11-Year Old Boy Finds Little Girl Buried Alive In Sand. Here Is What Happened To Her...

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    11-Year Old Boy Finds Little Girl Buried Alive In Sand. Here Is What Happened To Her...
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    1. geordley Jonas


    2. Jklubz Journeys

      Wanna know why he was unfazed? Because he is 11 lol

    3. valeria lemus

      i suscribe

    4. Christian Hernandez


    5. Garry Brown

      this was the cutest thing an youtube i`v ever seen thank god connor was there love that

    6. Christine Beider

      Take this kid to Disne.

      1. Christine Beider


    7. Paddy Shirley

      So sad

    8. Gianna Scarduzio

      He,s so nice 😇

    9. LishyLand

      People have kind hearts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    10. Debbie Sansom

      Soo sad

    11. Mark Scott

      Wow Conner thank you for saving her

    12. Ste4lth

      This is why i liked connor becoming deviant

    13. Aaron Russell


    14. Wynter Sapphire

      aww god bless that little boyo :)

    15. Sarah Michel

      I hop the little girl is ok?..:(

    16. Ashley Shelton


    17. Niamaya Rasmussen

      1 like= One prayer for melissa

    18. Maya Castaneda

      Oh noo so sad im crying

    19. Kayleigh Lewis

      Why were there no adults while there where kids there

    20. Tim Korn


    21. DeSean Perez

      Thank the lord god and Jesus she was alive Connor god bless you and the girl to I am proud

    22. Kait M

      Awww that's so sad

    23. Noah Corbin

      Connor deserves recognition

    24. flipper283

      😥😭 sad

    25. Tamanna goni


    26. pamela walls

      Wow this is crazy

    27. amy lane


    28. Guineapig Girl


    29. Anaqi Nuri

      The thing is im scared of the crab.

    30. goldy star

      Well so lucky that she is still ok

    31. David Miller

      Why can’t you show the real person instead of someone else every single time

    32. Dil Subedi

      All thanks to connors quick saving skills and reaction. Mission 7 complete

    33. Dil Subedi

      Mission 7 accomplished

    34. Adriana Eclipse Kawai Rare wolf

      Wow f those parents

    35. Mike plays

      I kill everyone

    36. Cariad Osborne


    37. Player One


    38. Jonny Nguyen

      Oh my God

    39. Jackie Medley


    40. Jessica Messica

      I hope the kids became lifelong friends.

    41. Carolynn Boudagh


    42. Ballora_PlayzWithCircusBaby xD

      Awww this is so heartwarming....he deserves to be famous with his heriocity

    43. jef maningding

      Awww poor gurl

    44. Chris Hussien


    45. PancakesPlayz


    46. Jazmine Njoroge

      I need an onion i almost cried with 10000 million tears all deserve everything even 5 year old child oh my

    47. steves_your_daddy_now x

      I'm scared to go to the beach now

    48. ASD KIMO

      Hello I'm Connor I'm a android sent by cyber life Im going to save you

    49. Haxy

      That is the smartest kid

    50. Freshavacodo


    51. Bee McNab


    52. TJMA production


    53. Gacha Potato

      Wait why can’t I find this on the neeewwwsss IM GETTING SUS

    54. Nando28 YTGamer

      Jesus christ.

    55. Melissa Vazquez

      That is so nice

    56. moonlight_ playzz

      0:54 CaN YoU FinD THe PiNk DuDE

    57. Chris Abrams

      ppl actually thinking this is real

    58. unikittygirl is cool

      When I saw this I cred so much :, (

    59. P3ashooterGaming025

      i would be proud

    60. Rhagan King


    61. Timothy Bowling

      Very confusing video....how many little girls were shown as victim?

    62. Sãräh :v


    63. cutemel-shimmerkid wolf gamer

      Awww poor girl

    64. Andrew Judware

      That is so sad.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

    65. Lauren Connelly

      Imagine how terrifying that would have been for Alyssa 😫😫

      1. Joelle Brantley

        I would feel hurt and dead but awso what I mean by hurt is becuase some one could have accidentally walked on her

    66. YusufTheKiller Boi

      One like=Keeps her life goin

    67. Jack Smith

      My sister would tell so sad

    68. Tomas Borja

      This is how much people wanna hug both children 👇🏼

      1. Lisa Strong

        Ok im

      2. kieran l


    69. Jinia Dasgupta

      Oh my