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    1. Pierre Jobin


    2. Light Esports

      åh hvor er det skønt at se

    3. Delicious Nacho_

      🤬 i came because i thought the thumb nail would have a funny story but it was a lie!!!, lol i thought it was real and he was hugging her to hide her chest😂 escorting her away/// also that music was not a good idea why not just have the regular video audio without music, for me the music was like boring so i just fast forward the whole video to see if the thumb nail was real

    4. Gamer X 1098

      2:12 Malay? Lee Chong Wei?

    5. aldiansyahputra


    6. Andrew Peterson

      Why am I watching this at 3 AM?

    7. Louis Jang


    8. idrisa yusuph

      who else is looking on October 😎😎😎

    9. Gerardo Arreola

      Like the cobra kay said: you don’t beat an oponent when he is injured or when his back is turn... you beat him when he is at his best

    10. charissecoal

      I clicked because i thought he was gonna eject her off the court

    11. Peco 69

      Novace brate❤❤

    12. Mr. Perfectionist

      2 minutes silence for those who came here for the thumbnail 😂

    13. Time Travel 101

      Way 2 restore my faith in humanity!

    14. Tell0

      Just me or is Ronaldo in the most of this clips?

    15. Gucci Parks

      I subscribed and turned on notifications!🤑

    16. Sheila Rixon

      Who came because of thumbnail

    17. TYOO 6 GMAIL

      It's beautiful 😍

    18. Fortnite rankings

      The thumbnail why

    19. Giorgos Georgiou

      I Like Cyprus cyprus cyprus cyprus

    20. Robert762


    21. B. Bailey

      You suck..take away your likes they must

    22. Adam Barker


    23. Richard Myhan

      Click bate always gets a 👎

    24. djrobovw2 - Hardcore-old skool-rave.

      4:36 brought a tear to my eyes.

    25. Allen Garner

      The music. 100% spot on. Loved this video.

    26. libra8a

      In case anyone is wondering, the MMA fighter who knelt down and tapped, didn't want to hurt his opponent who he outclassed.

      1. Ma007rk

        "In case anyone is wondering, the MMA fighter who knelt down and tapped, didn't want to hurt his opponent who he outclassed." How can you NOT respect a person who would do something like that?

    27. V. Z.

      "Humanity Restored". Don't you had that BS? Good PR tho.

    28. Rishi Negi

      Anybody who want clickbait video contact me

    29. Michele Rossi

      Where is the miniature of this video? You are crafty .. Infact 3000 dislike + mine

    30. Stefanio Salami

      Thats the way Sport should be.

    31. Bryan Busa

      Respect that's d word

    32. gemma lee

      stop with the clitbail

    33. KRISTOS

      WRONG MUSIC ..

    34. fart girl

      cz-news.net/online/video-8S94FEBW6Ro.html Girl, 7, told she lost school place one hour before she is supposed to start

    35. Funny videos

      Please enter and watch my channel and if you like subscribe to it and thank you

    36. BuzzTech


    37. victor ruiz

      Somos mas las personas buenas que las malas, una muestra de ello, 21mil-vs 2,9mil esa es la prueba real.

    38. NirZara Mahale

      Can someone pls explain the first clip

    39. kidboo377

      If you respect others like the players in this video, you will get what's in the thumbnail.

    40. Tomáš Madleňák

      where is the naked woman on court you clickbait fck

    41. batterybhai

      Yet again, I got deceived. Gets me every time :( Hope is a bad thing sometimes.

    42. Ерлан Ахметалиев


    43. Kirill Lukin

      все спортсмены в этом видео достойны восхищения. парень в октагоне 5:49 реально красавчег, за видимым превосходством не стал добивать и сам сдался, видя, что соперник пойдет биться дальше. молодец.

    44. Natasa Bilkova


    45. Yusuf Kağan Gürel


    46. 500 Subscribers without video challenge

      Enormous emotions😇thank you so much❤

    47. IDmatei GT

      Roses are red Violets are blue I copy this comment Because I want likes to

    48. Milan Zivkovic

      Mrs bre gde je ona gola sa slike?

    49. Gamers Channel

      #KMJS be like Hahahaha

    50. Fungivibe inc.

      "20 tearjerking scenes so that I can get more views and likes on my video by being emotionally manipulative"

    51. 전민수

      1:51 korea!

    52. Fritz XXI-TFK-777

      Dude the thumbnail is seriously swak. Had nothing to do with even the title like seriously man.

    53. IlkkaLipsanen

      They steal EVERY BIT OF CONTENT from other youtube channels/video sites and only apply a false thumbnail. These types of videos are disgusting.

    54. chodec

      just checked comments and it was click bait so ill pass this video

    55. Anita Dinic

      Novak was always so great to his fans. Hi from Serbia

    56. Neptun

      Novak Djokovic ❤️❤️❤️

    57. mixio hili




    59. Luka Jovicic

      It's kinda sad that the creator of the video thinks a naked butt is more precoius than the content of this video

    60. Osoitnop Yrneh

      i hate greed!no offend but thats true..

    61. Nikos Koum

      Very very very emotional

    62. Seanne Angel Paclibar

      Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry😣

    63. Marissa Bones

      The thumbnail picture made me almost not watch this video. It's such an amazing video and really does put your faith back in humanity. But the crappy thumbnail is ruining it

    64. manillas2


    65. Mark Geffert

      I love Syracuse crunch hockey and Philadelphia Flyers hockey!

      1. Mark Geffert

        What do you mean?

    66. Gauraki 777

      Change thumnail pls

    67. Hobs Channel

      This is called love 😍

    68. Miroslav Machač

      bloody clicbait... why?

    69. Aleister Black

      You've got JEBAITED