2019 Italian Grand Prix: Race Highlights



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    Watch the best bits from an unforgettable race at Monza.
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    1. boatman222345

      I was deeply involved in sports car racing in the 1960s but from the early 70s on I switched focus to boats. Thanks to CZ-news I have begun to follow Formula 1 racing again and I simply can not believe how much it has changed! Not only are the cars much faster and better handling the drivers are many times more aggressive than used to be the case. "Shutting the gate" to prevent a pass used to be frowned on, now it seems to be the rule rather than the exception. Contact between cars used to be uncommon ... these are after all very expensive machines...now drivers almost routinely damage one another's cars. Seems like our much more overpopulated and competitive world has had a notable effect upon Formula 1 racing as well as society at large...

    2. Alma Dema

      Bravo ferrarriiii

    3. Mr Forevernever

      There's no way Bottas was going to go past Leclerc. He's one of those driver's that don't pocess the required daring. He's good at winning race's when he get's pole and keeping the lead.

    4. lanilm kopo

      so long. Well done..Bravo..Chales Leclerc have amazing f1 skills.

    5. Mark Mitchell

      Ferraris home circuit and doent get penalised for squeezing Hamilton plus goes off himself yet still stays ahead Least we got some decent action Ferrari where always going to be good here it Was predicted just by the cars design and down force The big surprise was Renault fair play to them Nice to see lando just in the points he needs a better seat wouldn't it be good get rid of vettel he's clearly lost the ability now and put the young brit in the ferrari

    6. Paul Cooper

      What are the total points?

      1. lanilm kopo

        Bottas just sucks balls.

    7. Andrea Bertazzon

      Complimenti a tv8 x lo spettacolo..1h 30m di continua pubblicità.

    8. Wietze

      Wow. I couldnt see the race live but wow. Goosebumps. And I hate Ferrari. Wow

    9. Nabil Fennia

      What is happening to vettel..Leclerc is far the better Ferrari driver at the moment !! Vettel in mental trouble,not focusing at all and making lot of begginer mistakes !! He need to focus again and not doubt in his abilities...great driving by leclerc

    10. 존도우

      welldone ferrari ㅎㅎㅎ

    11. Dan Amante

      Leclerc doing a Michael Schumacher defense against Hamilton...

    12. I K


    13. Dennis Villa

      Watch the movie born to race fast lane and born 2 race. For now I go with Lewis Hamilton I have to stop the Ferrari team all cost. Surf soul Lewis Hamilton Hawaiian festival

      1. Jasmine

        Next race?

    14. Dennis Villa

      Top end Danny Krueger is the only way. I stay with Lewis Hamilton surf soul Hawaiian trophy

    15. Dennis Villa

      Max verstappen if you wana win you have to take out Alex out of the race even if his your team mate. For now all my support goes to Lewis. I wont let the Ferrari team win. It's the only way max

      1. Jasmine

        5:03 that was moment of Mercedes lose

    16. stella white

      Non mi piace

    17. The PetrolHead Kidz

      Yeah Leclerc! You’ve won Belgium and Italy, Really good at holding people off!

    18. Planetdune

      Seems like Vettel his reign at Ferrari is over.

    19. Deep hug

      Hey!! Great vid!!

    20. Mikael Simpson

      Leclerc was shown flag why ? From what I saw he had the lead into the corner

    21. bácsi viktoria

      vettel noob

    22. wh3resmycar

      Bottas just sucks balls.

      1. Deep hug

        This vid so cool !?

    23. Michelle Schu-blacka

      Charles Leclerc is already a legend. His driving is superb ... He's pretty handsome as well.

    24. Jrsml

      Did you know there are four mercedes and the two of them are painted yellow 😶😶😶

    25. mia haskurti

      If Charles Leclere Won In Singapore, Russia, Japan, United States, Mexico, Brazil, & Abu Dhabi He Will Become World Champion Of 20q9

    26. mia haskurti

      "He Won In Spa!" "HE WINS IN MONZA!!!" Great Reaction From David Cr

    27. Tom Melvin

      Needs to be longer videos


      5:03 that was moment of Mercedes lose

    29. Zafer Kıvanç

      Leclerc drove like an idiot and they didnt give him any penalty wow thats bullshit

    30. Sòle Croce

      monza è la città dei motori, come Milano è la città della musica ogni cosa al suo posto campanilismo

    31. Gabriel Intorto Lleticias

      CHARLES LLETICIAS ele pode ser o novo campeão

    32. ice man

      Monza= spin city for Vettel

    33. Fachrizi Djaya

      Udh lame gk nonton f1

    34. Alexander Trefz

      Verstappen literally running into people’s back at the start - FIA: it’s Verstappen, we don’t even need to acknowledge that. Let’s penalize a guy for coming back on track when he just can’t see to the left twice as hard as a guy who could see, that makes sense.

    35. Black Jack

      Refueling pleasssee...

    36. Abubakar Sadiq

      We got a Winner !

    37. ハマプウ

      前から思ってたけどルクレールの走り方は悪質過ぎるだろ。 フェラーリはF1の看板のハズなのにフェラーリが一番F1にクソ付けてるな。 これでは人気が下降するのも仕方ない

    38. Rock girl

      I was there. Unbelievable race and an amazing day!

    39. Felix bureau

      Indonesian proudd haha

    40. Calum McCracken

      Bottas’ Engineer-“This is your race” Bottas-*no*

    41. Steven99

      Dont write off Sebastian Vettel!

      1. Rock girl

        limit and did an insane job!!

    42. C.G.C

      Amazing Leclerc, amazing Ferrari

    43. lee mellor

      Love seeing lou lou cry like a bitch

    44. Mat

      I’ve never heard so much moaning post race from both pilot and team after a GP... Mercedes bunch of crybabies 👶 🍼

    45. Dicky Saputra

      Hard vs Medium, and the winner is ..

    46. David Martínez

      Vettes does more mistakes in one race than Alonso in his five years as a red

    47. Acegodfather12

      Leclerc cuts the corner MASSIVELY then blocks Hamilton by moving under braking, horrible dangerous driving.

    48. David Prince

      Feel sorry for Hamilton having to compete on equal terms for the first time all season.

      1. BFA 94


    49. Timothy Wilkinson

      The ridiculous, shouting commentary renders this unwatchable.

    50. Zukisa Dlulane

      Charles was lucky he was not penalised by the stewards, for zigzaging, the last time I checked that was not allowed, u move once. But clearly the 3 Star is still faster than Reds.

    51. Emily An

      I wonder if Ferrari now understood who their No.1 driver is...maybe Leclerc has to win another GP.

      1. Emily An


    52. Tony Hibbert

      If Hamilton had cheated by refusing to go through the chicane at turn 1 after goiung off < like Leclerc cheated him > then he would of remained in second.....But that is not the British way ,,,, nor is it the German way ....

    53. Mateuszello

      1:12 Sainz didn't push Albon of the track? It was a case for penalty, wasn't it?

      1. Emily An

        5:40 noticed how the g force is making his helmet rub away the paintwork on the car, mainly on the one side too in line with the track geometry

    54. U. P.

      Such a shame they didn't include highlights of Verstappen making it to P8 from the last row.

    55. Rene Tessmann

      the difference between Leclerc and Vettel is.....vettel could not hold both mercedes behind without crashing in any way.....fucking good job from Charles. he was driving on the limit and did an insane job!!

    56. qing wen

      Is that monaco or indonesia flag on leclerc?

    57. Open Wheel Is The Best And You Know It

      Mercedes fanboys are saltier than the Dead Sea

    58. Devastrator

      Impressive Leclerc. 👍👍👍 Unstoppable f1 hero of 🇲🇨. Cheers from 🇱🇰.

    59. ReprogrammedToHate

      My favorite race from the season. Both Renault cars scoring a great amount of points (which makes me question myself why they are firing Nico, despite no podiums i find him better than most drivers of the grid), Giovinazzi also scoring points, proving wrong all those who wanted him to get fired, and a great finish by Albon, proving he should have been in RBR from the start. And last but not least, i had no expectations for Leclerc in this race (as he tends to show his best results in his worst days), but this time i think he did so much better than at Spa, if only his father and Jules could see him now...

    60. João Faria

      Nos sabemos e e classico que a maior parte dos pilotos que vao para a ferrari, vao em regime de ferias mas no caso de Vettel sao ferias prolongadas mas tambem merece,coitado e um ano a trabalhar no duro.

    61. João Faria

      Obrigado pelo resumo.

    62. Peter Chewbaca

      I used to be the biggest fan of F1... But since it turned into the worst motorsport ever because of ridiculous rules and limitations nobody gives a fuck anymore... Bring it back to its former glory. Please...

    63. F1JV

      ⚜️⚜️⚜️Renault⚜️⚜️⚜️ Soooooooooooooooooo...close to a SHOEY. PODIUM PLEASE this year for Ricciardo & “first” for Hulkenberg...these are the GOALS!!! Allez Renault...Geaux Renault!!!!!

    64. frafrafra frafrafra

      forza ferrari batti quel bidone di macchina per taxisti



    66. nathan tomassoni

      Che peccato che la Ferrari si sia svegliata troppi tardi

    67. Tiago André

      Without no extra power, without extra mods, without team mate support, this guy crushed everybody and he deserve everybit of it! The problem? he wants more and more, and they will get weaker and weaker struggling to speak out to the teams radio asking for more "power", theres no power that is going to help you, the new kid is on the block, HAMMER TIME FERRARI, forza TiFFOSI, forza ITALIA!

      1. Maquette Music

        Lol what does without extra power, without extra mods mean? He's running one of the best cars on the grid. He HAS all the extra power and mods. Not to diminish his win, but acting like he just did it in a williams is stupid.

    68. BFB-DanceySteve

      5:40 noticed how the g force is making his helmet rub away the paintwork on the car, mainly on the one side too in line with the track geometry

    69. bladerstars

      Lewis, It's James! cz-news.net/online/video-csxg4mH8v6M.html