10 Minecraft Products That'll Make You Want To Punch A Tree!



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    Who loves Minecraft?!?! We love Minecraft! BUT, ConnorIRL from Get Good Gaming loves Minecraft soooo much, that we invited him to join us in todays video! If you haven't guessed it already, we checking out and rating 10 Minecraft products! Let us know if you enjoyed this video and would like to see more videos like this by dropping a :deciduous_tree: in the comments down below!

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    1. vaughns lps

      its a ghast and he shits discuss

    2. vaughns lps

      10 minecraft products that make you wanna die

    3. Hesler Ordonez-Gomez

      Conor has got hurt for being in the dope or nope channel

    4. Cynthia pinto

      Make more

    5. Pati Jassnsusxxjsbdixhdak

      The orange one has my name Dominic

    6. Xroy Games

      Tanner: *Holds Hand out* Matt: *Slaps* Also Matt: Get your hand away from me Dirt Boy

    7. Jimboy Dolendo

      The ghast was a dope

    8. Mason's weird world Hoffman

      I'll take all

    9. Artur Hovhannisyan


    10. Kim Walker


    11. MaTaHuGu


    12. victoria dinning

      I can make that sword in minecraft

    13. Phoebe Haggard

      Im kinda attracted to you, Tanner. Marry me? I seriously cant deal with your amazing nerdy-ness. Lol its amazing

    14. Dutchfinestjmd


    15. Nora Beatty

      All of it

    16. L_ Playz

      I would take all the candy

    17. TobyProGaming

      Roses are red silent as a mouse your door is unlocked im inside your house

    18. True ARK Riley

      Why does Connor laugh sounds like the evil laugh meme

    19. Random cat

      whos here just because plays minecraft and all the things he did with the mask are *wrong*

    20. Daniel Dechello

      R.I.P the people behind the scenes

    21. Lidia Shlemon

      Lol defenly an idoit

    22. Bothbarbcue 470

      5:28 This is where the funniest part in my opinion starts 😂

    23. Ismail Onay

      10:57 what was that laugh?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    24. Ismail Onay

      I would take the sour skittles

    25. Calista Brant

      At 13:41 I bought the LEGO kit and I was missing ALOT of the pieces on the kit I was VERY sad T-T Sadness inside Sadness increases T-T T-T

    26. Jen Hogan


    27. Proscore16

      My brothers name is Seth and he does drink rockstar😂

    28. Willa Warwick

      13:32 i have that lego set and i rate it a dope

    29. Ink Demon

      Oi I have the real book of Zombie and I have book 18 as well

    30. nuggistrike

      kissing with no lips ? so erection problem isent a issu ? no sex !

    31. Poke master Pokemon

      The cart is dope but u don’t know how it works

    32. Vanilla Brown


    33. Polarb_19 S

      The Like to Buy part, was Matthias like, having a stroke explaining what the Like to Buy is or something?😂😂

    34. Ayano Aishi

      I punched a tree because michael aint there

    35. Candy the Cat

      I officially want to punch a tree now

    36. robloxian gamer

      That's a redstone sword

    37. ILove FNAF


    38. Keegan Sicher

      U don't like the hot wheels cus ur not doing it right

    39. Aheony

      The snickers were on the floor... I’m dying on the inside.

    40. Paul-Joseph Cordero

      😠😡😡😡 💔😡

    41. Paul-Joseph Cordero

      How dare you that's my slogan I will tell everyone how terrible you all are

    42. Kasey Keller

      I read the diary of a mc zombie

    43. CheetoVonTweeto !

      My favorite part is 225

    44. Life With Andrew

      hi cew

    45. Cordell Holt Music

      I guess I'm a LEGEND !!!! THANKS TAN MAN!!!!!!

    46. william Johnson's channel

      1:20 I laughed hard

      1. william Johnson's channel


    47. SoggyDonky

      21:04 They're Gay!!!

    48. Banana 1222

      I’m a GOD at smash bro’s ultimate fight me conner

    49. Lucas Correa


    50. Ismael Solivan

      i ment 5:55

    51. Ismael Solivan

      5:28 to 5:41 is the funniest

    52. Ismael Solivan

      5:28 is the funniest thing ever

    53. Tog_ysk Pug

      1:58 lazarbeam

    54. 2020 Sky趙

      I seriously love Minecraft, anything Minecraft is definitely a DOPE!!!!

    55. Pysko_cl4n Btw

      internal me at school: 1:21

    56. now this fam


    57. Tazing Blazer

      You guys don’t understand Minecraft hotwheels

    58. Kaiser Wissam I


    59. A Jager Film

      Kugiga I’m still laughing

    60. Denise Prunka

      You guys are all idiots And that's why I love this channel 😋❤😊😊☺

    61. Mobile Gaming

      Me:**sees title** Also me: **watches video** Also me:**punches tree** Also me: **screams in pain**

    62. Gamer king

      my frind hate you tanman

    63. JustSumDood


    64. toaster studios

      He was not wrong when he said he use the picture for a video thumbnail

    65. R2 D2

      Lannan were are u

    66. Henry Saaiman


    67. DarkMatter 583

      They need to link things in the DESCRIPTION REEEEEEEEEEEE

    68. Lily Fruge'

      I'd follow Michel's lead and head for the Twix.

    69. Elias Filpo

      Aw man.

    70. Ethan Atkinson

      Skittles and the pink nerds