10 Biggest Differences Between the Game of Thrones Show and the Books

The Why

The Why

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    The Game of Thrones TV show very closely follows George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, but there are still tons of differences between the show and the books, especially in recent seasons. Since there’s not enough time in this video for every change they’ve made, I’ve gone and found the 10 craziest differences between the Game of Thrones tv show and books.
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    1. XNDR Channel

      I hate they removed Tommen cats....

    2. XNDR Channel

      The show was ruined because they forgot about Dorne, Victarion and Aeron, Garlan and Willem Tyrell, Lady Merryweather, maester Aemon journey with Samwell, Lady Stoneheart, and more..

    3. Sukhwinder Dhillon

      Bron: Jamie don’t fuckin die i need my castle!

    4. Killswitch ali

      dude you said lady stoneheart cannot speak then she talks to brienne i mean da fuk

    5. srottfaen

      In the books, Euron Greyjoy is fucking terrifying!

    6. Unova's Finest

      Euron was a feckin g in the books

    7. Hypatia Ravenclaw Sklodowska

      Wait To have sex with his dogs? I don't remember that, in which chapter is that? How did I forget such a gruesome thing?

    8. lil2 thanos

      The truth about tyrion is that he is targaryan blooded.

    9. Ryan Ashton

      5:14 “The show has no intention on covering it” HBO: Aegon Targaryen is Jon Snow Fans: WHAT!!!!

      1. Panicking with Billie at the Bastille

        Ryan Ashton This video is over 2 years old, sooo...

    10. Lexana

      I still love Ramsay...nobody though about his childhood and...yeah...it was a horribly childhood...

    11. mjparthum

      “There’s no indication of the series covering Aegon Targaryen.” Might need an update on this video.

      1. Jarpeh D. Tomato

        They're referring to a character called ''young griff'' in the books, who claims to be the child of Rhaegal and Elia.

    12. DannyB Plays

      jesus I got so annoyed at hearing "daenereez" and "vereez". just pronounce it like they same the name in the show!!

    13. Mhd Midhulaj

      Aegon targaryen is jon snow

    14. Barba Pati

      wait... john isn´t aegon? :o

    15. Myne1001

      5:50 or they just killed her off because they had no use for her anymore, like they did with two-thirds of the cast after they ran out of book material.

    16. T Pi

      Huh? Brianne yells 'sword' and is saved? Great explanation. Lol.

      1. Hypatia Ravenclaw Sklodowska

        T Pi In the books it is not stated which word she yells out, idk where did they get 'sword'

    17. Kylie B

      Jorah didn’t attempt to kiss Dany --he did lol

    18. Nele

      Boy are you wrong when saying "it seems the show will not cover that topic" :D

    19. Bacon Pancakes

      1:30 “she shouts out sword”? I don’t get it and why did it save her life?

    20. iqbal maloko

      OMG Ramsey is even scarier in the books

    21. Sarah Hamley

      Part 2!!

    22. Doopa

      This guy willingly written a book report.

    23. Catubrannos

      An obvious one is the ages of the Stark children. Rob and Jon are around 15 at the start of the books, Sansa is around 12. Myrsella and Tommen are similarly much younger than they appear in the show.

    24. Martin Axe

      Sansa got off easy? Seriously? She was fucking raped.

      1. Delike el Ducce

        By a human still.

    25. ramzi karram

      I only hated that they didn't bring Lady Stoneheart.

    26. 0shawhat

      4:47 that's not even aegon that's Dante dmc lol

    27. Argentina Jacuzzi

      I feel the show all the way through was perfect. I dont understand why people insist the book be the only path the show proceeds. Imagine knowing exactly what is to happen all the way through an 8 season show. I like the way they wrote their own stories and storylines. The books are the original material and are great but tbh I wouldn’t really want to see Lady Stoneheart. It takes away the effect that the show has . Daario had blue hair for fuck sake . I like the more realistic route the show took. Less fantasy and brute evil and more realistic harshness. I see how people are frustrated but if it was scene for scene based off the book where would the originality be ? The attachment that Jaime and Tyrion shares on screen was both heartbreaking and heartwarming. They truly cared for each other. In the books although they are close early on they learn to hate each other and want to see the other dead. If you want the books go read em .

    28. Stephen Hill

      i guess the fact that these characters start of around the age of 14 and their are portrayed as around 20+ is missed lol XD

    29. Snake Pliskin

      Ramsay book version is gonna give me nightmares

    30. Clara Ziva

      sansa got of real easy? what the fuck is wrong with this dude?

    31. DWN-024 Shadow Man

      So, John was never Aegon? 😱

    32. HAMMER

      @4:21 "THREE EYED CROW"???

      1. Lord Reaper of Pyke

        yes, books

    33. Noogey Roadrocks

      damn..the book got a lot more goin on

    34. Maria Rebelo

      Yes, read the books. A pity that they deviated from them.....

    35. Michael Hawkins

      I hate the way you butcher some of their names.

    36. Jonathan Rebanal

      the show is shit

    37. Gaius Caligula

      You know the narrator of this video is a kneeler when he calls Jorah Mormont a "Spy for the Lannisters"

    38. RPG Is Life

      When I watched the first few minutes of this video, I wasn't caught up with the books at all, rather I had just started them, but I thought to myself, "Meh, they can't be THAT different from the show" *Hears about Lady Stoneheart and Mance Rayder being alive in the books* Okay, I will leave this for another time. (this is the other time)

    39. l Z I

      I love how the narrator just became casually vulgar halfway through the video

    40. Bobby Fletcher

      Have you never watched this show dude? You don't know how to pronounce names that end in "ys". Just saying.

    41. keeganshigh

      Sansa never said no, so that's no rape.

      1. sedge 65

        Not saying no is NOT saying yes. Your comment is positively medieval.

      2. Tsukiko Furude

        Just because she didn't say no, it doesn't mean she wanted it. If she'd said no, Ramsay surely would have mutilated her worse as he "doesn't like to be bored"

    42. Jack Vaughn

      The show was trying to blatantly different to the books, only taking influence.

    43. Vikram Singh

      Why was bronn number one? He should’ve been 10. Number 1 was definitely Raeagar Targaryen

    44. Robert Loughrey

      The books were good, the show sucks. There shortened it for you.

      1. Wendillon

        Now if only we could get the rest of the books.....

    45. hotshot

      Following the books they would definately go bankrupt.


      "Sansa got off pretty fucking easy" lmao classic

    47. ĐęŁßąřřįø S.SxHþŁ

      Yessss make a Pt.2 !!

    48. احمد الريس

      The aegon one you was wrong

      1. Lord Reaper of Pyke

        Aegon the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell is not in the show

    49. Brady Olsen

      You need to learn how to pronounce the names

    50. Bomb Shop

      Also, Cat apologized about being mean to Jon Snow. In the books she stayed a cold hearted bitch to him even after death. This HBO series has taken too many liberties with the characters.

    51. Alexis Thomasi

      Wow... "Sansa got off really *** easy" Is this guy for real??

      1. Lord Reaper of Pyke

        compared with what Ramsay did with Donella Hornwood and Jeyne Poole, yes

    52. Francis Thompson

      Ramsay being so much shorter than Sansa makes it kind of hard to believe for me. Him raping and who knows how many horrors on a 12 years-old was why it was so frightening.

    53. Jordan Stewart

      I don’t understand the first one...so all Brienne had to do to not be executed was to say the word “sword?” Can’t tell if this is a grammatical error

    54. edwardmashberg1

      Martin is a co-executive producer! He OKd all the changes. It's just childishly fanboy to absolve him of the rewrites.

    55. edwardmashberg1

      There's a lot of very sick and depraved material in the books that never shows up on tv. Cersei screwing her uncle until he is killed by Varys -- that whole thread was important.

    56. Hanieh Salehi

      And number 11, show's Euron Greyjoy is just a dumbass while Book's Euron is very interesting, a bad guy equal to Ramsay Bolton maybe, and wants to marry Dany to get hold of her Dragons, and He's got the Dragonbinder horn, which's function is not clear yet.

    57. sukruoosten

      what did it for me was jon did not become king en the night king killed so easily by teleporting arya !!!!!!! en many other spots but these 2 made go WTF en im glad its over i will never re-watch it again !!!!!

    58. Alex Demian

      that lady stoneheart thing sounds fucking stupid and unoriginal, yeah just keep bringing people back to life wtf, booring

    59. No Faux Pho

      I liked this vid but I don't want dickless men to kill themselves.

    60. CoasterCrazy

      That is a great picture at the end! :P

    61. Riccardo Robinson

      Do part 2

    62. Alex L.

      And in the series they made Jon Snow Aegon... a completely different character.This was one of the worst shit they wrote on the show which was not even needed cause it was never even used as anything.They were like oh Jon is Aegon ..hes banging his hot aunt and thats it.I mean come on motherfuckers.Jon is a Stark.Over.

    63. Donald Lord

      Part 2 .....please!

    64. Sean Morris

      UMMMMMMM what about Euron??? Euron Greyjoy in the show is a fuckboy while Euron in the books is an EVIL MASTERMIND who drinks shade of the evening and is almost supernatural.

    65. Alextube06


    66. Umakant Stark

      I only knew about lady stoneheart

    67. BionAvastar3000

      this vid didn't age well

    68. Connor Gavin

      Still Ramsey death was very rewarding

    69. Connor Gavin

      I can agree but they had to cut back on some of the things Ramsey did so it wouldn’t be that bad, he still did a lot of bad stuff but they couldn’t put the really bad stuff

    70. MR. Nobody

      If Tyrion met Rhaegars son, Aeogon. That means that Jon isnt a Targaryen in the books...