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    Hello, everyone! Are youready for a cooking marathon? We have a lot of awesome ideas for any taste: sweets and pastry, snacks and family dishes. Stay with us and learn how to cook like a pro.
    The first idea from this video will blow you away. Do you like burgers? How about a huge and yummy burger for a huge company or for a family dinner? We will show you a step-by-step tutorial on making an awesome giant burger that you can cook at home. It may seem challenging but in fact, it is easier than it seems.
    A giant burger will be twice as surprising if you add a side of giant French fries to it. You don't need giant potatoes for that. All you need is mashed potatoes. Put it on a baking tray and let sit in a refrigerator until it becomes solid. Cut it into pieces and deep fry each piece. Follow our tutorial and surprise everyone with huge French fries!
    Watch all the tutorials from this video and learn how make huge Tic-Tacs, Oreos, potato chips, and what not. Huge food is such fun!
    Watch this video up to the end and learn how to serve a watermelon.
    0:14 - Giant food
    5:07 - Decorating plates
    8:36 - An unusual way to serve a dessert
    9:02 - Watermelon hacks
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    1. Fares Malki

      5 minute crafts fans: omg imma try this now Who watches 5 minutes crafts to pass time: this won't even work

    2. Fares Malki

      So you take the biggest plate in the kitchen and does in it 1 piece of cake

    3. Masooma Jaffry

      Lol the giant Oreo couldn't fit in the large glass of milk do they changed the scene😂

    4. Afiz 83

      5 minute crafts kids have an alcohol

    5. fnaf kannawutt

      4:49 when me see nuggets Me:nuggets?

    6. ramli mahmod

      I like 5 minute crafts kids food.

    7. Ryders Gaming


    8. S.Gopalakrishnan S.Gopalakrishnan

      How we can slice awater melon with a coin are you crazy😂

      1. S.Gopalakrishnan S.Gopalakrishnan

        Super 🍉

    9. Fb Gg


    10. Alonso Meza

      Yo en mi opinión son cosas muy complicadas tanto para elaborar tanto como para conseguir además de unos postres muy chiquitos y unos platos muy grandes. Pero me gustó que subieran esmerado tanto en intentar hacerlos

    11. Vishwa Vijayath

      The way they make it look so simple is so hilarious to watch.

    12. 초초Fiery Redblood

      Who else is hungry after watching this? Just me? Ok.

    13. Areeej Faatimay

      I have made that giant Oreo and that was too yummy

    14. aysh Banu AySh

      Very nice craft

    15. animator

      GUYS CALM DOWN! at 12:47 she poured alcohol because she gave it to a russian kid

    16. Skrapa _

      To be honest the right picture of thumbnail looks discusting

    17. aishat suleyman

      i thought this was 5-minute craft play

    18. ni Be

      9:24 az egy 200-as. Like ha magyar vagy.

    19. Bletmed br

      9:38, euuuhhhh

    20. Nocturnal Type

      They just legit copied the idea from the show: Make it big from Tasty

      1. Skskaa Skskaaksksksk

        They did

    21. *ItzCookie Pie Gacha*

      𝕄𝕠𝕣𝕖 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖 𝕘𝕒𝕚𝕟𝕥 𝕗𝕠𝕠𝕕

    22. Joselyn Weber

      You are so cool

    23. Ali

      Once again there is more than 12 hacks

    24. Joselyn Palacios

      Ok ero

    25. E & M bros

      finnaly got a like 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

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    27. hailey godefroidt

      Lik als je Nederlands bent en

    28. hailey godefroidt

      Weer naa apers 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤🤝🤝

    29. EliasTheLogoRemaker

      1:13 Krabby Patty

    30. Denis Ahmetasevic

      How is alcahol for kids haha

    31. Adalyn Ashbell

      Omg 🤤

    32. Judeiiah Barreras

      6:42 ewwwwwwww

    33. mini mochi

      2:47 Song sounds like the Vamps hurricane but without the lyrics

    34. ItzCherry :3

      Yes because kids have access to all of these things

    35. Aron Fernando R Gustavsen

      Why do they show the same things in different videos

    36. Cauã Dias

      Quem vai fazer uma comida desse tamanho '-'

    37. Cooper Dupont

      I made the giant oreo

    38. Irani Araújo

      Que comida gostosa

    39. thisinoizy alvo4g


    40. BOM Did 555

      not 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    41. MisterJaden’s Life

      This is the best one I’ve seen

    42. Cynthia Valencia

      I would love French fries like those lol.😄😍

    43. Jungshook_BLINK

      5 minutes crafts: hacks for kidss Also 5 minute crafts: a l c o h o l

      1. Janessa Ulep

        Omg an army

    44. Sandra Jabłonka


    45. Andre Reid

      Aren't people going to get diabetes from this?

    46. LPS paradise

      Why is this in kids I mean kids can’t touch raw meat and kids aren’t even in the video! Come on 5 minute crafts.

      1. Big Gay AL

        @LPS paradise True, that one is harder to justify lol. Although, there are a few places with their legal drinking age as young as 16. ...still they shouldn't have that in the kid's version of 5min crafts, silly wabbits. 😂😂😂

      2. LPS paradise

        True but at 12:49 there is alcohol in a kids video

      3. Big Gay AL

        ...there's no rule or law saying kids can't touch raw meat lol, just wash your hands before and after.

    47. UV styles

      What's the spelling of appetite

    48. Sanjiv Porwal

      I can't waste my oreo

    49. kayo gamer

      Vd dudvejd

    50. everything with GARGI

      Don make same video 😤😡😠

    51. Lucky Reddy

      The first 5 minutes craft video in which thumbnail is true

    52. WinnerPlays

      I don’t really think that kids could do this

    53. Salya Taibi

      Pizza xxl

    54. Diyanah Memon roblox girl

      Why is this on 5 minute kids if theres cooking snd fire involved 😑

    55. star light

      The friez won't taste good

    56. Juan Tita

      5-Minute crafts has the best videos

    57. Marinela Blindu

      So fake


      I thought It would be a clickbait 2:01 As u can see in the thumbnail 🤣❤️

    59. Youri Reijinga

      if you look closely at 2:52, when they pull the glue thing off of the giant oreo, you can see that the glue thing’s second letter is an E but when the camera changes, the second letter on the giant oreo is an R Explain that, 5-Minute Crafts!

    60. babita chauhan

      This is so tasty food

    61. Muhammad Nursidik

      Keren banget

    62. V8 Fisch

      6:52 HE Poop in the Teller

    63. Abaseen Khan

      Channel: *for kids* *Uses alcohol

    64. La_Crafteuse' Gacha

      J adord

    65. RARA RM


    66. Velavan Velavan


    67. Galaxy-Wolfie

      12:47 this video for kids

    68. Sebusinus PL

      3:19 still wont fit

    69. Maja Lind

      Kan ni lägga upp en till video som liknar denna