyone block you form being at your best, don't hate the one that pray on your downfall just prove them wrong, have a loving life everyone.

    49. Rasheed Daniels

      Why is this song so sweet😂

    50. lick _ my _ pettiness

      My big sister

    51. Ethan Talkington

      The 80’s and 90’s vibe you get with this song makes it ten times better

    52. Richard Pfirrman

      🔥 FIRE 🔥

    53. tushar

      how lit is j cole? a lot

    54. Robert Urena

      Love this song

    55. Nomar Parra

      This video on lsd is something else

    56. NorthProduct Mexicano99

      47k dislikes? cmon yo,people don't like real music dafuq

    57. Eric Robinson

      How Many Comments We Got?? ALOT!

    58. G.O.M.D

      How many faking their streams Getting their plays from machines

    59. Carlitox b

      - How many time you’ve been single? Me: A lot 😢

    60. Creo

      Thought j Coles verse was Vic Mensa

    61. Angel K

      Too much chocolate

    62. Madison Burns

      What. Is. Wrong. With. The. People. Who . Disliked. This. Video.

    63. Chrystal Tucker

      This will be supported visit Aun_ Radio Spotify. This music has to be in rotation, that's how I can support. Please inbox #ecaep3 Facebook

    64. Filipe Morais


    65. Samp Drifting

      Look this is what i call music! This is what i want to hear from 21!

    66. Cyborg Wilson

      J Cole Murdered his part🔥🔥🔥

    67. Joseph Johnston

      This song is fire. And j cole murdered the beat with his bars

    68. Shin Chan Noara

      i love this song😫😫💖💖💖💖💖💖

    69. Клим Назаров

      21 fucking god

    70. Keith459001

      4 star wanted level???

    71. Caira Lee

      That Black Abundance. They don't even know.

    72. XxGacha GemxX

      Why is this not the song of the year and where was this when life was hard

    73. Atlas Darshan


    74. Mrziqqq Gaming

      2:36 J. Cole verse starts🔥

    75. Vincent

      None of them are eating.

    76. Sniper Killer

      How many times you get locked 🔒 up a lot!!!!

    77. The good Gamer

      Sir 21 savage copyright claims his own video why

    78. Purplehayz11

      The blood drips off the first brother with gun to his head on his shirt was a pretty dope affect💯🙏🏽

    79. Loretta Woods


    80. Mikyla TheBeast

      How many stuff did you imagine 21 Savage: A lot

    81. Varia XI

      J cole remind me of another kaepernick lmao terrible morals but good at talkin the sheep into a mob

    82. Gee Fernandez

      Some n*ggas make millions, other n*ggas make memes 😭😭😭 u right

    83. SUTHA OHM

      how many time did she cry?

    84. Theo Atkins

      That's a dope cut my brother . That old school doowoop background Singing . My favorite cut .

    85. Baatlhodi Matengu

      21 Savage Rocks wonderful what a song Ayo and Teo would to Make Their next dancing video with this song

    86. Erik Geurten

      This is ART

    87. Dwayne Johnson

    88. semi osa

      Finally a rapper speaking with purpose & not a about sex & drugs and shit. This trackr is a heavy banger🔥 🔫🅱💯 solid

    89. Big V !

      How many times you listen to slim shady lp A LOTTTT

    90. Faith Falise

      How many white Mom's jamming to this in their mini vans?? 21 : A LOT!! 😀😀

    91. mandoleene mando

      Fuck yeh

    92. Random Ent.

      Markelle Fultz mental breakdown and forgetting how to shoot shout out ☄️🌈🏀

    93. Random Ent.

      Sounds like a Dj Paul or Juicy J production 🤟🏽🤟🏽🤟🏽😈

    94. Random Ent.

      The beat and production is the whole song. 21’sbLyrics ...mehh

    95. GG Sisters

      How many pounds you got

    96. Charles Eric Ringuette

      heptatonic chronic lyric

    97. sanoma digital

      just for thing song you deserve a american passport 21 shit was hard, but now that i think about 21 savage sounds pretty british just saying lol

    98. Justin Grant

      Good way to end a week

    99. Adora Nae Beloved

      I enjoy this song... Turn it up one of add on collection ....🎶🎶🎶🎶

    100. Maria Ngwa

      Guy: how many "a lot" do you want in this video? 21 Savage: A lot

      1. Gaming With Owen

        Guy: How many times do u say a lot? 21 Savage: Yes

      2. Johnny sauce

        😂😂😂 yo I'm dead

      3. kaylee godines

        How many times does this guy say a lot? 21: a lot

      4. MusicBot