10 Easy Beauty Hacks: DIY Girly Ideas and More

Crafty Panda

Crafty Panda

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    Ladies, are you taking care of your beautiful face well? We can help you out a bit with these amazing makeup tips you might find useful! Learn to use charcoal as a mouth freshener or try out a soda cap to accurately apply eyeshadow. Discover the easiest way to apply mascara and be ready for a cool nail polish fix trick! Stay tuned for these school beauty hacks, makeup tips, and much more!
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    00:04 Heart Shaped Hair Spray
    01:11 Eyebags Concealer
    02:35 Charcoal Mouth Freshener
    03:49 Easy Mascara Trick
    04:55 Cute Nail Polish Fix
    06:25 Eyeshadow Contour Trick
    07:57 Tidy Eye Shadow
    09:05 Lipstick Rainbow Twist
    10:02 Eyeliner Stamp
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