15 Hacks That Will Save You A Ton Of Money / How To Survive On $1?

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    Do you know the expression "no money no funny"? We've heard this many times! But we know that this is not about us! Why? Find out in our new video!
    Supplies and tools:
    • Bread
    • Sausage
    • Cinema ticket
    • Big size clothes
    • Cheese
    • Flour
    • Mayonnaise
    • Egg
    • Frying pan
    • Tomatoes
    • Money
    • Yoga mat
    • Smartphone
    • Toothpaste
    • Elastic band
    • Hole punch
    • Jar from Pringles’
    • Ice
    • Epoxy
    • Colorings
    • Gas burner
    • Seashells
    • Plate
    • Boiling water
    • Teabags
    • Make-up
    • Fridge
    • Dress
    • Scissors
    • Elastic band
    Tobu - Higher
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        Love you

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        Troom troom,why did u make the thumbnail have a pregnant woman...just why..?

      5. Tina G.

        what you think going please support me we are not rich anywhere or he spend it all in one car

    2. Niceilia Jordan

      this is the dumbest video i have ever watched. its sad you are teaching people to steal and be dishonest. I cast a horrible spell on you.

    3. Aimee Mc Court

      Honestly yea these hacks are a little bit dumb but at least they tried right??like if you agree

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    5. Emma Cute Adventures

      2:23 ummm your kinda ruining a cute dress

    6. gachacookiegirl

      Why is pringles in the fridge?

    7. Sonja Rademacher

      This infuriates me. If my friend sold my gifts I would quit. And to buy clothes just to take pictures and then send it back is a bad environmental sin. The gas, the packaging plus most of returned items are dumped. This video is crap.

    8. Kata Esprit

      No I don't know how to save money

    9. SubToDevotionZA-

      I love you guys

    10. lili G

      How to be a piece of S***

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      On the pizza one there’s no tomato 🍅 sauce

    12. Marsha Swamber

      I can make it 😊

    13. Marsha Swamber

      I love the pizza one because I love pizza!!!!😍😍

    14. Prince Zyrus Cabalfin

      The pringles is in the fridge

    15. Prince Zyrus Cabalfin

      Omg it actually work thanks my family can eat pizza


      Like the video but what was the point of 7:36 if you still had to pay him????

    17. moriah esswein

      You have to stop making Chanels

      1. moriah esswein


    18. Braden

      Just a normal day at Troom Troom when you steal your neighbors Wi-Fi like what (One like = some help for Troom Troom

    19. Lance del Pilar

      Did anyone notice that there were Pringles in the refrigerator

    20. Pikashu on YT

      Troom troom: mY lAsT dOlLaR dOnT lEaVe Me So SoOn!¡! Me: clickes off of video. Edit: YOU CHEAP LIL TREE! YOU JUSY USED YOUR FRENDD FOR MONEY!!! Edit 2: delivery guy: +taps invisible watch+ Me: what is this poop? Title should be, how to be super cheap and mean at the same time.

    21. Mel in a Cell

      Hey come to the fridge to do your make up come on let's go lol

    22. Kitkat777 Wolf_Unicorn

      So I have to buy really big pants just to bring my friend to the movies??? Wouldn’t that cost more?

    23. Winnie zheng

      These hacks r just teaching kids wrong this is no t the way to be that’s very wrong and I’m a kid!

      1. Winnie zheng

        But its entertaining

    24. Linda Deakin

      She did not need the toilot

    25. Faezerella

      Why The Hell were there Pringles in the fridge?

    26. the cute kitten66

      So dum

    27. Imani Archer

      why does she have Pringle’s her fridge

    28. Raashi Anand

      OMG you guys are so smart😱

    29. Maddy S

      You could also just freeze the lemon...it’s 2019

    30. Maddy S

      I don’t cold Pringle’s why are they in yo fridge

    31. Savannahjane

      If you see this, your life is a lie. You are allowed to bring food into movie theaters...it’s a myth that you can’t. You’re welcome:)

    32. Gameup1122 22

      Next thing you know troom troom will be on extreme cheapskates

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      Please do more videos like this😂😬💓

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      Good life has iy like to know if You You do those things Wen you are not making Videos 🤔❤💋👄

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      That's so impossible I wish it only cost one 👍👍

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      Sorry Troom Troom but your hacks are kinda bad... not to be rude, but why would you think of this? 😳 Edit: Thanks for a like but still feel really bad for that mean comment, still really sorry!

    38. Chatlies Sister2

      Oh yeah sure! Trick one of you friends into spending like 100 dollars on a camera that you’re not gonna use! awesome. 😑

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      Mayonnaise pizza, sounds good

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      Why would you sneak a person into the theater illegally. Also stop frying children's brains

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      0:19 oh no! i HaVe OnE dOlLaR LeFt! *shows 2 dollar bill* also, shopaholics are brats. THANK YOU FOR JOINING BRATS.COM!

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      4:51 security guard is blind

    46. Libby Brooke

      4:31 I can’t go without my girlfriend

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      This dress is only good anof for throwing out the trash Me:Ok! * fills dress up with trash and puts it in the bin *

    48. Karl & Rosanne Bromley

      "Eww I think this lemons off!" Drops the off lemon on the floor

    49. jamie keeler

      Why don't you use your own voice

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      Wow I'm so going to pay someone for Wi-Fi boi bye

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      0:01 its dollars 1:43 its pounds like huhhhhhhhhhh ??????

    52. Kawaii Lui

      2:17 "we got our wifi back and saved money" u just gave it away for wifi?

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      And that's why the girl had only 2 friends because of these savage hacks and by the way your friend must do a 360 with her head to see the movie

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