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21 Savage - a lot ft. J. Cole



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    Listen to the official audio of "a lot" by 21 Savage ft. J. Cole
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    Directed by: Aisultan Seitov
    Production Co: Kalakala, LLC (Wear A Hat Productions and Alchemist Productions)
    Producer: Yulia Safonova, Yelzhan “JanniBiss” Bissenbayev
    #21savage #iamiwas #4L
    (C) 2019 Slaughter Gang, LLC under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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    1. oh yeah yeah

      i listened to it 24/7 in spotify but have never heard one specific part going towards the end of the song... IT WAS LIT, but sad at the same time

    2. La'Cameron Joseph

      These man best song 📠

    3. Korrin Thompson

      i like his music like this is chill asf i fuck with it

    4. Emanuel Pinto

      this is soo basic.. and the flow its dead.. why it has soo many views?

    5. Willy Flores

      🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧

      1. Willy Flores

        What’s 9+10?

    6. Zac Mac

      That is a nice extra verse from the original.

    7. nelson future

      Thought he was calling Allah.

    8. Official_Lawless1 Tha G

      Dope Music Video🔥 Real life Ups and Downs💯💯🎲❗

    9. Aurea Andrade

      How many times you played this video? Alot.

    10. Amp Music

      Tom Brady - how many rings you got A Lot

    11. Ray Drumming Videos & More

      How many times have you played Fortnite? *a lot*

    12. Kavinnesh Segar

      Wow his really telling his story in this song

    13. keYcywOw1337

      he said "a lot" a lot!

    14. TerpTalkTv

      This got that American Gangster Denzel vibe . heater.

    15. Intwentle xulu

      This is the first song done by 21 Savage that actually makes sense

    16. Kevin Zacarias

      I keep coming back to this, makes me feel some type of way

    17. AquaticPizza

      4:50 are the lines that his lawyers assume got him targeted and detained by ICE

    18. Olivér G.

      British family diner

    19. GamePredicts

      cool, download mp3 of this track use youtu[.]ws/DmWWqogr_r8

    20. ROZE BLAZE


    21. ROZE BLAZE


    22. AshwinFU

      I love how they appreciate each other at 2:47 👏👏

    23. Omar xD

      How much pounds you got? A lot

    24. Beast Trolling

      I think he made this on purpose before we found we found out he was from england

    25. ilyaas abdi

      Who reading this while your listening to it Me-a lot

    26. Chris

      Kids will listen to anything these days. Not even meh

    27. ItssAnzki

      ”Some niggas make millions others make memes” 😩😩😫😫😩😩

    28. Henry Vargas


    29. Nissi Bossza

      Bra you like an inspiration to me nigga keep on being 21SAVAGE

    30. The TAPY

      How much you are British? a lot

    31. Brooklyn J9

      How many tacos did you eat? ... A LOT

    32. Jorden Doyle

      A LOT

    33. 서울

      21 세비지 사랑해♡♡

    34. theMAXX81

      love this.

    35. Kissimmee Johnson add me on Facebook

      21 💯💯💯💯

    36. 95 is in my blood

      Teacher: How many times you fail ? Me: *a lot*

    37. Claudio Paglieri Cardenas

      Cheers mate, nice video.

    38. Zamin Zahoor

      'Ello Guv'nah!


      sir savage the 21st

    40. Rejesh

      Bro the best part of this song is when he said a lot

    41. Mark Johnson

      This is how rap should sound ♨️♨️♨️

    42. Face of Lenny

      Me: *calls 911" 911: 21 Savage again? Me: Yes 911: Firefighters coming to your location

    43. TH1Sis ART

      This shit gave my chills.

    44. David H.


    45. David H.

      How many times did I replay cole’s verse a lot.

    46. Tran Minhh

      My head s like "alot" "alot" "alot"

    47. zaim abdrrahm

      This is a very cool video

    48. Ramon Foster

      I can vibe to this. Good music right here...

    49. Yang Toledo

      Savage on behalf of the Native Americans you are welcome on Native land. ❤️

    50. Rizo Mekic

      The instrumental 🔥

    51. LilEric Inna'cut

      Pray for tekashi" Oh they preyed aight lmao them prosecutors that is

    52. sb bd

      Canzone pazzesca, la crescita che ha avuto questo artista è sensazionale!! Di un altro livello.

    53. Sydney Stone

      I luv these niggas for this one 💎💯

    54. DK YOLO

      How much "a lot" he said? A lot

    55. J Czar

      J cole marry meeeee!!!!

    56. spek hma

      I showed this to my bank account And the zeroes turns a lot

    57. Gede Eka Koripan

      J. Cole killed this song, poor 21

    58. ilostintheuk

      lol 21 looking all dapper coming back to his roots in the UK

    59. Faisal Khan


    60. Im_Freaking_Epic on PSN

      JUST DIE Everything else you used to love is dead SO DIE Culture died a long time ago and this is the type of shit people wait for just they can cling to it. Just die so this can stop and the majority of them can wake up

    61. TJCS

      They should hold another 2019 grammys so he can be there, he deserved to be there

    62. king lordnike

      How long have you been in America illegally. 21 savage:alot

    63. ROWDY36 TH3RTYS6X

      Damn he talking about tekashi 69 wtf

    64. zinceba kunene

      Where can I download it! I love it

    65. Fabio Carneiro

      21 is a genius best music ever

    66. FWALyfe

      21: ''How many nibbas you shot?'' Granpa to the right: ''5''

    67. Devaune Temple

      *21 Savage* - how many times u listen to this song? Me - first time actually

    68. Kartel Battles

      I listened to this alot lol👏✌💰💰💰💯😂

    69. the curious case of the missing jams

      "How many lawyers you got?" not enough


      in USD or GBP?

    71. Zonity

      Who’s here before 100 Million views 👇🏼Like this

    72. The Attef

      This Is America !

    73. Volodymyr Vоleniuk

      Some niggas make millions, some niggas make memes

    74. david santiago

      Ill take a wild guess......this song name is "a lot"

    75. YesImEthan

      1:08 When we found out 6ix9ine wasn’t bout that life😂

    76. Vern Mitchell

      Touching souls with this one 💯💯

    77. Imsonger Imsong92

      Anyone here for J Cole

    78. AstroArcheia

      Ok "Classic Man" chopped and screwed sprinkled with a bit of "Player's Anthem" 😂

    79. Joseph Pina

      Get em 21 😎🌋🌇🌃 J Cole Get em.... GOD BLESS 2020

    80. Justin Jaglal

      Why everyone hating on J Cole he made this song 10x better

    81. Cassandra Barrett

      Y'all gay AF with your comments .. Good song though . its "scraight"

    82. Refjey Mercado

      Take me money🍔🍔🍔

    83. ITZyeyoHD

      Esto esta hot

    84. Nova N

      he sounds like 50 Tyson

    85. christian ablett

      lol why pnb in the clip

    86. Андрей Вилимовский

      The video seems like Скриптонит - вечеринка

    87. Svpremetae2x

      Song starts at 2:36 and ends at 3:44 your welcome

    88. ɥɐǝʎ ɥɐǝʎ ɥo

      how many *pounds** you got.. a few

    89. CaptainSwisher

      @21Savage... I respect this shit.... A lot

    90. 9Boyz Gang

      How many people r gonna hate or dislike a lot

    91. 1972 AMC Gremlin X

      Ello Governor! Want a cup of tea and a scone? Wanna pop over to tesco and pick up some fish and chips? In all seriousness I like this song.

    92. Micheal Wilson

      I love when any artist samples oldies like how he sampled The Fuzz I love you for so many reasons

    93. Mike Crooks

      U know atleast 1 ice woker fucks with this

    94. Bride Mi Jaja

      Best 21 Savage song so far.

    95. maIex-m

      This music video is truly sad, damn.

    96. derek2wavy

      They pray for markelle the fuck up his shot

    97. tafadzwa patsanza

      How many times on repeat? A LOT

    98. back handed

      Riddle me this what makes up makes up a mere 13 but also a large 50...?